Personal Memoirs
Relating To The Families Of Boston And Eastern Massachusetts.

Prepared Under The Editorial Supervision Of
William Richard Cutter, A. M.

Historian Of The New England Historic Genealogical Society
Librarian Of Woburn Public Library
Author Of "The Cutter Family," "History Of Arlington," "Bibloigraphy Of Woburn," Etc. Etc.

Volume III.
New York Lewis Historical Publishing Company

[Transcribed by Coralynn Brown]


[for first generation see John Locke I].

(II) Edward Locke, son of John Locke, married Hannah Jenness, daughter of Francis Jenness. She was born March 26, 1673. They lived at Hampton and Rye.
1. Francis, born July 18, 1694.
2. Samuel, born Sept. 4, 1698, married Feb. 11, 1725, Margaret Ward, of Northmapton.
3. Edward, born May 28, 1702, mentioned below.
4. Prudence, born May 30, 1707, married (first), April 3, 1735, Ebenezer Weare; (second), Dec. 29, 1842, Andrew Webster.
5. James, born Oct. 4, 1709.
6. Thomas, born June 10, 1713.

(III) Edward Locke, son of Edward Locke, was born May 28, 1701, and lived at Kensington, New Hampshire. He married Dec. 17, 1724, Hannah Blake, daughter of Moses Blake.
1. Lydia, born Dec. 22, 1725, died Nov. 17, 1735.
2. Abigail, baptized April 12, 1730, died Dec. 18, 1735.
3. Moses, born July 8, 1733, mentioned below.
4. Timothy Blake, born Oct. 30, 1735.
5. Lydia, born April 4, 1738, married July 7, 1759, Benjamin Eastman; died about 1816.
6. Abigail, born July 25, 1741, married Onesiphorus Page.
7. Edward, born March 6, 1744, died Jan. 12, 1747.
8. Hannah, born April 26, 1747, married Oct. 30, 1765, Jeremiah Dearborn, of Kensington.

(IV) Moses Locke, son of Edward Locke, was born July 8, 1733. He married March 12, 1755, Mary Organ. Timothy Blake Locke, brother of Moses, settled in Seabrook, New Hampshire, and his name appears on the federal census of 1790 as having in his family three males over sixteen years of age, one under sixteen, and five females.
His son, Simon Locke, was also the head of a family.
Moses Locke also probably lived in Seabrook, and doubtless died before 1790, when the census was taken.
1. Mehitable, bap. Dec. 4, 1747.
2. Ann, bap. Feb. 13, 1760.
3. Jonathan, bap. April 19, 1762, mentioned below.
4. Hannah, bap. May 6, 1764.
5. Mary, bap. Sept. 6, 1766.
6. Elijah, bap. July 4, 1768.

(V) Jonathan Locke, son of Moses Locke, was baptized April 19, 1762, and born April 6, 1762, in Seabrook, New Hampshire. He died in Epsom, N. H., May 27, 1803. He was in the revolution. He was a farmer and inn keeper in Epsom, and a Whig in politics. In religion he was of Orthodox belief.
He married Feb. 6, 1785, Alice Pearsons, born July 12, 1763, died Nov. 7, 1854.
1. Naomi, born Sept. 5, 1786, died Dec. 13, 1839; married Greenleaf Brackett.
2. Florinda, born Nov. 9, 1788, died Jan. 3, 1790.
3. Florinda, born Jan. 8, 1791, died Jan. 3, 1880; married ____ Locke.
4. John, born Oct. 5, 1793, died unmarried Aug. 12, 1872.
5. David, born Jan. 19, 1795, mentioned below.
6. Rebecca, born April 15, 179_; died March 16, 1879; married Isaac Towle.
7. Mary, born Sept. 16, 1800, died Feb. 27, 1846; married James Weeks.

(VI) David Locke, son of Jonathan Locke, born Jan. 19, 1795, died July 13, 1883. He learned the trade of wheelwright and had a blacksmith shop at Epsom Centre and later at Hopkinton. He was also a farmer. Like his father he was a Whig in politics and an Orthodox in religion.
He married Betsy Chase, of Pittsfield, New Hampshire.
1. Drusilla, born Feb. 8, 1821, at Epsom, died March 1, 1890; married George Woodbury.
2. Alpheus C., born at Epsom, Feb. 11, 1823, mentioned below.
3. Mary, born at Epsom, Dec. 6, 1824, died Aug. 22, 1826.
4. Sarah, born at Hopkinton, May 1, 1827, lives at Kensington, New Hampshire.
5. Milton, born June 9, 1829, married (first) Sarah Bowsley; (second) Lydia Ann Curtis; lives in Salem, Mass.
6. Ann Merrill, born Dec. 3, 1831, died Oct. 25, 1870; married Joseph H. Bowsley.
7. Silas Merrill, born Dec. 3, 1731, died Nov. 19, 1907; married (first) Lizzie Kimball and (second) Lizzie Murch.
8. Nathan, born Oct. 27, 1837, married (first) Lovina Graffam; (second) Abbie G. Weare; he resides in Antigo, Wisconsin.
9. Nathaniel Chase, born at Hopkinton, Dec. 18, 1842, married Dec. 6, 1876, Mary A. Wright; lives on the old homestead in Hopkinton, N. H.

