The Register of Baptisms of the First Church in Beverly
With annotations by Augustus A. Galloupe
Boston, 1903

"The object in copying the baptisms in the First Church at Beverly is to add the maiden surnames of the mothers to the children baptized. The list is not full and complete, owing to a transient residence, of many members of the church, in the town. But mainly, and so far as ascertained, the list is fairly full, in regard to the early membership."
Augustus A. Galloupe, Beverly, Mass., Oct 22, 1896

23 of 4th mo'th 1667:--

"Wee whose name are vnder written the brethren & sisters belonging to Basse Riuer doe present our desires to the rest of the Church at Salem that with their consent wee and our children may be a church of our selues. W'ch wee also present unto Mr HAILES desiring him to joine with us and to be our Pastor with the approbation of the rest of the Church:

William DIXSY Anna DIXSY
Richard DODG Mary DODGE Senr
Samuell CORNING Elizabeth DODGE
William WOODBERRY, Sen. Anna WOODBERRY, Sen.
William DODGE, Sen. Anna WOODBERRY, Jun'r
Humphrey WOODBERRY, Senr Mary LOUITT
John BLACK, Senr Martha WOOLFE
Josias ROOTES, Senr Mary DODGE, Junr
Exercise CONANT Abigaile HILL
John DODG Senr Sarah LEACH
John HILL Elizabeth PATCH

Freegrace BLACK


Bridgett LOUFFE

Such as are members but not in full communion desire to be dismissed with their parents:--
Peter WOODBERRY Josiah ROOTES, Jun'r
John DODGE, Jun'r Joseph LOVET
Samuel CORNING, Jun'r
Nathaniell HAWARD Remember STONE
John WOODBERRY, Jun'r Bethiah LOVETT
Humphrey WOODBERRY, Jun'r Hannah RAIMENT
William DODG, Jun'r Sarah CONANT
Edward BISHOPP, Jun'r Elizabeth HERRICK

1668, 24th day, 5th month:-- It beeing propounded unto ye Brethern of this Church that they should give in to ye Pastor ye names of their Children in Minority wch were dismissed from Salem Church together wth their parents to be under the watch of this church as they grow up. In Answer thereunto take the names following wch are the Children of this Church yt were borne before the Church was gethered and settled here.
  • Rebeckah ye daughter of ye Pastor John HALE by Rebeckah (BYLEY) his wife, which was born at Bass-River ye 28th of Aprill 1666

  • Brother Humphrey WOODBURY, Deacon, his children, viz. William, Peter, Richard, Elizabeth & Christen.

  • John, Cornelius, & Hannah, Children of Sister BAKER

  • Children of John DODGE, jur by Sister Sarah, his wife, are John, William & Sarah

  • The Children of Robert MORGAN & Margaret (NORMAN), his wife, Joseph, Beniamen, Robert, Bethis, Mases

  • The Children of Sister Abigall STONE are, John, Samuell, Willaim, Abigall, & Jonathan

  • The Children of Lot CONANT, Nathaniel, John, Lot, Elizabeth, Mary, Martha, Sarah, William.

  • Peter, the sone of Peter WOODBERY (Son of first wife Abigal BATCHELDER)

  • The Children of Nickolas WOODBURY are: Nickolas, Joseph, Isaak, Andrew, Benjamin, [Jane] Abigall

  • The Children of Sister Elizabeth WOODBURY, wife of John WOODBURY Snr are Elizabeth, Abigall, Ebenezer & Hanah

  • Children of John BLACK & his wife Freeborne are Hannah & Mary SALLOWS, Sarah & Robert SALLOWS & John BLACK

  • Sister Hannah SALLOWS, John & Peter, Hannah, Thomas

  • Hue WOODBURYS children by his wife Mary are Samuell, Sarah, Hue, John, Josiah, & Priscilla.

  • Nathaniel HOWARDS children Elizabeth & Abigall

  • Henry HERRICK Senr children unmarryed Elizabeth, John, Benjamin

  • Sister May LOVETTS children, Bethia & Abigall

  • Sister Hannah WOODBURYS children, John PORTER [this child was son of her first husband, Samuel PORTER], Willaim, Samuell [these latter children were by her second husband, Thos. WOODBERRY]

  • Josiah ROOTS children, Thomas, Susanna, Jonathan

  • The children of William WOODBURY decased by his wife Judith are William, Elizabeth, Hannah & Judith

  • The children of John DODGE, Snr, Deliverance, John, Josiah, Sarah, Ebenezer, Mary

  • The children of Nathaniel STONE, John, Nathaniel, Samuell, Elizabeth & Sarah


    [The full text of the Record is not given in this copy, only an abbreviated form.]

    Heer note yt ye 1st month signifyes March, ye second Aprill, & ye 3d May &c; according to or Comon Reckoning heer in New England ordinarily.

    DAY MO. 1667
    13 8 Abigall, of John & Hannah (WOOLFE) SALLOWS
    1 10 Richard of John & Elisabeth (BRACKENBERRY) PATCH, 19 yrs old
    also Elizabeth, 15 yrs old, John, 8 yrs old
    16 12 William & Sarah of John, Jr., & Sarah (PROCTOR) DODGE [1st wife]

    15 1 Ephraim & Mary, of Ephraim & Mary (CROSS) HERRICK
    22 1 Martha, of John & Freeborn (WOOLFE) BLACK
    12 2 Rebecca, of Hugh & Mary (DIXEY) WOODBERRY
    26 2 Benjamin, of Nicholas & Anna (PALSGRAVE) WOODBERRY
    10 3 Jonathan, of John & Abigail (DIXEY) STONE
    17 3 Benjamin, of Ralph & Ellen (LYN) ELLINGWOOD
    31 3 Simeon, John & Susanna, of John, Jr., & Bethia (ROOTES) LOVETT
    31 3 William, of Anthony & Mary (GROVER) WOOD
    12 5 Nicholas & Sarah, of John & Elisabeth (BRACKENBERRY) PATCH
    12 5 Edward of William & Hannah (BISHOP) RAYMOND [1st wife]
    19 5 William & Thomas, of Thomas & Mary (SCOTT, of Ipswich) PATCH
    2 6 Robert, of Roger & Susannah (ROOTES) HASKINS
    8 9 Robert of John & Rebecca (BYLEY) HALE (Pastor)
    15 9 Mary, of Thomas & Elizabeth (JACKSON) WEST
    29 9 Hannah, of Thomas & Elizabeth (JACKSON) WEST
    10 10 Elizabeth, of Henry, Jr. & Lydia (WOODBERRY) HERRICK [1st wife]

