Grand Street Cemetery, Waterbury, New Haven Co., CT
Surnames H to O

Excerpted from
Ancient Burying-Grounds
of the Town of Waterbury, Connecticut
Compiled & Edited by Katharine A. PRICHARD

S. A. H.

Olive Anna daughter of Capt. Moses & Mrs. Olive HALL
died Sept 7, 1813, aged 2 years & 8 months.

In memory of
Olive P., wife of Moses HALL, Esq., who died May 30, 1845, aged 70 years.

Susan, wife of Lemuel HALL, Born Feb 3, 1780, Died May 13, 1850

Edwin, Son of Capt. Lemuel & Mrs. Sarah HARRISON,
died April 8, 18011 [sic], AE 2 years.

'Twas hard to part but Edwin thou are blest;
From Ambush'd evils kindly call'd above;
By angels lead, instructed & caress'd,
Thou leavest thy parents for the Saviour's breast:
We lose a son's, but gain a cherub's love.

Lois, widow of Lemuel HARRISON, died Dec 7, 1819, Aged 81 years.

Sarah, wife of Lemuel HARRISON, Died Aug 24, 1839, AE. 67
Garry, Their son Died at Talmage, Ohio,
Sep 7, 1836, AE 28.
(Should be 1826)

In memory of
Stephen HARRISON, son of Lemuel & Sarah HARRISON
died Oct 14, 1820, AE 20.

Elisha N. HAWLEY Died April 4, 1851, AE 47.

In memory of
Elizabeth R., died August 26, 1833,
aged 1 year & 2 months,
daughter of Joseph S. & Ruhama HAYDEN

In memory of
four infant children of Joseph S. & Ruhamah HAYDEN;
the first died April 16, 1822.

Ruhamah, wife of Joseph S. HAYDEN, died Nov 26, 1840, aged 40 years.
Also their son Benjamin F., died Oct 31, 1839.

In memory of
Willard B. HAYDEN, son of David & Betsey HAYDEN,
who died Oct 5, 1822, age 23 years.

Mrs. Sarah HICKEN, died July 15, 1849, aged 68 years.
Mr. George HICKEN died at Birmingham, England, 1820.

Affliction sore long time I bore,
Physicians were in vain
Till God did please to give me ease,
And free me from my pain.

In memory of
Alanson R. HICKOX who died April 3, 1837, aged 36 years.

In memory of
Bennett A., son of Leonard & Almira HICKCOX
who died Oct 13, 1836, aged 22 y'rs.

Sacred to the memory of
Rev. Jonas HICKOX, who died Feb 19, 1837, aged 72 years.
Mrs. Rosannah HICKOX, wife of Rev. Jonas HICKOX,
died May 15, 1837, aged 69 years.

Lewis Augustus, son of Lewis A. & Lydia HICKOX,
died May 25, 1832, AE 4 years & 7 months.

An Angel's form, an Angel's heart,
How dear to friends, how hard to part.

Mary Elizabeth, died May 26, 1840, AE 12 y'r's
Ellen Amielia, died Jun 3, 1840, AE 7 years.

Children of Leonard & Amelia HICKOX

In memory of
Nancy, Daughter of Mr. Timothy & Mrs. Sarah HICKOX,
who died May 4, 1801, aged 8 years.

In memory of
two sons of Abraham & Sally HICKOX
Philander died April 1st, 1812, aged 7 months.
Their Infant Son died May 20, 1810, Aged 1 day

Happy the babes who privileged by fate
To shorter labour & to lighter weight
But yesterday receiv'd the gift of breath
Ordered to-morrow to return to death.

In memory of
Mrs. Sarah, wife of Mr. Timothy HICKOX,
who died Jan 24, 1813, AE 54.

Sarah V. died Dec 11, 1844, AE 7 yrs. & 6 mo.
Sarah M. died Dec 28, 1844, AE 7 mo.
Children of William & Jerusha HICKCOX.

In memory of
Deacn Thomas: HICKCOX He died June ye 28 ye A.D. 1728, aged 53 years.

In memory of
Timothy HICKOX who died Dec 8, 1835, aged 75 years.

In memory of
Viena, daughter of Timothy & Sarah HICKOX
who died Dec 13, 1822, aged 22

The Grave of
Elizabeth Leanory, wife of Lucien E. HICKS [HICKOX],
Died Aug 17, 1837, AE. 30.