(VII) Alpheus C. Locke, son of David Locke, was born in Epsom, New Hampshire, Feb. 11, 1823. He was educated in the public schools of Hopkinton and Concord, N. H., and for a time taught schools in that section. At the age of fourteen he began to work in the mill at Patterson Brothers, manufacturers of card clothing. In 1842 he took up the business of photography, then in its infancy, and continued for seventeen years as a photographer in Lewiston, Maine, and in Tennessee. With his brother Nathaniel C. in 1871 he established the firm of Locke Brothers, dealers in and manufacturers of steam fitting specialties. He sold out his interest in the business in 1891 and retired.
He is a Republian in politics, and when in Lewiston, Maine, held various public offices. He attends the Advent church, Salem, where he has resided in recent years.
He married (first) Harriet A. Kimball and (second) Louisa Kimball.
Children of 1st wife:
1. Edwin H., now deceased.
2. Harriet A., lives with her father.
Child of 2d wife:
3. Lizzie E.

(VII) Nathaniel Chase Locke, son of David Locke (6), was born Oct. 27, 1837, in Hopkinton, New Hampshire. He was educated in the public schools of his native town and at the Friends school in Weare, N. H. He learned the trade of carpenter. He was in the government service at Ship Island, New Orleans, as a wheelwright, during the civil war, at the time General Benjamin F. Butler, of Massachusetts, was in command of the conquered city. He lived at Francestown, N. H., for a time after the war, then removed to Salem, Mass., and continued to work at his trade as carpenter until 1871. He was always interested in mechanics and possessed much inventive skill. He acquired a working knowledge of the machinist's trade. He patented various useful inventions in the steam fitting line, and in 1871 entered partnership with his brother, Alpheus C. Locke, under the firm name of Locke Brothers, to manufacture steam fitting specialities, such as valves, pumps, steam regulators, etc. From a small and modest beginning, the business of his firm has grown into one of the most prominent and successful industries of Salem and the name of the firm has the best of reputations for its varied products. The firm has always kept in the front rank in its line of goods and constantly gained more business. The firm became a corporation Oct. 1, 1902, under the name of the Locke Regulator Company. Mr. Locke is president, his son, Albert N. Locke, is treasurer, and his son-in-law, Charles A. Archer, secretary. Mr. Locke attends the Advent church, North street, Salem, while his wife and children attend the Tabernacle Congregation (orthodox) Church.
In politics he is a Republican but has never sought political office. He is a member of the Ancient Order of United Workmen and of the Order of Pilgrim Fathers. He is interested in local history and genealogy and is a member of the Essex Institute.
He married, Oct. 28, 1858, Sophronia T. Felch, born March 1, 1837, daughter of John Thompson and Sally (Lewis) Felch. Mrs. Locke has held several offices in the Order of Pilgrim Fathers.
Children, born in Salem:
1. Albert Nathan, born Nov. 4, 1865, married April 28, 1896, Alice Griswold; he is associated in business with his father.
2. Sally Abbie, born Aug. 7, 1873, married Dec. 6, 1899, Charles Augustus Archer, secretary of the Locke Regulator Company; child, Phebe Waldo, born Nov. 7, 1902.


[trans. note: at beginning of this, it states 'For preceding generations see John Lovett I.' I hate that. There are several (700-pg. ea.) volumes to this work, so my finding the one this information is in may be difficult if not impossible. They couldn't put all the Lovett stuff in one place?!]

The New England Lovetts are descendants from the old English family of the same name, and nearly if not quite all of them who are seated in the eastern part of Massachusetts are descendants of a common ancestor who sat down in Salem probably as early as the year 1637.

(V) Josiah Lovett, eldest son of Josiah and Rebecca (Woodbury) Lovett, born Beverly, Oct. 18, 1729, married, July 13, 1749, Anne Woodbury, and had eight children:
1. Deborah, baptized May 17, 1750.
2. Hannah, born April 1, 1751.
3. Anna, born Oct. 21, 1752.
4. Lucy, born April 1, 1756.
5. Josiah, born Jan. 1, 1762.
6. Eleanor, baptized March 4, 1764.
7. Jonathan, born May 17, 1766.
8. Samuel, born June 10, 1769.

(VI) Jonathan Lovett, son of seventh child of Josiah and Anne (Woodbury) Lovett, born Beverly, May 17, 1766, died there May 3, 1796. He married, March 10, 1790, Joanna Ober (sometimes written Obear), daughter of Captain Richard Ober, master of the ship "Resource" of Beverly, which in 1778 was taken by a British sloop of war.
Jonathan and Joanna (Ober) had two children:
1. Josiah, born Nov. 29, 1791.
2. Harriet, born Aug. 12, 1793, married in Feb., 1813, Captain Ezra Foster, of Beverly.
Joanna (Ober) Lovett married, second, a Mr. Edwards; one child, Joanna, b. May 19, 1796, m. Abraham Fisk.

