Personal Memoirs
Relating To The Families Of Boston And Eastern Massachusetts.

Prepared Under The Editorial Supervision Of
William Richard Cutter, A. M.

Historian Of The New England Historic Genealogical Society
Librarian Of Woburn Public Library
Author Of "The Cutter Family," "History Of Arlington," "Bibloigraphy Of Woburn," Etc. Etc.

Volume III.
New York Lewis Historical Publishing Company

[Transcribed by Coralynn Brown]


In a memorandum in the archives of the New England Historic-Genealogical Society copied from the Bible of the late Deacon Jeremish McIntire in 1848, it is stated that the family is of Scotch origin and ancestry; that pioneers of that surname under Cromwell were banished to New England and found homes in the vicinity of York, Maine, about the year 1649-50; that they built there a garrison house thirty feet square, two stories high with the upper story projecting beyond the first on all sides; that in 1849 six generations of the family had been born there, and that many of them produced men who became wealthy and possessed large estates of land.
The immigrant ancestor of William Smiley McIntire, of Salem, Mass., was Philip McIntire, whom tradition says was a son of Ebenezer McIntire, of Argyle in the highlands of Scotland, and that Philip was in fact one of a large number of prisoners sent to New England after the battle of Dunbarton, Sept. 3, 1650, or Worcester, Sept. 3, 1651. But it is not known that this Philip McIntire was at any time settled in Maine, for he first appears in the north precinct of Reading, Mass. about the year 1651. His name is variously spelled in the different records and his sons wrote their names McIntire and McIntyre and other descendants have generaly adopted the form of spelling used by their respective progenitors.
Nathaniel McIntire, father of William Smiley McIntire, of Salem, was born in North Reading and died there, although part of his life was spent in Salem, where he married Rebecca Spaulding, daughter of Willard and Sarah (Sanborn) Spaulding, and by her had seven children:
George, died in civil war.
Charles, deceased.
Maria, (Mrs. George P. Phippin).
William Smiley.
Mary (Mrs. William Smith), died Amesbury.
Stephen, lives in Albany, New York.
Gustavus, lives in Bayonne, New Jersey.
William Smiley McIntire, son of Nathaniel and Rebecca (Spaulding) McIntire, was born in Salem, March 14, 1851, and for many years has been closely identified with the industrial history of that city; and he is today one of the best types of the purely self-made man, and progressive, enterprising and public spirited citizens of which that city can boast. He was virtually thrown on his own resources for support when only ten years old and by doing such work in a shoe factory as a boy of his age could do he was given his dinner by his employer, and even that was of some help to his mother in her very limited circumstances at that time. A little later on the boy was given regular work in a shoe factory, where he was taught how to make inner heels, and being quick to learn and industrious, he soon began to earn enough money to maintain himself and be of some assistance to his mother in the support of her children younger than himself. After a few years in the shoe factory young McIntire found work as a helper in the old Salem Iron Foundry and remained there until the proprietors became insolvent and the property was sold to Charles F. Kerwin, under whom Mr. McIntire became foreman. He continued in that capacity until 1893, then purchased the interest of his employer and himself became proprietor of what then was known as Salem Foundry and Machine Shops. At that time his cash capital was his savings of former years, not a large sum at best, but what was of equal value to him at that time was good credit and excellent reputation among business men, so his notes were accepted for the purchase consideration, and those notes were paid to the last dollar of principal and interest. More than that, in 1898 Mr. McIntire purchased land on Derby street and erected buildings since occupied for the purpose of foundry and machine shops and his business offices. He also has established similar works at Valley Falls, Rhode Island. In 1904 the Salem Iron Foundry was incorporated, with $15,000 capital, W. S. McIntire, president and treasurer, and Frank W. Delano, secretary.
From what is written in preceding paragraphs it must be seen that William S. McIntire has shown himself a capable and successful business man, and he is so recognized in all business circles in Salem; and whatever measure of success has been the reward of his industry is the result of his own personal effort, for he began as a boy entirely without means and no help except his own determination to succeed. He is at all times a busy man, but he has not been selfish of his time and has taken a commendable interest in public affairs in Salem and whatever measures have been proposed for the welfare of the city and its people. He is and for many years has been an extensive employer of skilled labor, and it is doubtful if there can be found in Essex county a single proprietor who has to deal with members of labor organizations whose relations with employees have been more pleasant and accompanied with less disaffection than those of Mr. McIntire and the men under his employ.
In political preference Mr. McIntire is a Republican, but he is not a politician or ambitious of political honors. He served three years as a member of the city council and two years as member of the board of aldermen. For the last fifteen years he has been a trustee of the Plummer Farm School of Reform for Boys.
He attends the Baptist church. He has married three times.
His first wife was Cecelia Hill, by whom he had two children:
Elizabeth H.
One other who died in infancy.
His second wife was Annie Hale, who died without children.
He married for his third wife, Mrs. Annie Wingate.


[Trans. note; at beginning of this section it states, "For early generations see Joseph Morse 2." I don't know which volume this may be found in, but if I locate it I'll be sure to transcribe it.]

