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[Transcribed by Dave Swerdfeger]


The following records of births, marriages and deaths include all entries to be found in the books of record kept by the town clerks; in the church records; in the returns made to the Salem Quarterly Court; in the cemetery inscriptions; and in many private records found in family Bibles. These records are printed in a condensed form in which every essential particular has been preserved. All duplication of the town clerks' record has been eliminated, but differences in entry and other explanatory matter appear in brackets. Parentheses are used when they occur in the original record; also to indicate the maiden name of a wife. When places other than Newbury and Massachusetts are named in the original records, they are given in the printed copy. Marriages and intentions of marriage are printed under the names of both parties. Double dating is used in the months of January, February and March, prior to 1752, whenever it appears in the original and also, whenever from the sequence of entry in the original the date may be easily determined. In all records the original spelling of names is followed and in the alphabetical arrangement the various forms should be examined, as items about the same family may be found under different spellings. As Newbury and Newburyport have been so closely connected, both socially and geographically, it will be desirable to examine the records of both towns when making researches. Byfield parish is included in these records, and on account of its close proximity to Rowley may contain records of Rowley families not given elsewhere. The original book of records beginning about 1640 was copied in 1690 by Henry Short, the town clerk. The original has been followed in these pages, any changes or additions occurring in Short's record being so indicated.


On May 6, 1635, the plantation called Wessacocon was established as "Neweberry." It derived its name from Newbury, Berkskire, England, and was so named in hoNov of the Rev. Thomas Parker, who had preached for some time in Newbury, England, before his emigration to America. The town comprised all the territory now included in the city of Newburyport, the towns of West Newbury and Newbury, and the larger part of the parish of Byfield. On Jan. 28, 1764, Newburyport was set off from Newbury. On Feb. 18, 1819, a part of Newbury was established as Parsons, which name was changed, on June 14, 1820, to West Newbury. The population of Newbury at different periods has been as follows:
  • 1765, 2960.
  • 1776, 3239.
  • 1790, 3972.
  • 1800, 4076.
  • 1810, 5176.
  • 1820, 3671.
  • 1830, 3603.
  • 1840, 3789.
  • 1850, 4426.
  • 1895, 1489.
  • 1900, 1601.
  • 1905, 1480.

