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Milton Records Births, Marriages And Deaths 1662 1843.
Alphabetically And Chronologically Arranged.

[Transcribed by Dave Swerdfeger]

AT a meeting of the inhabitants of the Town of Milton, held upon March 6, 1899, it was voted, "That the town have printed the list of the Births, Marriages, and Deaths in the town from its incorporation to the year 1843; and that the sum of five hundred dollars be appropriated for the purpose, the matter to be in charge of a committee of three, to be appointed by the Moderator." Pursuant to the foregoing vote, the following committee was appointed: Horace E. Ware, Edmund J. Carpenter, Henry B. Martin.


The Committee appointed by the Moderator to have charge of printing the lists of the births, marriages, and deaths in the Town from its incorporation to the year 1843, as voted by the Town at the annual meeting, held March 6, 1899, report as follows:

A copy of the original entries of births, marriages, and deaths in the Town to May 1, 1843, was made in, or shortly subsequent to, that year. That copy was not printed, and has remained among the Town Records. In that copy entries of surnames were arranged in alphabetical order, persons of the same surname being placed together in chronological order. This form of entry has not been improved upon up to the present time, and the credit of it was probably due to the then town clerk, Jason Reed, Esq., the entire list appearing to be in his handwriting. We have followed this arrangement in the compilation submitted. In addition to the Town Records, entries have been taken from the following sources, viz.: Births, marriages, and deaths from the records of the (First) Church in Milton. Marriages from the diary of the Rev. Peter Thacher, minister of the (First) Church in Milton from June 1, 1681, to Dec. 27, 1727. Deaths from the diary of Miss Hannah Vose. The list of marriages taken from Mr. Thacher's diary has been printed in the New England Historical Genealogical Register, and it is from a reprint of that publication that the extracts purporting to be from Mr. Thacher's diary, in the list of marriages herewith, are taken. Miss Hannah Vose was the daughter of Thomas Vose; was born in Milton, July 13, 1756, and died in Milton, May 25, 1818. The entries in the list of deaths herewith, indicated as from Miss Vose's diary, have been taken from the list of deaths subjoined to said copy made by Jason Reed and therein stated to have been taken from Miss Vose's diary

. No births, marriages, or deaths, however, have been taken from said Church Records or diaries except where there was no entry thereof in the Town Records, or where there was a discrepancy between the entry in the Town Records and that in said Church Records or diaries. Where the entire item is from said Church Records or diaries, it is indicated as follows: Marriage entries from Peter Thacher's diary, and entries of deaths from Hannah Vose's diary, by a (*). All entries from said Church Records by a (+). Where there is a discrepancy between the entries, the date or other feature differing from that in the Town Records is printed in addition, and has against it a (*) if from either of said diaries, and a (+) if from the Church Records. When any feature of any entry (either wanting or illegible in the original) is supplied from said copy made by Jason Reed, that feature is enclosed in brackets.

The period included in the lists submitted is from the incorporation of the Town in 1662 to May 1, 1843, since which latter date a copy of the records is filed in the office of the Secretary of the Commonwealth. After copying from the original, each item has first been verified from the same, then compared with said copy made by Mr. Reed, and any discrepancies settled by reference again to the original.


[Note: Milton was part of Suffolk County until 1793, when Norfolk County split off, leaving only Boston and Chelsea in Suffolk County.]

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