A Deed Between The Proprietors, Saybrook, New London Co., CT.,
& Heirs of Sergt. James POST, Saybrook, New London Co., CT

[Transcribed by Janece Streig]

Saybrook Land Records
Book 4 Page 103

Deed from Oyster River Proprietors to Sergt. James POST

Say-Brook March ye 5th 1728/9

Then laid out to the heirs of Sergt. James POST fifteen acres of land in Oyster River Quarter in Say-Brook aforesaid not far distant from Lt. CHALKER's land neer horse hill we began at a Red Oake Tree neer ye North East Corner of land formerly laid out to s'd Lt. CHALKER thence we ran Westerly fourty seven Rod to a White Oak Tree thence Northerly Seventy five Rods to a Rock with stones upon it being the North east Corner of some Land formerly laid out to Sergt. POST thence we ran Easterly fourty Eight Rod to White Oake Tree thence thirty four Rod Southerly to the first mentioned monument this is laid out on a fifty pound Right belonging to s'd Serg. POST being the Division last agreed on by the proprietors of said Quarter of thirty acres to the hundred pound Right laid out the day aboves'd this land is bounded Easterly & Southerly on highways.

By us
Sam'el JONES

Measurers of land for the proprietors of s'd Quarter

Rec'd for Record ye 5th of March 172/8/9
Entered exactly from ye Original

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