Personal Memoirs
Relating To The Families Of Boston And Eastern Massachusetts.

Prepared Under The Editorial Supervision Of
William Richard Cutter, A. M.

Historian Of The New England Historic Genealogical Society
Librarian Of Woburn Public Library
Author Of "The Cutter Family," "History Of Arlington," "Bibloigraphy Of Woburn," Etc. Etc.

Volume III.
New York Lewis Historical Publishing Company

[Transcribed by Coralynn Brown]


Christian Remich (1), immigrant ancestor, came from England or Holland to America. He was born in 1631 and was living at Kittery, Maine, Jan. 24, 1715. He signed the submission to Massachusetts in 1652. He settled on Eliot Neck, where he had a grant of fifty-two acres of land in 1651, and six later grants. His house stood near the river, not far from the present school house. He was a planter and surveyor and was often selectman and treasurer of the town. He was one of the proprietors of old Kittery, and his grandson Nathaniel received several hundred acres of land at the division of common lands in 1750.
He married Hannah _____, who was living in April, 1703.
1. Hannah, born April 25, 1656, married Richard Gowell.
2. Mary, born Aug. 7, 1658, married Peter Dixon.
3. Jacob, born June 23, 1660, mentioned below.
4. Sarah, born July 16, 1663, married first, John Thomson; second, John Sloper; third Moses Worster.
5. Isaac, born July 20, 1665, married Elizabeth ____.
6. Abraham, born June 9, 1667, married, 1692, Elizabeth Freeman.
7. Martha, born Feb. 20, 1669, married Thomas Cole.
8. Joshua, born April 24, 1672, married Ann Lancaster.
9. Lydia, born Feb. 8, 1676.

(II) Sergeant Jacob Remick, son of Christian Remick, was born June 23, 1660, and was a farmer and ship builder. He had grants of land in 1699 and 1703, which are in part owned at the present time (1908) by a descendant, John W. Remick. He served as selectman and treasurer of Kittery. His will was dated May 22, 1739, and proved July 16, 1745.
He married first, Lydia ____, second Mary ____.
Children of 1st wife:
1. Stephen, born June 6, 1684, named in his father's will.
2. Jacob, born March 6, 1686-87, married first Rebecca Sloper; second, Mary Hobbs, widow; third, Deborah Barter.
Children of 2d wife:
3. John, born Oct. 7, 1692, mentioned below.
4. Samuel, born May 28, 1694, married Oct. 22, 1717, Elizabeth Mason.
5. Lydia, born June 9, 1696, married, May 30, 1719, William Phillips, of Kittery.
6. Tabitha, born Dec. 27, 1698, died young.
7. James, born Jan. 23, 1701, married Abigail Benjamin.
8. Mary, born Feb. 25, 1703, married, Dec. 19, 1725, Isaac Johnson.
9. Sarah, born March 21, 1705-06, married Samuel Morgrage.
10. Timothy, born April 9, 1708, married Dec. 18, 1729, Rachel Brown.
11. Elizabeth, born Aug. 20, 1710, married Moses Paul, probably.
12. Joseph, born Oct. 7, 1715, died young.
13. Nathaniel, born Dec. 16, 1721, married Mary 21, 1741, Jane Libby.
14. Hannah, named in the will, unmarried.

(III) John Remick, son of Jacob Remick, was born at Kittery, Maine, Oct. 7, 1692. He was a cordwainer and resided on ten acres given him by his father. He married first, July 21, 1713, at Portsmouth, Elizabeth Ham. He married second, Sept. 16, 1722, Mary Wilson, daughter of Joseph and Hannah (Endle) Wilson. He married third, intentions recorded Nov. 22, 1738, Catherine Lewis.
1. John, married first, Margaret Hamilton; second Dorcas ____.
2. Elizabeth, married March 9, 1741, Samuel Welch, of Kittery.
3. William, born about 1726, married three times.
4. Enoch, born April 1, 1730, mentioned below.
5. Mary, married Sept. 28, 1749, Daniel Lydston, of Kittery.

(IV) Enoch Remick, son of John Remick, was born April 1, 1730, died May 11, 1800. He removed to Newmarket, New Hampshire, in 1764, and to Tamworth, N. H. in 1779, where he died.
He married, intentions recorded June 23, 1753, Abigail Trefethen, born July 3, 1733, died Dec. 16, 1829. He was a shipwright.
1. James, died in the revolution.
2. Daniel, died in the revolution.
3. Enoch, born June 3, 1762, died March 28, 1835.
4. John, born Aug. 8, 1763, died Feb. 8, 1849.
5. Abigail, born 1767.
6. Polly, born July 14, 1769.
7. William, born Dec. 17, 1771.
8. Henry, born June 30, 1774, mentioned below.
9. Betsey.
10. Dorothy.

(V) Henry Remick, son of Enoch Remick, was born June 30, 1774, and resided at Tamworth, New Hampshire. He was a farmer. He married a Miss Howard.
1. and 2. Henry Alvin and Enoch Martin, twins; Henry Alvin married Betsey Peirce; he is the only one of the children now (1908) living; resides at West Ossipee, N. H. Enoch Martin is mentioned below.
3. George, unmarried, died of consumption.
4. Mary K., married Faxon Gannett.
5. Azubah, amrried a Mr. Dorman.
6. Amanda, married a Mr. Gernan.
7. Cynthia, married a Mr. Smith.
8. Vesta, married a Mr. Borden.
9. Abbie, married a Mr. Gilman.
One child died in early life.

(VI) Enoch Martin Remick, son of Henry Remick, was born in Tamworth, N. H. 1800-1825. He was engaged in the millinery trade in New York City during his active life. He was a Congregationalist (orthodox) in religion. In politics he was an active and staunch Republican. After his retirement from business he led a quiet, studious ilfe at his home in Reading, Mass. He died Nov. 9, 1896. He was a member of no clubs, or lodges and his chief interests in life centered in his home, his business and his church.
He married Hannah B. Allen, who was born in 1820, at Ossipee, N. H., daughter of Oliver and Judith Blaisdell Nickerson Allen.
1. Dora Rose, born in New York City, married first, April 28, 1885, Horace C. Ware, by whom one son was born, Horace V., who resides with his mother in Salem; married second, June 13, 1904, John Dolby Eaton.
2. Mary E., born June 22, 1847, married A. S. Stevens, of Reading; one child, Edward H. Stevens, an orange grower in Florida.

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