A Deed Between The Proprietors, Saybrook, New London Co., CT.,
& William PARKER, Saybrook, New London Co., CT

[Transcribed by Janece Streig]

Saybrook Land Records
Book 4 Page 274

Land Measured by Desire of Mr. Benjamin WRIGHT
Say Brook March 5th 1730

The we ye subscribers by ye Desire of Mr. Benjamin WRIGHT of Killingworth have layed out these several pieces or parcells of land hereafter mentioned, the first of which bounded beginning at a Rock lying neer or in ye line of piece of land laid out to William BARBER upon ye hill well known & Called by ye name Rase hill & from East Corner which is Chestnut tree so from that tree we measured 32 Rod South to another Chestnut tree which is the South west Corner of ye land now layed then, East to a birch tree fourty Rod which stands upon a Rock which is ye South East Corner then west to ye Rock 32 Rod to Chestnut tree which is ye N. East Corner then west to ye Rock 32 Rod which Rock is ye N. West Corner ye land is bounded South & East on Common Land, North its Bounded on land formerly laid out to Mr. James WRIGHT Sen'r Deceased West bounded partly on BARBER's land & partly on Common Land all the Trees are marked & stones layed at Root of them, in these bounds there is sixteen acres & 104 rods

2d'ly ye next piece of land layed out Lyes on ye East side of piece of land layed out to s'd James WRIGHT we began at a white oake Tree standing on ye side of small run of Water which tree is Southwest Corner so marked East thirty two Rod to s'd Chestnut tree,then North one hundred & 32 Rod to Wallnut tree which is ye N. East Corner, then West to a great White Oake Tree marked JW which was ye N East Corner of ye s'd WRIGHT's land afores'd so ye land is bounded South East & north on Common land & West upon the s'd WRIGHT's Land 132 Rod N & South twenty six acres & Sixty four Rod ye land is 132 Rod N & South

3- another piece of land we layed out on ye South East end of piece of land formerly layed out for ye aforenamed Mr. James WRIGHT at a place Called high hill we began at a Wallnut Tree standing about three rods East of Great White wood so measured East fourty six rod to two Birch Trees, standing on ye E. side of a Brook, then north twenty two rods to a White wood Tree then thirty four Rod to ye Wallnut tree so that this piece of land hath but 3 corners

4- another piece of land we laid out lye on ye East side & is bounded West upon ye twenty two rod aforesaid, We bagan at a White Wood tree last mentioned so running East to ye South East Corner of ye aforesaid Mr. James WRIGHT's land then South westerly to ye two Birch Trees twenty Eight Rod aforementioned all ye trees are marked with B & stones layed at ye Root of them & ye land is bounded South & East on Common land North on land before layed out to s'd WRIGHT Dec'd in ye two last pieces of land is five acres & 146 rods in all ye four pieces of land there is fourty eight acres & 100 Rods & is laid out as part of two hundred pound Right that was James WRIGHT's Dec'd & is part of ye last Division agreed on by ye proprietors of Oyster River Quarter which Description was thirty acres to ye hundred pound Right ye land afores'd is laid out in ye Quarter afores'd layed out by us

Sam'el JONES

Measurers of land for s'd Quarter of Oyster River

Received for Record ye 8th of December 1730
& Entered from ye original per Sam'll WILLARD Register

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