Grand Street Cemetery, Waterbury, New Haven Co., CT
Surnames P to W

Excerpted from
Ancient Burying-Grounds
of the Town of Waterbury, Connecticut
Compiled & Edited by Katharine A. PRICHARD

Margaret L. daughter of Austin & Maria PAINTER,
Died Jul 23, 1835, aged 7 months.

The lovely little flower has gone.

In memory of
Almyra, wife of Henry S. PARDEE,
who died March 23, 1841, aged 20.

Edwin H. PARDEE, son of Henry S. & Phebe H. PARDEE,
died March 23, 1845, aged 1 year & 6 mo.

then let us hush the rising sigh,
Though Death the bond dissever;
It takes from eart yo younder sky,
A bud to bloom forever.

In memory of
Alfred , son of Harmon & Elizabeth PAYNE,
who died suddenly, Jan 28, 1815, Aet. 18

In the midst of live we are in death.

Mrs. Esther, wife of Mr. John PAYNE :
died Feb 23d, 1787 : aged 37 years.

Mrs. Abigail, wife of Mr. Joseph PAYNE;
died Jan 29th, 1895, aged 31 years.

Mr. Harmon PAYNE died Nov 3, 1816, AEt. 43

Hiram H. died April 2, 1830, aged 33 days.
Mary E. died Oct 14, 1846, aged 16 mos.
Children of William H. & Rebecca R. PAYNE>

Mr. Joseph PAYNE, died April 25th, A.D. 1805, aged 54 years.

Suky, dughter to Mr. Joseph & Mrs. Agigail PAYNE,
died Sept. 13, 1804, aged 14 years.

In memory of
Mr. Roger Peck, who died Sept. 17. 1808, Aged 62 years.

This truth how certain
When this life is o'er.
Man died so live, & lives to die no more

Of such is the Kingdom of Heaven.

Alfred Josiah, son of William M. & Mary PEMBERTON
died Sept. 20. 1836, AE. 9 mo.

As the sweet flow'r that scents the morn
But witheres in the rising day,
Thus lovely was this infant dawn
But swiftly snatched from Earth away.

Be ye also ready

William, son of William M. & Mary PEMBERTON,
was drowned Jan. 27, 1838, AE 7 yrs, 8 mo. & 17 days.

Thou joyous youth, hence learn how soon
Thy years must end their flight,
Long, long before life's brilliant noon
May come Death's gloomy night.

Nancy A. wife of William J. PERKINS,
Died Oct 8, 1848, aged 61 years.

Mary B., daughter of Wm. & Mary Jane PICKETT,
died Jan. 26, 1854, AE 14 mo.

Sarah E. wife of William PICKETT
died Dec. 28, 1849, Aged 22 years.

In memory of
Alvira R. wife of Almon PLATT
who died March 20, 1837, aged 41.

Charles Kirtland, second son of Niram B. & Eliza PLATT
died Feb. 21, 18563, AE 2 years & 8 days.

Hannah, Widow of Dea. Gideon PLATT,
formerly wife of Miles NEWTON,
Died Nov 29, 1847, AE 84.

Harriet Eliza, daughter of Niram B. & Eliza PLATT,
died Jun 10, 1850, aged 19 mo's.

In memory of
Merrit PLATT, who died Sept. 16, 1815, Aet. 25.

Kind reader pause while here you look,
The dearest tie of friendship broke :
His Saviour called and he is gone,
While friends in solitary mourn.

Orton W., son of Wm. S. & Caroline E. PLAT;
Died Nov 29, 1847, AE 6 mo's.

Sophia, daughter of Enoch & Sally PLATT
Died Sept. 30, 1845, AE. 18.

Susan F. daughter of Enoch & Sally PLATT
died Feb. 20, 1840, aged 1 yr 9 mo & 11 ds.

Sleep on sweet babe and take thy rest,
God call'd thee home, He knew 'twas best.

Susan M. daughter of Enoch & Sally PLATT,
died April 7, 1836, AE 2 years 1 mo. & 12 ds.

God hath wipt away all tears
from her eyes, there shall be no
more death neither sorrow
or crying, neither will there
be any more pain.

In memory of
Anna, wife of Daniel PORTER,
who died April 26, 1831 : aged 61 years.

In memory of
Mr. Ansel PORTER, son of Col. Phineas & Melysant PORTER,
who died Oct 9, 1813, aged 29 years.
and Melysant L. daughter of Mr. Ansel & Mrs. Lucy PORTER
died Aug 30, 1815, aged 6 years.

