Grand Street Cemetery, Waterbury, New Haven Co., CT
Surnames A to G

Excerpted from
Ancient Burying-Grounds
of the Town of Waterbury, Connecticut
Compiled & Edited by Katharine A. PRICHARD

Asahel ADAMS Died Jan 23, 1845, A.E. 81

Augustus Son of William & Orpha ADAMS; died Nov 6, 1824,
in the 26 year of his age

Eunice, wife of Asahel ADAMS Died Sept. 7, 1848, AE. 81

Hannah widow of Reuben ADAMS Died May 9, 1851 AE. 77

In memory of
Orpha, relict of the late William ADDAMS,
who died Jan 24, 1842 aged 81 years

In memory of
Reuben ADAMS who died Oct 5, 1837, aged 71 years

Rosetta, wife of Luther ADAMS, Died Nov 27, 1850, AE 47.

Peaceful be thy silent slumber,
Peaceful in the grave so low;
Thou no more will join our number
Thou no more our songs will know.
Yet again we hope to meet thee
When the son of man shall come;
Then in Heaven with joy to greet thee
In thy new eternal home.

In memory of Susanna, wife of William ADAMS
died Mar 23, 1812, AE 94 years.

In memory of Mr. William ADDAMS who departed this life
April ye 23d AD. 1793, In ye 79 year of his Age.

Behold And See as you Pass by
As you are now so Once Was I:
As I am now so you must be
Prepare for Death and follow me.

In memory of
William ADAMS who died Jan. 25, 1828;
in the 80 year of his age

In memory of
Wm. H. ADAMS who died July 5, 1840; aged 39

In memory of
Jonathan, son of David & Cornelia ADKINS,
who died Dec 28, 1806 aged 17 years.

My time was short & blest is he
That brought me to eternity.

In memory of
Medad ALCOTT, who died Jan. 13, 1829, in the 50. year of his age

In memory of
Isaac W. son of Riley & Olive ALCOX
who died Nov. 19, 1826, age 15 years.

Olive ALCOX wife of Riley ALCOX
died March 14, 1819, AE. 28

In memory of
William W. ALLEN who died Aug 16, 1848, AE. 30

In memory of
Two infants daughters of Isaac & Sarah ALLYN
who died Jun 1810.

Harriet S. daughter of Gordon S. & Catharine D. ANDREWS
died Sept. 18, 1851, AE. 11 Mo's

Of such is the Kingdom of Heaven

Mary J. wife of Joel ANDRUS
& daughter of Benajah & Lucy DENNEY
Died Jan 5, 1853 AEt. 26

He that overcomth, the same shall
be clothed in white rainment. [Rev. 3.5.]

Ambrose H. son of Joel R. & Julia ARNOLD
died Jan 9, 1832 aged 7 months.

In memory of
Mrs. Hannah Wife of Mr. David ARNALD
died July 21st 1766 A.D. in ye 24th year of her Age

In memory of
Martha, wife of James AUSTIN
who died Oct. 26, 1813. AE. 47

Adelaide L. daughter of Sylvester R. & Sarah BACON
died Aug 30, 1847, aged 6 mo. & 18 d's.

Farewell my babe; no more Ile weep
O'er at thy gave dispare,
But trust that God hath made
My child his own eternal care.

Anna Daughter of Maj. Noah BALDWIN
Died Dec. 10, 1862, AE. 80

In memory of
Benjamin BALDWIN who died March 19, 1801, AE 49

Elizabeth his wife died May 24, 1797

Jonathan BALDWIN son of Col. Jonathan BALDWIN
was born Feb. 27, 1757, Graduated at Yale College, 1777,
died in Ohio, March 7, 1816

Chauncey BALDWIN Died Aug 20, 1860, AE. 58

In the Christian's home in Glory
There remains a land of rest'
There my Saviour's gone before me,
To fulfill my soul's request.

In memory of
David BALDWIN who died March 14, 1842,
in the 66, year of his age

In memory of
David BALDWIN, Jr. who died July 7, 1827, aged 50.

Denison, son of David & Hannah BALDWIN.
died Nov. 20, 1813, aged 2 years & 6 months.

In memory of
Elizabeth, wife of Noah BALDWIN
who died Sept. 3, 1826,
aged 73 years.

In memory of
Mrs. Elizabeth, wife of Mr. David BALDWIN
who died Aug 23, 1830; aged 47 years.

Here lies ye Body of
Mrs Eunice BALDWIN ye daughter of Mr. Jonathan BALDWIN: Died jan ye 10: 1748in ye 22 year of her age.

Here lies ye Body
of Eunice BALDWIN ye Daughter of Mr Jonathan BALDWIN Junr
Died Marc ye 2: 1750, in ye 2 year of her Age.

In memory of
Eunice BALDWIN, daughter of Col. Jonathan BALDWIN,
who died Jan 6, 1849, aged 83 years.

Here lies ye Body of
Mrs. Hannah BALDWIN, ye daughter of Mr. J. B. :
Died Decm ye 19, 1747, in ye 20 year of her age.

In memory of
Ifaac, fon to Mr. David & Mrs. Phebe BALDWIN
who died Sep 29th, 1802, aged 13 months.

In memory of
Jonathan BALDWIN, Esq. who died April 2d, 1802, Aged 79 years.

In memory of
Leonard S. son of Leonard BALDWIN
who died Dec. 26, 1849. AE. 19.

Louisa daughter of David & Hannah BALDWIN
died Nov 14, 1813 aged 14 years.

In memory of
Mrs. Mary BALDWIN, wife of Jonathan BALDWIN, Esq.
who died May 17, 1821 aged 97 years.

In memory of
Mary BALDWIN, daughter of Col Jonathan BALDWIN,
who died Oct 4, 1845 aged 78 years.

