A Deed Between Benjamin PRATT, Saybrook, Middlesex Co., CT.,
& Jesse PRATT, Saybrook, Middlesex Co., CT

[Transcribed by Janece Streig]

Land Records, Volume 13, Page 122
Saybrook, Middlesex, Connecticut
Family History Library Film #5541

Entered March 6, 1802

To all People to whom these Presents shall come Greeting Know ye That I Benjamin PRATT of Saybrook in the County of Middlesex and State of Connecticut for a valuable consideration received to my full satisfaction of Jesse PRATT of s'd Saybrook in the County & State aforesaid Do ? and forever quit claim to him the s'd Jesse PRATT his Heirs and Assigns forever all right Title and Interest that I have in two pieces of Lying in s'd Saybrook in P? quarter on the North side of the Highway near my Dwelling House one of them is bounded as follows viz - beginning at a stake and Stones at the Southeast corner of s'd piece Thence running Westerly by my own Land 56 Rods to a Stake & Stones Thence Northerly by Kelsey Hill Farm as called 28 Rods to a stake and stones Thence Easterly by Elijah LORD's Land to 54 Rods to a stake & stones Thence Southerly Widow STILMAN's Land 25 Rods to the first mentioned bound - and contains ?? The other piece Contains 26 Acres and is bounded as follows viz - Beginning at a chestnut Stump at the Southeast corner by Highway - Thence running Westerly by Highway 38 Rods to a stake and stones - Thence Northwesterly by Land ? to the Heirs of Peter PRATT Dec;d 30 rods to an Oak Staddle marked and stones ? Thence Westerly 19 rods by s'd Peter PRATT;s Land to a stake and stones & Westerly 15 Rods to a stake and stones the North side of an orchard - Thence Northwesterly 44 Rods by my own Land to a stake and stones Thence Northerly my own Land 14 Rods to a stake and Stones Thence Southeasterly 18 Rods to a Maple Tree marked and stones at it - Thence Northeasterly 21 Rods to a Walnut Staddle and stones at it - Thence Southerly 21 Rods to a stake and stones Thence Southeasterly 17 Rods to the end of a stone wall - Thence Southerly 29 rods to the first mentioned Bound - s'd piece of Land adjoining Northerly and Easterly on Abner KIRTLAND To Have and to Hold the above remised and released premises with all the privileges and appurtenances th? To him the said Jesse PRATT his heirs and assigns forever that neither I the said Benajah PRATT nor my heirs or Assigns shall have any right title or Interest therein forever but therein and there? Shall be utterly ? effectually and forever debarred by these presents - In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my Hand and Seal the first Day of June AD 1792

Signed Sealed and delivered In presence of

Benajiah PRATT (Seal)

Middlesex county ss Saybrook June 11th 1792 Personally Benajah PRATT Signer & Sealer to the within written Instrument and acknowledged the same to be his free act and Deed before me Thomas SILLIMAN Justice of Peace

Rec'd March 6th 1802 Entered by C. NOTT C'k

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