Personal Memoirs
Relating To The Families Of Boston And Eastern Massachusetts.

Prepared Under The Editorial Supervision Of
William Richard Cutter, A. M.

Historian Of The New England Historic Genealogical Society
Librarian Of Woburn Public Library
Author Of "The Cutter Family," "History Of Arlington," "Bibloigraphy Of Woburn," Etc. Etc.

Volume III.
New York Lewis Historical Publishing Company

[Transcribed by Coralynn Brown]


[trans. note: at the start of this it reads: 'For first generation see Richard Kimball I.' If this is in another volume of this work, I will transcribe it, though I'm not sure just where it can be found.....yet.]

(II) Caleb Kimball, son of Richard Kimball (1), born in Ipswich, Mass., 1639, died 1682. He married, Nov. 7, 1660, Anna Hazeltine, daughter of Robert and Ann Hazeltine, of Rowley, Mass. She was born April 1, 1640, died April 8, 1688, sister of wife of his brother, Benjamin Kimball. Caleb resided in Ipswich; was a prosperious farmer and owned at various times many tracts of land. He bought his brother Richard's house in Ipswich, July 6, 1665.
Children, b. in Ipswich:
1. Caleb, born Sept. 8, 1662, mentioned below.
2. Anna or Hannah, born Dec. 11, 1664, married Christopher Martin, of Bradford.
3. Elizabeth, born June 3, 1666, died Aug. 17, 1728; married Jan. 4, 1687, Jeremiah Jewett.
4. Abigail, born June, 1668, died May 30, 1758; married Jan. 1693, Nathaniel Adams.
5. Mary, born about 1671, married June 16, 1696, Thomas Palmer.
6. Robert, born 1674, died in England June 27, 1703.
7. Abraham, born June 29, 1676, died young.
8. Benjamin, born March 22, 1678, died 1704 s. p.
9. Sarah, born May 19, 1680, married Dec. 17, 1701, Joseph Fellows.
10. Richard, died April 10, 1678.

(III) Caleb Kimball, son of Caleb Kimball (2), born in Ipswich, Sept. 8, 1662, died there Feb. 4, 1736. He married, Nov. 23, 1685, Lucy Edwards, born Feb. 28, 1666-67, died Aug. 13, 1714. He married (second) (intentions May 21, 1715) Elizabeth Rindge; married (third) Hannah _____, who died Jan. 3, 1721; married (fourth), April 14, 1722, Mary Burley, who died Nov. 23, 1743.
He lived in Ipswich. His will was dated Feb. 28, 1736.
Children of Caleb and Lucy Kimball:
1. Caleb, born Aug. 18, 1686, died in 1715.
2. John, born March, 1687-88, mentioned below.
3. Lucy, born Aug. 12, 1690, died young.
4. Thomas, born Sept. 1, 1691.
5. Lucia, born Sept. 10, 1693, died Feb. 12, 1715; married Nov. 24, 1711, Stephen Kinsman.
6. Anna, born Nov. 21, 1695, died Aug. 2, 1785; married, 1720, Nathaniel Lord.
7. William, born June 1, 1700, died 1760.
9. [trans note: their numbering, not mine), Mary, married Thomas Waite.
10. Benjamin, born Nov. 24, 1704.

(IV) John Kimball, son of Caleb Kimball (3), born in Ipswich, Mass., March 6, 1687-88, died Dec. 6, 1754. Married, Dec. 22, 1715, Elizabeth Lord, daughter of Nathaniel Lord, clerk of the courts of Essex County, Mass. She died Dec. 6, 1762. He was a tailor and lived in Ipswich; was captain of the militia company there.
Children, born in Ipswich:
1. Jeremiah, born Jan. 20, 1717, mentioned below.
2. John, born March 8, 1719, died April 17, 1757.
3. Lucy, born March 31, 1722, married, May, 1741, Charles Boles.
4. Mary, born Nov. 15, 1724, married 1745, Daniel Rindge.
5. Elizabeth, born Oct. 22, 1727, died Dec. 26, 1729.
6. Nathaniel, born July 8, 1733, died June 3, 1819.