In memory of
Clarry PORTER, wife of Timothy PORTER, &
daughter of Ebenezer & Deborah FRISBY
who died Nov 18, 1821, aged 27 years.

Consort and children cease to weep
Though I from you in death do sleep.
Prepare : we soon shall meet again
Where love and joy forever reign.

Daniel PORTER Died Dec. 19, 1851, AE. 83.

Eliza E. PORTER, daughter of Orlando, & Olevia M. PORTER,
died Sept. 4, 1815, aged 2 years.

In memory of
Esther wife of Col. Phinehas PORTER,
who departed this life March 18, 1772, in the 37th year of her age.

In memory of
Eunice Daughter of Cap. Thomas PORTER.
She Died August 28, 1754 AD. Aged 19 years.

Of such is the Kingdom of Heaven

Francis D. Only son of Deman C. & Phidelia PORTER,
Born Feb 7, 1849, Died Sep 9, 1850.

Is the gentle spirit gone
Our lovely Francis dead
His sparkling eyes forever close,
The cold grave his bed.

Hannah, wife of Horace PORTER,
Died April 11, 1844, AE. 52.
In memory of
H. Chauncey son of Horace & Hannah PORTER,
who died Aug. 9, 1834, aged 19 years.

The Genius of music beam'd forth in this youth,
Of Earth's fading endowments a sad mournful truth,
But his soft busy eye shall forever be bright,
When sun, moon & stars all cease of their light.

Hobert Charles son of Horace & Hannah PORTER,
Died Apr. 17, 1859, AE. 40

In memory of
Horace Clark, son of Horace & Hannah PORTER,
who died Aug. 11, 1831, aged 19 years.

O, when pale death his features spread
How deep the pang. O! grief, he's dead
But hark! his silent whispers deep :
Parents & Mourners, cease to weep,
Go and prepare in death to sleep.

James S. son of Ansel C. & Ruth PORTER,
died Feb 25, 1849, aged 7 months.

Doct. Jesse PORTER died July 26, 1860, AE. 82.
Comfort, his wife, Died Aug. 10, 1855, AE 69.

Joseph PORTER son of Daniel & Anna PORTER,
died Jan. 5, 1812, Aged 4 years, & 6 months.

My parents dear your tears forbear
No gems or orient spoil
Lie here conceal'd & what's more rare,
A heart that knows no guile.

Doct. Joseph PORTER Died May 6, 1848, AE 76

Lavinia, wife of Doct. Joseph PORTER,
Died May 19, 1848, AE. 81.

Leva Julia, wife of Daniel PORTER,
died May 25, 1850, AE. 48

Margaret PORTER, wife of Doct. Timothy PORTER :
died April 12, 1813, in the 74 year of her age.

In memory of
Phineas PORTER, Esq., who died March 9th, AD. 1804, aged 64 years.

Phineas W. son of Mr. Ansel & Mrs. Lucy PORTER :
died Sept 3, 1807 [1808], aged 7 months.

In memory of
Doct. Preserved PORTER, who died Oct 23d, 1803, AE. 74.

Sibbel Daughter of Capt. Thomas PORTER.
She died July 29, 1753, aged 6 years.

In memory of
Mrs. Sophia PORTER, consort of Mr. Luther PORTER :
& daugher of Dr. Mark NEWELL :
Born Aug. 23d, 1784. Died June 19th, 1808.

Doct. Timothy PORTER, died Jan. 24, 1792:
in the 57 year of his age.

Abigail M. daughter of Roswell & Hannah PRATT.
died Dec. 14, 1829, AE 17 y's & 5 mo.

In memory of
Edgar F. son of George & Hannah PRATT,
who died Sept. 16, 1824, AE 10 months.

Our Parents' Graves.

Roswell PRATT Died Dec 24, 1825, AE. 61.
Hannah, wife of Roswell PRATT,
Died Oct 27, 1848, AE. 71

Father, Mother, rest.

Mrs. Amy, wife of Mr. Bennet PRICHARD
died May 1, 1829, aged 25 years.

In memory of
Mr. Benjamin PRICHARD, who died of the small pox,
Jan 10th, 1801. In the 46th year of his age.

Damon PRITCHARD died Dec 24, 1835, AE. 55.

David PRITCHARD, Born April 17, 1737, Died Dec 23, 1838.

Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord.

David PRITCHARD, Jr. Died Dec. 22, 1838, AE 63.

David son of David & Wealthy H. PRITCHARD
Died Aug 10, 1846, AE. 1 y'r, 56 d's.

