A Deed Between Daniel EDWARDS, Jr., Saybrook, New London Co., CT.,
& Daniel EDWARDS, Sen., Saybrook, New London Co., CT

[Transcribed by Janece Streig]

Saybrook Land Records
Book 6 Page 377

Deed from Daniel EDWARDS, Jr. to his father, Daniel EDWARDS, Sr.

To all People to whom these presents shall come Greeting Know ye that I Daniel EDWARDS Jun'r of Saybrook in the County of New London & Colony of Connecticut in New England for divers good cause & considerations moving but more especially for the consideration of the sum of seven hundred pounds in Bills of Credit of the old tenor hath Remised Released & forever Quit-claimed and by these presents for myself & my heirs doth fully clearly & absolutely Remise Release quit claim unto ye honored father Daniel EDWARDS of Saybrook aforesaid in the full and peacable possession & seizing & to him his heirs & assigns forever all such Right Estate Title Interest & Demand whatsoever as I the said Daniel Edwards Jun'r had or ought to have in or to one certain tract of land situate in Oyster River Quarter in Saybrook at a place called Horse Hill Being all that tract of land which said Dan'll EDWARDS bought of Mr. Isaac CHALKER Clerk as may be seen by sd Edwards deed from sd CHALKER dated 28th of June 1735 Reference thereunto being had.

To Have and to Hold the said premises with the Buildings &c., unto the said Dan'll EDWARDS Sen his heirs and assigns to the only use & behoof of the said Dan'll EDWARDS Sen'r his heirs & Assigns forever so that neither he the said Dan'll EDWARDS Jun'r nor his heirs nor any of them shall or will by any way or means hereafter have Claim Challenge or Demand any Estate Right Title or Interest of in or to the premises or any part of parcel thereof but from all & every action Right Title Interest & Demand of in or to any part or parcel thereof they and every of them shall be utterly Excluded & Barred for ever by these presents And also I the said Dan'll EDWARDS Jun'r & my heirs the said Dan'll EDWARDS Sen'd and other ye premises with ye appurtenances to ye said heirs said EDWARDS his heirs and assigns to his and their own proper use & uses in manner and form before specified against their heirs & assigns & every of them shall Warrant & forever Defend by these presents.

In Witness Whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 24th, day of December In ye year 20 of the Reign of our Sovereign Lord George ye 2nd of Great Brittain &c., King Annoque Domini 1746.

Signed sealed and delivered
In presence of
Moses GALE
Benja GALE

Daniel EDWARDS (Seal)

New London Ss. Killingworth Dec'd 24th, 1746
Came Daniel EDWARDS Jun'r Signer & sealer of the within written Instrument and acknowledged ye same to be his act & deed
Before me Benja. GALE Just Peace.

Received January the 1st 1746.
And entered from ye original
Per John TULLY Register.

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