    14 Feb Sarah, of Exercise & Sarah CONANT
    28 Feb Anthony, of Anthony & Mary (GROVER) WOOD
    25 Apr Josiah, of John Jr., & Bethiah (ROOTES) LOVETT
    25 Apr Sarah, of Peter & Sarah (DODGE) WOODBERRY [2nd wife]
    16 May Hannah, of John, Jr., & Sarah (PROCTOR) DODGE [1st wife]
    23 May Roger, of Lot & Elizabeth (PRIDE) CONANT
    30 May Nathaniel, of Nathaniel & Elizabeth (CORNING) HAYWARD
    25 Jul Peter, of John, Jr., & Freeborn (WOOLFE) BLACK
    1 Aug Sarah, of Nathaniel & Remember (CORNING) STONE
    29 Aug Joshua, of William, Jr., & Mary (CONANT, widow of John BLASH) DODGE
    7 Sep Jonathan, of Cornelius & Hannah (WOODBERRY) BAKER
    7 Sep Hannah, of Zacharie & Mary (DODGE) HERRICK

    27 Mar Anna, of Hugh & Mary (DIXEY) WOODBERRY
    2 Apr Elizabeth, of John, Jr., & Elizabeth (TENNEY) WOODBERRY
    10 Apr Samuel, Benjamin, John, Joseph, Freeborn, Sarah, Abigail, Ruth, Mary & Jonathan, of Benjamin & Sarah (GARDNER) BALSH
    22 May Stephen, of Ephraim & Mary (CROSS) HERRICK
    22 May Hannah, of John, Sen., & Elizabeth (TENNEY) WOODBERRY
    29 May Nehemiah, of John & Abigail (DIXEY) STONE
    29 May Israel, of Thomas & Hannah (DODGE, widow of Samuel PORTER) WOODBERRY
    19 Jun John, of Thomas & Elizabeth (JACKSON) WEST
    10 Jul Nehemiah, of nathaniel & Elizabeth (CORNING) HAYWARD
    7 Aug Samuel, of Samuel, Jr., & Hannah (BATCHELDER) CORNING
    4 Sep Ebenezer, of John, Sen., & Sarah (PROCTOR) DODGE
    4 Sep Benjamin, of John & Elizabeth (BRACKENBERRY) PATCH
    4 Sep Edward, of Robert, Jr., & Mary (BISHOP) COBURN
    30 Oct George, of William & Hannah (BISHOP) RAYMOND
    13 Nov Rachel, Abigail & Jonathan, of John & Rachel (SCRUGGS) RAYMOND. The mother deceased.

    26 Feb Mary, of Anthony & Mary (GROVER) WOOD
    28 May Rebecca, of Lot & Elizabeth (PRIDE) CONANT
    18 Jun Abigail, of Peter & Sarah (DODGE) WOODBERRY [2nd wife]
    2 Jul Hannah, of John & Sarah (PROCTOR) DODGE
    9 Jul David, of Benjamin & Sarah (GARDNER) BALSH
    9 Jul Hannah, of William, Jr., & Mary (BALSH) DODGE
    6 Aug Nathaniel, of John, Sen., & Judith (widow of William. WOODBERRY, Jr.) RAYMOND [2nd wife]
    1 Oct John, of Joseph & Sarah (LEACH) HERRICK [1st wife]
    15 Oct Mary, of John, Jr., & Elizabeth (TENNEY) WOODBERRY
    19 Nov Sarah, of Nathaniel & Elizabeth (CORNING) HAYWARD

    25 Feb Hannah, of Thomas & Hannah (DODGE, widow of Sam'l PORTER) WOODBERRY
    10 Mar Thomas, of John, Jr., & Bethia (ROOTES) LOVETT
    24 Mar Elizabeth, of Hugh & Mary (DIXEY) WOODBURY
    24 Apr Phebe of Nathaniel & Sarah STONE
    16 Jun Abiah, of Exercise & Sarah CONANT
    16 Jun Jonathan, of Henry & Lydia (WOODBURY) HERRICK
    16 Jun Elizabeth, of John & Elizabeth SALLOWS
    21 Jul Mary, of John, Sen., & Sarah (PROCTOR) DODGE
    11 Aug Ruth, of Thomas & Elizabeth (JACKSON) WEST
    25 Aug Henry, of Zacharie & Mary (DODGE) HERRICK
    25 Aug Susanna, of John, Jr., & Freeborn (WOOLFE) BLACK
    22 Sep Abigail, of Cornelius & Hannah (WOODBERRY) BAKER
    22 Sep Robert, of Isaac & Elizabeth (HERRICK) WOODBERRY
    29 Sep Susanna, of Nicholas & Hannah (BLACK) LaGROVES

    18 May Hannah, of William & Hannah (BISHOP) RAYMOND [1st wife]
    25 May Mary, alias Sarah, of Ephraim & Mary (CROSS) HERRICK
    6 Jul Jonathan, of Nathaniel & Elizabeth (CORNING) HAYWARD
    31 Aug Bethiah, of Humphrey, Jr., & Anna (WINDOW, of Gloucester) WOODBERRY
    19 Oct Ebenezer, of John & Mary (HERRICK) BATCHELDER (of the Ch. at Wenham)
    23 Nov John, of Richard & Abigail (WOODBURY) OBER
    23 Nov Elizabeth, of Joseph & Elizabeth LOVETT
    23 Nov Samuel, of Alexander MAXWELL, of Wenham
    16 Nov [misplaced] Jonathan, of Jonathan & Mary (CLARK) MORSE {19:5:74. John MASS, a member of ye Church of Newbury was by letter of dismission from thence received into this Church."}

    22 Feb Abraham of Edmund & Sarah (DIXEY) GALE
    19 Apr Nicholas, of Nicholas & Hannah (BLACK) LaGROVE
    26 Apr Dixie, of Hugh & Mary (DIXIE) WOODBERRY
    10 May Abigail, of Zacharie & Mary (DODGE) HERRICK
    17 May Mary, of Nathaniel & Remember (CORNING) STONE
    24 May Anna, of Peter, Sen., & Sarah (DODGE) WOODBERRY
    24 May Sarah, of Joseph & Sarah (LEACH) HERRICK
    24 May Bethiah, of George & Bethiah (LOVETT) STANDLEY
    7 Jun Elizabeth, daughter of John FISK [of Wenham]
    7 Jun Benjamin, son of William FISK [of Wenham]
    7 Jun Martha, daughter of Richard DODGE [of Wenham]
    14 Jun James, son of James FRIEND [of Wenham]
    5 Jul Samuel, son of Richard HUTTON [of Wenham]
    5 Jul Deborah, daughter of Richard KIMBAL [of Wenham]
    5 Jul Isaac, son of Isaac & Lydia (BLACK) DAVIS [of Wenham]
    19 Jul John, of John & Deborah (GROVER) BENNETT
    19 Jul Deborah (GROVER) wife of John BENNETT
    26 Jul Goody TRASK
    27 Sep Bethiah, of Charles & Lydia (CLARK) GOTT [of Wenham]
    4 Oct Anna, daughter of John KENELINE [of Wenham]
    11 Oct Priscilla, of Cornelius & Hannah (WOODBERRY) BAKER
    25 Oct Mary, of Isaac & Mary (WILKS) WOODBERRY
    25 Oct Abigail, of Humphrey, Jr., & Anna (WINDOW) WOODBERRY
    8 Nov Samuel, of John & Hannah (HIBBERT) SWARTON
    6 Dec Deborah, of John, Sen., & Sarah (PROCTOR) DODGE
    20 Dec Samuel, of Thomas & Elizabeth (JACKSON) WEST