"For if we believe that Jesus died
and rose again, even so them also
which sleep in Jesus will God
bring with him."

Polly, wife of Samuel HILL, died Oct 7, 1853, AE 67.

Samuel HILL, Died April 26, 1834, AE. 50

To prepetuate the memory of
Sarah M., oldest daughter of Samuel & Polly HILL;
who died Jan 24, 1822; aged 5 years, 9 months & 10 days.

Abigail, wife of Benjamin HINE, died May 16, 1841, aged 60 years.

In memory of
Eliza HINE, wife of John HINE,
who died June 8, 1822, AEt 30.

O my dear children, come and view
The place which is prepared for you.
As I am now so you must be,
Prepare for death and follow mw.
With fervent faith and hope serene
The parting cloud she looked between;
And there she saw her Saviour's face,
Then sunk into his fond embrase.
Blessed ar the dead who die in the lord
Yea saith the spirit & they rest from their
Labours and their works do follow them.

In memory of
Isaac HINE, who died Jan 27, 1833, aged 39 years.

In memory of
Mrs. Lois, wife of Newton HINE,
who died May 5, 1829, aged 53 years.

Mrs. Marilla, wife of Mr. John HINE,
died Aug 7th, 1827; AE. 30.

Sleep on my friend, in this thy tomb,
God saw 'twas best to call thee home.

Sarah M., daughter of Alexander & Jane C. HINE:
Died Aug 13, 1844, aged 9 years.

Abner HITCHCOCK, born Sept 4, 1777, died Aug 31, 1810, AE 33

In memory of
Daniel HITCHCOCK who died July 31, 1846, AE 37.

Enos, son of Daniel & Lydia HITCHCOCK,
died Aug't 17, 1824, AE 16 years.

Gaius HITCHCOCK, Died Oct. 14, 1845, AE. 34.
Betsey D. His wife Died May 26, 1846, AE. 38.

Irving Lyman, son of Daniel & Mary HITCHCOCK,
Died May 12, 1839, AE. 5 years.

James Newton, son of Gaius & Betsey HITCHCOCK,
died July 17, 1838, aged 1 yr, & 8 mo.

In memory of
Mary, wife of Daniel HITCHCOCK, who died Dec. 4, 1840, AE. 28.


In memory of
Jane, wife to David HOADLEY, who died Nov. 21st, 1799, aged 25 years.

E. H.
In memory of
Eliza Jannet, wife of Miles HOLMES,
who died Sept 25, 1830, AE 24.

To the memory of
Sally H. HOLMES, who died Sept. 11, 1816, aged 19 years.

In memory of
Mrs. Sarah, relict of Mr. Israel HOLMES,
who died March 19, 1821, aged 49.

Rest, wearied saint, thy sufferings are o'er,
Affliction's darts shall pierce thy breast no more,
Sleep then til the glad summons from the skies,
Shall bid they slumbering dust with joy arise.

William Buskirk died May 2, 1828, AE 1 year, 4 mos & 16 d's.
Hannah Ardelia died May 18, 1835, AE 6 months & 10 days
Children of Samuel & Lucina HOLMES


In memory of
Mrs. Hepzibah HOPKINS, wife of John HOPKINS, Esq.
who died July 29, 1800, aged 71 years

In memory of
Joseph HOPKINS, Esq., who died March 27, 1801, aged 71 years.

(broken) HOPKINS

Mary HOPKINS, Died Sept ye 27, 1748, in ye 13 year of her age.

Here lies
Ofe son oF Mr Isac & Mrs. HOPKINS.
He Died Augst 6e 28, 1749, Aged 2 yer.


Ruth ye Daug. of Mr. Isac & Mrs. Mary HOPKINS
she died Sept 22, A.D. 1752. Aged 7 years.

In memory of
Mr. Stephen HOPKINS who died Janr 4th 1769
In the 80th year of his Age.

Here lieth the Body of
Susanna HOPKINS who Died Sept ye 26, 1748
in ye 23 year of her age.

In memory of
Mrs. Susanna late Consort of Mr. Stephen HOPKINS
who died Dec. 31, 1755 in her 59th year.