  • a.—age.
  • abt.—about.
  • b.—born.
  • bef.—before.
  • bet.—between.
  • bp.—baptited.
  • bur.—buried.
  • c.c.—Copy made by Joshua Coffin.
  • C.R.1.--chtirch record, First Congregational Church.
  • C.R.2.—church record, Second Church, now First of West Newbury.
  • C.R.3.—church record, Third Church, now First Religions Society (Unitarian} of Newburyport.
  • C.R.4.—church record, Fourth Church, now Second of West Newbury.
  • C.R.5.—church record, Byfield Church.
  • C.R.6.—church record, Amesbury Monthly Meeting of Friends.
  • C.R.7.—church record, Queen Anne's Chapel (Episcopal).
  • C.R.8.—church record, St. Paul's Church (Episcopal), of Newbaryport.
  • C.R.9.—church record, First Presbyterian Church, Old South of Newburyport.
  • C.R.10.—chinch record, Belleville Congregational Church, Newburyport.
  • C.R.11.—church record, Purchase Street Methodist Church, Newburyport.
  • ch.---child.
  • ch.—children.
  • Co.—county.
  • d.--danghter; day; died.
  • Dea.—deacon.
  • dup.—duplicate entry.
  • G.R.1.—gravestone record, private burial ground on Joseph Ilsley's farm, Oldtown.
  • G.R.2.--gravestone record, Oldtown Cemetery.
  • G.R.3.—gravestone record, Newbury Neck Cemetery.
  • G.R.4.—gravestone record, Queen Anne's Churchyard, Belleville, Newburyport.
  • G.R.5.—gravestone record, St. Paul's Churchyard, Newburyport.
  • G.R.6.—gravestone record, Walnut Hill Cemetery, West Newbury.
  • G.R.7.—gravestone record, Bridge Street Cemetery, West Newbury.
  • G.R.8.—gravestone record, Merrimac Cemetery, West Newbury.
  • G.R.9.—gravestone record, Crane Neck Hill Cemetery, West Newbury.
  • G.R.10.—gravestone record, Friend's Burying Ground, Turkey Hill road, West Newbury.
  • G.R.11.—gravestone record, private burial ground, C. W. Ordway farm, West Newbury.
  • G.R.12.--gravestone record, Lower Green Cemetery, Oldtown.
  • G.R.13.—gravestone record, Highland Cemetery, Newburyport.
  • G.R.14.—gravestone record, Byfield Cemetery.
  • G.R.15.—gravestone record, Sawyer's Hill Cemetery, Newburyport.
  • G.R.16.—gravestone record, Old Burying Hill, Newburyport.
  • h.—husband; hour.
  • inf.—infant.
  • int.-intention of marriage.
  • jr.-Junior.
  • m.-male;married; month.
  • P.R.1.—Short's sexton's book now in possession of Miss Ruth Short.
  • P.R.2.—Record of deaths from Selectmen's books.
  • P.R.3.—Interleaved almanacs of Capt. Joseph O'Brien now in possession of the Essex Institute.
  • P.R.4.—Bible record now in possession of James L. Odiorne of West Newbury.
  • P.R.5.—Bible record now in possession of Alonzo Jaques of West Newbury.
  • P.R.6.—Bible record now in possession of the heirs of John Greenleaf Plummer of Newburyport.
  • P.R.7.—Bible record now in possession of Mrs. Catherine Pearson of Newburyport.
  • P.R.8. Manuscript of Rev. Moses Parsons now in possession of the heirs of Mrs. Susan E. Parsons Forbes of Byfield.
  • P.R.9.—Bible record now in possession of Edward A. Hale of Newburyport.
  • P.R.10.—Bible record now in possession of the heirs of Maj. E. F. Bartlett.
  • P.R.11.—Bible record now in possession of Charles F. Smith of Newburyport.
  • P.R.12.—Diary of Samuel Tappan in possession of the heirs of Mrs. Abbie Smith Nickerson.
  • P.R.13.—Family record now in possession of Frank Thurlo.
  • P.R.14.—Bible record now in possession of Miss Ruth Short
  • P.R.15.-Bible record now in possession of Mrs. Phebe Plumer Todd of Newburyport.
  • P.R.16.—Sampler now in possession of Miss Eleanor Jones of Newburyport.
  • P.R.17.—Bible record now in possession of Miss Lizzie Jaques. P.R.18.—Ancient book of accounts and records kept by Stephen Emery now in possession of Rev. Rufus Emery, D.D., of West Newbury.
  • P.R.19.—Bible record now in possession of Miss Emily A. Bailey of West Newbury.
  • P.R.20.—Copy book now in possession of Mrs. J. Appleton Brown of West Newbury.
  • P.R.21.—Family record now in possession of Miss Harriet N. Hills of Newburyport.
  • P.R.22.—Bible record now in possession of Miss Mary Russell Curzon of Newburyport.
  • P.R.23.—Bible record now in possession of Daniel M. Davis.
  • P.R.24.—Bible record now in possession of Stephen P Hale.
  • P.R.25.—Family register now in possession of Leonard Smith of Haverhill.
  • P.R.26.—Family register now in possession of Leonard Smith of Haverhill.
  • P.R.27.—Family register now in possession of Leonard Smith of Haverhill.
  • rec. --recorded.
  • s.-son.
  • S.dup.—Copy of vital records made by Henry Short about 1690.
  • sr.—senior.
  • unm.—unmarried. w.—wife;week. wid.—widow.
  • widr.—widower.
  • y. --Year.
  • 7 br.—September.
  • 8 br.—Oct.ober.
  • 9 br.—November.
  • 10 br.—December.

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