A Deed Between Ebenezer HURD, Killingworth, New London Co., CT.,
& Daniel HURD, Killingworth, New London Co., CT

[Transcribed by Janece Streig]

Land Records, Volume 2, Page 73
Killingworth, Middlesex, Connecticut
Family History Library Film #4621

Entered March ye 2d 1720

To all Christian People to whome these presents Shall Come I Ebenezar HURD of Killingworth in the County of Newlondon and Coloney of Conecticut in New England Husbandman sendeth Greeting Know ye that I the s'd Ebenezar HURD for a valuable Consideration in hand Received of my son Daniel HURD of y'e town County and Colony afore s'd have Given, Granted, Bargaines, sold, Allienated, Conveyed and Confirmed, and byt ehse presents Do fully, freely, Clearly and absolutely, Give, Grant, Bargain, sell Allien, Convey and Confirm unto the said Daniel HURD his heirs and assigns forever, the Lands and meadow here after mentioned scituate in Killingworth afore s'd (viz) one parcell or tract of upland Lying on the west side of Cow hill it being a part of y'e northwardly End of Robart LANE's fifth Divition in Length fourty five Rods in breadth fourty two rods and twelve foot Contianing twelve acres more or less as it is Bounded Eastwardly and Northwardly by the Common & westwardly by y'e Land of Thomas HULL, also another tract or parcell of upland Lying westwardly from y'e above described peice of Land, begining at the Nortwest Corner of a white oak tree marked, measureing thence Eastwardly Eighty three rods to a maple tree marked, measureing thence southwardly fourty two rods, then running west then rods, then measureing southwardly twenty five Rods toa Chestnut stadle marked, measureing thence westwardly seventy Rods to a black oak stadle marked measureing thence Northerly Eighty two Rods to the first mentioned Corner Containing thirty six acres Bounded partly by y'e Common Land and partly by a highway westwardly and northward by and Eastwardly by highways south by the Land of James PIERSON, it being y'e thirty second Lott in the Seventh divition, also two acres of a peice of meadow y't I purchaset of William BARBUR Lying in the Cove on y'e East side of the town in Breadth next to the point ten Rods, about the middle seventeen Rods in length fourty four Rods Contianing three acres and a half To Have and To Hold all y'e s'd Granted and Bargained premises with all ye appurtenances privilidges and Comodities to y'e same belonging or in any appertaining to him the s'd Daniel HURD his heirs and assigns for to his and their only proper use benifit and for Ever and I the s'd Ebenezar HURD for me my Heirs Exeuctors & Administrators Do Covenant promise & Grant to and with y'e s'd Daniel HURD his heirs and assigns y't before y'e Ensealeing here of I am y'e true sole and Lawfull owner of the above bargained premises and am Lawfully seized and possessed of the same in mine own proper Right as a good perfect and absolute Estate of inheritance in fee simple and have in my self good Right full power and Lawfull authority to Grant, Bargain, sell, Convey and Confirm the same 'sd Bargained premises in maner as above s'd and that the s'd Daniel HURD his heirs and assigns shall and may from time to time and at all times for Ever here after by force and virtue of these presents Lawfully peaceably and Quietly have, hold, use occupie possess and INjoy y'e s'd demised and bargained premises with the appartenances free and clear freely and Clearly acquitted Exonerated and discharged of an from all and all maner of former or other Gifts, Grants, Bargains, sales, mortgages, Wills Entailes, Joynturs, Dawryes, Judgments, Executions, Incumbrances and Extents Furthermore I ye' s'd Ebenezer HURD for my self my heirs Exeuctors & administrators do covenant and Engage y'e above demised premises to him y'e s'd Daniel HURD his heirs and assigns aginst y'e Lawfull Claimes or Demands of any person or persons whatsoever forever here after to warrant secure and Defend In witness where of I Have hereunto set my hand and seale this second Day of March in y'e year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and twenty and in the sixty year of y'e Reign of our Soveraign Lord Georg King of Great Brittain &c

Signed Sealed Sealed and delivered in Presents of us witnesses
Ebenezer CRANE
Elnathan HURD

Ebenezer HURD (Seale)

Killingworth march y'e 2dn 1719/20 then personally appeared Ebenezar HURD and acknowledged the above written to be his act before me Abrah. PIERSON Justice of Peace

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