Here lies the Body of
Timothy HOPKINS, Esq., who died Febry ye 5th, A.Dom 1748 aged 57 years.

When this you see then think on me.

David HOTCHKISS died Nov 15, 1841, AE 33

Elizabeth, wife of Henry G. HOTCHKISS, died Dec 13, 1848, AE 77.

Henry, Son of Elijah & Lucinda HOTCHKISS,
died Mar 21st, 1810, AE 9 days.

Henry Garry HOTCHKISS Died May 23, 1867, AE 72.

In memory of
a son & daughter of Mr. Stephen & Mrs. Tamer HOTCHKISS
Joseph died March 12, 1786, aged 5 years.
Irene died Sep 8, 1800, aged 3 years.

Mrs. Louis, wife ot Mr. Silas HOTCHKISS
died Feb 7th, 1766, in the 47th year of her age.

In memory of
Lucinda, wife of Dea. Elijah HOTCHKISS
who died Dec 22, 1845, in the 81 year of her age.

In memory of
Nancy HOTCHKISS Daughter of Mr. Eldad & Mrs. Abigail HOTCHKISS
died Nov 14, A.D. 1794, AE 13

As I am gone
You soon must go

In memory of
Rebecca, wife of Wm. R. HOTCHKISS
& daughter of Joseph & Tamer LEAVENWORTH
who died April 1, 1838, aged 27.

In memory of
Ruth, relict of Truman HOTCHKISS
who died Nov. 24, 1838, aged 75 years.

Sarah, daughter of William R. & Rebecca HOTCHKISS
died Dec. 17, 1835, aged 3 yrs. & 6 mos.

Mr. Silas HOTCHKISS died Jan 9th, AD. 1783
In the 64th year of his age.

Mr. Stephen HOTCHKISS died Sept. 9, 1826, aged 73 years

Great God I own thy sentance just
And nature must decay:
I yield my boddy to the dust,
To dwell with fellow clay.

Tamar, wife of Stephen HOTCHKISS
died Mar. 29, 1853, AE 94 y'rs.

Dear pilgrim farewell, thy journey is ended,
Thou hast gone to they rest in the temple of God.
Hast seen the dear Lord who for thee descended
To take thee at lenght to his blessed abode.

In memory of
Truman HOTCHKISS who died May 30, 1833, aged 73 years.

In memory of
Mrs. Annis, consort of Mr. Ezra HULL
who died May 19, 1820, aged 68

In memory of
Esther, daughter of Mr. Ezra & Mrs. Annas HULL
who died Jan 24, 1810: in the 29th year of her age.

In memory of
Mr. Ezra HULL who died July 20, 1818: Aged 69.

In memory of
John HULL; who died Sept. 8, 1823, aged 52.

In memory of
Sarah, Daughter to Mr. Ezra & Mrs. Annas HULL
who died August 9th 1794 in the 18th year of her age.

In memory of
Sarah Annis daughter of John & Sena HULL;
who died Nov 22, 1841, aged 30 y'rs.

Sena, wife of John HULL, Died Nov 10, 1864, AE 86

Styles D. son of Garry & Melissa HULL
died March 22, 1832, aged 16 months.

To prepetuate the memory of
Mary Isabella, daughter of Samuel G. & Ruth W. HUMISTON
who died Dec. 26, 1822, aged 1 year & 4 months.

In memory of
Samuel G. HUMISTON, who died Jan. 12, 1823, aged 39.

In memory of
Mrs. Elizabeth HUNGERFORD,
the amiable Consort of Mr. Zenas HUNGERFORD
who died Oct 8th, 1796, in the 23d year of her age.
Here also lies buried
Betcy infant daughter of Zenas & the deceased Elizabeth
who died Oct. 24th, 1796.

Mortals attend as you pass by
As you are now so once was I.
As I am now so you must be
Prepare to die and follow me.
In memory of
Mary, wife of Zenas HUNGERFORD,
who died Dec 28, 1831, aged 60.

Sabra, wife of Zenas HUNGERFORD,
Died Sept. 15, 1846, AE. 69 y'rs.

In memory of
Zenas HUNGERFORD, who died Feb. 19, 1843, AE 74.

Sacred to the Memory of
Eliza, wife of Vincent IBBOTSON, of Sheffield, England,
who departed this life April 16, 1850, Aged 21 years.

