A Deed for Distribution of Estate of
Ezekiel SANFORD, Saybrook, New London Co., CT.,
& Heirs: Zacariah, Rebekah, & Sarah SANFORD, Saybrook, New London Co., CT

[Transcribed by Janece Streig]

Saybrook Land Records
Book 3 Page 160

Deed for Distribution of ye Estate of Ezekiel SANFORD

SayBrook Aprill ye 9th 1714

We whose names are written being a Court of Probate held in New London ye 21st of Nov'r 1712 appointed to make a Distribution of ye Estate of Ezekiel SANFORD late of SayBrook Dec'd according to ye Distribution of s'd Court have done as followeth,

Imprimis, To ye heirs of Zacariah SANFORD Jun'r the further behind ye Barn 2 acres & a quarter & Seven Rods & 2/3 of an Rod being ye Northward part & is bounded East by ye Orchard Allso one third part of ye Orchard butting west on said Land as now staked out also the little piece of meadow & fifty three Rods & 1/3 at ye South side of ye upper piece bounded South by their own meadow,

To Rebekah 2 acres & 7 Rods & 2/3 lying South of ye land above mentioned & Butts North partly on said land & partly on ye highway allowed to ye barn also one acre & & 13 rods 1/3 of ye meadow in ye upper piece butting South on ye meadow above mentioned also ye middle part of ye Orchard as staked out,

To Sarah 2 acres & 7 Rod & 2/3 of land Butting North to land laid out for Rebeckah part & South to ye land of Ens'n Sam'll JONES and one acre & & 13 rod & 1/3 of meadow being ye North part of ye upper piece & butts South on Rebeckahs & ye Eastermost part of ye Orchard butting west on Rebeckahs there being three Rows of trees runnig North & South to each share.


Rec'd ye 9th of August 1721

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