(V) Jeremiah Kimball, son of John Kimball (4), born in Ipswich, Jan. 20, 1717, died Jan. 9, 1765.
Married (intentions dated Dec. 25) 1747, Sarah Lord, who was baptized Dec. 24, 1737, died Feb. 7, 1815. He resided in Ipswich and was lieutenant of the militia. His wife was the daughter of Jeremiah and Mary (Caldwell) LORD. Lineage: Nathaniel Lord (2); Robert Lord (1).
Children, born at Ipswich:
1. Sarah, born 1749, baptized Feb. 26, 1749, died young.
2. Jeremiah, baptized June 17, 1750, mentioned below.
3. Sarah, baptized March 20, 1753, married, Jan. 3, 1774, John Goodhue.
4. John, born Nov. 2, 1755, died young.
5. Elizabeth, married March 10, 1781, David Lord.
6. Charles, baptized Jan. 15, 1758, died young.

(VI) Jeremiah Kimball, son of Jeremiah Kimball (5), born in Ipswich, baptized there June 17, 1750, died Feb. 1, 1831. Married, Dec. 30, 1774, Lois Choate, born in 1751, died Dec. 7, 1825. They resided in Ipswich. Jeremiah CHOATE, father of Lois, married Emma Giddings. Thomas (3) and Elizabeth (Burnham) Choate were parents of Jeremiah (4). Thomas (2) and Mary (Varney) Choate, were parents of Thomas (3). John Choate, father of Thomas (2), was the immigrant, progenitor of the American Choate family. He was prominent in town affairs, especially in matters relating to the South Church; sat with eleven of his chidlren in the church choir and led the singing, while the twelfth child sat in the family pew. His descendants had a family gathering June 18, 1880, at Ipswich, and formed a family association.

1. Jeremiah, born Dec. 25, 1775, died Feb. 17, 1843.
2. Lois, born Feb. 2, 1777; married Daniel Haskell.
3. Eunice, born Aug. 8, 1778, died April 9, 1837, married Nathaniel Lord Jr., register of probate.
4. John, born July 2, 1780, died Nov. 10, 1871.
5. Jonathan Choate, born Nov. 11, 1782, died Feb. 27, 1862.
6. Priscilla, born Aug. 8, 1784, died Dec. 18, 1872.
7. Josiah, born June 22, 1786.
8. Cata, born July 21, 1788.
9. Samuel, born May 23, 1791.
10. Daniel, born Aug. 25, 1796.
11. Charles, born Dec. 24, 1798.

(VII) Josiah Kimball, son of Jeremiah Kimball (6), born in Ipswich, Mass., June 22, 1786, died Dec. 5, 1868. A carpenter and ship builder by trade, he was employed in the shipyards at Essex for many years. He was selectman of Ipswich. He was an active and devout member of the South Street Congregational Church.
He married, Nov. 30, 1815, Hannah Ross, daughter of Thomas Ross, of Ipswich. He resided all his life in that town. Her maternal grandfather, Jeremiah Staniford, laid out Staniford street, Boston.
Children, born in Ipswich:
1. Alfred, died 1864; town clerk of Ipswich many years; representative to the general court; clerk in the probate office both at Ipswich and Salem; married Elizabeth Smith, of Ipswich.
six children of whom:
i. Dr. George A., is a dentist as Buenos Ayres, South America;
2. Josiah, died in infancy.
3. Josiah F., born April 1, 1821, died May 29, 1872; editor of the Lynn News several years; representative to the general court in the custom house, Boston; married (first) Lucy Mary Wade, dau. of William Foster Wade, of Ipswich, who was for many years treasurer of Essex coutny; married (second) Theresa Vennard, of Portsmouth, N. H., now residing in Boston.
4. Henry, died in his nineteenth year.
5. Hannah Staniford, born April 13, 1825, widow of John Milton Palmer, late of Georgetown, Mass.
6. Rufus, born March 13, 1829, mentioned below.
7. Sara Lois, born June 5, 1831, married John Warner, and died in Chelsea, Feb. 12, 1864.