    3 Jan Gilbert, Joseph, & Mary, of Gilbert & Tamson TAPLEY
    14 Mar Samuel, Benjamin, Joseph, William, & Elizabeth, of Sister Elizabeth (GALLY), widow of Osmand TRASK
    25 Apr Samuel, of John, Jr., & Bethiah (ROOTS) LOVETT
    9 May John, of Samuel, Jr., & Hannah (BATCHELDER) CORNING
    30 May Peter, of John & Deborah (GROVER) BENNETT
    6 Jun Jonathan, of Osmand & Elizabeth (GALLY) TRASK. [The father deceased]
    20 Jun Jane, of Exercise & Sarah CONANT
    27 Jun Israel, of John & Abigail (DIXEY) STONE
    11 Jul John, of John & Mary (REDINGTON, of Topsfield) HERRICK
    18 Jul Samuel, of Ephraim & Mary (CROSS) HERRICK
    5 Sep Ruth, of John & Elizabeth (TENNEY) WOODBERRY
    26 Sep Anna, of Richard & Abigail (WOODBERRY) OBER
    10 Oct Nicholas, of Nathaniel & Elizabeth (CORNING) HAYWARD
    17 Oct Mary of John & Hannah (HIBBERT) SWARTON

    6 Feb Mary, of Hugh & Mary (DIXEY) WOODBERRY
    6 Feb Elizabeth, of Thomas & Hannah (DODGE, widow of Sam'l PORTER) WOODBERRY
    20 Feb Ebenezer, of "Robert COBURN of Chelmsford, by his wife Mary (w'ch Mary is bro: BISHOP's daughter")
    19 Mar Robert, of Robert & Hannah BRADFORD
    19 Apr Elizabeth (HASKILL), wife of William DODGE, 3d
    23 Apr Mary, Elizabeth & Miriam, of William, 3d, & Elizabeth (HASKILL) DODGE
    14 May "fower children of o'r Sister Elizabeth HASKELL deceased (their mother while shee lived delaying, but not denying their baptism) came & desired baptism: the eldest of ym Hanah did make a confession of her faith & desiered batisme alleadging Mark 16. 16. So Roger, Samuel, Hanah & Sarah HASKALL were baptized." (Children of Roger & Elizabeth (HARDY) HASKILL. Both parents deceased.)
    21 May Rebecca, of Nathaniel & Sarah STONE
    25 Jun Joseph, of Joseph & Elizabeth LOVETT
    23 Jul Abigail, of William & Hannah (BISHOP) RAYMOND
    10 Sep Hannah, of Nicholas & Hannah (BLACK) La GROVE
    17 Sep Anna, of Edmund & Sarah (DIXEY) GALE
    24 Sep Elizabeth & Sarah, of John & Sarah (COLLINS) DIXEY. (The father deceased). "who was ye sonne of broth'r William DIXY were baptized heer ye 24th Septemb'r 1676, ye brethren consenting by yr vote."
    24 Sep Martha, of Samuel & Martha (NEWMARCH) BALSH
    29 Oct Andrew, of John, Sen., & Sarah (PROCTOR) DODGE
    29 Oct Robert, of John & Elizabeth SALLOWS
    12 Nov Sands, of George & Bethiah (LOVETT) STANDLY

    4 Mar Eleanor, of Richar & Mary (GOLDSMITH) PATCH
    27 May Martha of Peter & Sarah (DODGE) WOODBERRY
    27 May Bethiah, of Cornelius & Hannah (WOODBERRY) BAKER
    3 Jun Israel, of Isaac & Lydia (BLACK) DAVID ([of Wenham])
    22 Jul John, of John & Hannah (HIBBERT) SWARTON
    29 Jul Elizabeth, of Exercise & Sarah CONANT
    2 Sep Nathaniel, of John & Freeborn (WOOLFE) BLACK
    2 Sep Sarah, of John & Elizabeth (TENNY) WOODBERRY
    23 Sep Mary, of John & Mary (REDINGTON) HERRICK
    14 Oct Ruth of Nehemiah & Huth (HASKELL) GROVER
    10 Nov "Edward, ye posthumus son of Osmand TRASK, deceased, by his wife Elizabeth" (GALLY)
    25 Nov Noah, of Joseph & Sarah (EATON) DODGE
    9 Dec Elizabeth, of Richard & Abigail (WOODBERRY) OBER
    23 Dec Humphrey, of Humphrey, Jr., & Anna (WINDOW) WOODBERRY

    3 Mar Sarah, of William, Jr., & Mary (CONANT) DODGE [1st wife. She was widow of John BALSH, who was drowned at the Ferry in 1662]
    17 Mar Rebecca, of John & Elizabeth (WOODBERRY) RICHARDS
    17 Mar Bethiah, of Nathaniel & Hannah (MANSFIELD, of Lynn) CONANT
    24 Mar Susanna, of Thomas & Sarah (CLARK) ROOTES
    31 Mar James, of Thomas & Mary (SCOTT, of Ipswich) PATCH
    7 Apr Mary, of Jonathan & Mary (CLARK) MORSE "14. 8. 1694. Jonathan MORSE & his wife were dismissed to ye church about gathering at Middleborow or if it be obstructed to ye church at Plimouth"
    21 Apr Richard & Rebecca of Jonathan & Rebecca BYLEY
    19 May Samuel, of Samuel & Martha (NEWMARCH) BALSH
    26 May Samuel, of Nathaniel & Elizabeth (CORNING) HAYWARD
    26 May Ebenezer, of John & Deborah (GROVER) BENNETT
    26 May Christian, of Isaac & Mary (WILKS) WOODBERRY
    7 Jul William, of William & Elizabeth (STONE) CLARK
    11 Aug Daniel, of Robert, Jr., & Mary (BISHOP) COBURN
    24 Nov Hannah, of Thomas & Elizabeth (JACKSON) WEST
    1 Dec John, of Cornelius & Hannah (WOODBERRY) BAKER
    15 Dec William, Edward & Elizabeth of William & Elizabeth HOOPER
    15 Dec Jonathan, of Edward & Mary (HASKELL) DODGE

