Family Records of Daniel COMSTOCK

[Transcribed by Janece Streig]

Saybrook Land Records
Book 4 Page 360

Family Records of Daniell COMSTOCK and Jesse BROCKWAY

Daniell COMSTOCK was marryed to Sarah PELTON Jany 18. 1738/9
Their first Daughter was born ye 1st of Sept'r & Dyed ye 3d of the same Month
Their son Daniell was born September 30th 1740
Their son Asa was born March the 6th 1742/3
Their Daughter Sarah was born September 8th 1745
Sarah the mother of the above Children Died Sept 20th 1745
Daniell COMSTOCK was married to Anna BROCKWAY June the 11th 1749

Jesse BROCKWAY son of Jesse BROCKWAY & of ye aforesaid
Anna BROCKWAY was born the 2d day of May 1747
Their Daughter Deidamia COMSTOCK was born Feby the 23d 1749/50
Their son John COMSTOCK was born April the 9th 1754
Their son Elisha COMSTOCK was born the 7th of August 1759

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