A Deed Between , Killingworth, New London Co., CT.,
& , Killingworth, New London Co., CT

[Transcribed by Janece Streig]

Land Records, Volume 2, Page 179-180
Killingworth, Middlesex, Connecticut
Family History Library Film #4621

Entered January ye 4th 1714/15

This Indenture made this 3rd day of January 1715 in the first year of the Reign of our Soveraign Lord George King of Great Brittain, between Jared ELIOT and Ebenezer HURD both of the Towne of Killingworth in the County of N. London In the Coloney of Conecticut in New England Whereas the s'd Partys did formerly purchase of the heirs of William BARBER a certain tract of Land home Lott Messuage or tenement Containing by Estimation fourteen acres more or less Lying and being Bounded north on the highway West on the Land of Jared ELIOT and in the meadow bounding North on s'd ELIOT's Land, South on the River and East on the Land formerly Belonging to Capt. John CRANE now to his children, this tract of Land with the orchard and buildings being jointly purchased viz, two thirds Parts by Ebenezer HURD and the other third part by Jared ELIOT as may be by the Deeds be more fully made to appear: Now the s'd Ebenezer HURD and Jared ELIOT both parties to these presents being Agreed that s'd Land should be Divided, that such may know his own part to possess or dispose of as they shall think convenient: they have between themselves concluded to divide as followeth: that is to say the line of Division Run from the East corner of the ?? end of s'd ELIOT's lot strait down to the River in a west line as the fenc now standeth, all the Land Included within such Bounds Northward which did formerly belong to Tho's SMITH's Lot now belonging to Jared ELIOT, the s'd Land thus divided belongs to Jared ELIOT his heirs or assigns forever as his part and ?? being four Acred more or less And that he the s'd Ebenezer HURD shall have hold and Injoy to him and his heirs forever the other part or Sereialty of the Land beyond the line sow names, both upland and meadow all both orchard and buildings with the priveliges and appurtenances, Now This Indenture Witnesseth that they the s'd Ebenezer HURD on the one part and Jared ELIOT on the other part are fully Satisfied Contented and agreed, with s'd Division so done and made as afore s'd and doe hereby for themselves severally and their heirs asent and content unto the ? accordingly and for a sure confirmation of the s'd partition so made and for avoiding all doubts and Contestions that them the s'd Parties to these presents for them Their Heirs Executors and Administrators in manner and form following, That is to say that the Division so made shall be and endure, shall be Judged to be good and valuable in the law, as any Division Whatsoever, and that the s'd Ebenezer HURD for himself and his heirs doth by these presents, Give, Grant, assign Release and Confirm to the s'd Jared ELIOT his heirs and assigns that the s'd Northern piec of meadow, divided as above mentioned and all the Estate Right and title which s'd Ebenezer HURD hath or may Cliame, in s'd part Northward of the River To Have and to Hold to the s'd Jared ELIOT his heirs and assigns to his use and the use and behoof of his heirs and assigns forever And the s'd Jared ELIOT for himself his heirs, doth by these Give, Grant, assign Release and Confirm to the s'd Ebenezer HURD his heirs and assigns the Remainder of the Premises Except what is la? Of by the Line above mentioned and all the Estate Right and title which s'd Jared ELIOT hath or may Claim in s'd part To Have and To Hold to the s'd Ebenezer HURD his heirs and assigns the only use and behoof of s'd Ebenezer HURD his heirs and assigns forever In witness whereof the s'd parties to these presents Indentures have Interchangably set their hands and Seales this day and year above written

Signed and delivered by ye said Ebenezer HURD in the presents of us
Nathaniell PARMELEE

Jared ELIOT (Seal)
Ebenezer HURD (Seal)

Ebenezer HURD of Killingworth personally appeared in Killingworth this 3rd day of January 1715 and acknowledged the above written Instrument to be his free and voluntary act and Deed, also Jared ELIOT acknowledged the same to be his act and deed Before me Abraham PIERSON Justice of ye Peace

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