    2 Feb William, of William & Hannah (HASKELL) WOODBERRY
    16 Mar William, of Edmund & Sarah (DIXEY) GALE
    4 May Samuel, of John & Elisabeth (TENNEY) WOODBERRY
    4 May Edmund, of Nehemiah & Ruth (HASKILL) GROVER
    18 May Daniel, of Nathaniel & Remember (CORNING) STONE
    18 May Samuel, of William & Elizabeth (STONE) CLARK
    18 May Alexander, of Jonathan & Elizabeth (PATCH) BILES
    18 May Richard, of Richard & Mary (GOLDSMITH) PATCH
    18 May Daniel, of John & Mary (REDINGTON) HERRICK
    1 Jun Sarah, of John & Sarah SALLOWS
    1 Jun Lot, of John & Bethiah (MANSFIELD, of Lynn) CONANT
    13 Jul Mary of Joseph & Elizabeth LOVETT
    24 Aug Anna, of Ephraim & Mary (CROSS) HERRICK
    14 Sep Peter, of Nicholas & Hannah (BLACK) La GROVE
    12 Oct Mary, of John & Elizabeth (WOODBERRY) RICHARDS
    26 Oct Samuel, of Jeremiah & Hester (LAMBERT) BUTMAN
    21 Dec Hannah, of John & Abigail (DIXEY) STONE

    18 Jan Jonathan, of George & Bethiah (LOVETT) STANDLEY
    1 Feb Abigail, of Richard & Abigail (WOODBERRY) OBER
    8 Feb Jerusha, of Peter & Mary (DODGE) WOODBERRY
    15 Feb Benjamin, Henry, & Martin of Joseph, Jr., & Mary (ENDICOTT) HERRICK
    7 Mar Benjamin, of John, Jr., & Bethiah (ROOTES) LOVETT
    7 Mar Nathaniel, of Nathaniel & Hannah (MANSFIELD, of Lynn) CONANT
    7 Mar Susanna, of Thomas & Hannah (DODGE, widow of Sam'l PORTER) WOODBERRY
    21 Mar Hannah, of William & Hannah (HASKILL) WOODBERRY
    28 Mar Prudence, of Joseph & Sarah (EATON) DODGE
    25 Apr Joseph, of Samuel & Martha (NEWMARCH) BALSH
    9 May Eleazer, of John & Elizabeth (GALLY, widow of Osmand TRASK) GILES
    9 May Joseph, of Samuel & Hannah (BATCHELDER) CORNING
    16 May Hannah, of Nathaniel & Elizabeth (CORNING) HAYWARD
    20 Jun Isaac, of Isaac & Mary (WILKS) WOODBERRY
    4 Jul Josiah, of Exercise & Sarah CONANT
    4 Jul Esther, of William, 3d, & Elizabeth (HASKELL) DODGE
    18 Jul Anna, of Humphrey, Jr., & Anna (WINDOW) WOODBERRY
    26 Jul Rebecca, Hannah & John of John & Hannah (VEREN) BALSH
    15 Aug Joseph, of John & Deborah (GROVER) BENNETT
    19 Sep Dorothy, of William - deceased - & Elizabeth HOOPER

    13 Mar Joseph & Benjamin of Robert & Mary (BISHOP) COBURN
    17 Apr Edith, of Edward & Mary (HASKELL) DODGE
    8 May John, of John & Elizabeth (TENNEY) WOODBERRY
    29 May Robert, of Richard & Mary (GOLDSMITH) PATCH
    29 May Mary, of Jonathan & Elizabeth (PATCH) BILEE
    19 Jun Mary, of Nehemiah & Ruth (HASKELL) GROVER
    17 Jul Emma, of Andrew & Mary (HERRICK) ELIOT
    24 Jul John, Eleanor, & Martha, of William & Martha (dau. of Giles COREY) CLEAVES [1st wife]
    7 Aug Simeon, of Joseph & Elizabeth LOVETT
    14 Aug Priscilla, of Edward, Jr., & Mary BISHOP
    11 Sep Israel, of John & Hannah, (VEREN) BALSH
    27 Nov Abigail, of Edmund & Sarah (DIXEY) GALE
    27 Nov Josiah, of Nathaniel & Hannah (MANSFIELD) CONANT
    4 Dec John, of Nicholas & Hannah (BLACK) La GROVES
    4 Dec Tryphosa, of Joseph & Mary (DODGE) HERRICK
    18 Dec Hezekiah, of Richard & Abigail (WOODBERRY) OBER
    18 Dec Mary, of John & Elizabeth (GALLY, widow of Osmand TRASK) GILES
    25 Dec Elizabeth, of William & Elizabeth (STONE) CLARK

    5 Feb Abigail, of Joseph & Sarah (EATON) DODGE
    5 Feb Elizabeth, of John & Bethiah (MANSFIELD) CONANT
    2 Apr Benjamin & John (twin) of Samuel & Martha (NEWMARCH) BALSH
    9 Apr Hannah, of Anthony & Mary (BLACK?) WILLIAMS
    1 May James, of Edmund & Eleanor ASHBY
    21 May Timothy, of Ephraim & Mary (CROSS) HERRICK
    4 Jun John, of John & Ruth HEBERT
    25 Jun John, of John & Elizabeth (WOODBERRY) RICHARDS
    2 Jul Margaret, of John & Elizabeth SALLOWS
    13 Aug Jabez, of Cornelius & Hannay (WOODBERRY) BAKER
    13 Aug Josiah, of Peter & Sarah (DODGE) WOODBERRY
    27 Aug Peter, of William & Hannah (HASKELL) WOODBERRY
    15 Oct Jonathan, of Thomas & Hannah (PORTER, nee DODGE) WOODBERRY
    15 Oct Abigail, of William & Rachel (RAYMOND) BRADFORD

    18 Feb Deliverance, alias Experience, of Isaac & Mary (WILKS) WOODBERRY
    8 Apr Joseph, of Edward & Mary BISHOP
    15 Apr Deborah, of John & Deborah (GROVER) BENNETT
    15 Apr Sarah, of John & Hannah (VEREN) BALSH
    22 Apr Elizabeth, of Robert & Mary CUE (The mother widow of John HERRICK, nee PORTER)
    29 Apr Caleb, of Exercise & Sarah CONANT
    20 May Jonathan, of Jonathan & Elizabeth (PATCH) BILES
    20 May Susanna, of John & Elizabeth (TENNEY) WOODBERRY
    1 Jul Sarah, of John & Elizabeth (WOODBERRY) WALKER
    6 Aug Ruth, of John & Ruth HEBERT
    6 Aug Samuel & Martha, of John & Martha RAYMOND
    23 Dec Charity, of Edmund & Sarah (DIXEY) GALE
    23 Dec Hannah, of Jeremiah & Hester (LAMBERT) BUTMAN

