Personal Memoirs
Relating To The Families Of Boston And Eastern Massachusetts.

Prepared Under The Editorial Supervision Of
William Richard Cutter, A. M.

Historian Of The New England Historic Genealogical Society
Librarian Of Woburn Public Library
Author Of "The Cutter Family," "History Of Arlington," "Bibloigraphy Of Woburn," Etc. Etc.

Volume III.
New York Lewis Historical Publishing Company

[Transcribed by Coralynn Brown]


(I) Rowland Young, immigrant ancestor, was born in Scotland, probably about 1625. He settled in what is now called Scotland, in the sea-girt town of York, Maine, and signed submission to Massachusetts, Nov. 22, 1652. Savage says he was admitted a freeman that year. Scotland was so named from the fact that a group of Scotchmen settled there, at the time the civil war in England drove many thousands to America when Cromwell defeated the Scotch in battle. [trans. note: I know not to use 'Scotch' but to say "Scots" but the writer of this thing did not.]
He married Joanna ____. His will is dated 1685, inventory amounting to 224 pounds six shillings. His widow made a will in 1698, and mentions Rowland, her son, living "on the south side of York River;" Job, who received land "where my old dwelling house now stands;" daughters Mary Moulton and Lydia Haines. At the same time Rowland took the prescribed oath of allegience, March 22, 1681, Robert, whom Savage thinks was a brother also, took it at York.

(II) Rowland Young, Jr., son of Rowland (1), was born about 1650; married Susanna ____. His will is dated 1719.
1. Joseph, settled in York; will dated 1734.
2. Beniah.
3. Jonathan, mentioned below.
4. Matthew, made his will at York, Nov. 20, 1750, and says in it that he has lived to see the fourth generation.
5. Mary.
6. Susanna.
7. Elizabeth.
8. Sarah.
9. Mercy.
10. Rowland, Jr., probably died before his father; was called of Dover when a prisoner in Canada in 1695.

(II) Thomas Young, possibly son of grandson of John Young who settled in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, and had a son John, born 1649. Thomas signed the petition of New Hampshire settlers to Massachusetts, Feb., 1690. He was one of the original grantees of the town of Rochester, N. H., in 1722, having a whole share with fifty-three acres of land, which later seems to be the land owned by Jonathan Young (mentioned below).
His children, we think, were:
1. Jonathan, mentioned below.
2. Nathaniel, settled in Dover, N. H.; had children recorded there.
3. Mary, married at Dover, Feb. 22, 1719-20, Stephen Otis.

(III) Jonathan Young, son of Thomas Young (2), or possibly of Rowland Young (2), mentioned above, was born about 1685; married at Dover, N. H., May 12, 1709. He lived in the section of Dover that became Durham, and his children, Isaac, James, Abigail, Mary, Elizabeth and Mercy (all adults but Mercy) were baptized in the Durham church, Jan. 31, 1742, by Rev. Jonathan Cushing.
Children, recorded at Dover:
1. Jonathan, born June 5, 1710, mentioned below.
2. Thomas, had land at Rochester, probably his grandfather Thomas Young's right; married at Rochester, July 28, 1745, Ann Roberts, who renewed her church covenant June 16, 1751 (she was probably his second wife).
3. Eleazer, born Nov. 10, 1714.
4. Isaac, born March 15, 1716.
5. James, born Sept. 10, 1718; also settled in Rochester.
6. Nathaniel, born Feb. 1, 1720.
7. Abigail, born Sept. 15, 1723.
8. Mary, born Dec. 30, 1725.
9. Elizabeth, baptized Jan. 31, 1742, then called an adult.
10. Mercy, baptized Jan. 31, 1742.

(IV) Jonathan Young, son of Jonathan Young (3), was born in Dover, N. H., June 5, 1710. He removed early to Rochester, probably to take up his share of his grandfather's grant there. James and Thomas, brothers, also settled in Rochester. He and his wife Anna were baptized and owned the covenant in Rochester, June 29, 1740. He signed a petition in 1734 when he was in Rochester, concerning relgious services at Rochester. Thomas also was a signer.
He married second, Aug. 27, 1747, at Rochester, Elizabeth Munroe (spelled Mundro).
1. Hannah, baptized at Rochester, June 29, 1740.
2. Jean, baptized June 29, 1740.
3. Ann, baptized at Rochester, Sept. 29, 1751.
4. Elizabeth, baptized at Rochester, Sept. 29, 1751.
5. Esther, baptized Nov. 4, 1753, at Rochester.
6. James, baptized at Durham, Sept. 9, 1744. [trans. note: do they actually mean 1744 or is it a typo and should be 1754??].
7. Jonathan, mentioned below.

