A Deed Between Thomas BLISE, Saybrook, New London Co., CT.,
& John COMSTOCK, Saybrook, New London Co., CT

[Transcribed by Janece Streig]

Saybrook Land Records
Book 1 Page 49
FHL Film #5536

Lands sold by Thomas BLISE to John COMSTOCK

The said Thomas BLISE hath sold to John COMSTOCK his acomodations lying and being in Seabrook with all his housing lands upland and meadow as hereafter more fully expressed.

The house in the towne and home lot of one acker and half with a fifty pound comonage

On the east side of the River his house with twenty ackers of upland ajoining thereunto part of which was bought of Thomas ADGAT namely ten ackers, and of Richard EDGERTON and Morgan BOWERS ten ackers more the other ten was my allotment with the meadow belonging to a fifty pound estate and Comonage

Also all the meadow that I bought of William BEAMAN in the first division belonging to the estate of one hundred and fifty pounds as also two acres of meadow in the second division and fower ackers of upland

Allso 4 ackers and half of meadow upon a little Island and abuteing east to the lake, South to the lands of Nicholas JENNINGS as appears in the same Record more fully.

Allso 9 ackers of meadow on the north side of the Creek abuteing east to the little Island in the bake River, west to the Creek

Allso 3 Ackers of meadow lying on the bake River ajoining east upon the Cove South upon the River and West and north upon the lands of John LAY Senier

Allso my proportion of Comonage on the east side of the River belonging to the estate of one hundred pounds.

Allso 3 acker of the best meadow that I bought of John LAY Senier on the east side of the River in the first division all which parsalls of land I Thomas BLISS have sold and made over the said John COMSTOCK him and his quieth and peaceably to enjoy forever in Witness whereof I do hereunto set my hand this 14th day of November 1664

Thomas BLISS

Lands of John COMSTOCK Recorded to Richard SMITH These may declare unto all whom it may Concern that I John COMSTOCK do assign and make over unto Richard SMITH all the aforesaid parsalls of land lying on the east side of the River together with housing and appurtenances there unto for the said Richard quietly peaceably to enjoy as his own proper and pecullier Right without any let or molestation from me or my procurement anyways as Witness my hand this 14th day of November 1664

The mark of John COMSTOCKE

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