    13 Jan Abraham, of David & Elizabeth (HOWARD?) PERKINS
    24 Feb Bridget, of John & Elizabeth (GALLY, widow of Osmand TRASK) GILES
    16 Mar William, of Nehemiah & Ruth (HASKELL) GROVER
    16 Mar Joel, of Richard & Sarah (HASKELL) WOODBERRY
    13 Apr Phebe, of Samuel & Martha (NEWMARCH) BALSH
    13 Apr Dorothy, of George & Bethiah (LOVETT) STANDLEY
    20 Apr Freeborn, of Nicholas & Hannah (BLACK) La GROVE
    18 May Rufus, of Joseph & Mary (DODGE) HERRICK
    1 Jun Elizabeth, of John & Elizabeth (WOODBERRY) RICHARDS
    8 Jun Jonah, of Joseph & Sarah (EATON) DODGE
    27 Jul Rachel, of William & Rachel (RAYMOND) BRADFORD
    17 Aug Thomas, of Thomas & Elizabeth (JACKSON) WEST
    24 Aug Mibel, of John & Elizabeth SALLOWS
    24 Aug Stephen, of Nathaniel & Elizabeth (CORNING) HAYWARD
    24 Aug Abigail, of Joseph - deceased - & Mary (GRAVES) HASKELL
    24 Aug Esther, of William & Elizabeth (STONE) CLARK
    31 Aug Mary, of Anthony & Mary (BLACK?) WILLIAMS
    14 Sep James, of James & Mary SMITH
    14 Sep Thomas & Mary, of Thomas & Mary (COOMBS, of Rochester) RAYMOND
    14 Sep Margary, of William & Elizabeth (HASKELL) DODGE
    14 Sep Hannah, of Nathan & Hannah (MANSFIELD) CONANT
    14 Sep Esther, of John, Jr., & Elizabeth (HERRICK) STONE
    21 Sep Dorothy, of Goody GRAVES (of Lynn) "Heer upon communion of Churches."
    26 Oct Bethiah, of John & Bethiah (MANSFIELD) CONANT
    21 Dec Miriam, wife of Freeborn BALSH (widow of Joseph BATCHELDER, maiden name MOULTON)
    28 Dec Joshua, of John & Hannah (VEREN) BALSH

    1 Feb Joshua, of Isaac & Mary (WILKS) WOODBERRY
    15 Mar Thomas, William, & Sarah, of Thomas & Sarah GAGE
    21 Mar Elizabeth, of John & Emma (GROVES) BOND
    2 Apr William, of John & Martha RAYMOND
    26 Apr Rebecca, of Peter & Sarah (DODGE) WOODBERRY
    26 Apr Joseph & Mercy, of Joseph & Sarah (GROVER) EATON. "4. 10. 84. ye case of Joseph EATON a childe of ye covenant in ye church in Reddin, but living in this towne desiered to putt himself unde ye discipline of Christ in this Church & have baptisme for his children. Ye Brethern consent yt ye Pastor may peacably proceed to ye baptizing of them and other children in such like cases."
    17 May John & Abigail, of Joseph & Miriam (MOULTON) BATCHELDER. (The father deceased), "& when her daughter Myriam she hath by Free-born BALSH her present husband."
    17 May Peter, of Samuel & Martha (NEWMARCH) BALSH
    24 May Sarah, of Edward & Mary BISHOP
    31 May Tryphena, of Joseph & Mary (ENDICOTT - 2nd wife) HERRICK
    14 Jun Jaspar, of John & Hannah (HIBBERT) SWARTON
    5 Jul Ebenezer, of Edmund & Ellen ASHBY
    5 Jul Rebecca, of William & Hannah (HASKELL) WOODBERRY
    9 Aug Anna, of Samuel & Elizabeth (DIXEY) MORGAN
    9 Aug Richard & Josiah, of Richard & Sarah (HASKELL) WOODBERRY
    16 Aug Sarah, of Joseph & Sarah (EATON) DODGE
    13 Sep Nathan, of David & Elizabeth (HOWARD?) PERKINS [Removed to South Bridgewater before 1688]
    28 Sep John, of Richard & Mary (GOLDSMITH) PATCH "At ye house."
    18 Oct James, of (Rev) John & Sarah (NOYES) HALE
    18 Oct John, of Jasph & Elizabeth LOVETT
    25 Oct Ruth, of Edward & Mary (HASKELL) DODGE
    1 Nov Mary, of Thoms & Sarah GAGE
    8 Nov Nehemiah & Rose of _____
    8 Nov Sarah, of George & Sarah (HAYWARD) HARVEY
    22 Nov William, of John & Elizabeth (WOODBERRY) RICHARDS
    29 Nov Elizabeth, of Jonathan & Elizabeth (PATCH) BILES
    29 Nov John, Jonathan, Josiah, Elizabeth & Mary of John & Mary (HERRICK) BATCHELDER
    6 Dec Bethiah, of Ithamar & Bethiah WOODEN [Probably from Haverhill]

