Early Proprietors, Waterbury, New Haven Co., CT

Proprietors' Records
of the Town of Waterbury
Transcribed & Edited by
Katharine A. Prichard
Mattatuck Historical Society, 1911

Orders and Letters of the "General Court's
Committee for the Settling of Mattatuck."

[Note: the text is transcribed as it appeared in the book, including the misspellings. The only changes made are to capitalize surnames. - jd]

October. 9: 1673

P. 39: In answer to the petis on to saver all inhabytatnts of the town of farmington that matatuck that those lands may be granted for a plantation: this cort have sen cause to order that thos lands may be veiued som tim betwen this and the cort in may next: and that re prot may be made to the cort in may next: whe. it be judged fit to make a plantation the committy apointed are Lt thomas BALL: Lt Robert Webster and Dannill Pratt

A True Copy of Record
Test Hez: WYLLYS Secry

May the: 14: 1674

p 45: the committy apointed by the general cort for the veiuing of mattatuck return that they judg it a sutabul plas to acomydat thurty famylis theis cort nomynat and apoint Major John TALCUT: Lef Robbert WEBSTER Lef. Nichlis OMSTED Insin Samuel STELL Insin John WADSWORTH to be a committy to regulat and order the setling of a plantation att matitack in the most sutabul way that may be:

A True Copy of Record
Test Hez: WYLLYS Secry.

At a meeting of the Committee for Mattatuck Jany 15, 1677: it was agreed and Concluded./.
MSS That wee do accept of Johne ROOTE Senr subscribing tot he Articles for settling of mattatuck, in the behalfe of one of his sonnes, and we accept of John SCOVEL on Acct of Abraham BRUNSON, and Benjamin BARNES on Acct of Richard SEEMER. and of John STANDLY Junr for Joseph GAYLOR on the Acct of Thomas GRIDLY, Subscribeing to submit to the Article of fore sayd dated May 30th 1674, and in soe doeing are accepted as inhabitants of the place. David CARPENTER subscribing in behalfe of John PORTER is accepted upon the same terms.

2. Wee do order that all necessary High wayes for the Towns use, are to be mended suffitiently, at the charge of the meadow alottments, according to the Third Article, for settlement of Mattatuck dated May 30th 1674: the three great lotts only are Accepted, and desire and appoint Benjamin JUD to call out the proprietors in their turnes for doing their Just part and in this service of a surveighor to attend the Country Law.

3. We do alsoe allow the proprietors of Mattatuck one year for settleing them selves on the fore sd Mattatuck, more than was first granted, notwithstanding anything to the Contrary, and all publique charges to be born one year longer, or more, than is concluded in the third Article Dated May 30th 1677. (1674) notwithstanding any thing there in Signified to ye Contrary.

4. Wee do allow all necessary High wayes for the use of the inhabitants that may be needfull, to be layd out by such as we shall appoint, whiles we are in power, and afterwards the Town to stake and lay out Such High wayes or Common passages as shall by them be Juded necessary.|.

5. Wee order the Highway of sixteen rods wide that is already layd out North and South through the old Town plott to be but Two rods wide, and grant that the proprietors of each side the sayd High way to abbut upon the sayd now Highway for enlargmt of thier lott proportionally.

6 we order the common fence on the east side of the River for secureing the meadows shall be made suffitiently by the last of May, proportionally according tot he Number of Acres of meadow Land each propriator is seized off, and we desire and appoint William JUDD Thomas JUDD, and John STANDLY to protion the sayd fence, and lay out each person his Just dues, and being so layd out each person that shall neglect makeing his Just proportion, shall be fineable according to ye Law of this Colony.|.

Samuell STELE

[On the reverse of this paper is the drawing of the old Town Plot lots.]

March 11th 1678/9

1 We the Committed of Mattatuck or the Major part of us being mett, according to Joynt agreement, at Farmington and taking sundry matters into consideration, have determined That Lieut STANLEY with the helpfullness of William JUDD, and John STANDLY Junr shall lay out those Lotts to the proprietors of mattatuck that are not yet done, they granting sutable allowance for their paines and Labor therein.

2 Whereas there is a mile of fence, or there abouts, yet to be errected for secuering those Landes that are under improvement: from ye spoyle of Cattle and swine, wee do advise and order, that William JUDD Thomas JUDD and John STANDLY Junr shall proportion and Stake out to each proprietor his proportion, with all speed, conveniant.