(III) Joseph Morse, son of Joseph Morse (2), was born in Watertown, Mass., April 3, 1637, and died in 1677. He settled in Groton, Mass., but in 1675 was forced to return to Watertown on account of the Indian attacks. He married, Feb. 11, 1661, Susanna Shattuck, born 1634, daughter of William and Susanna Shattuck. She married second, July 15, 1678, John Fay.
1. Susanna, born Jan. 11, 1662-3, in Groton; married 1679=80, Daniel Newton, b. Dec. 21, 1655, d. Nov. 20, 1739.
2. Hester, born Sept. 11, 1664; married Feb. 12, 1681-2, Nathaniel Josselyn, b. in Marlborough June 21, 1658, d. March 5, 1725.
3. Joseph, born Nov. 11, 1667, mentioned below.
4. Samuel, born Sept. 4, 1670; married Grace ____.
5. Mary, born April 27, 1672; married July 23, 1694, John Barnard.
6. Hannah, born April 7, 1674, died Sept. 10, 1732; married June 19, 1691, John Newton, b. June 6, 1667.
7. Jonathan, born 1676; married June 13, 1706, Mary Stowe: married second, Mary Church.
8. Jacob, married Elizabeth ____, who died at Sudbury, Dec. 10, 1690.

(IV) Joseph Morse, son of Joseph Morse (3), was born in Groton, Nov. 11, 1667. He resided in Marlborough. He married, in Watertown, Jan. 20, 1690-1, Grace Warren, b. March 14, 1671-2, died July, 1753, daughter of David and Mary (Barnard) Warren, of Watertown.
1. Joseph, born Sept. 27, 1691; mentioned below.
2. Grace, born Jan. 7, 1694; married Dec. 6, 1716, Jacob Hinds, born in Brookfield, 1683, died in West Boylston.
3. Mary, born Oct. 13, 1697; married Jan. 6, 1718, James Maynard, b. March 31, 1694.
4. Elizabeth, born Jan. 4, 1700; married Aug. 18, 1717, Benjamin Woods, born June 5, 1691.
5. Jonas, born July 25, 1703; married, 1735.
6. Patience, born Oct. 30, 1705; died May 1, 1776, married, Nov. 11, 1727, Jonathan Keyes, b. Nov. 29, 1702, d. June 25, 1778.

(V) Joseph Morse, son of Joseph Morse (4), was born in Framingham, Mass., Sept. 27, 1691, and died Jan. 22, 1756. He married, in Framingham, Mass., Nov. 1, 1716, Abigail Barnes, born 1695, died Sept. 5, 1741, daughter of John and Hannah Barnes. He married second, Joanna ____.
1. Elizabeth, born July 18, 1717; married, 1742, Joseph Newton, b. March 1, 1719.
2. Dorothea, born Feb. 11, 1718-19; died same day.
3. Bezaleel, born March 12, 1719-20; was ensign at Louisburg, and died there Jan. 12, 1756.
4. Lieut. Joseph, born Dec. 2, 1721; married Aug. 29, 1746, Mary Thomas, b. Feb. 16, 1729; resided at West Boylston.
5. Stephen, born Nov. 26, 1723; married first, Nov. 12, 1751, Mary Newton; second, Betsey ____.
6. Abigail, born Nov. 11, 1725; married Nov. 27, 1744, John Shattuck, b. at Shrewsbury Feb. 7, 1722.
7. Abner, born Nov. 5, 1727; mentioned below.
8. Dinah, born Oct. 8, 1729; died May 19, 1801; married, 1747, Manasseh Stow, born Nov. 8, 1724; died Jan. 12, 1776.
9. Miriam, born May 31, 1735; died Jan. 18, 1776; married Jan. 9, 1753, Jabez Rice, b. April 7, 1728.
10. Dorothea, born Sept. 21, 1739; married Nov. 6, 1760, Jonathan Temple, b. May 5, 1735.

(VI) Abner Morse, son of Joseph Morse (5), was born Nov. 5, 1727. He married, Nov. 27, 1755, at Marlborough, Keziah Stow, born 1733, died 1823. He resided in Malborough and Leicester.
Children, the 1st b. at Marlborough, the others at Leicester:
1. Aaron, born March 2, 1756.
2. Elijah, born March 25, 1758.
3. Stephen, born Dec. 14, 1759, mentioned below.
4. Keziah, born May 11, 1762.

(VII) Stephen Morse, son of Abner Morse (6), was born in Leicester, Dec. 14, 1759, and died at Marlborough, Sept. 2, 1836. He was a soldier in the revolution, and was reported a deserter from Captain Benjamin Munroe's company Jan. 24, 1778, but returned to the company four days later with a pardon from the general, evidently having been absent for some good reason. He was also in the same regiment in the summer of 1779 under Colonel Sprout in Rhode Island.
He married, Nov. 1, 1786, Rebecca Howe, b. Aug. 20, 1766, daughter of David and Abigail Howe, of Sudbury.
Children, b. at Marlborough:
1. Betsey, born July 30, 1787; died young.
2. Keziah, born April 18, 1789.
3. Betsey, born March 14, 1791.
4. Lyman, born Nov. 10, 1792.
5. Rebecca, born Dec. 8, 1794.
6. Stephen, born Jan. 16, 1797, mentioned below.
7. Freeman, born Dec. 4, 1798.
8. Trueman, baptized Feb. 3, 1799.
9. Nabby, born Aug. 7, 1802.
10. Abner, born July 31, 1804; died young.
11. Abner, born July 4, 1806.
12. Gardner, born April 11, 1809.
13. Charles, baptized June 16, 1811.