    7 Mar Mary, of Edmund & Sarah (DIXEY) GALE
    11 Apr Rebecca, of Samuel & Elizabeth CURTIS [She married 2nd, Thomas WOODBERRY]
    18 Apr John, of Robert & Mary (BISHOP) COBURN
    2 May Samuel, of John & Deborah (GROVER) BENNETT
    23 May Jonathan, of Thomas & Mary (COOMBS) RAYMOND
    23 May Anna, of Robert & Mary CUE. (The mother widow of John HERRICK, nee PORTER)
    6 Jun Elizabeth of John & Freeborn (WOOLFE) BLACK
    6 Jun William & Andrew, of William & Mary (PARKER) ELIOT
    27 Jun Freeborn, of Freeborn & Miriam (BATCHELDER, nee MOULTON) BALSH
    8 Aug Mary, of John & Sarah (GAINES, of Ipswich) CRESSEY
    15 Aug John, of John & Bethiah (MANSFIELD) CONANT
    15 Aug James & Emma, of James & Emma TAYLOR
    29 Aug Joanna, of John & Hannah (VEREN) BALSH
    5 Sep Nehemiah, of Humphrey & Anna (WINDOW) WOODBERRY
    5 Sep Martha, of John & Emma (GROVES) BOND
    5 Sep John, of John, Jr., & Elizabeth (HERRICK) STONE
    19 Sep Mark HASKELL & sons - Roger, John & Mark
    19 Sep Nathaniel, of William & Elizabeth (STONE) CLARK
    19 Sep Sarah, of John & Sarah CLARK
    26 Sep Nicholas, of John & Abigail (WOODBERRY) OBER
    3 Oct William, of William & Rachel (RAYMOND) BRADFORD
    3 Oct Josiah, of Roger & Hannah (WOODBERRY) HASKELL
    17 Oct Robert & Rebecca, of William & Joanna (HALE, widow of John LARKIN) DODGE
    24 Oct Daniel, of Samuel & Hannah (BATCHELDER) CORNING
    7 Nov Mihel, of William & Elizabeth (HASKELL) DODGE
    21 Nov Margaret, (COREY) CLEAVES (2nd wife. Both wives daughters of Giles COREY - Salem Witchcraft)
    21 Nov Edward, of John & Christian (WOODBERRY) TRASK
    21 Nov Elizabeth, of Mark & Mary (SMITH) HASKELL
    5 Dec William & Judith, of Nicholas & Mary (ELIOT) WOODBERRY
    12 Dec John, William, Peter, Joseph, Mary & Elizabeth, of John & Jane PRIDE
    19 Dec William, of William & Margaret (COREY) CLEAVES
    19 Dec Elizabeth, of Joseph, Sen., & Mary (DODGE) HERRICK

    20 Mar Samuel of Roger & Ruth (sk*) HASKINS
    24 Apr Sarah & Bridget, of Humphrey & Elizabeth (SMITH) HORRELL
    1 May Cornelius, of Samuel & Martha (NEWMARCH) BALSH
    22 May Susanna, of Richard & Sarah (HASKELL) WOODBERRY
    3 Jul Mary of Joseph, Jr., & Mary (ENDICOTT) HERRICK
    3 Jul Martha, of Nathaniel & Hannah (MANSFIELD) CONANT [Removed to Bridgewater]
    10 Jul John, Elizabeth, & Hannah, of John, Sen., & Christian (WOODBERRY) TRASK
    17 Jul Benjamin, of Edward, Jr., & Mary BISHOP
    31 Jul Mary & Martha, of Edmund & Ellen ASHBY
    7 Aug Priscilla, of Peter & Sarah (DODGE) WOODBERRY
    7 Aug Christian, of John & Mary (HERRICK) TOVIE (The father deceased)
    14 Aug Samuel, of (Rev) John & Sarah (NOYES) HALE "being born the day before"
    28 Aug Samuel, of George & Bethiah (LOVETT) STANDLEY
    18 Sep Samuel, of Ithamar & Bethiah WOODEN
    25 Sep Nathaniel, of John & Elizabeth (WOODBERRY) RICHARDS
    9 Oct Ruth, of John & Hannah (VEREN) BALSH
    9 Oct Elizabeth, of John & Christian (WOODBERRY) TRASK
    6 Nov Edward, of Edward & Mary (HASKELL) DODGE
    4 Dec George, of George & Sarah (CONANT) TROW

    8 Jan Elisha, of Joseph & Sarah (EATON) DODGE
    15 Jan George, of George & Sarah (HOWARD) HARVEY
    26 Feb Hannah, of Roger & Hannah (WOODBERRY) HASKELL
    10 Jun Samuel, of Lot & Abigail CONANT
    10 Jun Andrew, of Nicholas & Mary (ELIOT) WOODBERRY
    17 Jun Thomas, of John, Jr., & Martha RAYMOND
    24 Jun Judith, of William & Mary (PARKER) ELIOT
    29 Jul Benjamin, of Freeborn & Miriam (bnm) BALSH
    29 Jul Joanna, of Thomas & Sarah GAGE
    29 Jul Abigail, of Thomas & Mary (COOMBS) RAYMOND
    5 Aug Nehemiah, of Nehemiah & Ruth (HASKELL) GROVER
    5 Aug Jane, of Samuel & Elizabeth CURTIS
    12 Aug Nathaniel, of John & Elizabeth (WOODBERRY) RICHARDS
    26 Aug John, of Richard & Mary (GOLDSMITH) PATCH
    3 Sep William, Thomas & Charity, of Thomas & Charity (LIVERMORE) WHITTREDGE
    3 Sep Sarah, of Johnathan & Elizabeth (PATCH) BILES
    17 Sep Henry, of Joseph, Jr., & Mary (ENDICOTT) HERRICK
    17 Sep Mercy, of William 3d, & Elizabeth (HASKELL) DODGE
    14 Oct Abel, of Humphrey & Anna (WINDOW) WOODBERRY
    14 Oct John, of John & Sarah (GAINES) CRESSY
    21 Oct Esther, of William & Hannah (HASKELL) WOODBERRY
    28 Oct Solomon, of Tobias & Mary (GREEN) TROW
    9 Nov Joshua, of John & Hannah (VEREN) BALSH
    6 Dec Jacob, of Jacob & Eleanor (HASKELL) GRIGGS [formerly of Gloucester]

    10 Jan Edward, of John & Emma (GROVES) BOND
    24 Jan David, of Richard & Sarah (HASKELL) WOODBERRY
    31 Jan Deborah, of Phillip & Deborah (MANSFIELD) WHITE
    21 Feb Benjamin, of Richard & Abigail (WOODBERRY) OBER
    28 Feb Mary, of Mark & Mary (SMITH) HASKELL
    12 Mar Ruth, of Joseph, Sen., & Mary (DODGE) HERRICK
    19 Mar Mary, of John, Jr., & Sarah (GALE) STONE
    19 Mar Sarah, of Joseph & Elizabeth (WEST) WOODBERRY
    2 Apr Abigail, of Samuel & Martha (NEWMARCH) BALSH
    2 Apr Martha, of John & Ruth HERBERT
    2 Apr Rebecca, of Thomas & Charity (LIVERMORE) WHITTREDGE
    16 Jun Joanna, of (Rev) John & Sarah (NOYES) HALE
    23 Jun Samuel, of John & Sarah LEE (MANCHESTER)
    23 Jun Elizabeth, of William, Jr., & Ruth (WEST) HASKELL
    7 Jul Anna, of Isaac, Jr., & Elizabeth (HERRICK) WOODBERRY
    25 Aug Robert, of William & Margaret (COREY) CLEAVES
    25 Aug Mary, of Nicholas & Mary (ELIOT) WOODBERRY
    8 Sep James, of John, Jr., & Martha RAYMOND
    8 Sep Mary, of Joseph & Elizabeth LOVETT
    8 Sep Sarah, of George & Sarah (CONANT) TROW
    20 Oct Caleb, of John & Hannah (VEREN) BALSH
    20 Oct Lot, of Nathaniel & Hannah (MANSFIELD) CONANT [Removed to Bridgewater]
    20 Oct Mary, of John & Bethia (MANSFIELD) CONANT
    3 Nov Ithamar, of Ithamar & Bethiah WOODEN
    3 Nov Mary, of Anthony & Dorcas COOMBS
    27 Nov John, of Edward, Jr., & Mary BISHOP