3 Wee further order, that each proprietor do errect a suffisent fence upon those respective places appointed, for defence of that Land, that noe damage be done to either Corn or grass, by Cattle or Swine, which fence shall be done betwixt this and the first of May next.

4 And its orderde that Liut: Samuel STEEL william Judd and John STANDLY Junr lay out to the proprietors their Three Acre Lotts that are granted to them, according to former agreemt

5 And whereas William JUDD had a grant, that this Three Acre Lott should be Layd out upon the west end of his House Lott, it is ordered that it be so layd out and recorded to him


[The Three-Acre Lots]

Thee order which is the adition of the hous Loots in matock as it is too be tackan up
those that desire to tack up thier adition in the rere of theere house Loots we shall doe all that we can to acomidat ach man in that partuckuller too be suted - first and 2-3 - so goe on in that order

  • 1 benjamum BARNES
  • 2 Samuel HECOK
  • 3 Joseph HECOK
  • 4 John WILLTON
  • 5 Abriham ANDRUS
  • 6 benjiman JUDD
  • 7 John BRONSON
  • 8 Will HIGISAN *
  • 9 Thomas NULL
  • 10 Thomas HANKOCKS
  • 11 Samuill JUDD
  • 12 John NUILL
  • 13 grat Loot
  • 14 Tho RICHASON
  • 15 adward SCOTT
  • 16 John CARRINGTON
  • 17 benjamin JONES ben JONS
  • 18 [ . . . . . . . ]
  • 19 david CARPENTORE
  • 20 Themothy STANDLY **
  • 21 danill PORTER
  • 22 John JUDD
  • 23 Tho JUDD
  • 24 John STANDLY
  • 25 John SCOVILL
  • 26 John LANCHTON
  • 27 Obadiah RICHARDS
  • 28 Great lot next abriham ANDRUS
  • 29 Thomas WARNER
  • 30 Isack BRONSON
  • 31 John WARNER
  • __ Danill WARNERs next to John WARNERs
  • 32 Joseph GALLAR
  • 33 great loot est end

* Will HIGISAN for Will HIGISNE piched north side of sam JUDD
To reseive akers at the rer of his lot
next Tho RICHISON piched for the greet Lot south side roring river part buting at John CARINGTONs est
too reseive his loot at the east side of the roring river
south sid roring river next to that I piched at for ye great lot
piched for david CARPENTER [ . . . . ] Tho HANKKOX if he like it
**piched for themothy STANDLY at the south of Tho RICHISONs if he like it
for John JUDD north side of John WARNERs lot roring river if he like it
to reseive achur more
piched south of Thimothi STANDLY
to reseive 2 akers end of his lot

May '79 the planters of Matuck being at the towne plot aded by vote Thomas JUDD too William JUDD John STANDLY and Sam STELL too equilize the Lande too lay ought in the divishun of Land from manhan medows upward and mack adishun too thos lots in that devishun acording too the quality of the land and remoteness of it as the fore said partys shal judg to be just and right

The first meadow 20 ackers
The second 33 ackers 53
The third west sid river 21
4 medow 6 ackers 27
East sid river the first
meadow from the south
12 ackers
Island 5 ackers 17
2 meadow est side 23 ackers 23



Division of Land and Fens
Manhan and Steels Meadow

The devistion of the secnd remaynder of the Land in manhan medow and Stells medow and ben Juds medow and hanckocks medow and at the small brocke as foloweth.

we furst begin furst at the manham meadow and 2 in hancoks medow 3 at a bit of land at the west side of the river aganst hanckkoks medow 4 at the south end of the broock aganst hanckoks medow 5 at the lower end of the land which lys at the broock which coms downe in too stells medow and gos upward and end at the north end of ben JUDs medow at willum HIGISUNs Loot and acording too this order too draw lots twoo ackers for a hundred pound and if thes Lands herin exprest fall shor of This devetion then too be made up by any undevided lands axsept this bit of Lande calld a pastors ---

We begin in hanckoxs meadow at The southward end of That bit at the west sid of the river aganst hankox meadow at the south end

