A Deed Between Abell STEEVENS, Killingworth, Middlesex Co., CT.,
& Samuel CARTER, Killingworth, Middlesex Co., CT

[Transcribed by Janece Streig]

Land Records Volume 4 Page 8
Killingworth, Middlesex, Connecticut
FHL Film #4622

Entered Decem'r ye 30th 1724

Know all men by these presents that I Abell STEEVENS of Killingworth in the County London and Coloney of Conecticut in New England Tayllor for and in Consideration of the sum of seven pounds ten shillings Currant money of the Coloney afore s'd to me in hand before the ensealing here of well and Truly paid by Samuel CARTER of the Town County and Coloney afores'd the Receipt whereof I Do here by acknowledge have Given, Granted Remised Released quitclaimed and Confired and by these Do freely fully and absolutely Give, Grant Remise Release quit claime and Confirm unto him the s'd Samuel CARTER his heirs and assigns forever all my Right title Interest Claim and demand of In and to a Certain Tract or parcell of Land situate in the township of Killingworth afore s'd lying on Black oak hill below Crambury meadow begining at a Red oak tree marked stoens Cast about it thence northerly forty six Rods and an half to a walnut tree marked stoans Cast about it thence Eastwardly thirty eight Rods to a white oak tree marked stoans Cast about it thence southerly forty six Rods & an half to a whitewood tree marked stoans Cast about it, thence westwardly thirty Eight Rods to a Chestnut tree marked the norwest Corner of s'd CARTER's own Land still westerly five Rods to the first mentioned Corner my Right in s'd Land being Ten acres To Have And To Hold the s'd demised premises with all the appurtenances privilidges and Comodities to the same belonging or in any wise appertaining to him the s'd Samuell CARTER his heirs & assigns forever to his and their own propper use benefit and behoof forever freely and clearly without any manner of Reclaim Challeng or contradiction of me the s'd Abell STEEVENS my heirs or assigns and without any accompt Reckning or anywhere there for to be given Rendered or done in time to Come to me or to them so that neither I the s'd Abell STEEVENS my heirs or assigns nor any other person or persons for me or them shall or will at any time hereafter have Claime or Demand the s'd Released premises or any part there of by my self and Every of them shall be utterly Excluded and forever Debared by these presents In witness whereof I the s'd Abell STEEVENS have here unto set my hand and seale this second day of November Anno=Dom: one thousand seven hundred and twenty four and in the Eleventh year of his majesties Reign George King of Great Brittain &c

Signed Sealed and delivered
in presence of
Sam;ll WILLCOCKS Jun'r

Abell STEEVENS (Seal)

Killingworth December ye 22th: 1724
then personally appeared before me Abell STEEVENS and acknowledged the signing and sealeing of the above written Instrument to be his free act and deed before me
Abrah: PIERSON Justice of Peace

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