A Deed Between David BUELL, Killingworth, New London Co., CT.,
& The Proprietors, Killingworth, New London Co., CT

[Transcribed by Janece Streig]

Land Records, Volume 6, Page 444
Killingworth, Middlesex, Connecticut
Family History Library Film #4623

Entered June 5th 1742

To all Christian people to whom these present shall Come Greeting Know ye that I David BUELL of Killingworth in the County of Newlondon and Coloney of Conecticut in New England for a valuable Consideration in Land by way of Exchang made over to me by a sufficient Instrument in wrighting under the hand and seales of a Com'te appointed and Impowered by s'd proprieters of Land in s'd Killingworth Bareing Even date with these presents Have by way of Exchange Given Granted Bargained Sold Conveyed made over and Confirmed unto the s'd proprieters a certain tract of Land for a highway across my litte ston house farm scituate in s'd Killingworth beginning at a white oak tree which is a corner of s'd BUELL's Land at the south end of ye swamp between ye little stone house and the stone house hill Runing westerly 19 Rods till it comes to the Easterly Line of s'd BUELL's ston house farm thence Runing a little westerly westerly at y'e north three Rods wise in s'd BUELL Land of the tress are marked in the south westerly side with the letter H twenty two Rods to a white oak tree standing at the southerly End of the little stone house ledge then bareing a little more northerly and 'e Easterly side of y'e Ston house Lodge till it Comes to y'e middle of the ledge and there to be five Rods wide and Everywhere Else three Rods wide and from y'e Last mentioned white oak tree sixty eight Rods till it comes to the northeasterly End of s'd BUELL's farm containing two acres & a half & twenty Rods of Land: To Have and To Hold the s'd Exchanged granted & bargained premises with all the appurtenances & privilidges and Comodities to the same belonging or in any wise appertaining to them the s'd proprieters their heirs and assigns to their only proper use benefit and behoof forever and I ye s'd David BUELL for my self my heirs Exeuctors and administrators Do Covenant promise and Grant to and with ye s'd proprieters that before and until the Ensealeing here of I am ye true and Lawful owner of the above demised premises & have in my self good Right full power and Lawfull authority to convey and Confirm the same in manner and form as above s'd & that the s'd proprieters shall & may from time to time & at all times forever hereafter by force and virtue of these presents Lawfully quietly and peaceably have hold use occupie possess & injoy the above bargained Exhanged & granted premises with the appurtenances freely and clearly acquitted & discharged of and from all manner of former or other gifts grants Bargains sales or Incumbrances in the Law whatsoever moreover I the s'd David BUELL for my self my heirs Executors and administrators Do promise and Engage the above granted premises to them the s'd proprieters against the Lawfull Claimes or demands of any person or persons whome so Ever forever here after to warrant secure & defend In witness whereof I the s'd David BUELL have here unto set my hand and seale this thirty first Day of may AD 1742

Signed sealed and delivered in presence of
John CRANE Jun'r

David BUELL (Seale)

Killingworth May ye 31st AD 1742 then and there personally appeared the above named David BUELL and acknowledged the signing and sealeing of the above written Instrument to be his free act and deed before me Abrah PIERSON Justice of peace

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