(VIII) Stephen Morse, son of Stephen Morse (7), was born at Marlborough, Jan. 16, 1797, and died in 1885. He married first, Elizabeth Thompson; second, Martha Ann Morse, b. Jan. 11, 1824, daughter of Jesse and Patty (Howe) Morse.
1. Stephen, born 1825; mentioned below.
2. Emily Thompson, born April 5, 1841, at Marlborough; died unmarried.
Children of 2d wife:
3. Mary Hubbard, married Dr. W. S. Richardson, of Marlborough.

(IX) Stephen Morse, son of Stephen Morse (8), was born probably in Boston, in 1825, and died July 6, 1896, in railway accident. He married, Sept. 11, 1851, Wealthy Holmes, b. Jan. 31, 1822, d. Feb. 9, 1885.
1. Elizabeth Emma, born Aug. 7, 1852; unmarried.
2. Harriet Holmes, born Dec. 30, 1853; married John Litchfield, and had Ernestine Morse, and Morris Henry Litchfield.
3. Joseph Copeland, born Sept. 5, 1855; mentioned below.
4. Caroline Ellen, born Nov. 9, 1857.
5. Mary Vose, born March 5, 1860; married William D. Jackson, and had Dunham and Elizabeth Jackson.
6. Stephen, born Aug. 31, 1862; married Effie G. Thomas; died 1895.
7. Ernest Winslow, born July 9, 1867, died Dec. 12, 1879.

(X) Joseph Copeland Morse, son of Stephen Morse (9), was born in Quincy, Mass., Sept. 5, 1855, and died July 4, 1905, in that city. He was educated in the public schools of Quincy, and in 1870 entered the employ of E. B. Pratt & Company, Boston, in the leather business. In 1879 he was admitted to partnership in this firm, and on the death of Mr. Pratt in 1895 he became the sole owner of the business, which has been conducted since then under the firm name of J. C. Morse & Company. In 1901 he incorporated his business. Mr. Morse was also vice-president of the J. H. Ladew Company, tanners, of New York, and for many years before his death took rank among the leading leather merchants of Boston and New England. Mr. Morse always took an active interest in the affairs of his native city. In 1889 he was a member of the first city common council. He was for a number of years a director of the National Mount Wollaston Bank of Quincy.
He was a member of Rural Lodge of Free Masons; of St. Stephen's Chapter, Royal Arch Masons; of the Council, Royal and Select Masters; had been a member of South Shore Commandery Knights Templar, of Weymouth, and at the time of death was a member of De Molay Commandery, Boston.
He mararied Jan. 6, 1880, Ethel Evelyn Seavey, born Dec. 17, 1860, at Boston, daughter of Gilman S. and Mary S. (Bosworth) Seavey.
Children, b. at Quincy:
1. Joseph Copeland, Jr., born Dec. 14, 1880.
2. Edwin Murdock, born April 9, 1884; married first, Sept. 29, 1904, Myra H. Spear; d. Dec. 7, 1706; child: Joseph Copeland Jr. (3), born Nov. 14, 1906;, married second, Feb. 5, 1908, Bertha Haskell Packard.
3. Clifton Seavey, born May 18, 1885; died Aug. 11, 1885.
4. Gilman Stephen, born Aug. 14, 1888; died July 24, 1889.


The Moulton family of New Hampshire is descended from an English family of Ormsby, Norfolk, England. Three or four brothers and a sister-in-law came to this country among the early settlers.
John Moulton, of Ormsby, England, husbandman, aged thirty-eight, with his wife Anne, aged thirty-eight, and children Henry, Mercy, Ann, Jane and Bridget, and servants Adam Goodens, aged twenty, and Alice Eden, aged eighteen, passed the examination to go to New England, April 11, 1637.
John Moulton, mentioned above, settled at Newbury, Mass., and was admitted a freeman May 22, 1638; became one of the founders of Hampton, New Hampshire; died 1650, leaving a homestead that remained in the family until 1886.
Mary Moulton, probably a widow of a brother of this John, was in the same ship with him. She was aged thirty, and had servants.
John Marston, who became a prominent citizen of Salem; and Merrean (Miriam) Moulton, single, aged twenty; settled in Salem, and was member of the church there in 1637.
There was a James Moulton at Salem, admitted freeman as early as March, 1637-38; resided at Wenham in 1646; died 1680.
Another of the family, Robert Moulton, carpenter and shipwright, was sent over in 1628-9 by the Massachusetts Bay Company, and settled also at Salem, Mass.; was admitted freeman May 18, 1631; was deputy to the general court; was of Charlestown in 1634, but returned to Salem; died 1655.
In Charlestown we also find Thomas Moulton, a fisherman, who was master of Ralph Glover's boat in 1630; aged thirty in 1639 according to his deposition; removed to Malden and died in 1657.
Another Thomas, perhaps nephew of the Thomas just mentioned, was a proprietor of Newbury, Mass. in 1638; removed to Hampton, New Hampshire; he deposed in 1655 that he was bout fifty years old; settled on the farm adjoining that of his brother John, mentioned above. After fifteen years in that town Thomas removed to York, Maine. There is no doubt but these pioneers were closerly related and doubtless several of them were brothers.