    16 Jan Joanna, of Thomas & Sarah GAGE
    12 Feb William, of John & Christian (WOODBERRY) TRASK
    23 Mar Nathaniel, of John & Elizabeth (WOODBERRY) RICHARDS
    23 Mar Charity, of Joseph & Sarah (EATON) DODGE
    30 Mar Caleb, of William, Sen., & Hannah (HASKELL) WOODBERRY
    3 Apr William, of William, Jr., & Mary (KETTELL) RAYMOND
    20 Apr Joanna, of Andrew & Emma (ELIOT) WOODBERRY
    27 Apr John & Nathaniel, of James & Elizabeth (HAYWARD) KETTELL
    4 May Sarah, of Nathaniel, Jr. & Mary (BLASH) STONE
    11 May Joseph, John & Ruth, of Joseph & Ruth (BALSH) DRINKER
    18 May Eleanor, of Edmund & Eleanor ASHBY
    8 Jun Joseph & Elizabeth, of Joseph & Elizabeth (WEST) WOODBERRY
    8 Jun Rhoda, of George & Bethiah (LOVETT) STANDLEY
    8 Jun Thomas & Elizabeth, of Thomas & Hannah COX
    8 Jun Judah, of Roger & Hannah (WOODBERRY) HASKELL
    15 Jun Josiah, of Thomas & Mary (COOMBS) RAYMOND
    15 Jun Rachel, of Jonathan & Sarah (WOODBERRY) RAYMOND
    29 Jun Miriam (HILL), wife of William HASKELL, Sen.
    29 Jun Phillip, of Phillip & Deborah (MANSFIELD) WHITE
    29 Jun Mary, of James & Emma TAYLOR
    6 Jul Mrs. Abigail BALSAM & her son Thomas
    13 Jul John, of William & Rachel (RAYMOND) BRADFORD
    20 Jul Abigail, of Lot & Abigail CONANT
    20 Jul Catharine, of John & Sarah CLARK

    1 Mar Edith, of Joseph, Sen., & Mary (DODGE) HERRICK
    15 Mar Samuel, of Thomas & widow Elizabeth (CURTIS) WOODBERRY
    15 Mar Nathan, of Humphrey & Anna (WINDOW) WOODBERRY
    22 Mar Sarah, of Richard & Sarah (HASKELL) WOODBERRY
    29 Mar Priscilla, of John, Jr., & Sarah (GALE) STONE
    5 Apr Mary, of William & Mary (PARKER) ELIOT
    19 Apr Sarah, of John HEBERT. Wife deceased.
    26 Apr Elizabeth, of Thomas & Charity (LIVERMORE) WHITTREDGE
    3 May Anna, of Phillip & Hannah (BAKER) BABSON
    7 Jun Elizabeth (HOAR), wife of Christopher REED
    7 Jun Rebecca, of Jacob & Eleanor (HASKELL) GRIGGS
    5 Jul Jeremiah, Mary, Abigail, Elizabeth, of Christopher & Elizabeth (HOAR) READ
    2 Aug Jonathan, of Robert & Mary (wojh) CUE
    2 Aug John & Rebecca, of James & Emma TAYLOR
    23 Aug Mehitable, of Thomas & Mary (COOMBS) RAYMOND
    30 Aug John, of Luke & Martha (CONANT) PERKINS
    6 Sep Humphrey, of Humphrey & Elizabeth (SMITH) HORRELL
    27 Sep Samuel, Jemima, & Kezia, of Thomas, Jr., & Abigail (LOVETT?) WOODBERRY
    4 Oct Hannah, of John - deceased - & Catharine (LOVETT?) SALLOWS
    18 Oct Thomas, of Robert & Mary (BISHOP) COBURN
    18 Oct Peter, of Mihel & Dorcas COOMBS
    18 Oct Anna, of Peter & Sarah HARVEY
    25 Oct Caleb of William & Sarah CLARK
    1 Nov Robert, Theophilus, Mary, & Elizabeth, of Samuel & Mary HARDIE
    1 Nov Sarah of John & Sarah (LOW) GROVER
    1 Nov _____ of George & Sarah (CONANT) TROW
    8 Nov David, of John & Hannah (VEREN) BALSH
    22 Nov Andrew, of Andrew & Emma (ELIOT) WOODBERRY
    29 Nov John, of Thomas & Sarah GAGE

    10 Jan Edmund, of John, Jr., & Sarah (GALE) STONE
    17 Jan Daniel, of Roger & Hannah (WOODBERRY) HASKELL
    24 Jan Ebenezer, of William & Margaret (COREY) CLEVES
    31 Jan Josiah, of Nathaniel & Mary (BLASH) STONE
    21 Feb Lydia, of Isaac & Elizabeth (HERRICK) WOODBERRY
    1 Mar Daniel, of Daniel & Mary (HIBBERT) COLLINS
    1 Mar Daniel, of William, Jr., & mary (KETTELL) RAYMOND
    13 Mar Anna, of Jonathan & Sarah (WOODBERRY) RAYMOND
    3 Apr John, of Ithamar & Bethia WOODEN
    3 Apr JAmes, of James & Elizabeth (HAYWARD) KETTELL
    17 Apr Thomas, of Samuel & Martha (NEWMARCH) BALSH
    17 Apr Hannah, of Edward & Mary (HASKELL) DODGE
    17 Apr Judah, of John & Elizabeth (WOODBERRY) RICHARDS
    24 Apr Josiah, of Nehemiah & Ruth (HASKELL) GROVER
    29 May Returne, of Ralph & Ellen (LYN) ELLINGWOOD
    5 Jun William, of William & Ruth (WEST) HASKELL
    19 Jun Dorcas, of Joseph & Elizabeth HEBERT
    26 Jun Jeremiah, Sarah, Bridget, & Elizabeth of Joseph & Elizabeth HEBERT
    26 Jun Bethia, of William & Rachel (RAYMOND) BRADFORD
    26 Jun Benjamin, William, & Eleanor, of Benjamin & Mary ELLINGWOOD
    17 Jul Joseph & Rebecca, of Joseph & Elizabeth HEBERT
    17 Jul Abigail, of Joseph & Elizabeth (WEST) WOODBERRY
    7 Aug Sarah, of John & Sarah (GAINES) CRESSY
    14 Aug Richard, of Thomas & Hannah COX
    21 Aug Martha, of John, Jr., & Martha RAYMOND
    4 Sep Thomas, of Robert & Mary (PORTER) CUE
    4 Sep Abigail, of Anthony & Mary (BLACK?) WILLIAMS
    16 Oct Jonathan, of Lot & Abigail CONANT
    16 Oct David, of Nathaniel & Rebecca (CONANT) RAYMOND
    30 Oct Elizabeth, of John & Martha TRENANCE
    6 Nov Zachariah, Samuel, John, & Robert, of Samuel, Sen., & Elizabeth (HERRICK) STONE
    6 Nov Joseph, of Mark & Mary (SMITH) HASKELL
    13 Nov John, of John, Jr., & Sarah (LOW) GROVER [The mother deceased]
    20 Nov Joanna, of John & Hannah (VEREN) BALSH
    4 Dec Keziah, of George & Bethiah (LOVETT) STANDLEY
    18 Dec Rebecca, of Jacob & Eleanor (HASKELL) GRIGGS
    25 Dec John, of (Rev) John & Sarah (NOYES) HALE