The Loots as they fell in this divishon in or by drawing

ackers half-ackers rods
1 John BRONSON 1 half 16
2 Joseph GAYLLOR 1 half 32
3 Tho WARNER 2 00 00
4 edmun SCOT 2 00 00
5 obidiah RICHARDS 1 half 16
6 danill WARNER 1 00 32
7 John NUILL 2 00 00
8 Tho HANCOCKS 2 00 00
9 John WARNER 1 03 roods 3
10 grat Lott 3 00 00
11 John CARRITON 1 00 32
12 ben JONES 2 00 00
13 Samuill HECOK 1 a haf 32
14 will HIGISON 1 1 rood 24
15 John WILLTON 1 haf 16
16 Tho NUILL 1 3 roods 8
17 benja JUDD 1 3 3
18 John LANCKTON 2 00 00
19 isack BRONSON 1 3 roods 3
20 John JUDD 2 00 00
21 Tho RICHISON 1 00 00
22 abriham ANDROS 1 haf 16
23 grat loot 3 00 00
24 grat loot 3 00 00
25 John SCOVILL 1 haf 16
26 david CARPINDER 1 haf 16
27 John STANDLY 2 00 00
28 daniell PORTER 1 3 roods 3
29 william JUDD 2 00 00
30 timothy STANDLY 1 3 roods 24
31 Joseph HECOX 1 00 32
32 ben BARNS 2 00 00
33 Samuill JUDD 1 haf 16
34 Tho JUDD 2 00 00

At a meeting of the Committee for Mattatuck on the 26th of November 1679 ./.

Whereas we have received information by some of the inhabitants belonging to that place that many of the propriators to home allotments were granted have hitherto neglected setlmt of themselves and familyes there, to the gereat discouragement and weakening the hands of those that are already upon the place with their familyes.

We have though meet to determin and resolve, that all such proprietors as shall not be personally with there familyes inhabitting at Mattatuck by the Last of May next insueing and there to abide, shall forfeit all their right title, propriety and intrest, in any Allotments granted to them at matttatuck, to be dissposed by the Committede to such others as they shall approve off. Allsoe we do further determin, that all such inhabitants as shall not errect a mansion house, by the last of May come Twelve months, according to a former Articles to that purpose, shall forfeit all there rights and titles in Lands at Mattatuck as a fore sayde.

Pr us { John TALCOTT
Samuell STELL

Farmington, Novembr 26: 1679
Whereas Daniel WARNER with his family were upon the remove to matttatuck, and on that juncture of time, the divine providence of god hat removed the sayd Daniel out of the Land of the Liveing. out of compassion to his relict and children Left behinde him, we do grant the sayd Relict shall hould her Allotments firme and good to her selfe and children, notwithstanding anything conteyned in any former Article to the Contrary, only advising her selfe and relationes that a dweling House be errected there with all posible speed, and that she in habit there or some suffitient person to manage he Lands and Accommodations upon the place

Pr us { John TALCOTT
Samuell STELL

Farmington, November 27 1679 At a meeting of the Committee for Mattatuck
It is determined that that High way Layd out by Lieut Saml STEEL at the east end of the Town plat at of mattatuck, running eastward out of sayd Town plat being Three rods wide, shall awayes be and remayne for publick and common use, which is between Joseph GAYLERs Lott and a Hous Lott reserved fro such inhabitant as shall hereafter be entertayned.

Alsoe it is agreed and determined that the House Lott of Two Acres lying at the east end of the Town abutting northerly on Thomas WARNERs Hous Lott and a piece of meadow and swamp contayning about fifteen Acres by estimation lying upon Steels Brook, abutting upon the North on Edman SCOTT Junier on Thomas JUDD Junr on the east, and on a hill south and west. And a peice of Land conteyning by estimation Three Acres, lying in the pasture Land commonly so called shall be and remayne for the use, occupation and improvemt of the Ministery of the sayd Town forever, without any alteration or dissposall use or improvement: whatsoever.

For encouragemt of an inhabitant we do agree and grant that an additional House Lott to what was formerly allowed be Layed out, and a Three Acre Lott and eight Acres in the new devision to be Layd out, and eight acres at the old Town plot and Ten Acres upon a playn on the west side of Steels Meadow is granted, and about Twelve Acres if it will upon tryall prove so much, and be not already dissposed, lying on the Southern end of Buck Meadow being an Island allwayes provided that such person as shall be excepted to be free of the sayd A llo ttment shall subscribe to the Articles formerly made.

we do advise the inhabitants of Mattatuck to build a suffitient Corn mill, for the use of the Town, and keep the same in good repration for that work and service of grinding Corne and for encouragemt we grant such persons shall have Thirty Acres of Land Layd out and shall be and remain to them and their heirs and assignes for ever, he or they mayntayning the sayd grist mill as afore sayd forever.