(VII) Captain Josiah Lovett, only son of Jonathan and Joanna (Ober) Lovett, born Beverly, Nov. 29, 1791, died 1854. He was one of the most respected and in some respects one of the most prominent men in the town. At the age of thirteen he went to sea and before he was twenty-one he was captain of a deep sea trading ship and merchantman between American, European and far eastern ports. He was a famous mariner in his day and followed the sea until about the time of his third marriage, after which he turned to horticulture, and in that particular field of endeavor attained wide celebrity. He was an active member of the Massachusetts Horticultural Society, taking an earnest interest in its work, and by his own endeavors very materially advanced the standing and usefulness of the society; nor was his zeal without its reward, for in 1851, as an appreciation of his services, the society presented Captain Lovett with a very handsome silver service for originating the Christiana melon. His ideas were entirely progressive, and his observations while a mariner in foreign countries were of great assistance to him in horticultural experimental work in later years. He produced several new varieties of garden plants and fruits of the vine, all of which had the effect to promote the efficiency of the society of which he was a member.
He was not a public man in a political sense, although he filled various town offices and represented Beverly two terms in the Massachusetts general court.
Captain Lovett married three times. He married (first) Sept. 3, 1812, Hannah Standley, who died July 24, 1821, having borne him five children. He married (second), Aug. 10, 1823, Dolly (or Dorothy) Whitney, who died Oct. 27, 1828, and by whom he had one child. His third wife, whom he married Nov. 29, 1832, was Christiana Lincoln, of Boston, whose father was at one time proprietor of a large shipyard in that city in company with a Mr. Wheelwright. Three children were born of this marriage. Captain Lovett had in all nine children.
By first marriage:
1. Joanna Elizabeth, born Beverly, Mass., 1813, married John Galloupe.
2. Hannah Emmeline, born Beverly, Nov. 30, 1814, married Charles Lovett.
3. Mary Fiske, born Beverly, July 13, 1816, died July 9, 1840; married Lawson Walker.
4. Ellen Maria, born Beverly, July 18, 1819, died April 23, 1849; married Lawson Walker.
5. Josiah Wells, born Beverly, June 3, 1821, died June 2, 1895; married Emily G. Simonds.
By second marriage:
6. Horace Farley, born Beverly, Aug. 23, 1828, died April2 3, 1837.
By third marriage:
7. George Lincoln, born Beverly, Sept. 28, 1833.
8. Francis Stanton, twin, born Beverly, May 16, 1835.
9. Edward Burley, twin, born Beverly, May 16, 1835.

(VIII) Francis Stanton Lovett, son of Captain Josiah and Christiana (Lincoln) Lovett, his third wife, was born in Beverly, May 16, 1835, and has spent almost his entire life in that town and subsequent city. He was brought up to farm work, and following in the footsteps of his father has devoted considerable attention to gardening, horticulture and floriculture. On Aug. 11, 1862, he enlisted as a private in the Endicott Guards, Captain E. R. Giddings, a company of the Fortieth Mass. Volunteers, Colonel Porter commanding, and for almost three years afterward followed the fortunes and shared with his comrades the misfortunes and hardships of the Army of the Potomac in its operations in Virginia; and it is told of him that one one occasion in direct disobedience of orders he leaped over the breastworks in the thickets of artillery and infantry fire and carried water to the wounded soldiers, Union and Confederate alike, who lay on the battlefield between the lines. Mr. Lovett was discharged and mustered out of service at Fortress Monroe, Virginia, June 19, 1865, then returned home and in the same year purchased the farm on which he now lives, and which under his practical management has been brought to a high state of productiveness.
[trans note: for about the next half page the photocopy is slanted and almost illegible. I'll do what I can.]
(Some material not transcribed because of illegibility)......then:
Mr. Lovett married (too slanted) Thompson, born Marblehead, Mass. (more slanted words) Beverly, Aug. 26, 1891. (that may be her d. date?). She was the daughter of Thomas and Sally Ann (more slanted words) Thompson of Marblehead.
Of this marriage five children were born:
1. Francis, (slanted words) born Beverly, March 24, 1864, (slanted words) now in Wenham, Mass.; married Mary Louisa Morgan and had (slanted words), Jennie M.; Amy S. (married R. L. ____(slanted)....lives in Salem; Alice F. (married William J. Dodge); Francis S.; Lewis and Leslie (twins); Roger, and Arthur.
2. Christiana, born Beverly, Sept. 11, 1866, married Stephen D. Edwards and lives in Beverly, children: Ezra, Elsie M., Dora L., Alice B. and Robert Edwards.
3. Annie Thompson, born May 1, 1868, married William Stevens and lives in Beverly; children: Hattie A.; Helen B. (wife of Harry Cole, one child, a daughter), and Edward L. Stevens.
4. Maria Bessie, born June 18, 1874, married Fred Woodbury and lives at Beverly Farms; child, Julia Frances Woodbury.
5. Harriet Burley, born Dec. 26, 1879, lives with her father.

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