    5 Mar Mercy, of James & Emma TAYLOR
    12 Mar John, of John & Alice (DERBY, of Marblehead) WOODBERRY
    2 Apr Mathew BUTMAN, & his son Jeremiah
    2 Apr Robert, of William & Ruth (WEST) HASKELL
    16 Apr Nathaniel, of Cornelius & Hannah (WOODBERRY) BAKER
    30 Apr Matthew, of Matthew & Elizabeth (HOOPER) BUTMAN
    8 May Sarah, of John & Sarah (GALE) STONE
    8 May Mary, of Tobias & Mary (GREEN) TROW
    8 May Sarah, of Samuel & Sarah (LEACH) HERRICK
    8 May Hannah, of Luke & Martha (CONANT) PERKINS
    18 Jun Samuel, of Richard & Abigail (WOODBERRY) OBER
    25 Jun Patience, of Benjamin & Mary ELLINGWOOD
    2 Jul Mary, of John & Sarah CLARK
    2 Jul Sarah, of Philip & Deborah (MANSFIELD) WHITE
    16 Jul Samuel, of Samuel, Jr., & Abiah (GAINES) STONE
    23 Jul Israel, of Humphrey & Anna (WINDOW) WOODBERRY
    6 Aug Jonathan, of Cornelius & Abigail (SOLART) LARCOM
    20 Aug Sarah, of Thomas & Charity (LIVERMORE) WHITTREDGE
    17 Sep Nathaniel, of Nathaniel & May (BALSH) STONE
    29 Oct Mark, of Peter, Jr., & Mary (DODGE) WOODBERRY
    5 Nov John, of William & Mary (PARKER) ELIOT
    5 Nov Sarah, of Lot & Abigail CONANT
    19 Nov Nicholas, of Jonathan & Elizabeth (PATCH) BILES
    19 Nov Sarah, of Thomas & Mary (COOMBS) RAYMOND
    31 Dec Esther, of Ruth GRIERSON, of Roxbury. "By vertue of a letter from the minister there."

    14 Jan Susanna, of Thomas & Sarah GAGE
    28 Jan Rebecca STANFORD (adult)
    28 Jan Deborah, of Benjamin, Sen., & Grace (MALLET) BALSH
    28 Jan Priscilla, of Robert & Anna (OBER) MORGAN
    25 Feb Mary & Sarah, of Josiah & Elizabeth WALLIS
    25 Feb Elizabeth, of James & Martha WALLIS
    25 Feb Joshua, of William & Elizabeth (STONE) CLARK
    4 Mar Benjamin, of William & Margaret (COREY) CLEAVES
    11 Mar Rebecca, of William & Rachel (RAYMOND) BRADFORD
    2 Apr Elizabeth, of John & Elizabeth (ALLEN) KETTELL
    22 Apr Nathaniel, of Joseph & Sarah (EATON) DODGE
    22 Apr Ralph, of Ralph & Ellen (LYN) ELLINGWOOD
    6 May Jonathan, of John & Sarah (WOODBERRY, nee HASKELL) POOL
    24 May Samuel, of Samuel, 3d, & Susanna (KNOWLTON) CORNING
    27 May Joseph, of Daniel & Phebe LARCOM
    3 Jun Mary, of Robert & widow Mary (HERRICK, nee PORTER) COE
    17 Jun Mary, of William & Mary (WOODBURY) CONANT
    17 Jun Bartholomew, of George & Sarah (CONANT) TROW
    17 Jun Samuel, of George & Jane (STACEY) STANDLEY
    15 Jul Caleb, of William & Elizabeth (HASKELL) DODGE
    15 Jul Jonathan, of Christopher & Elizabeth (HOAR) READ
    5 Aug Caleb WALLIS (adult)
    5 Aug Roger, of John & Hannah (VEREN) BALSH
    12 Aug John, of John & sarah (GAINES) CRESSY
    2 Sep Sarah, of Caleb & Sarah (STONE) WALLIS
    9 Sep Mary, of Joshua & Abija (Abiah?) (CONANT) WALLIS
    9 Sep Mary, of Daniel & Mary (HIBBERT) COLLINS
    9 Sep Andrew, of Phillip & Deborah (MANSFIELD) WHITE
    16 Sep Abigail, of Peter & Mary (DODGE) WOODBERRY
    23 Sep Mary (GILES), wife of John WHEELER
    23 Sep Joshua, of Joshua - deceased - & Joanna (LARKIN, nee HALE) DODGE
    30 Sep Jerusha, of Jonathan & Sarah (WOODBERRY) RAYMOND
    14 Oct Jonathan, James, Mary & Abigail, of John & Mary (ELLINGWOOD) SMITH
    14 Oct Hannah, of William, 4th, & Hannah (WOODBERRY) DODGE
    21 Oct John, Jonathan, Mary, Esther, Abigail, of John & Mary (GILES) WHEELER
    21 Oct Mark, of Edward & Mary (HASKELL) DODGE
    28 Oct John, William, Miriam, & Marget, of William, Sen., - deceased - & Miriam (HILL) HASKELL
    25 Nov Daniel, of John & Bethiah (MANSFIELD) CONANT
    25 Nov David, of John & Mary (GILES) WHEELER
    25 Nov Rebecca, of Nathaniel & Rebecca (CONANT) RAYMOND
    2 Dec Nathaniel & Mary (BALSH) STONE (adults)

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