(I) William Moulton, said to be a brother of Thomas and John Moulton, of Hampton, New Hampshire, on the authority of the "History of Sanbornton," N. H., was from Ormsby, county Norfolk, England, where he was born about 1617. He came over the same year as his brothers, 1637, and was then an apprentice of Robert Page. He settled in Hampton, near the Page farm, on the place now known as the De Lancey farm, Hampton. He married Margaret Page, daughter of Robert Page, his former employer. She died April 18, 1664.
1. Joseph, married Bethias Swain.
2. Benjamin, born about 1648, married Hannah Wall; he died Mar. 28, 1728.
3. Hannah, born at Hampton, Feb. 15, 1652, married Josiah Sanborn; died Nov. 6, 1687.
4. Mary, born July 27, 1654.
5. Sarah, born Dec. 17, 1656, married, Dec. 30, 1674, Jonathan Haines, of Newbury, Mass.
6. Ruth, born May 7, 1659, married Richard Sanborn; she died May 3, 1685.
7. Robert, born Nov. 8, 1661, mentioned below.
8. William, born May 25, 1664, married, May 27, 1685, Abigail Webster, daughter of John, Jr.

(II) Robert Moulton, son of William Moulton (I), born in Hampton, Nov. 8, 1661, died there Oct. 11, 1732. He married there May 28, 1689, Lucy Smith. He resided on what is now called the Nathaniel S. Locke farm, Hampton.
1. William, born March 8, 1689, married Abigail Page.
2. Robert, born Feb. 15, 1693, served in Captain James Davis's scouting party, 1712-15.
3. Jeremiah, born Dec. 1, 1696.
4. Jonathan, mentioned below.

(III) Jonathan Moulton, son of Robert Moulton (2), born June 5, 1702, at Hampton, died May 22, 1735. He resided at Little Boar's Head, according to the Hampton history, and the births of his children are given in the history of Rye, New Hampshire. He married, Dec. 21, 1727, Elizabeth Lamprey, daughter of Benjamin Lamprey.
1. Reuben, born Jan. 4, 1729, married, Nov. 24, 1748, Hannah Philbrick, daughter of Joseph Philbrick.
2. Jonathan, born April 1, 1730, married Sarah Dow; he died April 22, 1821.
3. Daniel, born May 19, 1731, died Aug. 26, 1809; married Grace Runnells; lived at Scarborough, Maine.
4. Robert, born May 20, 1733, mentioned below.
5. Lucy, born March 12, 1735.

(IV) Robert Moulton, son of Jonathan Moulton (3), born May 20, 1733, died March 4, 1817. He resided at Little Boar's Head, Hamton and Rye, New Hampshire. He came from Rye to Gilmanton in 1773, and was then called colonel on the records, probably serving in the French war and the militia. He married, first, Elizabeth Philbrick, July 3, 1754, and she died Nov. 7 following. He married, second, Sarah Philbrock, born 1733, died Aug. 10, 1823, aged ninety years, leaving at the time of her death eleven children, thirty-four grandchildren and sixty great-grandchildren. The census of 1790 shows three females in the family of Robert, one son in the family of Daniel and two sons under sixteen in the family of Robert Moulton Jr., all of Gilmanton. The other sons left Gilmanton before this date.
1. Elizabeth, born Dec. 17, 1756, married, Apr. 11, 1775, Samuel Thurston; died 1822.
2. Lucy, born Nov. 8, 1758.
3. Moses, born June 11, 1760, died in the revolutionary service aged eighteen.
4. Hannah, born Jan. 13, 1762, died Aug. 16, 1833; married, Jan. 20, 1791, Durrell Bean.
5. Captain Daniel, born Nov. 17, 1763, died at Winthrop, Maine, Feb. 9, 1822; married Polly Lamprey.
6. Sarah, baptized May 10, 1767, married Jennings Towle.
7. Jonathan, baptized March 19, 1769, married Abigail Lamprey. (Child baptized July 12, 1772, one of following).
8. Abigail.
9. Robert, mentioned below.
10. Molly, married Nov. 14, 1792, Abiathar Moses.
11. Patty, married March 7, 1797, John Bodge.

(V) Robert Moulton, son of Robert Moulton (4), was born in Gilmanton, New Hampshire, about 1764; married Feb. 5, 1789, Betty Gilman, of Gilmanton. Among their children was Daniel, mentioned below.

(VI) Daniel Moulton, son of Robert Moulton (5), was born in Gilmanton about 1790.

