A Deed Between The Town of Killingworth, New London Co., CT.,
& James WRIGHT, Killingworth, New London Co., CT

[Transcribed by Janece Streig]

Land Records, Volume 2, Page 144
Killingworth, Middlesex, Connecticut
Family History Library Film #4621

Entered January 15th 1713/14

Wee whos Names are under written being thereunto appointed here this 12th of March: 1707-8 Laied out the Land here after mentioned to James WRIGHT: being the 57 Lott Lying on Ye Chestnut hill against the Stone house or falls, beginning at ye Northwesterly corner being a Eline tree marked with J:W. and J:W: tree marked near it Measuring thence Southerly 67 Rods and half at Chestnut tree standing on the bank near the too Land Marked, thence Easterly 49 rods at a Beach tree marked Standing in Peter FARNAM's Line marked: trees marked about it thence Northerly 67 Rods and half at a Chestnut tree Marker tree marker about it; thence Westerly 49 rods at the first mentioned Corner, containing 20 acres more or less; as it is bounded Westerly by the Common Northerly by the Land of Thomas V. WILLIAMS Easterly by the Land Laid out to Peter FARNAM, Southerly by s'd Land of Peter FARNAM

Samuel BUELL

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