A Deed Between William BARBUR, Killingworth, New London Co., CT.,
& Ebenezer HURD, Killingworth, New London Co., CT

[Transcribed by Janece Streig]

Land Records, Volume 2 Page 72
Killingworth, Middlesex, Connecticut
Family History Library Film #4621

Entered February ye 13th 1719/20

To all Christian People to whome these presents Shall Come I William BARBUR of Killingworth in the County of New London & Coloney of Conecticut In Newengland Send Greeting Know ye that I the s'd William BARBUR for a valuable consideration in hand Received of Ebenezer HURD of the Town County & Coloney afore s'd, Have Given, Granted, Bargained, sold, alienated, Conveyed & Confirmed and by these presents Do fully, Freely, Clearly & absolutely, Give, Grant, Bargain, sell, allien, Convey, & Confirm unto him the s'd Ebenezer HURD his heirs & assigns forever a certain parcell or tract of meadow Land scituate Lying & being in the Township of Killingworth afore s'd in the Cove on the East side of the Town in breadth next the point, tenn Rods, about the midle seventeen, in length forty four rodd containing three acres & an half more or Less Bounded Southelry by the Land of John KELCEY, northerly by the Land of Ebenezer STEVENS, To Have and To Hold the above Bargained and Granted meadow Land with all the appurtenances privilidges and Comodities thereunto belonging or any waies appertaining & right in Comons and also divitions only Excepted, to him the s'd Ebenezer HURD his heirs and assigns forever to his and their only proper use benifit and behoof forever and I the s'd William BARBUR for my self my heirs Executors & Administrators Do Covenant Grant and promise to and with the s'd Ebenezer HURD his heirs & assigns that before the Ensealeing of these presents I am the true sole and Lawfull owner of the above Bargained and Granted premises and have in my self Good Right full power and Lawfull authority to bargain & sell the same in manner as above s'd & that the s'd Ebenezer HURD his heirs and assigns shall and may from time to time and at all times forever here after by force and vurtue of presents Lawfully peaceably and Quietly Have, Hold, use occupie possess & Injoy the above Bargained & Granted premises with the appurtenances (excepting, what is above Excepted, free and Clear freely & Clearly acquitted Exonerated and discharged of an from all and all manner of other and former Gifts, Grants, mortgages, wills Jounters, Dowryes, Entayels or Incumbrances in the Law what so Ever, moreover I the s'd William BARBUR for my self my heirs Executors, Administrators Do covenant to and with the s'd Ebenezer HURD his heirs & assigns & do Engage to warrant secure him & them against all the Lawfull Claimes or demands of any person or persons whomsoever, forever here after In witness where of I the s'd William BARBUR have here unto set my hand and seale this ninth Day of November Anno:Dominie seventeen hundred & nineteen and in the sixth yeare of the Reign of our Soverein Lord George King of Great Britain &c

Signed Sealed and delivered in the presents of us

William BARBOR (Seal)

The subscriber unto the above written Instrument appeared before mee in Killingworth upon the 28: day of January in the year: 1719: or 20 and acknowledged that the signing sealeing and delivering here of was his free and volentary act and deed Samuel BUELL Justice

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