(VII) George L. Moulton, son or nephew of Daniel Moulton (6), was born in Gilmanton about 1830. He married Fannie (Newell) Currier, at Salem, New Hampshire. He settled in Haverhill, Mass. He was a soldier in the civil war, and a member of Haverhill Post, Grand Army of the Republic. He was a member of the Methodist church.
1. Edwin H., born Sept. 19, 1860; mentioned below.
2. Alline.
3. George L., died aged four years.
4. Maude, married Charles H. Atwood, of Haverhill.

(VIII) Edwin H. Moulton, son of George L. Moulton (7), was born in Haverhill, Sept. 19, 1860. He was educated in the public and high schools of his native city. He has been engaged in the meat and provision business for many years, and is now president of the Haverhill Abattoir Company. Mr. Moulton is a Democrat in politics, and has been honored with many offices of trust and responsibility by his fellow-citizens. He was an alderman during 1895 and 1896, and mayor of the city in 1897. He had a very successful and businesslike administration. He has been a member of the Water Commission since 1898; is trustee of the Haverhill Building Association; commissioner on the new high school building; director of the Haverhill National Bank; director of the Haverhill Board of Trade, and chairman of the finance committee.
The family belongs to the Centre Congregational Church, Haverhill. He is a member of Saggahew Lodge of Free Masons; of Palestine Lodge, Knight of Pythias; and the older of Elks.
He married, Nov. 28, 1884, Florence G. Amazeen, daugther of Luther Amazeen, of Newcastle, New Hampshire.
1. Pauline Gertrude, born Jan. 8, 1888.
2. Edwin LeRoy, born July 3, 1898.
3. Gladys Marguerite, born May 20, 1903.


This family is of ancient English origin, and is found on record as early as the close of the fourteenth century. The name was originally writte Mugge, the letter "g" being pronounced soft. The family bore arms: argent a chevron between three cockatrices sable. Branches of the family lived in the counties of Devon, Somerset, Wilts, Kent, Middlesex, Dorset, Norfolk, and in the city of London.

(I) Thomas Mudge, immigrant ancestor of this branch of the American family, was in Malden, Mass., in October, 1657, and had probably been there several years before that time. Jarvis Mudge was in Boston in 1638, and Gilbert Mudge was in New England in 1664, and it is presumed that these three were related, perhaps brothers, and came to this country together. All three probably came from Devonshire, England. Thomas Mudge and his wife Mary appear as witnesses in a case in court at Charlestown in 1657 and 1658.
He was born in England about 1624, and married Mary ____, born about 1628.
1. James, killed at the battle of Bloody Brook, Sept. 18, 1675.
2. Mary, born 1651, married John Martin.
3. Thomas, born 1653.
4. John, born 1654, mentioned below.
5. George, born 1656, married Elizabeth Shippie.
6. Samuel, born May, 1658, probably died young.
7. Jonathan, married Elizabeth Keyes.
8. Martha, born 1662, married Rev. Michael Wigglesworth.

(II) John Mudge, son of Thomas Mudge, born in Malden, 1654, died Oct. 29, 1733, aged seventy-nine years. He was a farmer and tanner, and always lived in Malden. He was a soldier in King Philip's war, in Captain Moseley's company, in 1675. He was a freeholder, and May 30, 1675, was one of eighty who divided 2300 acres of common land. He was one of the Narragansett grantees April 26, 1733. His will was dated April 15, 1726, and proved Nov. 26, 1733. He was constable in 1692 and two or three years afterward, and served also as tythingman, surveyor of highways, fenceviewer, and in other offices. He was given permission March 26, 1712-13, with others, to build a gallery in the meeting house.
He married, in 1684, Ruth Burditt, born May, 1666, died Oct. 17, 1733, daughter of Robert and Hannah Burditt, of Malden. She died twelve days before her husband, and a double gravestone marks the grave in Malden where they were buried.
1. John, born Oct. 15, 1685, died Dec. 21, 1685.
2. John, born Nov. 21, 1686, mentioned below.
3. Martha, born Dec. 25, 1691, married Peter Edes.

(III) Deacon John Mudge, son of John Mudge, born in Malden, Nov. 21, 1686, died Nov. 26, 1762. He was a yeoman, and resided in Malden. He was chosen deacon of the south parish Sept. 4, 1734. He was surveyor of highways in 1719-20 and 1741.
He married Lydia, daughter of Joseph Keyes, of Westford; he died Dec. 1, 1762, aged seventy-five years.
1. John, born Dec. 30, 1713, mentioned below.
2. Joseph, born May 18, 1716, married Phebe Green.
3. Lydia, born Jan. 7, 1718-19, married Stephen Sweetser.

