Josiah Scovil to Horace Arnold, 11 Mar 1832
[original deed courtesy of Don Smith]

    Know all Men by these Presents, that I Josiah Scovil of Haddam in the County of Middlesex and State of Connecticut for divers good causes and consideration thereunto moving, especially for Sixty Dollars received to my full satisfaction of Horace Arnold of Haddam af'sd, have remised, released, and forever Quit-Claimed, and do by these presents for myself and heirs justly and absolutely remise, release, and forever Quit-Claim unto the said Horace Arnold and to his heirs and assigns forever, all such right and title as I the said Josiah Scovil have or ought to have in or to a certain lot + piece of land lying and being situated in Saybrook in said County in Chester _____ so called Bounded as follows (viz) & Northerly on land of Darius & Chauncey Dickinson Easterly on land of Chauncey Dickinson Southerly on land of Gideon Parker and Westerly on land of Darius Dickinson containing fifteen acres be the same more or less my right in said land is one equal undivided half.

    To have and to hold the premises above described unto him the said Horace Arnold and his heirs and assigns, to the only use and behoof of the said Horace Arnold and his heirs and assigns forever; so that neither I the said Josiah Scovil nor my heirs, or any other person or persons for me or in my name and behalf, shall or will hereafter claim or demand any right or title to the premises, or any part thereof, but they and every of them, shall, by these presents, be excluded and forever barred.

    IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 11th day of March in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and thirty two.

       Signed, Sealed and Delivered}              Josiah Scovil
             In Presence of }
       Charles Arnold
       Hannah Arnold

Middlesex County, SS. Haddam March 11th 1832
       Personally appeared Josiah Scovil, Signer and Sealer of the foregoing instrument, and acknowledged the same to be his free act and deed, Before Me,
       Charles Arnold, Just of Peace

[on other side]

Josiah Scovil
Deed to
Horace Arnold

Received for Record 25th
Sept'm 1832 & Recorded
in the 24 Book of Saybrook
Records page 548 by
ELNathan Sablech