(West Side)
Giles IVES Died Feb'y 27, 1848, AE 74.
Abigail, his Wife, Died Jul 30, 1861, AE 83.
(North Side)
Gilbert, son of Giles & Abigail IVES
Died Jun 24, 1804, Aged 11 months.
Henry G., son of Giles & Abigail IVES
Died Sep 9, 1815, Aged 14 months.

In memory of
Hannah Daughter of Mr. Stephen & Mrs. Mary IVES
died Jul 3d, A.D. 1793, AE 17
Also of
Lucy, Their Daug. died Oct 30, AD. 1781, AE 3 years.

Death is a debt
To nature due
That we have paid.

Franklin E. JOHNSON Died April 20, 1849, Aged 25.

In memory of
George W. JOHNSON who died Sep 29, 1848, AE 24

Harriet Maria daughter of Willis C. & Mary Ann JOHNSON
born Jul 22, 1838, died Aug 16, 1839

Jarvis JOHNSON Died Jun 13, 1864, AE 59

Martha E. daughter of Jarvis & Mariah JOHNSON
Died Aug 30, 1846, AE t yr's & 9 m.

Ere' sin could blight or sorrow fade
Death came with friendly hand,
The opening bud to Heaven convey'd
And bade it blossom there.

Mary Ann, wife of Willis JOHNSON,
died Nov 24, 1841, aged 22 years.

Her spirit has flown to its rest
Afar from the sorrowing clod
To the bright happy land of the blest
And the smile of its glorious God.

There's rest in Heaven

Patty JOHNSON, relict of A. H. JOHNSON
died Jul 22, 1848, AEt. 57 years.

She's left a world of grief & care,
A body of disease & pain
A robe of righteousness to wear,
And paradise to gain.

Andrew H. JOHNSON, died in Greenwich,
Nov. 15, 1827, AEt. 40 y'rs.

William E. son of Joel & Samira JOHNSON
was drowned Jul 2, 1845, AE. 1 y'r, 11 mo., & 8 d'ys.

Sleep sweet my babe you are at rest
God called you home as he thought best.

In memory of
Mrs. BEDE wife of Capt. Samuel JUDD
who died March 20th, 1810; AEt. 72.

In memory of
Hannah JUDD, who died Dec 31, 1861, aged 87 years.

In memory of
Mr. John JUDD, who died May 11th, A.D. 1797, aged 98 years.

A heap of Dust alone remains of thee
Tis all thou art, and all that man can be.

Michael JUDD ye 2nd son of T. J.
Died Jan ye: 2d 1750, in ye 14 year of his age.

In memory of
Olive JUDD, who died Nov 3, 1849, Aged 81 years.

In memory of
Samuel JUDD, Jun. died March 19, 1813, aged 36 years.

In memory of
Capt. Samuel JUDD, who died Sept. 11, 1825, AEt. 91

No 3

Here lyeth ye Body of
Mrs. Sarah JUDD, Wife of Decn Thomas JUDD
She dyed Septr ye 28, 1738 in ye 69 year of her Age.

Stephen JUDD died July 10, 1820, aged 69 years.
Sarah, his widow, died March 14, 1842, aged 83 years.

Here is the Body of
Tho's JUDD, Esq., the first justice, Deacon, Captain in Waterbury
who Died jan'y ye 4th A.D. 1747, Aged 79.

Sarah A., wife of Charles KEASEL
Born Jun 15, 1852, Died April 9, 1856.
three children
Frank Born Jun 15, 1852, Died April 9, 1856
Eva Born Feb 16, 1855, Died Jun 25, 1856
Eva Born Aug 20, 1857, Died Feb 22, 1858

Edward son of John & Elizabeth KELLY
died Oct 13, 1849, Aged 19 years, & 9 months.

Now are we the sons of God, and it doth not yet appear what we shall be, but we know that when He hasll appear we shall be like Him for we shall see Him as He is.

He came forth like a flower and was cut down

In memory of
James D. son of John S. & Abby H. KINGSBURY,
who died May 7, 1831, aged 3 years, & 6 months.

James D., son of John S. & Abby H. KINGSBURY,
died Jan 19, 1837, Aged 4 mo's & 12 d's

William Hl Claudius son of Wm. & Mary A. LAIRD
Died Jun 3, 1847, AE 19 mo's.