We allow the standing of Thomas WARNERs celler without molestation according to agreement: of Liut Samll STELLE


The Devistion to the Stratits [1679]

The order which is agreed of in the deviding of and drawing of Loots for thos Landes which Lyith downe the river from those Landes allrady Layed ought too the rivurit which runnith in too The rivur on the est side of The river at the straytes and also a madow which is up the river from the towne plot called by the name of boock medow and in the deviding of the avouf said lands we agree that three roods of the best of this Land shall be accounted as one acker and the worst of the Land which we devide shall be acounted sevine roods but for one acker and so sys and fall in this division acording too the goodnes aor badness of this Lande and this to be considered and equilized by thos which are or shall Laye ought this foresaid land in too ther severall alotments and all so we agree that there shall be fiufe ackers alowd too a hundred pound a lot ment and if these Lands apoynted too this devision shall falle short too alowe acording too this proportion too aviry alotment then thos which fall short too tack up thar proporshon in any undevided medow axsept a pes of Land caled the pastur or a pasall of Land which lyith at the broock which runith in too Stells madow and in this devision this foresaid Land from the broock abutith at willum HIGISONs Loot north and at Thomas JUDs Land est and in this devition it shall be in the power of The abof said persons if they se resone so too doe too throwe in Landes in Too thos Sevarall alotments and count it not in the masher acording to ther desresion and we begin in this devision first at the south side of the rivur and the Loots too rune south and north which we count up and downe the river and the furst Loot in order too be acounted that next the river and so rune downe the medow too the strayts and tack the lots in order as the falle at the north end and at the strayts rune over the river at the east side of the river in lick maner and goo upward and ende at the devided Land at the fore saide side and then goo up in too books medow and begin in that alotment at the southward or lower end and goo upward and end at the upur side or ende of that madow.

The lots as they fall by suckseson

greatt lote -- 1

John LANGTON -- 14

abram ANDRUS -- 2

John NEWELL -- 15


Benjamen JONS -- 16

benjamin BARNS -- 4
85 Samuell HIKOC -- 17

John WILTON -- 5
90 John WARNER -- 18

William JUDD -- 6
80 Samuel JUDD -- 19

John JUDD sener -- 7
60 Danell WARNER -- 20

willum HIGSON -- 8
95 Timothy STANDLY -- 21

Daved CARPENTER -- 9

benjamin JUDD -- 22
80 Josep GAYLER -- 10

Thomas WARNER -- 23

John SCOVELL -- 11
90 Daniel PORTER -- 24

Edman SCOOTTE -- 12
90 Izacke BROWNSON -- 25
50 Thomas RICHASON -- 13
60 Joseph HISCOX -- 26

90 Thomas NEWELL -- 27

Obadiah RICHARDS -- 31

Thomas JUDD -- 28

Thomas HANCOX -- 32

John STANDLY -- 29

John BROWNSON -- 33

ye lotte Botte -- 30

great lote -- 34

At a meeting of the Committee for Mattatuck Febry: 5th 1680 at Farmington

It was then determined by us, that those Town officers that wear chosen by ye inhabitants of sd Mattatuck shall execute their respetieve offices and that for the future the inhabitants of the place being orderly called and vonvented by their Major voat shall have liberty to chose their Townsmen constables surveighors fenc viewers and Haywards or any other civel officers from time to time without any further order from ye Committee.

It is further concluded that stephen HOPKINS who hath built a mill at that plantation shall have that Thirty Acres appointed and intailed in a former order to shuch as shall errect a mill there and so much more Land added to the sayd Thirty Acres as may advance the same to be in value of one hundred pounts allotment.

And in consideration of some of those persons that have had a Lottments Granted at Mattatuck we have heard the alligations layd in against them and do determin that Deacon John LANCTON, William JUDD and David CARPENTER have forfited all their rights and titles to those a Lottments granted to them at Mattatuck not haveing attended those Articles to which they have subscribed.

Just here it is agreed by us that incase any shall appere desireing a Lottments there, shall subscribe to the originall Articles and engage allsoe to errect a dwelling House according to dimensions, set down in sayd Articles within one year after subscription and settled his his or their familyes upon the place within that time, otherwise to forfeit all their grant of Lands and right, theirin, to be disposed tosuch others as the Committee shall Judg meet.

It was allsoe agreed that all Leavyes for defraying the public charges of that plantation, shall be rayse upon the meadow Allotments, according to a former Article and so to stand from this day to the Last of Febry: in ye year 1682 whatching and warding only excepted.