(VIII) Rufus Kimball, son of Josiah Kimball (7), was born in Ipswich, Mass., March 13, 1829. He was educated in the public schools of Ipswich, completing his studies at the high school. Coming to Lynn in 1844, he learned the printer's trade of his brother, Josiah F. Kimball, remaining in his employ until 1861. He subsequently worked a number of years in various newspaper offices, and then in partnership with Messrs. Nichols and Courtis established the Lynn Transcript. Selling out his interests at the expiration of three years, he became city printer for two years, also conducting a job printing office. Since 1885 he has been on the editorial staff of the Lynn Daily Item. Mr. Kimball is probably the oldest printer in New England if not in the United States. The changes which he has witnessed along these lines are wondeful to comtemplate. When he learned his trade machinery of no character operated by other than hand power was used; no daily papers were in existence in the United States; and no telegraph or cable existed; mails were nearly all carried on horseback or by stage, and less than two hundred newspapers were printed in the United States. The changes in the city of Lynn have been almost as remarkable. It was then only a small town of less than ten thousand people; he has watched its steady growth, and no man has done more to promote its interest or taken a more active part in its affairs of government. Mr. Kimball has served as principal assessor of Lynn for twenty-four consecutive years, member of the common council five years, in the board of alderman six years, represented his district in the general court during the years 1866-67-89-90, being a member of the committee on printing, constitutional amendments and on mercantile affairs, and chairman of the first two of these committees. At the close of the session of 1866 he was appointed on a committee to revise salaries of all officials of the Commonwealth with the exception of a few minor offices; the report of which was submitted and accepted by the house and senate. He has been civil service examiner since the commission was appointed, and in 1895, in association with Judge John W. Berry and General C. C. Fry, late of Lynn, sketches of whom appear elsewhere [trans. note: hopefully] in this work, was appointed by Mayor Harwood to revise the city ordinances, the revision being accepted by the city government. He has been for a long term of years a commissioner to qualify civil officers, commissioner of Pine Grove cemetery twenty years, director of Lynn Mutual Fire Insurance Company a number of years, and trustee of Lynn Five Cents Savings Bank.
Mr. Kimball is a member of Golden Fleece Lodge, Free and Accepted Masons, of Lynn, past grand of Providence Lodge, No. 171, Odd Fellows, and Palestine Encampment, vice-president of Old Essex Chapter, Sons of the American Revolution, and a member of the council of this society, and a member of the Lynn Historical Society.
He married, Nov. 30, 1854, Mary Ann Woolley, born at Sag Harbor, New York, daughter of James and Julia (Cone) Woolley, the former a ship-master, and the latter a daughter of Barzillai and Amy Cone, and a descendant of the immigrant, Daniel Cone, who in 1650 settled on an island in New York habor, which took his name and is now the famous Coney Island.
1. Helen Palmer, born Oct. 2, 1855, died Dec. 27, 1903; married, Oct. 23, 1876, Charles H. Ingalls, a shoe manufacurer of Lynn; One daughter, Annabel, born June 5, 1878.
2. James Woolley, mentioned below.
3. Lizzie Brown, born Nov. 4, 1862, married Oct. 3, 1883, Charles O. Blood, of the firm of J. B. Blood & Company, grocers; three children: i. Arthur, b. May 12, 1887, graduate of Dartmouth, 1908; ii. Mary Lois, b. Feb. 26, 1893; iii. Miriam Staniford, b. Nov. 20, 1895.
4. Alfred, mentioned below.
5. Mary Ross, b. Jan. 15, 1867, died Nov. 29, 1867.
6. Annabel, born Sept. 26, 1868, died April 1, 1873.
7. Rufus Harold, born Nov. 25, 1870, died Aug. 28, 1871.
8. Kate, born Feb. 26, 1872, died July 18, 1872.
On November 30, 1904, Mr. and Mrs. Rufus Kimball celebrated the fiftieth anniversay of their marriage at their home, 54 Harwood street, Lynn. Not to many does the happiness of such a period of married existence come, and the pleasure of rounding out so many years of marital enjoyment is one that is shared in spirit at least by all those who are in any way interested in the couple who have been together so long. They received the congratulations of a host of friends form all over this section of the country, and many who could not be present in person sent their congratulations and expressed their regrets at their inability to be with them at the time of the completing of their half century of married life. Both Mr. and Mrs. Kimball were in good health and were fully able to enjoy the good time that they themselves provided for those with whom they have been associated during some, if not all, of the many years they have lived as man and wife. There were many letters of regret and congratulations received from relatives and friends out of town who were unable to be present, among them being the following: Attorney-General William H. Moody, Washington; Governor John L. Bates and Lieutenant-Governor Curtis Guild, Jr., who were unable to attend on account of important official business; Congressman Ernest W. Roberts, Washington; Professor Arthur S. Kimball, of Oberlin College, Oberlin, Ohio.