(IV) John Mudge, son of Deacon John Mudgel, born in Malden, Dec. 30, 1713, died in Lynnfield, of "numb palsy," Nov. 26, 1762. He was a farmer, and settled in Malden, but after the birth of his son Simon, removed to Lynnfield, where he died.
He married, May 4, 1738, Mary Waite, born Sept. 22, 1714, daughter of Samuel and Anna Waite, of Malden.
1. Samuel, born March 22, 1739, was in the French and Indian war under General Amherst, and was killed in Canada, 1758.
2. Mary, born April 20, 1740, married Andrew Mansfield.
3. Lydia, born Feb. 28, 1742, died unmarried Jan. 22, 1821.
4. John, born Dec. 3, 1743, married Hannah Hutchinson.
5. Simon, born April 8, 1748, married Elizabeth Whittredge.
6. Ezra, born April 7, 1752, married Sarah ____.
7. Enoch, born Aug. 1, 1754, married Lydia Ingalls.
8. Nathan, born Sept. 21, 1756, mentioned below.
9. Samuel, born Feb. 1, 1759, died unmarried Jan. 29, 1785; soldier in the revolution, and died of consumption contracted in the service.

(V) Nathan Mudge, son of John Mudge, was born in Lynnfield, Mass., Sept. 21, 1756, died in Lynn, Feb. 8, 1831. He was a farmer and much respected in the community. He was a soldier in the revolution, in Captain Simon Brown's company, Jacob Gerrish's regiment, at Winter Hill, April 2, to July 3, 1778, and was at Ticonderoga also. He and both his wives were members of the Methodist Episcopal church.
He married (first) Sept. 2, 1776, Hannah Ingalls, born June 12, 1758, died of small pox Dec. 20, 1792, daughter of John and Sarah Ingalls. He married (second), July 24, 1794, Elizabeth Burrill, born July 16, 1765, died Aug. 28, 1848, widow of Shubael Burrill.
Children of 1st wife:
1. Nathan, born Jan. 26, 1778, mentioed below.
2. Ezra, born April 10, 1780, married Betsey Brewer. (SEE FAR BELOW).
3. John (Parker), born Nov. 27, 1782, married Sally Brown.
4. Mary, born March 19, 1785, married Paul Newhall.
5. Samuel, born May 15, 1787, married Rachel Floyd.
6. Joseph, born Nov. 15, 1788, died Feb. 20, 1789.
7. Hannah, born Dec. 20, 1790, married Israel Perkins.
Children of 2d wife:
8. Joseph, born June 17, 1795, died April 30, 1816.
9. Enoch, born Oct. 18, 1796, married Sally E. Baker.
10. Hepsey, born March 12, 1798, died Oct. 2, 1801.
11. Simon, born Dec. 5, 1799, married Caroline Woodbury.
12. Hepsey B., born Aug. 19, 1801, died June 16, 1813.
13. Lydia B., born June 14, 1803, died May 18, 1822.
14. Shubael, born July 14, 1805, died Oct. 7, 1805.
15. Ann Alden, born June 22, 1806, married Charles Edward Mudge.
16. Caroline, born April 2, 1808, died March 25, 1828.

(VI) Nathan Mudge, son of Nathan Mudge, born in Lynn, Jan. 26, 1778, died Feb. 18, 1848. He was a shoe manufacturer, and resided in Lynn. He married (first), Aug. 1, 1799, Martha Brown, born Oct. 24, 1780, died June 29, 1836, daughter of Ezra and Jane Brown, of Lynn. He married (second), Nov. 12, 1838, Lydia V. Meader, widow, born 1791, daughter of Tobias and Eunice Varney.
Children, all by 1st wife, born in Lynn:
1. John Ingalls, born Feb. 20, 1800, mentioned below.
2. Hannah, born Feb. 20, 1802, married John D. Burrill.
3. Betsey Brewer, born May 17, 1804, married Alanson Burrill.
4. Mary Jane, born Feb. 27, 1807, died Oct. 20, 1826.
5. Otis, born Aug. 26, 1809, died Oct. 16, 1826.
6. Nathan Augustus, born Nov. 24, 1812, married Lydia Frye.
7. Sarah Brown, born Nov. 6, 1815, married Daniel Stocker Pratt, Apr. 11, 1839.
8. Martha (twin), born Oct. 10, 1819, married Samuel G. Ashton.
9. Infant (twin), born Oct. 19, 1819, died same day.

(VII) John Ingalls Mudge, son of Nathan Mudge, born in Lynn, Feb. 20, 1800, died Feb. 13, 1850. He was a cordwainer and farmer, and always resided in Lynn. he felt the necessity of a change in business, and bought a fifty-acre farm, and carried it on with most improved methods, but died suddenly with heart failure.
He married, Sept. 28, 1819, Mary Ingalls, born Oct. 28, 1803, daughter of Henry and Susanna Ingalls, of Lynn.
1. Parker, born Dec. 28, 1819, was in the Mexican war and died from the effects of service; married Mary Ann Sargeant.
2. Lucy Ellen, born Aug. 31, 1821, married John Brown.
3. Orrin Brown, born Nov. 7, 1824, mentioned below.
4. Tyler, born Feb. 17, 1827, in civil war and died there; married Mrs. Lydia A. Granger.
5. Mary Jane, born March 2, 1830, deceased; married Philip Cline Bryant.
6. Amos Everett, born March 31, 1832, deceased; served in war; married Sarah Smith Pike.
7. Theodore Lyman, born Aug. 7, 1834, died Dec. 21, 1855.
8. John Wesley (twin), born Feb. 17, 1837, died Aug. 2, 1837.
9. Charles Otis (twin), born Feb. 17, 1837, deceased; married Julietta P. Emerton.
10. John, born Aug. 17, 1839, married Cornelia W. Low, living in Amesbury on a farm.
11. Samuel Brown, born Jan. 22, 1842, died 1908.
12. James Franklin, born Jan. 19, 1844, was in the civil war; now living on a farm in West Peabody.
13. Martha Elizabeth, born Jan. 12, 1848, deceased.