Upon further considerations we have hereby granted that Benjamin JUDD and Isaac BRUNSON shall have so much uplands added to their Allotmts: as shall make their meadow alottments in value of one hundred poundes, and that sayd Addission, to be added to their respective eight Acre allotments allready granted. And whereas Daniel PORTR and Thomas RICHASON make complaynt that they are in want of Land to improve, we grant liberty to the Town to add to what they have, according to their good disscretion, and what shall be allowed by the Town, shall be layd out to them by Benjamin JUDD and John STANDLY, and allsoe to lay out what belongeth to ye mill, and Miller. Wee do order what fences is necessary to be made for secureing Lands under improvemt: shall be speedily proportioned and layd out by Thomas JUDD John STANDLY and the present Townsmen and the same to be made by ye Last of Aprell next.

And whereas Stephen UPSON maketh complaynt that he is much streightened, in his present possession of Lands, we grant an addission according to what the Town shall se cause to be Layed out by him, by Tho: JUDD John STANDLY and the present Townsmen. There is allsoe a House Lott, contayneing in estimatn: Two Acres granted to Stephen HOPKINS, and conveniantly as may bee to sute the mill, and the fore sayd Thomas JUDD John STANDLY and the present Townsmen to lay it out to him and allsoe a Three Acre lott according as the other in Habitants have granted to be layd out by the same persons, for him.

Allsoe we do grant Benjamin JUDD shall have added to the North end of his House Lott some land to build on, allwayes provided that the High way that runeth Through ye Town in that place shall be and remayne foure Rods and halfe wid, to be layd out to him by the fore sayd persons.

Pr us { John TALCOTT
Nicho OLMSTEAD } Coommittee

Complants of severall men not building acording to artyculs [Feb. 1682]

Benja JUD challenged for Breach of Articles in not comeing to mattatuck in 80: Test: Isaac BRUNSON, Dan'l PORTER & Stephen UPSON that he came not at ye time prefixed 2d his not building according to Articles as time, but It was done in 81: in September and withdrawn oft from ye place.

Samuel JUDD not built according to time prefixed. He built and went into his House inNovember 81: and not fit before Test: Step: UPSON it was shingled about michaelmuss Test: Dan'll PORTER, Test Isaac BRUNSON.

Thomas HANCOKS hath a House covered allmost all and clabborded and noe chimney -- within the time stated. Test: Samuel HECOKS John SCOVEL and Isaac BRUNSON. disserted the place being gon all or ye greatest of the year past.

Timothy STANDLY and Joseph GAYLERD theri Housen Big enough: and ovned

Jno CARRINGTON House not Large enough: according to Articles.

Cooper ANDREWS noe House

Tho: NUEL came not according Articles neither Built according to Articles & House not finished

Daniel PORTER noe chimney to his House according to Articles.

Tho: WARNER House not built according to Articles for time not finished.

Tho: RICHARDSON noe House lives in a ciller, only hires a Ciller to live in.

Edward SCOTT Junr noe chimney to His House.

Obediah RICHARDS not Built his House not according to the demension of it.

The Town desires taxsation to be Layed onLands for some futher Time.

Benjamin JONES complayned of for neglect of cohabitation.

John NUEL complayned of for ye same.

John SCOVL noe chimny

[E?]d SCOTT complais.

At a meeting of the Committy for Mattatuck at Farmington, Febry: the sixt in the yeare 1682. We haveing heard the Complaynts; and Alligations of Serg't Thomas JUDD, and Serg't John STANDLY and other Friends sent from Mattatuck, as persons impowered to implead sundry of the proprietors there, for that they have not errected their dwelling Housen, and finished the same, according to provission and enjunction by Articles concluded; byt hte Committee for Mattatuck, November 26: 1679.

Upon what pleas and proofs have presented, wee do Adjudg and Condemn all the granted allotments formerly layd out to Benjamin JUD, Samuel JUDD, and Thomas HANCOX, to be by us condemned as Forfeited, and thereon disclaime there former right had or might have had therein.

