A Deed Between Thomas SPENCER, Sen., Saybrook, New London Co., CT.,
& Thomas SPENCER, Jr., Saybrook, New London Co., CT

[Transcribed by Janece Streig]

Saybrook Land Records
Book 6 Page 91

Deed from Thomas SPENCER, Sr. to Thomas SPENCER, Jr.

Know all Men by these presents that I Thomas SPENCER of Say-Brook in the County of New London and Colony of Connecticut in New England for and in the sum of Fifteen Hundred Pounds in valuable considerations to me in hand before the insealing hereof well and truly paid by my son Thomas SPENCER, Jun'r the riceipt of whic I acknowledge myself fully satisfied contented and paid have given granted sold aliened conveyed and confirmed and by these presents freely absolutely give grant bargan sell alienate convey and confirm unto him the said Thomas SPENCER Jr. his heirs and assigns all my homestead namely my house & barn and all my land adjoining to them the bounds was as follows namely Easterly upon the highway, that leads to Potopague, Southerly upon Caleb SPENCER's Land and Westerly upon Five mil river including all the Meadow that lyes there by said river and Northerly upon William BUSHNELL's land, James JORDAN, and Benjamin JONES's land, running Northerly by JONESES to highway that leads BUSHNELL Gristmill as also two pastures that lyes Eastward of the said homestead and Potopague highway lying upon each side of the highway that leads to Oyster River and also my salt meadow that lyes against Mr. John MURDOCK's at ye West end of George GRINNELL's land running Westerly by Robert LAY's meadow to a meer stone by five mil river, then running round by the river including all the meadow that lyes northward in the bend of said river and also one half of my lot commonly called and known by the name of ye BOGGIE lot both upland and swamp bounded Southerly & westerly upon the highway, Easterly and Northerly upon Nehemiah BUSHNELL's land and Westerly to a ditch that is the bound between Jonathan SPENCER and myself.

To have and to hold the above granted and bargained premises with all the appurtenances privileges and commodities to the same belonging or in any way appertaining to him the said Thos. SPENCER his heirs and assigns forever to him and their own proper use and behoof forever to his heirs and assigns executors and administrators do covenant and grant to and with the said Thos. SPENCER Jun'r that before ye ensealing hereof I am the true sole and lawfull owner of the above bargained premises and am lawfully seized and possessed of the same as a good estate of inheritance in fee simple; furthermore I the said Thomas SPENCER for myself my heirs &c., Do covenant and ingage the above bargained premises to him the said Thomas SPENCER Jun'r his heirs and assigns against the lawful claims and demands of any person or persons whatsoever forever, hereafter to Warrant Secure and Defend.

In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 18th day of April in the year of our Lord anoQue domini 1741.

Signed Sealed and delivered
In presence of

Thomas SPENCER (Seal)

Say-Brook October 30th, 1741.
Mr. Thomas SPENCER the subscriber of this instrument personally Appeared and acknowledged it to be his act and deed.
Coram Jos. BLAGUE Just Peace.

Rec'd Jan'y 9th 1741/2 and entered from ye original per Sam'll WILLARD Register.

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