An Agreement Between John GRISWOLD, Killingworth, New London Co., CT.,
& Samuel BUELL, Sr. & Jr., Killingworth, New London Co., CT

[Transcribed by Janece Streig]

Land Records, Volume 2 Page 72
Killingworth, Middlesex, Connecticut
Family History Library Film #4621

Entered February ye 10th 1719/20

That where as the town if Killingworth having Granted Liberty unto John GRISWOLD & Samuell BUELL junior & their assigns to set up a saw mill upon homanasit River upon Conditions mentioned in said Grant as doth appear in the Records, therefore we whose Names are under written, to wit, John GRISWOLD Samuel BUELL senior & Samuell BUELL juno'r Do by these presents bind & Engage our selves to Each other to build & Erect the said mill that is to say the s'd John GRISWOLD is to Cary on the one half of the mill, and the Samuel BUELL senior to Cary on one quarter part, & Samuell BUELL jun'r the other quarter part, all which is to be Carryed on between us upon Equall Charge according to Each ons proportion and also to be Eqall in the privilidge ??seing by the same, allso we doe Engage to Each other that the s'd mill shall be set up by the time Limeted by the town and where as there will be ocation for the sslocing & Daming upon the s'd GRISWOLD's Land, & for yards, & the Laying of timber, the which liberty the said GRISWOLD doe dind him self his heirs or assigns to Grant at Law unto the s'd BUELL's them their heires or assigns, for the space of twenty years if they see Caus, & at the End of twenty years then the s'd Liberty or allowance to be null & void, & allso the Liberty of the grant from the town of seting up of a saw mill there to return unto said GRISWOLD or his heirs if they see Caus to Continue a mill there, all so it is further agreed that if either of ? shall see Caus to dispose of any part of their share in said mill it shall not be to any that Shall have Liberty of gitting timber in the town commons un Less it be unto a town inhabitant, and all so it is agreed that the said GRISWOLD him or his heirs Shall have Liberty if they se Cause to set up a Corn mill at the said place and to cut a water way out of the dam, provided it dos not predigest nor hinder the saw mill all so the said GRISWOLD is to all ? Liberty for highways to the said mill according to the town Grant, allso it is further agreed that at the End of the said twenty years, that then what is profitable or remaining of s'd mill shall be Equally Divided between Each owner according to their proportion, and for the true performance of the above s'd articles of agreement we have mutally set to our hands this: 30 ay of june: 1703

Signed in present sof us

Samuel BUELL Senier
Samuell BUELL junir

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