Vital Records Of Oakham, Worchester Co., Ma
To The End Of The Year 1849

Published By Franklin P. Rice, Trustee Of The Fund. 1905.

[Transcribed by Dave Swerdfeger]

Publisher's Note.

The list of , Marriages and Deaths comprised in this volume includes all that were found in the Town Books covering the period from the earliest date there recorded to the end of the year 1849. Marriages and Deaths from the records of the Fist Church, and Deaths from the gravestone inscriptions in the Burial Grounds have been added to make the record as complete as possible, and these sources are indicated in each instance by proper reference.

All of the records are condensed in print as much as is consistent with intelligibility, accuracy, and completeness of information. Differences in duplicates, and explanatory or other matter which seemed necessary or desirable, appear in brackets.

Marriages and intentions of marriage are printed under the names of both parties, but the full information concerning each person is given only under his or her name.

The double date is used in the months of January, February and March prior to 1752 only when it so appears in the original, and instances of the modern form after 1725 are not uncommon.

When places other than Oakham and Massachusetts are named in the original records, they are given in the printed copy.

  • a.----age
  • b.----born
  • ch.----child
  • chn.---- children
  • C.R.---- Church Record
  • d.---- daughter; died; day
  • D.R.----death record
  • Dea.---- deacon
  • dup.---- duplicate entry
  • G.S.1.---- gravestone record from Old Cemetery by the Church.
  • G.S.2.---- gravestone record from Southwest Cemetery.
  • G.S.3.---- gravestone record from West Cemetery
  • G.S.4.---- gravestone record from South Cemetery
  • G.S.5.---- gravestone record from Boyd Cemetery
  • G.S.6.---- gravestone record from Green Hollow Cemetery
  • h.---- husband
  • inf.---- infant
  • int.---- publishment of of marriage
  • Jr.---- junior
  • m.---- male; married; month
  • O.S----Old Style
  • P.R.----Private record
  • rec.---- recorded
  • s.---- son
  • Sr.---- senior
  • w.---- wife
  • wid.---- widow
  • widr.---- widower
  • 2d---- second

The Age give on the Deaths in years unless othrwise indcated.


as a District, June 7, 1762, from part of Rutland, having formerly been known as Rutland West Wing. It was incorporated as a town, Aug. 23, 1775.

Population at different periods: 1765, 270; 1776, 598; 1790, 772; 1800, 801; 1810, 848; 1820, 986; 1830, 1010; 1840, 1038; 1850, 1137.

Population in 1900, 588.

Number of Births printed---- 1667

Marriages----730= 1,460 Names

Deaths---- 711

3,838 total

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