Edward PRICHARD died Dec 23, 1825 : aged 24 years.
Isaac L. PRICHARD died Oct 28, 1823, aged 19 years.
Sons of Isaac & Lucina PRICHARD.

Here lies the Body of
Mr. Eliphalet PRICHARD who departed this life,
May 21, A.D. 1789, in the 33d year of his age.

Eliza Daughter of Isaac & Lucina PRICHARD,
died Feb. 2, 1816, AE. 2 years & 6 mo.

Eliza R. Daughter of Spencer & Mary PRICHARD,
Died Feb 16, 1855, AE. 22.

In memory of
Mrs. Elizabeth, wife of Mr. George PRICHARD,
who died Feb. 17th, 1802, aged 81 years.

Infant son of Elizur E. & Betsey PRITCHARD :
died Feb. 26, 1834, AE. 4 d's.

George PRITCHARD died Oct 21, 1820, in the 97 year of his age.

In memory of
Isaac PRICHARD who died August 11th, 1798, aged 69 years.

In memory of
Isaiah PRICHARD who died Nov. 28, 1833, aged 79 years.

Jared PRITCHARD Died Dec 8, 1840, aged 32.
Franklin J. son of Jared & Alma PRITCHARD,
died June 13, 1837, aged 4 years.

In memory of
May Ann daughter of David & Anna PRITCHARD
who died Nov 24, 1822, AE 16

Here lies entombed a sister friend and daughter :
The summons came and Christ did call her :
Rest! Blessed Maiden in they dark abode,
Sorrow and pain cannot thy happiness corrode;
Till the Arch Angel's Trump shall bid thee rise
To meet thy Saviour in the skies.

Here lieth the Body of
Mr. Roger PRICHARD who departed this life
September 19th A.D. 1792, in the 77th year of his age.

In memory of
Mrs. Ruth, wife of Mr. David PRITCHARD,
who died Jun 25, 1812, AE. 72.

In memory of
Sarah, wife of Jared PRICHARD,
who died March 24, 1831, aged 20 years.

In memory of
Sarah H., daughter of David & Anna PRICHARD,
who died Feb 4, 1827, aged 18 years.

There was a time, that time is past,
When youth, I bloomed like thee;
A time will come, tis coming fast,
When thou shalt fade like me.

In memory of
Sylvia, wife of Isiah PRICHARD,
who died Sept. 1, 1838, aged 66 years.

Charles B. son to David & Anna PRINDLE,
died June 24, 1812, aged 11 months.

Frederick B, son of Archibald E. & Susan B. RICE,
Born Jan 22, 1837, Died Aug 20, 1839

Susan J., daughter of Archibald E. & Susan B. RICE
Born Jul 22, 1849, Died Sept. 22, 1850

In memory of
Miles H. RICHARDS, who died May 24, 1834, Aged 54 years.

Abigail, Dau'tr of Mr. Thomas & Mrs. Abigail RICHASON,
Born May 24, 1769 & died April 8, 1772

Anna, Daut of Mr. Thomas & Mrs. Abigail RICHASON
born March 13, 1771 & died April 20, 1772.

Israel, son of Mr. Thomas & Mrs. Abigail RICHASON,
born Sep. 25, 1764, & died March 29th 1772.


Sarah, Dau'tr of Mr. Thomas & Mrs. Abigail W. RICHASON,
Born June 28, 1757 & died Janr 13, 1772.

Amos ROBERTS Died Feb. 15, 1858, AE. 75.

Huldah H. wife of Nathaniel ROBERTS,
Died June 10, 1839, aged 33.

In memory of
Joel ROBERTS who died Feb 10, 1815, aged 79
Also, Abigail, his wife, who died Jan 15, 1807, aged 61.

In memory of
Lucy, wife of Amasa ROBERTS, who died July 25, 1821, aged 40.

In memory of
Lucy, wife of Amos ROBERTS who died Aug 2, 1842, aged 57 years.

Rebecca H. wife of Amos ROBERTS, Died Sept 5, 1854, AE. 58.

Edwin F. son of Daniel F. & Mary L. ROCKWELL,
Died April 22, 1853, Aged, 16 days.

Frederick son of William & Mary ROLLASON,
died Dec 8, 1834, aged 13 years, 3 months & 3 days.

Charles ROOT, son of Chauncey & Huldah ROOT:
died Sep 3, 1836, AE. 17

In memory of
Elizabeth S. wife of George ROOT,
who died Sept. 3, 1833, aged 29 years.

George, son of George & Elizabeth ROOT,
died Aug 16, 1832, aged 1 year & 9 months.

