Waterbury, New Haven Co., CT - 1730 Land Inventory
Proprietors' Records
Of The Town Of Waterbury, Connecticut
1677 - 1761
Transcribed & Edited by Katharine A. Prichard
Pages 136 - 140

A List of the Lott in the North west Quarter of the Bounds
and the Number of Acres belonging to Each Man in the Division
[follows the notes for the 11 Mar 1730 Town Meeting]

A List of the House Lotts on the Old Town Platt Set out by a Committee.
Lieut. Timothy STANLY, Doctor Daniel PORTER, Ser.
And Deacon Thomas HIKCOX.
We began on the west teer att the North End and Found as Follows

  • first. John BROUNSONs Lott
  • Second. Edmund SCOTTs Lott
  • third. Isaac BROUNSONs Lott
  • fourth. Samll HIKCOX Ser. Lott
  • fifth. Dr. PORTERs Lott
  • Sixth. A Great Lott
  • Seventh. A Great Lott
  • Eight. John WARNERs Lott.

  • then an Eight Rod Highway; south of WARNERs Lott, that Runs East & West, or as the Lotts ly

  • Ninth. Thomas RICHASONs Lott
  • tenth. Joseph HIKCOX Lott
  • Eleventh. L. Timothy STANLIES Lott
  • twelfh. John NEWELLs Lott
  • Thirteenth. Benjamin JONESES Lott
  • fourteenth L. John STANDLIES Lott
  • fifteenth. Deacon JUDDs Lott
  • sixteenth John HOPKINs Lott.

  • then we began Att the South End of the East teer and found:

  • first Deacon JUDDs Lott.
  • Second David CARPENTERs Lott
  • third Abraham ANDDRUSS Lott.
  • fourth Lieut. JUDDs Lott
  • fifth. Edmund SCOTT Ser. Lott
  • Sixth. Lieut Timothy STANLIES Lott
  • Seventh Abraham ANDDRUSS Cooper Lott
  • Eight. Benjamin BARNES Lott
  • Ninth. Thomas NEWELS Lott

  • then Eight Rods Highway to Run East and West, or as the Lotts Ly.

  • tenth. Obadiah RICHARDs Lott
  • Eleventh Thomas WORNERs Lott
  • twelfth John SCOVILLs Lott
  • thirteeth. John CARINGTON's Lott
  • fourteenth John WELTONs Lott
  • fifteenth Daniel WORNER's Lott
  • Sixteenth. Thomas JUDD Lott.

    the Several Lotts In the west teer but. East on Highway. the Severall Lotts In the East teer but West on High way.
    Found by the Committe Daniel PORTER, Thomas HIKCOX, Timothy STANLY + His Mark. This Return of the Committe Entred by orDer of the Proprietors att their meeting, as may be Seen by their Act March 11, 1730, and Entered by John SOUTHMAYD, Clerk. A true Record of the Return as attests. John SOUTHMAYD Clerk.

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