A Deed Between The Proprietors, Saybrook, New London Co, CT.,
& Deacon Abraham POST

[Transcribed by Janece Streig]

Saybrook Land Records
Book 5 Page 60

Deed from Proprietors to Deacon Abraham POST

May 4th 1736

Then we the subscribers measurers of land for the Proprietors of Oyster River Quarter laid out to Deacon Abraham POST ten acres of land in said Quarter in the Township of SayBrook on the east of some land belonging to his son Abraham on Black Oak Hill and it bounds westerly 48 rods on said land and north 32 rods On Will HOPKINs land and east 46 rods upon land of Nath'll POST & south 38 rod's upon Common land the north westcorner is a Chestnut tree which is the northeast corner Abraham POSTs Junr land. The north east corner is a heap of stones which is the northwest corner of the said Nath'll land, the south west corner and south east corners are heaps of stones this was laid out to him the said Deacon POST as part of his last division of thirty acres to the hundred pounds right agreed upon be the Proprietors of said Quarter

Laid out by us

Sam'll JONES

Received June 20th 1736 and entered from the orginall
Per. Sam'll WILLARD Register.

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