In memory of
Mr.s Huldah ROOT, wife of Mr. Chauncey ROOT,
who died Feb. 3, 1822, aged 34.

Nancy Jane, daughter of George & elizabeth ROOT,
died Sept. 20, 1828, aged 2 yrs. & 2 mo.

Just like an early rose
The lovely idol bloom'd
But Jesus call'd & she is gone
To the bright world above.

Elizabeth M. A. wife of Robert ROSS Died April 1, 1856, AE. 26.

Catharine wife of William ROWLEY died Jan 25th 1805, aged 35 years.
William ROWLEY died on his birthday, June 25th 1808, aged 42 years.

Bennet son of Chester & Nancy A. RUSSELL,
died June 5, 1839, aged 2 y'rs & 4 mo.

Ere sin could blight or sorrow fade,
Death came with friendly care,
The opening bud to heaven convey'd,
And bade it blossom there.

In memory of
Chester RUSSELL, who died Dec 5, 1841, aged 31 years.

Emma R., daughter of Edward & Fanny RUSSELL,
died Oct. 16, 1828, aged 2 y'rs. & 8 mo.

Fanny, Wife of Edward RUSSELL, Died Feb. 21, 1849, AE. 46.

M. S.
(Old stone, not identified)

In memory of
John, the son of Henry & Harriet SALT, of Culthorpe, Derbyshire, England,
who died of Consumption, April 11, 1847, Aged 24 years.

Out, out brief candle,
Life's but a walking shadow, a poor play
And then is heard no more; it is a tale
Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury
Signifying nothing.

She came forth like a flower & was cut down.

Eliza, daughter of John & Elizabeth SANDLAND,
died May 16, 1830, aged 5 years.

Sacred to the memory of Elizabeth, wife of John SANDLAND,
who departed this life Aug. 8, 1832, aged 39 years.

Harriet Amelia, daughter of Edward & Mary Ann SANDLAND,
Died Apr. 15, 1840, AE. 3 mo.

Ere sin could blight or sorrow fade
Death came with friendly care;
The opening bud to Heaven removed,
And bade it blossom there.

John SANDLAND Died Sept 20, 1848, Aged 57 years.

Julia Maria, daughter of John H. & Abigail SANDLAND
died Aug. 14, 1839, AE. 3 y'rs & 7 mos.

Sacred to the memory of
William SANDLAND, formerly of Birmingham, England,
who died March 13, 1841, AE. 56 years.

Ana wife of Truman SANFORD, Died August 24, 1862, AE. 82.

Nancy Elmina, wife of Rufus B. SANFORD,
Died Aug. 14, 1846, AE 24.

Yes, yes, loved one thou art gone home
Where thou desired to be,
When seraphs whispered, sister come
Thy Saviour's face to see.

Truman SANFORD Died Nov. 26, 1856, AE 74

Ann Eliza daughter of James & Harriet J. SCARRITT,
died Nov. 15, 1850, aged 8 years, & 6 mo.

In memory of
Ashley SCOTT, Esq., who died May 15, 1842, aged 78 years.

Daniel SCOTT

In memory of
Elizabeth, daughter of Heman & Susan SCOTT,
Who Died Jul 22, 1829, AE. 3 mo's & 17 d's.

Emma SCOTT, Daughter of Ashley & Martha SCOTT,
died Oct. 8, 1815, AEt. 14.

In memory of
Mrs. Esther, wife of Mr. Daniel SCOTT,
who died Jan. 11, 1811, AE. 24.

But let us hasten to the day,
That will our flesh restore;
When death shall all be done away,
And bodies part no more.

Mr. Lewis SCOTT, died July 21, 1827, AE 31.

Martha, wife of Ashley SCOTT, died Dec 3, 1848, aged 83.

Martha A., daughter of Heman & Susan SCOTT
She died April 3, 1835, AE. 2 years & 1 mo.

When sorrowing o'er these tombs I bend,
Which have receiv'd my dearest friends,
From their embrace, their voice, their smile,
These clods divide a little while,
Thou, Saviour, knows the grief we have,
The falling tear at Lazarus grave.

Mary E., wife of Joel W. SCOTT,
Died Jan 18, 1853, AEt. 23.

Mourn not for me but for yourselves.

Suffer little children to come unto me & forbid them not.

In memory of
Phebe A. daughter of Heman & Susan SCOTT.
She died April 5, 1832, aged 4 yrs. & 4 mo.

