A Deed Between Joseph & Hannah SEAWARD, Durham, New Haven Co., CT.,
& Martha HORTON, Southhold, Long Island, NY

[Transcribed by Janece Streig]

Land Records, Volume 3 Page 164
Killingworth, Middlesex, Connecticut
Family History Library Film #4621

Entered December ye 7th 1724

To all People Greeting Know ye that I Joseph SEAWARD and Hannah my wife of Durham in the County of Newhaven in the Coloney of Conecticut in New England for Divers weighty and Good Considerations us thereunto moveing Have Remised Released and forever quit Claymed and we the s'd Joseph & Hannah Do hereby Remise Release & forever quit Claime unto our Honoured mother Martha HORTON Late of Killingworth in the County of Newlondon in s'd Coloney now of the town of Southhold on Long Island in the province of New York we say to our s'd mother Martha HORTON & to her heirs & assigns for ever one Certain tract or parcell of Land Lying in s'd Killingworth (being now in the actual possession & seizen of ? s'd Martha HORTON) and Containeth six acres & twenty Rods be the same more or Less being a part of the Land commonly Called the Great pasture, and is a part of the Land bought by John MEIGS of the s'd Town of Killingworth and is the same six acres & seventy Rods of Land that Cap't Henry CRANE late of s'd Killingworth Deseas'd Granted to his sone John CARNE as appeareth by an instrument under the hand and seale of the s'd Henry CRANE bareing Date the Eleventh Day of March A:D: 1699 and recorded in the second Book of Records in s'd Killingworth sol: 34: in which instrument the Bounds of s'd tract of Land are peticulerly Inserted, Relation thereunto being had: To Have and To Hold The s'd Tract or parcell of unto her the s'd Marth HORTON her heirs and assigns forever as her and their own proper & absolute Estate of Inheritance in fee simple so that from the Day of the Date hereof all the Estate, Right, title, property Clayme Challeng and Demand whatsoever belonging to us the s'd Joseph and Hannah, in, of, or unto the s'd tract or parcell of Land Shall Forever Cease Determin & Conclude and be to the only use benifit & behoof of the s'd Martha HORTON her heirs & assigns forever; and hereby utterly baring and forever Excluding ourselves our heirs Executors & Administrators from all and Every action, suit, trial & Demand, for the Recovery of the s'd Tract of Land or any part there of from the s'd Martha her heirs or assigns In witness whereof we the s'd Joseph & Hannah have signed sealed and delivered this instrument this twenty seventh day of August in the Eleventh year of the Reign of our Sovereign Lord George of Great Britain King & Ac Anno=Dominie 1724

Signed Sealed and delivered in the presence of

Joseph SEAWARD (Seale)
Hannah SEAWARD (Seale)

Durham august 27th 1724 then personally appeared the above named Joseph SEAWARD and Hannah his wife and acknowledged the above written Instrument to be their volentary act and deed Before me James WADSWORTH A??

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