A Deed Between The Colony of Connecticut.,
& Ichabod WARNER, Saybrook, New London Co., CT

[Transcribed by Janece Streig]

Saybrook Land Records
Book 6 Page 103

Deed from the Colony to Ichabod WARNER

[Drawing of the Colony Seal]

Whereas Ichabod WARNER of the Township of Say-Brook in the County of New London & Colony of Connecticut in New England in and by one Instrument in Wrighting under his hand and seal well executed the 29th day of September 1733 on consideration of the sum of fifty pounds in Currant money paid by the Treasurer of said Colony did mortgage convey and confirm unto the Governor and Company of said Colony a Certain piece or parcel of land lying and being in the Township of Say-Brook aforesaid at a place commonly called Pataconk containing by estimation thirty two acres, and the same is bounded as follows Easterly on ye Great River, Northerly on land of Joseph CLARK, Westerly on the Country Road and Southerly on land belonging to Andrew WARNER.

And whereas the General Assembly of said Colony at their session in May Anno Domini 1733 did appoint and Impower his Hon. The Governor and Secretary of said Colony for the time being to execute to any Mortgagor or his heirs a deed of release any lands mortgaged for the security of ye money ordered by said Assembly to be loaned out of the Public Treasury of said colony under the seal of the Corporation upon the payment of ye sum for which such mortgage was given. And whereas the said Ichabod WARNER for the redemption of the said mortgaged premises hath paid into the Treasury of said Colony the sum of fifty pounds in Bills of Credit of said Colony which is the whole of said mortgage as per ye Colony's Treasurer Receipts herewith of even date appears.

Be it therefore known That We Joseph TALLCOTT esq. Governor of said Colony and George WYLLYS Secretary of said Colony have remised released and claim@quitted and by these presents do release remise and forever quit@claim unto the said Ichabod WARNER in his full possession and seizure being and to his heirs and assigns forever all the estate right title and interest claim and demand whatsoever which the said Governor and Company ever had or now have of in or to the aforementioned parcel of land or any part of it by force and virtue of the instrument aforesaid hereby also declaring that all the right and title of the said Governor and Company unto the said mortgaged premises is utterly clearly and absolutely at an end and that the said mortgager is thereof Seized in his former estate. To Have and to Hold the same with the appurtenances free and clear of an from the incumbrances of said mortgage deed aforesaid unto him the said Ichabod WARNER his heirs and assigns forever for confirmation hereof the seal of the said Corporation is hereto affixed, given under our hands and seals in Hartford 11th day of June A.D. 1741.

George WYLLYS Secretary
J. TALLCOTT Governor.

Received June 12th 1741 and entered from ye original
Per Sam'll WILLARD Register

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