Her Saviour called & she is gone,
Adieu she cried : adieu but hark :
Her gentle whisper seems to say
Prepare, you'll fine me in that day :
Where we shall never part.

In memory of
Mrs Pricilla Wife of Mr. Samuel SCOT, Jur
she Died Septr ye 25 A.D. 1755, aged 54 years.

Samuel, son of Samuel SCOTT Jur.
He Died Septr ye 23 A.D. 1749 Aged 7 years.

In memory of
Mr. Asabia SCOVILL who died April 20th, 1808; aged 26 years.

In memory of
Daniel SCOVILLE, who died Oct 3, 1833, aged 58 years.

In memory of
Mrs. Hannah, wife of Mr. Obadiah SCOVILL.
She died August ye 22, A.D. 1756. Aged 27 years.

In memory of
James SCOVILL, who died Nov. 26, 1825, aged 62

Here lies ye Body of
Lieut John SCOVILL, he died April ye 28th 1759,
in ye 65th year of his age.

Laura A. wife of Daniel SCOVILL, Died Nov 1, 1855, AE. 69.

(A SCOVILL slate stone - inscriptions illegible)

Albert, died March 26, 1811, AEt. 4 months.
David A. died Sept 1, 1815 : Aged 4 years.
Sons of Wm. & Patty SELEY.

Nelson, died Aug 28, 1815, AEt. 2 years & 4 mo.
Sherman, died April 20, 1816: AEt. 13 months.
Sons of William & Patty SELEY

Mary E. daughter of Henry & Roxa SEXTON,
died Aug 15, 1828, aged 4 years & 1 mo.

Charles G., son of Mr. Isaac & Mrs. Silence SEYMOUR;
died July 10, 1811, Aged 5 months.

Suffer little children to come unto me & forbid them not.

George W. son of Robert S. & Abigail SEYMOUR :
died June 5, 1833, aged 1 year & 20 days.

Happy infant, early blest,
Rest in peaceful slumber, rest,
Early rescued from the cares
That increase with growing years.

Ralph A. son of Charles & Flora SEYMOUR,
died Sept 27, 1839, aged 11 months.

Sterne H. SEYMOUR Died Feb. 28, 1851, AE. 19.

In memory of
two Sons, only children of Pliny & Chloe SHELDON
Clark Deloss was born March 5, 1812, Died Oct 29, 1815, AE. 4.
Porter Legrand was born Nov 22, 1810. Died Oct 27, 1815, AE. 5

Here sleeps in dust the parents' fondest pride,
Sweet smiling buds that open'd, bloom'd & died.

Cora L. Daughter of Elmore E. & Maretta SMITH,
Died Dec 27, 1861, AE. 14 Mo's.

In memory of
Eliza Ann SMITH who died Aug. 16, 1836, aged 62 years.

Eugene [SMITH] AE. 3 y's & 10 mo.

My first on Earth.
My first in Heaven.

Herbert L, son of Elmore E. & Marietta SMITH,
died Jan. 30, 1849, Aged 4 mo's & 5 D's.

Lyman P. SMITH Died Nov 17, 1846, AE. 35.

In memory of
Marilla, wife of Isaac G. SMITH,
who died May 29, 1848, AE. 36.

In memory of
Molly, wife of James SMITH, who departed this life
Feby 19, 1801, in the 31st year of her age.

Sarah Middlebrook, Daughter of James H. & Jane SMITH
died May 6, 1848, AE. 3 years 1 mo. & 11 days.

Franklin W. son of Elbridge G. & Eunice W. SNOW
died Oct 28, 1849, AE. 2 yr's, 7 mo's & 8 D's

Here lies ye Body of
Daniel SOUTHMAYD Esq, died Janu 12th 1754 in ye 37th year of his Age.

Here lies ye Body of
Mr. John SOUTHMAYD ye 2d died Feb. 28th 1743, in ye 33d year of his age.

Here lies ye Body of ye
Revd john SOUTHMAYD Minister of ye Gospel for ye space of 40 years:
died Novr 14th 1755 in ye 80th year of his Age.

Here lies ye Body of
Mrs. Susanna Wife of ye Revd John SOUTHMAYD
she died Feb 8th, 1752 in ye 79 year of her age.

Capt. Jacob SPERRY died Sept. 22, 1834, in his 87 year.
Sarah, wife of Capt. Jacob SPERRY, died Nov 25, in her 83 year.

Mr. Marcus SPERRY died August 31, 1811 aged 35 years.

A pleasing form, a generous gentle heart,
A good companion, honest without art,
Just in his dealings, faithful to his friend,
Belov'd in life lamented in the end.

