Vital Records Of Sandisfield, Massachusetts
To The Year 1850
Compiled And Edited By
Capt. Elizur Yale Smith, Kinderhook, N.Y.
Member New York Genealogical And Biographical Society
Connecticut Historical Society
Published By The Tuttle Publishing Co., Inc. Rutland, Vermont, 1936

[Transcribed by Dave Swerdfeger]

THE Town OF SANDISFIELD, Berkshire County, Massachusetts, was established March 6, 1762, and was originally known as Township Number Three, having been granted to a company who petitioned for the same in 1735, but no family moved into the town until 1750. On Feb. 10, 1819 the District of Southfield and the Town of Sandisfield united as the Township of Sandisfield. On April 9, 1838 part of the common lands called the East Eleven Thousand Acres was annexed.

On May 4, 1853 bounds between Sandisfield and Tolland were established. On April 24, 1875 part of the town was annexed to Monterey. On May 19, 1875, Act of April 24, 1875, this was accepted by Monterey. On June 1, 1875 the Act of April 24, 1875 took effect.

The Town contains 52.5 square miles or 33,600 acres.

The population by census has been:
  • 1776 Provincial 1044
  • 1790 First United States 1581
  • 1800 United States 1637
  • 1810 United States 1648
  • 1820 United States 1646
  • 1830 United States 1655
  • 1840 United States 1464
  • 1850 United States 1649
  • 1855 Massachusetts 1615
  • 1860 United States 1585
  • 1865 Massachusetts 1411
  • 1870 United States 1482
  • 1875 Massachusetts 1172
  • 1880 United States 1107
  • 1885 Massachusetts 1019
  • 1890 United States 807
  • 1895 Massachusetts 802
  • 1900 United States 661
  • 1905 Massachusetts 657
  • 1910 United States 566
  • 1915 Massachusetts 564
  • 1920 United States 460
  • 1925 Massachusetts 480
  • 1930 United States 412
  • 1935 Massachusetts 471

The records in this book are transferred from the original town records, and include the District of Southfield, now part of Sandisfield. These records were copied from the Town Books and verified by the Reverend Elisha L. Sawyer, former town clerk of Sandisfield, and again verified with the originals by the present compiler, Captain Elizur Yale Smith.

Several years ago it was the intention of Dwight Smith, D.D.S., of Portchester, N.Y., and a loyal native son of Sandisfield, to publish these records, but, before the work could be completed Dr. Smith died. The present compiler knew of the existence of them and after a long search located them in the possession of James Uriel Smith, Esq., of Berkeley, California. It is due to the kindness of Mr. Smith, his brother, Dwight Timothy Smith, Esq., and his sister, Miss Margie Sophronia Smith, that it is possible to here publish them.

The same orthography is followed as on the original books, but in some few cases, the present compiler has added, under births, in parentheses, the maiden name of the wife, as for instance: "SMITH, Stephen and Polly (Mary Canfield)." This was done in cases where it was positively known to the compiler, from existing records.

It is the intention of the compiler to follow this volume with another: "Gravestone Inscriptions of Sandisfield," and then: "Church Records of Sandisfield."

As an addenda, at the end of this volume, is a key to the Sandisfield men who served in the Revolution. This key refers to the 17 volumes of Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors in the Revolution. For instance see Vol. II, page 298 and on this page in the aforementioned books are listed: "Frederick Bosworth, Jabez Bosworth, John Bosworth et al.

This book is dedicated to Dwight Smith, D.D.S., born in Sandisfield, 1838; died in Portchester, N.Y., 1926.

ELIZUR YALE SMITH, Editor and Compiler.
Kinderhook, N.Y. May 7, 1935.

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