(IX) James W. Kimball, son of Rufus Kimball (8), was born in Lynn, Dec. 17, 1858. He is a printer by trade, also a reporter, and since 1897 has served as clerk of the Massachusetts house of representatives. He is a Republican in politics, and a member of the Oxford Club.
He married, in Lynn, June 29, 1881, Nellie M. Harwood.
Elizabeth Choate, born August 6, 1888.

(IX) Alfred Kimball, son of Rufus Kimball (8), was born in Lynn, March 7, 1765. He was formerly engaged as a lumber merchant in Boston, his place of business having been at 20 Central street, in partnership with his cousin, Fred A. Kimball, of Ipswich. He resides in Lynn, now employed in General Electric Company power works, Lynn.
He married, Sept. 1, 1892, Mary Merrill Kimball, born in Danvers, Mass., July 16, 1871, daughter of George Kimball.
Alfred Rose, b. Aug. 15, 1893, at Lynn, died June 10, 1894.
Ruth Putnam, born April 16, 1903.


In New England history there is perhaps no single surname having a greater number of its representatives in the profession of medicine and surgery than that of Kittredge, and not infrequently has it been remarked that the name has been regarded as almost synonymous with doctor. Few families in this country can lay claim to equal distinction, and even if we put numberical supremacy out of consideration it is doubtful if any family in America can boast professional sons of more distinguished prominence in the general practice of medicine and surgery than are found among the descendants of Dr. John Kittredge who "sat down in the old town of Billerica, Massachusetts, about the year 1650."
More than all, the family seem to have possessed a strong moral fiber which has given its members character and substance wherever located.

(I) There are various acounts and traditions regarding the immigration of John Kittredge, one being that he came form England with his mother when he was a young man, while the earliest mention of him in any record extant speaks of him as "one on whom the healing art had descended and come down through many generations." Another contemporary writer says there is a tradition that the ancestor of the Kittredge family in this country was the master of an English ship and a bearer of dispatches between the medical faculty of England and a foreign country, and that he settled in Kittery, Maine. The "History of Billerica" in speaking of the early settlers of that town says, "a few came from England direct to Billerica, Massachsetts," and among them mentions John Kittredge "whose descendants have been many and honorable."
John Kittredge was an inhabitant of Billerica and "lived and died southeast of Bear Hill." His "house lot was ten acres of land;" he recieved "five acres grant Sept. 25, 1660," and in 1663 the town granted more to him that "instead of tenne poles of land which he should have had upon ye township (by willm patten's houselot) to sett a shop upon," "that now he shall have it added to his house lot upon the south side of it." His first grant of land contained sixty-four acres and lay in that part of Billerica which afterwards was set off to Tewksbury, Massachuetts. In 1665 a committee was appointed to make a gratuity division of land in the town and in pursuance of that appointment John Kittredge is granted "one third part of five acres adjoining to the South side of his house lot & he is content." That part of Billerica where John Kittredge's descendants located was incorporated into the town of Tewksbury, Dec. 23, 1734. Among the forty-six families from Billerica taken into the new town there were eleven by the name of Kittredge.