Mary Cornelia daughter of Anson & Lois SPERRY
was drowned April 22, 1833, aged 5 yr, 1 mo & 10 days.

Herbert E son of Erastus & Abigail B. SQUIRES.
Died Sept. 19, 1857, AE 1 y'r.

Clark M. son of Daniel & Margaret STEELE,
died May 27, 1811, AEt. 5 years & 6 mo.

There is rest in Heaven

Frederick Clark son of David & Sally STEELE
died March 27, 1836, AE. 1 yr. & 9 mon's.

In memory of
Rebecca STEELE, wife of Daniel STEELE,
who died March 8, 1796, AEt. 26.

Philo STODDARD Died Sept. 15, 1855, AE 51.

Elizabeth E. STONE, wife of William STONE,
died July 11, 1853, AE. 40.

In memory of
Isaac SUTTON who died March 22, 1840, aged 86 years.

In memory of
Mary, wife of Isaac SUTTON,
who died April 23, 1837, Aet. 78.

In memory of
Richard SUTTON, who died Jan 21, 1842, aged 38 years.

In memory of
Sally, wife of Richard SUTTON,
who died March 20, 1834, aged 28 years.

Behold & see as you pass by,
As you are now, so once was I :
As I am now, so you must be,
Prepare for death & follow me.

R. T.

In memory of
Chloe, wife of Jacob TALMAGE,
who died Nov. 24, 1848, AE. 51.

When called to part from those we love,
We feel a touch of sorrow;
But if our hearts are fixed aright,
We meet again to-morrow.

Nancy Maria daughter of Jacob & Chloe TALMAGE
died Dec 11, 1844, AE. 12 y'rs & 6 mo.

There's a shadow on the morning dew,
My days are spent which were but few,
Weep not for me dear friend tis all in vain,
For your great loss is my eternal gain.

In memory of
Mr. David TAYLOR, who died August 19th 1801 : aged 64 years.

In memory of
Mrs. Huldah TAYLOR, who died March 1, 1823, Aged 89 years.

The sweet remembrance of the just
Shall flourish when they sleep in dust.

Here lies ye Body of
Mrs Jemima wife of Mr. David TAYLOR.
She died May ye 12th, 1761, in ye 28th year of her Age.

Mortals attend & learn your end. (broken)

Albin TERRILL Died Sept. 8, 1847, AE. 83.

In memory of
David TERREL, who died June 12, 1831 : in the 27 year of his age.

Kind reader, pause while here you look
The dearest ties of friendship broke;
His Savior call'd and now he's gone.
His friends in solitary mourn.

In memory of
Emeline, relict of David TERREL,
who died Nov 4, 1834, aged 23 years.

Once you look'd forward to life's opening day,
The sceen was bright & pleasant seem'd the way
Hope drew the picture; fancy, ever near
Coloured it bright; 'tis blotted with a tear.

Myron, son of Joel & Rosette TERREL,
died Aug 20, 1833, AE. 7 months.

Statira, wife of Albin TERRELL,
Died Jan. 30, 1845, AE. 71.

Wm. Augustus son of Joel & Rosette TERREL,
died Jan. 28, 1846, AE 16 mo.

In memory of
Abigail, wife of Willis G. THOMAS<
who died Nov 29, 1830, aged 26 years.

In memory of
Joseph H. THOMPSON, son of Stiles & Hannah THOMPSON,
He was born June 28, 1809, and died Sept. 22, 1815.

William S. THOMPSON Died Oct 30, 1848, aged 42.
Also Frederick H. son of William S. & Charlotte THOMPSON
died Aug 19, 1847, aged 2 years.

Rosanna Rice, formerly of Garleston, Scotland,
wife ot David TOBIN, who died Jun 13, 1839, AE. 22 years.

John, son of Merrit & Laura TOMPKINS,
died June 2, 1833, aged 21 days

She came forth like a flower & was cut down.

Mary, daughter of Merrit & Laura TOMPKINS,
died June 25, 1829, aged 4 years.

Mary Ann, daughter of Merrit & Laura TOMPKINS,
died July 2, 1832, aged 1 year & 3 mo.

Augustus Levenworth, only son of Rev. Asa M. & Lucia L. TRAIN
died Aug 22, 1828, AE. 6 mo. & 4 days.

So fades the lovely blooming flower,
Frail smiling solace of an hour,
So soon our transient comforts fly,
And pleasure only blooms to die.

Elizabeth R., wife of John S. TUTTLE,
died Sept. 15, 1848, aged 67.