Sacred to the Memory of
John K. LAMPSON, who died Aug. 14, 1839, aged 22 years.

How short the race our friend has run,
Cut down in all his bloom;
The course by yesterday begun,
Now finished in the tomb.

In memory of
Peter Sherman, Son of William K. & Sarah LAMSON,
who died Sept. 11, 1813: aged 8 months & 21 days.

Edwin S. LANE, Born May 7, 1819, Died July 18, 1842.

He came forth like a flower and was cut down.

Charles, son of Joseph & Eliza LANG,
died Aug 8, 1826, in the 4 year of his age.

Weep not fond parents for your son,
Christ tasted death for everyone.

Cynthia E. LAWRENCE died Jan 21, 1852, AE 24.

We will not mourn thee sister though thy sun hath early set;
But thy kindness and thy gentleness, we never can forget;
And though we nevermore on earth may look upon thy brow,
Thou wast dear to us while living and we love they memory now.

Lorain LAWRENCE died Feb 23, 1854, AE. 21

Another sister too has gone
We've laid her in the grave;
Angels have borne her spirit home
To him who died to save.

Died April 9, 1842, aged 64.

Edward Brown, son of E.R. & Caroline C. LEAVENWORTH,
died Sept. 9, 1849, Aged 1 year & 1 mo.

Frederick Augustus, son of Frederick LEAVENWORTH,
died Dec 24, 1809, aged 8 years.

In memory of
Frederick E. Son of Joseph S. & Minerva LEAVENWORTH
died Sept. 8, 1834, aged 14 months.

Dr. Frederick LEAVENWORTH Died May 17, 1840, Aged 73 years.

Harriet Henrietta LEAVENWORTH,
daughter of Mark & Anna LEAVENWORTH
died March 24, 1833, aged 23 years.

Joseph, son of Rev. Mark & Mrs. Sarah LEAVENWORTH
died Jany 6, 1756, aged near one year.
Joseph LEAVENWORTH 2d a son of ye same parents
died ye 16th of April 1766 in ye 2d year of his age.

In memory of
Joseph S. LEAVENWORTH Who died Dec 28, 1841, Aged 39 years.

Joseph LEAVENWORTH Died April 3, 1866, AE. 92
Tamar, His wife, Died Oct 21, 1871, AE. 93

This stone is erected to the Memory of
Pastor of the first Church of Christ in Waterbury,
who Departed this Live of the 20th of August 1797,
in the 86th year of his age & 58th of His Ministry.

In memory of
He died 9th Jany 1799, in the 38 year of his age.

In memory of
Mrs. Ruth, consort of Revd Mark LEAVENWORTH &
daughter of Mr. Jeremy PECK,
who died August 8th, 1750 in the 32d year of her age

In memory of
Mr. Saml LEAVENWORTH who died Abpril 12, 1807,
in the 56th year of his age.

Samuel E. Son of Joseph & Tamar LEAVENWORTH,
died Feb. 20, 1814, AE. 8 years.

Mrs. Sarah LEAVENWORTH, Relict of the Rev. Mark LEAVENWORTH
who died May 7th, 1808, aged 82.

In memory of
Sarah, Relict of Samuel LEAVENWORTH,
Who Died March 12, 1840, Aged 87 years & 8 mo.

George T. son of John N. & Jane LEWIS
Died Sept. 3, 1857, AE. 18 yrs. & 5 mo.

My sister's Grave.
Tribute of affection.

Jame Tomlinson wife of John W. Lewis
Died Dec. 12, 1842, AE 24.

Nature's powers failed. She sleeps,
Her peaceful end was as the morning star;
Which goes not down behind the darkened west
But melts away into the light of Heaven.

Here lies ye Body of
Jerusha, wife of Barnabas LEWIS.
She died May ye 24th 1754 in ye 24th year of her Age.

In memory of
Rhoda LEWIS who died March 16, 1832 aged 63 years.

Charles M. son of Marshall & Mary Ann LINES
died Sept. 3, 1851, AE. 10 weeks.

Mary Ann, Wife of Marshall LINES &
daughter of Joesph & Eliza D. LANG
Died Jul 5, 1851, AE. 31

She has gone to that rest that remains for the people of God.