(VIII) Orrin Brown Mudge, son of John Ingalls Mudge, born in Lynn, Nov. 7, 1824, died there Jan. 25, 1897. He was educated in the common schools of his native city. He began to work at the shoemaker's trade when but thirteen years old and continued until he was twenty-five, when he began manufacuturing boots and shoes on a modest scale. He entered into partnership with his father-in-law, Samuel Haskell, under the firm name of Haskell & Mudge, manufacuters of boots and shoes. The partnership continued until Mr. Haskell died and the business became large and prosperous. He retired from taking an active part in 1886.
Mr. Mudge was a Republican in politics and interested in public affairs. In May, 1883, he was elected to represent ward three in the common council under Mayor Daniel C. Baker.
He married, June 25, 1846, Eliza Ann Haskell, born in Lynn Dec. 17, 1825, daughter of Samuel and Pamelia (Lewis) Haskell.
Children, born in Lynn:
1. Ann Augusta, born May 9, 1848, died Oct. 14, 1850.
2. Wallace Orrin, born April 23, 1852, mentioned below.
3. William Lester, born Aug. 31, 1855, died unmarried Feb., 1885.
4. Linus Adrian, born Sept. 19, 1858, died Aug. 21, 1859.

(IX) Wallace Orrin Mudge, son of Orrin Brown Mudge, was born in Lynn, April 23, 1852. He was educated in the common and high schools of his native town. He began to work as a shoe cutter in the factory of Jerome Ingalls and later became foreman in the shoe factory of Mower & Brothers, a position he filled for ten years. Mr. Mudge is an active and influential Republican. He was a member of the common council in 1882-83. From 1885 to 1887 he was city auditor of Lynn, and since 1887 has been registrar of the water department of that city. He has been a member of Richard W. Drown Lodge, No. 106, I. O. O. F., since 1886 and has held the various offices of that organization in succession.
He married (first), Dec. 17, 1874, Ella Richardson Gerry, born Winchester, Jan. 25, 1854, daughter of Jonas Gerry. She died June 4, 1903, and he married (second) Mary Elizabeth Rankin, born Lynn Nov. 26, 1868, daughter of William and Hannah (Dickinson) Rankin.
Child of 1st wife:
1. Charles Perley, born Lynn, April 21, 1876, died Nov. 2, 1902.
Child of 2d wife:
2. Elizabeth, born Aug. 5, 1907.

(VI) Hon. EZRA MUDGE, son of Nathan Mudge (5), was born in Lynn, April 10, 1780, died in Boston, May 25, 1855, aged seventy-five years, one month, fifteen days. He was educated in his native town; he learned the trade of shoemaker, then engaged in manufacture of boots and shoes on his account. He gave up the shoe business to keep a dry goods store in Lynn. Thence he went to New York City and became a wholesale and retail boot and shoe dealer. Afterward he returned to his native state and was for a number of years weigher and gauger in the Boston custom house. He was justice of the peace for many years and was governor's councillor several years, whence his title Honorable. He was representative to the general court from the Lynn district in 1807 and for sixteen years subsequently. In 1820 he was a delegate to the state convention to revise the constitution. He was active in establishing the Lynn Artillery Company in 1808; was a lieutenant at the time of organization and became captain in 1813.
He and his family belonged to the Methodist Episcopall church. A writer in Zion's Herald said at the time of his death: "He has seen him beloved and venerated by his large and respectable family. He has seen him honored as a worthy patriarch in the neighborhood where he resided. He has seen the trustees of the church looking to him as their head for wisdom to guide them in the time of peril. He has seen him in the official board, as steward and leader, the man of council, enterprise and true courage. He has seen him the persevering and endearing Sabbath school superintendent; he has seen him the devoted instructor of the Bible class, displaying the treasures of truth to those who would know the deep things of grace. He has seen him constant at church, faithful in improving all the means of grace, and faithful in the performance of all his duties. But he never did see a blemish upon his character; he never heard a word of reproach concerning him, either as a man or as a Christian. * * * He lived to see the church which in his childhood was frail as the tender sapling, extend its branches from sea to sea and over the whole breadth of the country; he lived to see the church of his choice, so feeble and despised in his youth, become the largest and most powerful in the nation."
He married first, June 28, 1801, Betsey Brewer, born in 1780, daughter of Captain John and Mary Brewer, of Salem. She died Sept. 28, 1803, and he married second, Dec. 20, 1804, Ruth Chadwell, born June 28, 1780, died April 28, 1819, daughter of Harris and Ruth Chadwell. He married third, Nov. 1, 1819, Hannah Bartlett Drew, born July 16, 1794, daughter of Lemuel and Sarah Drew, of Plymouth, Mass.
Children of Hon. Ezra & Ruth Mudge:
1. Ezra Allen, born Nov. 17, 1805, died Jan. 5, 1806.
2. Eliza Brewer, born Nov. 5, 1806, married John I. Emerton.
3. Ruth Chadwell, born May 9, 1809, married Joseph Atkinson.
4. Ezra Warren, born Dec. 5, 1811, mentioned below.
5. Nathan (twin), born and died Sept. 12, 1814.
6. Hannah (twin), born and died Sept. 12, 1814.
7. Sarah Wiggin, born March 2, 1819, died July 2, 1820.
Children of Ezra & Hannah B. Mudge:
8. Lemuel Drew, born Aug. 6, 1820, married Mary L. Barnes.
9. William B., born May 3, 1822, died June 17, 1844.
10. Hervey Mackay, born Oct. 3, 1823, died Nov. 14, 1842.
11. Sarah Elizabeth, born May 25, 1825, died Feb. 25, 1826.
12. Sarah Caroline, born Jan. 1, 1827, married Benjamin Cushing, May 16, 1850.
13. (twin), born March 14, 1829, died April 25, 1829.
14. Eveline (twin), born March 14, 1829, died April 25, 1829.
15. Mary Evelina, born Nov. 21, 1830, married Joel C. Walter, of Chicago, Dec. 4, 1866.
16. Maria Augusta, born March 2, 1833, married Addison Baker.
17. Robert Rich, born June 14, 1835, died Nov. 21, 1835.