Malvina J., daughter of John S. & Elizabeth R. TUTTLE,
died Aug. 6, 1817, aged 3 mo. & 2 days.

Mrs. Myrhimney, wife of John S. TUTTLE,
died Aug. 27, 1815, AE. 49.

In memory of
Benjamin UPSON, who died March 12, 1824, Aged 72 years.

In memory of
Emma, wife of Charles UPSON,
who died Sept. 28, 1823, aged 22.

Kind reader, pause while here you look
The dearest ties of friendship broke,
Her Saviour call'd and now she's gone,
Her friends in Solitary mourn.

Laura A., wife of Israel UPSON,
died May 12, 1850, aged 31, years.

Mrs. Lucena, wife of Mr. Mark UPSON,
who died April 20, 1820, aged 44.

Luther UPSON Died July 4, 1862, AE. 68.

In memory of
Mr. Mark UPSON, who died July 19, 1820 : aged 54.

In memory of
Mrs. Mary UPSON, wife of Benjamin UPSON,
who died June 13, 1816, in the 74 year of her age.

In memory of
two daughters of Mr. Daniel & Mrs. Mary UPSON :
Manervia died Jun 16, 1805 Aged 2 years.
Polly M. died Jun 19, 1897, Aged 1 year.

Sacred to the memory of
Obed UPSON who died Jan 22, 1839, AE. 72 years.

In memory of
Phebe, wife of Deac. Daniel UPSON,
who died May 4, 1845, aged 60

In memory of
Sally, daughter of Mr. Mark & Mrs. Lucene UPSON,
who died Jan 30, 1811, Aged 9 years.

In memory of
Stephen UPSON, son of Benjamin & Mary UPSON,
who died at his residence in Lexington, Georgia,
Aug. 3, 1824, aged 41 years.
Also and Infant son of Benjamin & Mary UPSON
who died Feb. 24, 1786.

Sacred to the memory of
Sybil, wife of Obed UPSON,
Died Oct 23, 1844, AE. 69 years.

William, son of Horatio & Hannah UPSON,
died March 16, 1816, aged 7 mo & 3 da.

In memory of
David WAKELEE, who died Oct 1, 1820, aged 60 years.

In memory of
Anson WARNER, who died April 12, 1813, AE. 33.
Also Hannah his wife who died Aug. 24, 1817, AE. 37.

Arthur & Eliza
They sleep tull the morn.
Children of Darwin & Maria L. WARNER.

Here lies ye Body of
Doctr Benjamin WARNER Junr son of Doctr Benjamin WARNER
he died Novbr ye 24th 1758 in ye 25th year of his Age.

In memory of
Dr. Benjamin WARNER who departed this Life
April 24th, 1772 In the 75th year of his Age.

In memory of
Caroline O. wife of Leonard WARNER;
who died Jan. 26, 1838, aged 32 years.

Mr. Ebenezer WARNER Died Oct. 5th, 1805, AE. 94.

Here lies ye Body of
Dr. Ephraim WORNER who Departed this life
ye 30th day of August Anno Domini 1753
in ye 84th year of his Age.
Ye aged Dr. Ephraim WORNER

In memory of
Ephraim WARNER Juner, Son to Mr Ard WARNER.
he Died July the 13th A.D. 1786 : in the 19th year of his Age.

The sole prepar'd needs no delays,
The summons come the saint obeys,
Swift was his flight & short the race,
He closed his eyes and saw his God;
The flesh rest here till Jesus come,
And claime the treasure from the tomb.

In memory of
Mr. Ephraim WARNER who died May 20, 1808, aged 70 years.

Therefore my heart is glad and my gloy rejoiceth;
my flesh also shall rest in hope. Ps. 16.9

In memory of
Mrs. Hannah WARNER : Consort to Mr. Mark WARNER :
Daughter to Doct. Ichabod FOOT : of Branford :
who departed This Life Septbe 15th 1794:
in the 34th year of her Age.

True to her husband, free fromnoise & strife
She calmly sailed along the stream of life.
Kind to the poor, no friend to gaudy dress
Industry's friend; but foe to idleness.
Such was this woman, now from earth remov'd,
We trust enjoys that peace which here she loved.

In memory of
Hannh wife of Mark WARNER,
Who Died Feb. 9, 1849, aged 43.

In memory of
Joanna WARNER, the Late Wife of Doct. Benjamin WARNER
who Departed this Life Aril the 8th A.D. 1785 in the 85th year of her age.

