An Indenture Between Silas CARTER, Killingworth, New London Co., CT.,
& Benjamin CARTER, Killingworth, New London Co., CT

[Transcribed by Janece Streig]

Killingworth Land Records
Book 18 Pages 484-5

Indenture between Silas CARTER and Benjamin CARTER

This Indenture made this 19th day of June AD 1809-Silas Carter of Killingworth County of Middlesex State of Connecticut on the one part and Benjamin CARTER of the aforesaid Killingworth on the other part. Witnesseth-That the s'd Silas CARTER for & in consideration of the sum of one hundred Dollars to him in hand paid by the s'd Benjamin CARTER at or before the ensealing & delivery of these presents the Rec't whereof he doth hereby acknowledge & the s'd Silas CARTER hath demised granted & to farm(?) let & by these presents doth demise Grant & to farm let unto the s'd Benjamin CARTER or assigns a certain farm or tract or parcel of land lying & being in s'd Killingworth Containing about Eighty acres be the same more or less being the farme where the s'd Benjamin CARTER now Dwells having a Dwelling house & barn thereon standing together with other out houses it being all of the land and property that I the s'd Benjamin hath Deeded to the s'd Silas this Day laying in Killingworth together with all other appurtenances there(?) to in any wise belonging in as large & ample manner as the s'd premises have heretofore been enjoyed by the s'd Benj'm CARTER-

To have & to hold all of the s'd parcel of ground or farm or land with appurtenances thereof from the day of the note hereof unto the ?and & term of my natural life-furthermore if it so happens that Phebe CARTER the wife of the s'd Benjamin CARTER should out live & survive the s'd Benjamin-I the s'd Silas CARTER do covenant & agree to continue the lease of the following pieces parcels or lots of land together with one third part of all the afores'd buildings to the aforesaid Phebe CARTER - One lot or piece of the afores'd land called the Barn lot - Containing fourteen acres more or less - bounded west north & East by highway - South on Asa WATEROUS land - Also one other lot called the Swamp pasture containing Eleven acres more or less - bounded South on Thatcher LANE's land-west & north on George ELLIOTT's land - East on highway - To have and to hold the premises & improvement of all of the two afores'd lots of land with appurtenances thereof from the day of the Decease of the s'd Benj'm CARTER ?? the term of time of the afores'd Phebe CARTER's natural life - their yielding & paying therefore the rent five cents on the 8th day of June AD 1810-- & so annually of the same shall be lawfully demanded during the natural lives of the s'd Benjamin & Phebe CARTER-In witness whereof the s'd Silas CARTER hath to this present indenture let his hand & seal this day & year first above written-

Signed Sealed & delivered
In presence of
Ebenezer NICHOLS

Silas CARTER (Seal)

Middlesex County ss. Killingworth April 9th AD 1810
Personally appeared Silas CARTER & acknowledged the foregoing to be his free act & deed-before me-
Abraham PIERSON Justice Peace

Entered April 9 1810

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