(VII) Ezra Warren Mudge, son of Hon. Ezra Mudge (6), was born in Lynn, Dec. 5, 1811. He attended the public schools of his native town until 1825, and for two years was a student in the Lynn Academy. From 1828 to 1838 he was a clerk in the store of Chase & Huse, Lynn. He then became the owner of the business and conducted it alone until 1842 when he became a partner in the firm of William Chase & Company. He was elected cashier of the Laighton Bank of Lynn upon its incorporation in 1849 and he retained this position after the bank was incorporated as the Central National Bank, and retained his position until he died.
Mr. Mudge was a Democrat in politics, intensely interested in public affairs and holding strong opinions in politics. He was often called to fill positions of trust and honor; was selectman in 1843-44; treasurer and collector of taxes in 1848-49; member of the school committee in 1843-46-56-57. He was elected city treasurer at the first election under the city charter, and continued in that office until his election as mayor in 1856. He was re-elected mayor for 1857 and was in the board of aldermen in 1862-63-64. For many years he was a member and chairman of the board of trustees of the public library.
In religion he was a Universalist. Mr. Mudge possessed unusual executive ability and great personal popularity. Of pleasant address and modest demeanor; a strong and saving sense of humor; of quiet and domestic tastes; he was a model citizen and neighbor as well as a useful and efficient public officer. He was given to the study and reading in his leisure hours and was well posted on many special subjects. He was especially fond of music.
He married, Jan. 23, 1837, Eliza R. Bray, born June 18, 1818, daughter of John and Margaret Bray, of Salem, Mass.
1. Ezra Warren, born April 18, 1838, sailed as supercargo for Cuba in Feb., 1862, and was never heard from.
2. William Ropes, born July 18, 1839, married Abbie Hosmer.
3. Mary Chadwell, born Aug. 13, 1841, died Sept. 15, 1849.
4. Hervey Mackay, born Oct. 6, 1843, died May 18, 1845.
5. Howard Murray, born Dec. 9, 1845, died Aug. 28, 1848.
6. Florence Howard, born Nov. 28, 1850.
7. Arthur Bartlett, born Dec. 14, 1853, mentioned below.
8. Benjamin Cushing, born Feb. 10, 1856.
9. Kate Gertrude, born June 30, 1857; now a practicing physician in Salem, Mass.

(VIII) Dr. Arthur Bartlett Mudge, son of Hon. Ezra Warren Mudge (7), was born at Lynn, Mass., Dec. 14, 1853. He attended the public and high schools of Lynn and the Boston Dental College from which he was graduated in the class of 1876. He began immediately to practice his profession at Massillon, Ohio, but a few months later returned to Lynn to take up the practice of the late Dr. A. C. Blethen who had been established there for thirty years. He began his practice in Lynn Aug. 8, 1876, and has been among the leaders in his branch for the past thirty years. He has a large clientele in Lynn and vicinity and is known as one of the most skillful and experienced dentists of New England.
He has been vice-president of the Water Company of Bath, Maine; vice-president and treasurer of the Water Company, of Norway, Maine; and an officer of the Water Company, of Gardner, Mass. He is a member of the Sons of the American Revolution and of the Benevolent Order of Elks. In politics he was a Democrat until 1896; since then he has voted in national affairs with the Republican party.
He married, May 29, 1883, Adelaide F. Kelty.
1. Arthur Warren, born Dec. 12, 1885, died Sept., 1886.
2. Margaret Gertrude, born June 25, 1887.

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