(V) Jonathan Young, son of Jonathan Young (4), was born at Durham or Rochester, New Hampshire, Jan. 12, 1756, and died at Barnstead, N. H., March 27, 1807. The history of Barnstead states that he was a soldier in the revolution, buried on Beauty Hill. The only Jonathan Young in the revolution was in Kingston in 1775, a private in Captain John Currier's company, Colonel James Frye's regiment. He was called of Somersworth, N.H., and adjacent town, in 1776, and was a taxpayer there. He was of Somersorth in 1775 with William Young, in the company of Captain Jonathan Wentworth, regiment of Colonel Enoch Poor.
He married, Feb. 14, 1780, Sarah Desethering, of Somersworth, but his residence was given as "Middleton." This may have been the second marriage, as the family record gives a different record, according to which he marrued Oct. 12, 1777, Sarah Clifford, born Dec. 17, 1757, died Nov. 9, 1816. It is more likely that Thomas who married Sarah Deserthering was son of Thomas Young, but probably also the revolutionary soldier. When he came to Barnstead it is difficult to determine. He was not among the early settlers, according to the town history.
Children of Jonathan & Sarah (Clifford) Young, b. at Barnstead, N. H.:
1. David, b. April 14, 1778; died May 4, 1800.
2. Phineas, March 14, 1780; died Feb. 15, 1850.
3. Jonathan, b. July 25, 1788; mentioned below.
4. Aaron, Jan. 12, 1794.

(VI) Jonathan Young, son of Jonathan Young (5), was born in Barnstead, N. H., July 25, 1788, and died April 1, 1861. He married Feb. 24, 1814, Susan Pitman, born ___ 5, 1792.
1. Samuel, b. Nov. 12, 1814.
2. Martha, b. Feb. 5, 1817.
3. Jonathan W., b. May 9, 1819.
4. Susan F., b. March 15, 1822.
5. Oliver H. P., b. March 21, 1824; mentioned below.
6. Sarah L., Jan. 15, 1827.
7. Sophia F., b. Sept. 15, 1832.

(VI) Oliver H. P. Young, son of Jonathan Young (5), was born in Barnstead, New Hampshire, March 21, 1824. He was educated in the common schools of his native town and brought up on his father's farm. Later he learned the carpenter's trade, which he followed in connection with farming during his active life. He enlisted in Company B, Twelfth Regiment New Hampshire Volunteer Militia in the civil war, and served until he was discharged on account of disability contracted in the service.
In politics he was a staunch Democrat, but always declined to accept public office of any kind. He and his wife were Congregationalists in relgion. He was a member of T. M. Huse Post, G.A.R.
He died Dec. 7, 1897, and his wife died April 19, 1899.
1. Leyander J., mentioned below.
2. Sarah L., born Dec. 3, 1852; married Oscar Foss; resides at Center Barnstead, N. H.; no children.

(VII) Dr. Leyander J. Young, son of Oliver H. P. Young (6), was born in Barnstead, Feb. 9, 1850. He attended the public schools of his native town, Pittsfield Academy and Northwood Seminary. He began the study of his profession at Dartmouth Medical School and completed it at the University of Vermont, graduating June 26, 1877, with the degree of M. D. He began to practice at Candia, New Hampshire, whence he came to Haverhill, Mass., Oct. 1, 1833. He has been very successful in his practice, and ranks among the leaders in his profession. He is a member of the North Essex Medical Society, of which he is at present (1908) supervising censor; and the Massachusetts Medical Society.
He has been prominent in public affairs also, serving the city as alderman two years, 1898-99, from ward three, and was chairman of the board of aldermen both years. He is a member and chairman of the Haverhill board of health, and for three years past has been a member of the school board.
In politics he is a steadfast Republican. He is a member of Merrimack Lodge, Free Masons; of Pentucket Chapter, Royal Arch Masons; of Haverhill Commandery, Knights Templar, and of Haverhill Council, Royal and Select Masters; of Mutual Relief Lodge, No. 73, Odd Fellows; Pythian Lodge, Knights of Pythias, and the Pentucket Club.
He married, Aug. 29, 1877, Abbie A. Ring, born Sept. 20, 1851, daughter of Stephen F. Ring, of Pittsfield, N. H.
1. Velma, born May 13, 1878; died May 10, 1880.
2. Viva N., born Aug. 18, 1880, died Feb. 4, 1903.
3. Lester R., born July 9, 1882; died April 9, 1884.
4. Lestie I., born Oct. 13, 1884; married June 23, 1908, Clyde R. Dodge, of Haverhill.
5. Merton P., born Sept. 7, 1888.

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