John Kittredge, born in London, 1630, married Mary Littlefield, Nov. 2, 1664. She was born Dec. 14, 1643, daughter of Francis Littlefield, of Woburn, and granddaughter of Ralph Hill. After the death of John Kittredge which occurred Oct. 18, 1676, she married John French.
Children of John Kittredge & Mary Littlefield:
1. John, born Jan. 24, 1665-6, was a physician, see below.
2. James, born March 21, 1667-8.
3. Daniel, b. July 22, 1670.
4. Jonathan, b. July 16, 1674.
5. Benoni, b. May 2, 1677.

(II) Dr. John Kittredge, eldest son of John and Mary (Littlefield) Kittredge, born Jan. 24, 1665-6, married Hannah French, Aug. 3, 1685. He was a resident of and practiced medicine in Tewksbury, Mass.
"Doct. John Kittredge dyed" April 28, 1714, and is buried in Shawshen cemetery, Tewksbury. On the quaint tablet is this inscription:
"Here lies the body of Dr. John Kittredge who departed this life April 28, 1714, in the 49 year of his age."
His wife Hannah French died Oct. 9, 1745.
Dr. John and Hannah (French) Kittredge had children:
1. John, born Sept. 14, 1685; married Mary ____. "Doct. John Kittredge died October 6, 1756," and is buried beside his father in Shawshen Cemetery, Tewksbury, Massachusetts, with this Memorial: "Here lies the body of Dr. John Kittredge who departed this life October 6, A.D. 1756, in the 72 years of his age."
Dr. John Kittredge's youngest son Benjamin was born March 7, 1740 or 1741 and was a physician in Tewksbury and Andover. He was the father of eight sons all, of whom became physicians - (Benjamin of Exeter, Henry of Tewksbury, John of Framingham, Jacob of Billerica, and also Gallipolis, Ohio; Rufus of Portsmouth, George of Eppin, New Hampshire; Theodore of Kittery, Maine, and Charles of Watertown.)
2. James, born Aug. 22, 1687, died Jan. 23, 1754.
3. Hannah, born May 4, 1689, died March 21, 1690.
4. Jacob, born Feb. 15, 1691, died Aug. 16, 1692.
5. Hannah, born May, 1693.
6. Joseph, born March 31, 1695, died April 12, 1774.
7. Jonathan, born Jan. 10, 1697; killed by Indians in Lovewell's expedition, 1725.
8. Lieutenant William, born Feb. 11, 1699, died April 26, 1789. He is buried in the old cemetery at Tewksbury Centre, with the following tragic memorial: "Erected in the memory of Lieut. William Kittredge who departed this Life April ye 26, 1789 in the 92d year of his age." "He's gone at length how many grieve, Whom he did generously relieve. But O how shocking he expired Amidst the flames of raging fire! Yet all who sleep in Chris are bles'd How ever way they are Undresfs'd."
9. Abigail, born Nov. 15, 1700; married Kendall Patten.
10. Jane, born March 27, 1703, married her cousin Thomas Kittredge.
11. Marah, born Feb. 1, 1704.
12. Francis, born Oct. 27, 1706, see below.

(III) Francis Kittredge, youngest child of Dr. John and Hannah (French) Kittredge, was born Oct. 27, 1706, and married first, Lydia ____, who died Aug. 1, 1736. He married again before 1740, Susanna Snow, who survived him; she then married ____ Phillips, of Andover, after afterwards Thomas Kidder.
Children of Francis Kittredge:
1. Francis, born July 1, 1728; married Abigail ____; thirteen children.
2. Josiah, born July 25, 1730, died May 4, 1744.
3. Zephaniah, born May 27, 1732; was a physician.
4. Lydia, born July 28, 1734, died Aug. 1, 1736.
5. Solomon, born June 9, 1736; see forward.
6. Reuben, born Sept. 17, 1740, died March 5, 1743.
7. Jessoniah, born Oct. 20, 1742, died April 18, 1754.
8. Susanna, born Nov. 9, 1744, died June 17, 1745.
9. Susanna, born May 26, 1746.
10. Rebecca, born May 26, 1747.
11, Reuben, born June 30, 1749, died May 13, 1754.
12. Josiah, born May 17, 1752, died June 6, 1752.
13. Abiel, born June 23, 1753.