In memory of
Lucretia, relict of William McCLALLAN:
who died March 20, 1824, AEt. 55

Ellen, daughter of George L. & Emeline S. MARKS,
died Nov 29, 1841, Aged 3 years.

Harrison son of George L. & Emeline S. MARKS,
Died Jun 1, 1849, AE. 2 y'rs.

Salina A., only daughter of Gideon A. & Martha MARKS
died March 17, 1850, aged 5 years & 10 Mo's.

Weep not for me, my parents dear
For I do weep no more
But follow Christ that we may meet
On Canaan's happy shore.

William Levi, son of Levi M. & Esther T. MARKS
died March 10, 1831: in his 10, year.

In this cold grave my body lies,
A moldering back to dust.
Dear parents do not weep for me,
For I am now at rest.

My bitter pains ore o'er,
My pangs are at an end;
and I return to God,
My Saviour & my friend.

Esther, daughter of Elijah T. & Chloe MERRILL
died Oct. 11, 1815, AE. 15 years.

Honor, Wife of Nathl MERRILL
died Jun 1796, Aged 34 years.

Death is a debt to nature due
Which I have paid & so must you.

Huldah, daughter of Elijah F. & Annah MERRILL,
died Dec 17, 1828, aged 11 months & 20 days.

In memory of
Mrs. Sarah, wife of Mr. Arad MERRILL,
who died August 18, 1813, aged 22 years.

In memory of
Mercy, wife of Timon MILES,
who died June 2, 1845, aged 81.

In memory of
Timon MILES, who died May 21, 1833, aged 74 years.

Ellen Eliza, daughter of Orlando W. & Caroline E. MINARD,
Born Nov 4, 1846, Died Aug 17, 1848

The fairest flowers are plucked for Heaven.

Gone but not forgotten.
Sacred to the Memory of
Harriet, Wife of Orlando W. MINARD,
who died Jan 21, 1842, AE. 25.

If I had though thou couldst have died
I might not weep for thee;
But I forgot when by they side,
That thou couldst mortal be.

It never through my mind has passed
That time could e'er be o'er
And I on the should look my last,
And thou shouldst smile no more.

Irvin, son of Orlando W. & Caroline O. MINARD
Born Sept. 16, 1854, Died March 14, 1855

Orlando, son of Orlando W. & Harriet MINARD,
died Oct. 10, 1839, AE. 15 m's, 16 d.

(South Side)
George W. MITCHELL, Born Jan 29, 1819, Died May 23, 1858
(North Side)
Sarah Jane, wife of Geo. W. MITCHELL,
Born July 16, 1828, Died Nov. 28, 1851.
Geo. Willis, their infant son, died Oct 10, 1850

Aurelia, wife of Ransom MIX, Died Sept. 17, 1854, AE. 56.

Harriet A. daughter of Ranson & Aurilla MIX,
died Aug. 24, 1833, aged 10 mo's & 17 d's.

This lovely plant so young & fair
Called hence by early doom
Just came to show how sweet a flower
In paradise can bloom.

Cornelius MONSON, Died Apr. 16, 1846, AE 25.

The marbel monument may retain
thy memory but cannot speak thy worth.

Nancy MORGAN Died March 1, 1842, AE. 25.

William MORGAN Died Jun 24, 1845, AE. 70

In memory of
Caty, wife of Miles MORRIS;
who died Jul 4, 1837, aged 44 years.

Eli Atwater, son of Amos & Mary MORRIS
died April 7, 1833, AE. 3 years & 4 days.

In memory of
Elizabeth, wife of Major MORRIS,
who died Sept. 9, 1834, aged 80 years.

She came forth like a flower and was cut down.

In memory of
Fanny Jennet, daughter of Julius & Hannah MORRIS
who died Feb. 22, 1825, aged 4 years & 4 months.

Weep not for me my parents dear
Althou to you I seemed so near
My time was short
Prepare yourselves.

Mr. Mayjor MORRIS Died Sept. 5, 1811, AE. 60
Also his daughter Betsey, died Dec 10, 1803, AE. 22.

In memory of
Mary, wife of Amos MORRIS,
who died Oct 30, 1832, aged 38 years.