And it is further by us agreed and determined, that whosoever shall hereafter have grants from our selves to be seized or put into the possession of their grants as proprietors and inhabitants at sd Mattatuck, shall be engaged and firmly Bound by this Act, to reside and dwell in sd Mattatuck, the full terme and time of four yeares, in a steddy way and maner with their Familyes, after subscription to this Act and order and incase those mancion Housen of those Lands allready errected cannot be bought at a resonable rate of the present owners by such as shall be seized of their Allotments, or in case of non agreement about the price or prizes of sd Buildings, the person or persons that shall subscribe to this act and order, shall errect and make mantion Housen according to the Articles for that purpose made in 30th of May: in the yeare 1674. -- and upon default or non performance of either of the Two parts of this determination, such person or persons neglecting to Build within the spare time or Terme of four yeares after subscription, or faile of cohabitting on the place as a fore sayd, shall forfeit all right and title in such lands or alottments they or he shall be seized off, and in case those fricens whose lands are at this meeting by us condemned, do desire to be repossessed of thier present Lands condemned as forfeited, shall subscribe to this present Act and order, in case we see reason to reposses him on them. And this Act and order; to be of force in referance to David CARPENTERs Lott formerly Condemned. And whereas Timothy STANLY, Joseph GAYLERD, John CARRINGTON, Abraham Andrus COOPER, Thomas NUEL, Daniel PORTER, Thomas WARNER, Thomas RICHISON, Obediah RICHARDS, and John SCOVEL, for their not Building, and some of the fore sayd not cohabitting according to Articles to that purpose made pr the Committee May 30th, 1674, wee od by these Adjudg and condemn their Allotments to be forfeited yet notwithstanding upon their submission and reformation, with their cohabitation upon the place one compleat year, as addissionall to the four yeares injoyned in that Article made tot hat purpose in May 30th, 1674, otherwise this present condemnation to stand in full force. In referance to defraying all publick charges by Levys or Rate, it is granted to be done and Layd on Lands as formerly for the Two past years following the date hereof and the charges of makeing and mending of Highwayes by the same.

It is granted that each proprietor as addition all to their former grants, shall each inhabitant have eight Acres pr man, layd out to them in such places within their Town Bounds as the inhabitants shall agree, to be layd out by persons chosen by ye inhabitants of the place.

And in referance to ye Act of the inhabitants of Mattatuck granting Samuel HECOX an addission of Land as by a coppy of thier records appeares, we the committee give our consent and confirme that same to him.

In referance to what lands are granted by the inhabitants of Mattatuck, to John HOPKINS the present miller, we do well approve off, and in case they shall see cause to ease the intayle of any part of the lb/100 Allotment, we shall not object against it. Upon the pettition of Sergt Jno STANLY that he may be accommodated with four or five Acres of Meadow Land up the River although it be four or five miles off from the Town, in consideration of the meaness of his Allotments, wee the Committee do advise the inhabitants to a complyance thereunto.

The foregoeing conclusiones signed Febry 7th, 1682

Nicho: OLMSTEAD } Committee for Mattatuck

At Farminton, Febry seaventh 1682 Edward SCOTT senior Did personally appear, and did publickly, freely and fully declare that he did give and grant to his son Edward SCOTT Junr that House set for a dwelling House on the Home Lott granted to his sayd son by mattatuck committee, and all his rights in those other Land granted by said Committee belonging to that Home Lott on which sayd House now stands, with all the charges and expenses thereon, and what he hath disburst for sayd Lands in reference to the purchase thereof, to be and remaine, to his sayd son, to him his Heires forever, without any further or future clayme, from him selfe or from any other by or under him.

the above said was fully signified and declared before us
John WADSWORTH } Asst.

wee the Committee grant phillip JUDD the quiet possession of that Land and allotments at Mattatuck that was formerly his Broth Samuel JUDDs lands this 13th of Jun, 1687

Pr us { John TALCOTT

we hose names are here under wrighten do subscrib to a faithfull submission and observation of the act by the committee one the other sid of this lefe, Feby the 6 -- 1682.

Subscribed this 4 Jun 83 Thomas HANCOX
Janiwari 10 83 Thomas JUDD Juner
May 26 == 84 Robert PORTER
June 13 == 87 Philip JUDD

Hartford, Janry: the 10th, 1683:
Thomas JUDD Junir is accepted as an inhabitant at Mattatuck his father Thomas JUDD heveing signified subscribeing to the Act and order of the Committee Febuary the sixt, 1682. in referance to benjamine JUDs allotment, and privilidge of reseizen of the same upon condissiones in the sayd Act and order granted. It being determined by us the Committee, in case any grant or grantes be made by the inhabitants of Mattatuck, to Thomas JUDD Junr in referance to possession of any parcells or Tracts of Land is hereby made voyd and of none effect, notwithstanding any thing to the Contrary. And whereas there is an Addission formerly granted by the Committee to Benjamin JUDDs home Lott, it is now ordered that the sayd Addission shall not be run further into the High way then it was layd by Sergt Jno STANLY Thomas JUDD and the Townsmen appointed for that service.
Pr us { John TALCOTT
Samuel STELL, Senr } Committee

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