(IV) Solomon Kittredge, fourth son and fifth child of Francis and Lydia (____) Kittredge, was born in Billerica, Mass., June 9, 1736. He married Tabitha Ingalls, of Andover, Mass, May 14, 1755. She was born March 25, 1735. He was a blacksmith by trade, and took a prominent part in town affairs in the northern parish of Amherst, New Hamsphire, where he made his home. He died at Mt. Vernon, New Hampshire, Aug. 24, 1792, and his wife Tabitha Ingalls died May 8, 1794.
1. Solomon, born Aug. 3, 1756, died at Mt. Vernon, N. H., Oct. 22, 1845; was a soldier of the revolution, and fought under General Warren at the battle of Bunker Hill.
2. Zephanish, born Aug. 24, 1757; was a physician.
3. Tabitha, born July 28, 1758; married Benjamin Sawyer of Nelson, N. H.
4. Josiah, born July 6, 1761, died May 23, 1850.
5. Phoebe, born June 5, 1763; married Aaron Townsend.
6. Stephen, born in Tewksbury, June 27, 1765; see forward.
7. Lydia, born Aug. 29, 176_, married Joshua Kittredge of Nelson, N. H. Nov. 29, 1789, died April 3, 1795.
8. Ingalls, born Dec. 10, 1769, married Sarah Conant Feb. 26, 1797; was an active physician in Beverly, Mass., 1803-51. He died June 17, 1857.
9. Betsey, born Sept. 16, 1771; married Henry Wheeler, of Nelson, N. H., Nov. 21, 1843.
10. Peter, born Sept. 25, 1773; married Sarah Church; he was a saddle and harness maker.
11. Asa, born March 24, 1776; married Susanna Scott; was a physician and practiced medicine in Vermont.
12. Sally, born April 19, 1779; married Abiel Stickney, of Tewksbury; she died Aug. 8, 1849.