Consort and children cease to weep
Though I from you in death do sleep
Prepare we soon shall meet again
Where love & joy forever reign.

Miles MORRIS, Died Feb. 26, 1861, AE. 76.

Olive, wife of Sheldon MORRIS, Died Apr. 22, 1845, aged 63.

Sheldon MORRIS Died Feb 6, 1858, AE 75.

In memory of
Elijah NETTLETON who died May 17, 1839, Aged 77.

In memory of
Mariah, daughter of Elijah & Mary NETTLETON,
who died Sep 19, 1802, AE. 2 years.

In memory of
Mary, wife of Elijah NETTLETON,
who died Oct 27, 1815, agee 56 years.

Edward L., son of Miles & Prudence NEWTON,
died March 11, 1831, AE 5 years.

Frederick D., son of L.W. & C.A. NEWTON,
Died Sept 16, 1852, Aged 6 y'rs, 7 m's

He sleeps in Jesus.

Lucius M. son of Miles & Prudence NEWTON,
died Jun 8, 1825, AE 8.

Lucius S. son of Mr. Miles & Mrs. Prudence NEWTON,
died April 4, 1816, Aged 4 years.

Lusette M., daughter of Miles & Prudence NEWTON,
Died Aug 17, 1825, AE 6.

In memory of
Mr. Miles NEWTON, who died Dec. 31, 1822, Aged 60 years.

Nathan NEWTON died Oct. 1, 1813, in the 38 year of his age.

Sarah Catharine daughter of Charles N. & Caroline NEWTON
Died April 6, 1844, aged 5 y'rs & 10 mo.

In memory of
Ama, daughter of Mr. Simeon & Mrs. Martha NICHOLS,
who died April 5, 1808, In the 20th year of her age.

In memory of
Ann, daughter of Humphrey & Esther NICHOLS,
who died May 12, 1835, aged 16 years.

Charlotte, wife of Philo NICHOLS,
Died Nov 2, 1856, In her 53 year.

Chauncey, Son of Mr. Simeon & Mrs. Martha NICHOLS,
who died April 6, 1795, Aged 14 months.

In memory of
Ephraim NICHOLS, who died Jun 9, 1824, aged 43.

In memory of
Esther, wife of Humphrey NICHOLS,
who died Oct 29, 1837, aged 50 years.

Humphrey NICHOLS died Jan 5, 1853, aged 71 years.

James NICHOLS Died Dec 14, 1846, AE 82.
Mary, his wife, died Feb. 25, 1847, AE. 76.

Here lies ye Body of
Mr. Joseph NICHOLS who Died March ye 10th 1733
in ye 47th year of his age.

Here lieth Interr'd ye Relicks of
Mr. Joseph NICHOLS: Who departed this Live
January 24th 1773: in ye 49th year of his age.

Behold & see as you pass by:
as you are now fo once was I.
as I am now fo you must be
Prepare for death & follow me.

Mr. Joseph NICHOLS died Oct 27, 1825; aged 49 years.

In memory of
Martha, relict of Simeon NICHOLS
who died May 31, 1821 : aged 65

Miles C. son of Mr. Joseph & Mrs. Lucy NICHOLS
who died with a scald March 27th, 1803, aged 18 months.

Miles, son of Joseph & Lucy NICHOLS,
died Feb. 8, 1815, aged 9 years.

In memory of
Nabby NICHOLS, who died Oct 31, 1813, Aet. 21

Philo NICHOLS Died Dec 14, 1849, Aged 51 years.

In memory of
Richard NICHOLS, who died April 25th 1801
in the 82d year of his age.

In memory of
Mr. Simeon NICHOLS, who died Jun 7th, 1810,
In the 60th year of his age.

In memory of
Mrs. Tamer ye Wife of Mr. Joseph NICHOLS.
She died Novr ye 10 AD. 1755 Aged 26 years.

William NICHOLS Died March 5, 1817, aged 25 years.

Abel P. NORTHROP, son of Maylen & Huldah H. NORTHRUP
ded Sept. 9, 1815, AEt. 13 months.

Mr. Jacob NORTON, died March 10, 1813, Aged 49 years.

In memory of
Alma Ana ORTON, wife of William ORTON &
daughter of Daniel & Ana PORTER,
who died Feb 25, 1823, AEt. 22.

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