Here lieth the body of
Josiah WARNER who died August the 26, 1750
in the 29th year of his age.
(Remainder of inscription illegible)

In memory of
widow Lydia WARNER who died July 20, 1815, AEt. 75.

In memory of
Lydia, wife of Mark WARNER,
who died Oct 23, 1838, aged 44 years.

Obadiah WARNER
Born January 22, 1770; Died Sept. 14, 1845:
In the 76 year of his age.

Polly wife of Obediah WARNER, Died Nov. 12, 1855, AE. 79.

Here lieth ye Body of
Seth son of Doct Ephraim & Elinor WARNER
he died Oct. ye 23, 1751, in ye second year of his age.

Frederic, died Nov. 30, 1822, aged 6 weeks.
Frederic 2, died June 17, 1825, aged 1 year & 5 months.
Children of Lyman & Abigail J. WARREN

Allin WELTON son of T.W.
Died july ye 31 1749 in the 2 year of his age.

Allin WELTON Died June ye 23 : 1750
in ye 6 week of his age.

Betsey, wife of Jabez WELTON,
Died March 18, 1855, AE. 67.

In memory of
Daniel WELTON, who died May 2, 1825, aged 43 years.

In memory of
Ephraim W. WELTON, who died Sept. 16, 1834, aged 42 years.

Eunice WELTON Relict of Rev. Joseph D. WELTON,
who died Feb. 20, 1832, aged 44 years.

Amiable, Distinguished, Exemplary

In memory of
Rev. Joseph D. WELTON who died Jan. 16, 1825, aged 42.

In memory of
Laura Brown, Wife of Edward WELTON,
who died May 9, 1849, aged 45.

In memory of
Polly, widow of Ephraim W. WELTON,
who died Feb 2, 1843, aged 50 [?] years.


Sarah A. WELTON, wife to Richard F. WELTON
departed this life July 19th 1803; in the 33d year of her age.

Friends & companions come draw near,
Behold and see who lies here;
Return then home to your own cell
And there prepare with me to dwell.

In memory of
Mr. Thomas WELTON who Died December ye First, 1780
in ye 71st year of his Age.

In memory of
David WHEELER who died March 3, 1822, aged 43.

Plum WHEELER died Sept. 10, 1849, Aged 33 years.

Occupy until we come.

Henrietta Sophia wife of Hiram J. WHITE &
daughter of Cyrus & Nancy CLARK,
died Aug 22, 1835, aged 26 years.

William Henry son of Hiram J. & Henrietta S. WHITE
died Dec. 22, 1835, aged 2 years.

Leonard WILKINSON, Jr., died Feb 20, 1841, AE. 11 weeks.
Mary B. WILKINSON died Sept 20, 1840, AE. 19 mo's.

Horace O. Died Sept 11, 1847, Aged 5 years.
Hannah E. Died Jun 6, 1848, aged 4 years.
Children of Hobert B. & Rhoda C. WILLIAMS.

In memory of
Rhoda C. wife of Hobart B. WILLIAMS,
who died May 28, 1848, Aged 30.

Cornelius son of Rev. Luke & Mrs. Anna WOOD,
died July 25, 1815, AE. 14 months.

Sereno, Son of Rev. Luke & Mrs. Anna WOOD,
died Sept. 4, 1815, AE. 4 years.

Franklin E. WOODRUFF Died July 20, 1853, AE 26 years.
George S. his son died Feb. 24, 1853, AE. 3 mo's.

In memory of
Harriet wife of Enoch WOODRUFF
who died July 26, 1835, aged 43 years.

Harriet Ann, died Dec. 17, 1836, aged 18 years.
Frederick N. died Aug. 9, 1836, aged 1 y'r, 7 mo. & 11 days.
Children of Enoch & Harriet WOODRUFF.

Julia A. wife of Wm. H. WOODRUFF
Died Mar. 5, 1853, AE. 39.

There's rest in Heaven.

In memory of
Mary Ann, wife of Miles WOODRUFF, &
daughter of Miles & Fanny ANDREWS,
who died Oct 4, 1849, aged 25 years.

In memory of
Miles J. son of Enoch & Harriet WOODRUFF
who died Aug. 2, 1838, aged 23 years.

Charles E. WOODWORTH died Feb 9, 1855, AE. 38

John J. John J. & Eliza WORDEN
Born Sept. 25, 1851, Died Jan 21, 1852.

Justus W. son of Seth & Chloe WORDEN
died Feb. 22, 1814, in the 9 year of his age.

Rebekah Daughter of Seth & Chloe WORDEN
died April 18, 1805, in the 4th year of her age.

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