(V) Dr. Stephen Kittredge, fourth son and sixth child of Solomon Kittredge and Tabitha (Ingalls) Kittredge, was born in Tewksbury, Mass., June 27, 1765; married Mehitable Russell, Nov. 27, 1787, on which day he and his wife went to Francistown to live and removed thence to Hancock, New Hampshire, Oct. 6, 1790. He was the first physician to practice medicine in that town, and was very successful.
On May 2, 1802, both he and his wife united with the Congregational church, and consecrated their children to the Lord, and on May 30, 1805, he was chosen deacon, which office he held until his death, Oct. 16, 1806. He was highly respected in the town, and bore a double title sometimes being called "deacon" and sometimes "doctor." His widow remained in Hancock until Sept. 11, 1811, when she mararied Daniel Bickford, and removed to Sedgwick, Maine. She had two sons - Calvin Bickford, b. Jan. 2, 1813, preceptor of Warren Academy, Warren, Maine, and Luther Bickford, born Aug. 18, 1814, graduate of Newton Theological Seminary, Newton, Mass. Mehitable, widow of Dr. Stephen and wife of Daniel Bickford, died Feb. 4, 1848, and is buried at Charleston, Maine.
Children of Dr. Stephen & Mehitable (Russell) Kittredge:
1. Stephen, born in Francistown, May 31, 1789; went to Augusta, Georgia, where he carried on an extensive saddle, harness and leather business. Later he went to Ohio, and it was supposed that he died there, as nothing was heard from him after 1827. Previous to that time his letters home were filled with interest in his brothers and sisters, and bore tender messages to his "beloved mother."
2. Gratia, born in Hancock, N. H. Dec. 29, 1790; married Dr. Peter Tuttle, of Hancock, N. H., 1808. Dr. Tuttle took Dr. Stephen Kittredge's practice and resided in Hancock until the time of his death, March 13, 1828. His house still stands (1908) and is known as the Dr. Tuttle house. Gratia Kittredge Tuttle died March 3, 1869. They had seven children.
3. Russell, born in Hancock, Nov. 11, 1792, died April 30, 1799.
4. Prentice, born in Hancock, Dec. 27, 1794, died Jan. 3, 1820.
5. Marcus, born in Hancock, Oct. 22, 1796; married Nancy Tilton, of Charleston, Maine, Jan. 14, 1823; was a carder and cloth dresser by trade; was a prominent and devout member of the Baptist church and honored by all who knew him. He died Dec. 3, 1869, and his wife Nancy Tilton died June 21, 1856, and are buried at Milo, Maine. They had five children.
6. Charles, born in Hancock, Dec. 22, 1798; married Mary Newhall, Sept. 24, 1823.
7. Russell, born in Hancock, New Hampshire, Jan. 14, 1801; married Lucy Hart, of Penobscot, Maine, March 23, 1826; he was a cloth dresser, at which trade he worked from 1812 to 1822; later went into trade for himself in Charleston, Maine, and Milo, Maine, thence to Dover, Maine, where he assumed the position of clerk of judicial courts. He was a successful business man and strongly religious. In 1815 he united with the Baptist church at Sedgwick, Maine, later with the church at Charleston, Maine, and assisted in organizing the church at Milo, Maine. At Dover, Maine, he united with that church and was a devout member till the time of his death, March 22, 1875. He and his wife Lucy Hart are buried at Milo, Maine. She died Sept. 7, 1876. They had nine children.
8. Betsy, born in Hancock, Nov. 12, 1802; married Oliver Sargent of Sedgwick, Maine, with whom she lived at Bluehill, Maine, until her death Nov. 25, 1823; two children.
9. Rodney, born in Hancock, Dec. 3, 1804, died in Charleston, Maine, May 1, 1832.
10. James Carter, born in Hancock, March 21, 1807; married Amanda Melvina Kendall, of Sterling, Mass., Oct. 22, 1829. He was a cabinet maker by trade and an honorable and highly respected citizen of Clinton, Mass., where he died Feb. 21, 1855; his wife, Amanda Melvina Kendall, born April 10, 1810, at Sterling, died Oct. 16, 1857; nine children.

(VI) Charles Kittredge, sixth child of Dr. Stephen and Mehitable (Russell) Kittredge, was born in Hancock, New Hampshire, Dec. 22, 1798, married Mary Newhall, of Sterling, Mass., Sept. 24, 1823. He was a hatter by trade, but later went into mercantile business for himself in Charleston, Maine, and later in Corinth, Maine. There he became prominently identified with the history of the town, and especially in the affairs of the Methodist Episcopal church, which he helped to establish and of which he was a consistant member and earnest supporter. He was a man of integrity and honesty of purpose. He died in Everett, Mass., March 24, 1886, and his wife Mary Newhall died May 6, 1887.
1. Lavinia Whitcomb, born in Steling, Mass., Dec. 11, 1824, died in Bangor, Maine, March 14, 1891.
2. Charles Prentice, born in Sterling, Jan. 29, 1827; married Emma Louise Crimp, April 2, 1857.
3. Louise Holman, born in Corinth, Maine, March 2, 1832; married Frederick Meinecke, of Bangor, Maine, Dec. 24, 1858; she died in Brooklyn, New York, Jan. 15, 1870; five children.

