A Deed Between The Proprietors, Saybrook, New London Co., CT

[Transcribed by Janece Streig]

Saybrook Land Records
Book 5 Page 681

Deed Arising from Proprietors' Division of the Western Lot

Whereas it was voted and unanimously agreed by the proprietors of the Common and undivided lands at Pataconk in Saybrook at their Meeting Holden by adjournment att the house of Mr. Abram WATERHOUSE in Saybrook first parish on the last Tuesday in Aprill A.d 1740, that ye proprietors hereafter named should have and hold the Western Lott laid out in the last Division of said land according to their several rights and proportions in said Common land viz: Mr. Abrm WATERHOUSE Jun'r Lt. KIRTLAND's heirs Mr. John KIRTLAND, Ensign John PRATT'S heirs, John PRATT, Isaac PRATT's heirs Lt. DUDLEY, Mr. William TULLY, ye heirs of John and Samuel SHIPMAN ye heirs of Mr. TAYLOR, ye heirs of George and Joseph LEES, Ged. WEBB, the heirs of Thos. DUNK, Thos. SPENCER, Thos. MERRELLS, Eben'r INGHAM, Capt. John CHAPMAN, heirs of Hath'll HILL, Ensign James LORD the heirs of Thomas NORTON sen'r and Thomas NORTON Jun'r, the heirs of Jno. FENNER, ye heirs of John BUSHNELL, Jos. BUCKINGHAM, Sergt. Jno. GRAVES, The heirs of Phillip SHATTUCK Dec'd. David PRATT and John CONNER, and whereas it was then voted and agreed by the proprietors aforesaid that We ye subscribers should be a Committee to ascertain the bounds of the lott laid out in the last Division and to give surveigh Bills of the same to the Proprietors of Each of the lotts in the last division.

Be it therefore Known to all men by these presents that we the subscribers pursuant to the trust reposed in us have Measured 27 rods West from a white oak tree marked and Stones about it being the norwest corner of the lot No. three on the West side of Cedar Swamp Pond and at the end of the twenty seven rods we erected a heap of Stones a little to the east of some Swampie ground and a little Westward of two cooked white oak trees that bend to the Southeastward, from which heap of Stones they East line or extension of said lott runs North until it comes Twelve rods West of the Southwest Corner of the Lott No. 6. now belonging to Zeb. LEWIS and so continuing North ward 12 rods distant from the West Side of said Lott to Haddam line, and then the said West Lott Bounds North on Haddam Township and west on Killingworth Township, South partly on a piece of land thirty six acres laid out in an Addition to the lott No 5 and partly on a piece of land of 26 acres to be laid out to John CHAPMAN or his Assigns and Partly on a Highway of about four rods wide Between this lott and the Lott No. 4 heretofore laid out, all which lands contained within said Bounds belongs to the proprietors above named or their assigns in proportion to their several rights and in full of their parts in the last division and said lot as meted and bounded as aforesaid contains about two Hundred and Twenty six acres as Witness our hands this 30th day of July 1740.

Sam'll LORD

Rec'd July 30 1740 and entered from ye original
Per Sam'll WILLARD Register,

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