(VII) Charles Prentice Kittredge, only son of Charles and Mary (Newhall) Kittredge, was born in Sterling, Mass., Jan. 29, 1827, and spent his young life in Charleston and Corinth, Maine, where he was educated in the public schools, the Charleston Academy and the Academy at Corinth, Maine. His business career witnessed many changes. He began work first in Bangor, Maine, as a wheelwright. In the shop where he learned his trade he was taught sleigh making, carriage making and other wood working employments. From Bangor he went to Boston and worked in that city as carpenter and builder. Later he returned to his old home.
April 2, 1857, he married Emma Louise Crimp, born July 11, 1840, in Kingsbridge, Devonshire, England, daughter of John Crimp and Harriet Dennis, who came to America when she was three years of age. She resided in Bangor until her marriage, when she and her husband made an extended trip through the West, and finally settled in Hutchinson, Minnesota, named for the Hutchinson brothers, known as the "sweet singers." Here he assisted in laying out the town, and was granted a tract of land upon which he built the first fame house in that town, which was afterwards burned to the ground by the Sioux Indians, with whom he had many interesting and thrilling experiences. Soon after the beginning of the civil war Mr. Kittredge left Hutchinson and settled in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where h3 as proprietor of a carriage shop. About 1863 he came back to New England and began building operations for himself in Roxbury, Mass., and in 1870 located permanently in Everett, Mass., where he continued in the building business until he retired.
Charles Prentice Kittredge is a man of sterling character, large experience and good understanding. He has traveled considerably and found both pleasure and profit in his journeyings, his contact with the business world and the men whom he has met. His most recent pleasure trip was a voyage to the West Indies, which was accomplished in his eighty-first year. He holds broad views on all subjects and has the power to express himself clearly and in a manner calculated to awaken interest on the part of his hearers.
In politics he originally allied himself to the old "Know Nothing party," later he was a conservative Republican, and now favors Prohibition. He has also given much thought along religious lines. When a young man he united with the Congregational church, but in later years his views broadened and he now inclines to the Unitarian belief.
Children of Charles Prentice and Emma Louise (Crimp) Kittredge:
1. Hattie Caroline, born in Hutchinson, Minnesota, March 22, 1858, died there Dec. 13, 1860.
2. Louise Emma, born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Jan. 9, 1860.
3. Charles Frank, born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Feb. 3, 1862, mentioned below.
4. Fred Anderson, born in Bangor, Maine, Dec. 26, 1863, mentioned below.
5. Arthur Freeman, born in Roxbury, Mass., Nov. 29, 1866, died in Roxbury, Mass. Dec. 18, 1867.
6. Gertrude Althea, born in Everett, Mass., Dec. 4, 1878, mentioned below.

(VIII) Charles Frank Kittredge, son of Charles Prentice and Emma Louise (Crimp) Kittredge, born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Feb. 3, 1862, married Sept. 19, 1889, Minnie Belle Roberts, born in Wentworth, N. H., Nov. 14, 1869. He has been a resident of Everett, Mass. since 1870.
Children, b. in Everett, Mass.:
1. Mildred, Sept. 26, 1890.
2. Helen, April 14, 1893.
3. Esther, Dec. 7, 1898.

(VIII) Fred Anderson Kittredge, son of Charles Prentice and Emma Louise (Crimp) Kittredge, born in Bangor, Maine, Dec. 26, 1863; married, in Everett, Mass., Feb. 6, 1889, Carrie Louise Stimpson, born in South Malden, now Everett, Jan. 30, 1866, daughter of John and Mary Stimpson. Fred Anderson Kittredge has been a resident of Everett, Mass. since 1870, was in the hardware business until 1891, since which time he has been in the electrical business.
Children, b. in Everett, Mass.:
1. Marion Stimpson, Nov. 15, 1889.
2. Alma Winifred, July 7, 1891.
3. Fred Anderson Jr., Aug. 2, 1893.
4. Ethel Louise, March 2, 1895, died April 11, 1897.
5. Prentice, born Aug. 27, 1900.
6. Russell, March 27, 1904.

(VIII) Gertrude Althea Kittredge, daughter of Charles Prentice and Emma Louise (Crimp) Kittredge, born in Everett, Mass., Dec. 4, 1878; graduated from Boston University, June, 1902; married, in Everett, April 24, 1905, Ernest Howard Hobbs, of Everett, Mass.

In the year 1908 Charles Prentice Kittredge, his surviving children and grandchildren, are all residents of Everett, Mass. His wife Emma Louise, died in Everett, Mass., Feb. 24, 1903.

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