Farewell my friends & sister dear
To grieve it is in vain
Christ is my hope, you need not fear
We all shall meet again.

Mary Augusta, daughter of Eli & Mary BALDWIN,
died Sept. 20, 1851, AE. 24

Maj. Noah BALDWIN Departed this life Jan 9, 1813, AE. 58.

In memory of
Mrs. Phebe (Pardee), wife of Mr. David BALDWIN,
who died August 16th, 1802, Aet 27 years.

Rebecca BALDWIN Died Jan 9, 1844, AE 56.

In memory of
Mrs. Sarah BALDWIN Consort of Dr. Isaac BALDWIN &
only daughter of the Revrd Mark & Mrs. Sarah LEVENWORTH,
who died Febry 22d 1793, aged 36 years.

Favour is deceitful & beauty is vain
but a woman that feareth the Lord she shall be praised.

In memory of
Susan M., wife of Leonard BALDWIN
who died Nov 26, 1834, age 39 years.

Edward A. BANCROFT Died Sep 30, 1860, AE. 41

Ellen M. BANCROFT; Born Dec 24, 1843, Died March 11, 1850

James Hayden BANCROFT; Born Jun 27, 1845, Died Apr 4, 1850

Alice M. BANCROFT; Born May 5, 1848, Died April 25, 1850

Children of Edward A. & Mary E. BANCROFT

Sacred to the Memory of
David E. BARD who died Oct. 20, 1845, AE. 29

I /o9

John Henry Died May 30, 1857 AE. 1 year
Harry C. Died Mar 2, 1862 AE. 1 year
Sons of John S. & Jane BARNES

Sarah Jane, Daughter of John S. & Jane BARNES
Died Nov 2, 1862, AE. 9 years.

Edward BATES, died Feb 13, 1850, AE. 40
Mary Ann, his daughter, died March 28, 1851
AE. 3 y'rs & 6 mo's.

Nancy P. BEACH, Died Sep 13, 1857, AE 35.

Dear sister thou art gone,
And left one heart bereft;
But, Oh, I must not mourn,
Thy pour week frame's at rest.

In memory of
Anna, Daughter of Doctr Ebenezer & Martha BEARDSLEY
who died May 15th, 1770, aged 5 months.

Suffer little children to come unto me and forbid them not
for such is the kingdom of heaven.

In memory of
Mrs. Esther, wife of Mr. Levi Beardsley;
& daughter of Col. Phineas & Esther PORTER,
who died Sept. 5, 1808: in the 37th year of her age.

She was:
But words are wanting to say what:
Think what a mother and wife should be:
She was that.

In memory of
Tallman, son of Levi & Esther BEARDSLEY,
who died july 23d, 1796, in the 2d year of his age.
In memory of
Ezra BELDEN, who died Nov 13, 1838, AE. 33 years

Sleep on dear Husband, thou'rt gone to rest,
Thy happy spirit's wing'd it's flight
Leaving the clay for mansions of the blest,
In realms of light.

In memory of
Joseph R. BENHAM, who died March 18, 1838, aged 35 years.
Also of
Joseph Franklin, son of Joseph R. & Hannah BENHAM
who died Feb. 16, 1839, aged 2 years.

Statira BENHAM Died Oct 22, 1847, AE. 65

In memory of
Charles BINGLEY, from Sheffield, Eng.
who died at Waterville, Oct 14, 1849, Aged 34 Years.

Emma Sophia Daughter of George & Harriet BIRD
died Aug 16, 1851, AE 1 year & 21 d's.

This lovely bud so young & fair
Cut down by early doom
Just came to show how sweet a flower
In Paradise will bloom.

In memory of
Mrs. Lydia, wife of Mr. Stephen BLAKSLEE of North Haven
who died Aug 23, 1766, aged 29 years.

Mrs. Olive BOAKS, died Dec 10, 1850, AE 73.
Formerly of Sheffield, Mass.

Resting in the sleep of death, but not forgotten.

Mrs. Betsey, wife of Marcus BOTSFORD &
daughter of Doct. Bennet & Sarah PERRY
died Oct 7, 1825; AE 42 yrs. & 6 mos.

Betsey Jane, daughter of Jonas & Lydia BOUGHTON,
died Jul 24, 1827; aged 4 years.

Sleep on my child in this thy tomb,
God saw 'twas best to call thee home.

Lewis son of Loisa BOUGHTON died Sep 25, 1825, aged 1 year.

Happy infant, early bless'd
Rest, in peaceful slumbers rest.

Mary Wife of Daniel BOYCE Died Jan 9, 1853, AE 63

Sarah Ann daughter of Thomas & Rachel BOYCE
died Jul 26, 1841, Aged 17 months.

This lovely bud so young & fair,
Called hence by early doom,
Just came to show how sweet a flower
In Paradise could bloom.

Eldad BRADLEY Died April 18, 1860, in his 47th year

In memory of
Benjamin BROCKETT, who died March 18, 1842, AE 79.

Elizabeth, wife of Benj'n BROCKET; died April 26, 1841, aged 66

In memory of
Giles BROCKET, who died June 2, 1842, aged 81.

In memory of
Rebecca, wife of Benjamin BRACKET; who died July 6, 1830; aged 65 years.

In memory of
Sarah wife of Giles BROCKET who died Nov 27, 1841, aged 73

Abigail, wife of Philenor BRONSON, died Jun 1, 1837, aged 68

Amasa BRONSON Died Mar 28, 1866, AE 101

Amos W. BRONSON Died March 10, 1835, aged 28 years

Here lieth inter'd the Body of
Mrs. Anna BRONSON ye Consort of Capt Joseph BRONSON
She departed this life Aug. ye 11th A.D. 1749, In ye 43 year of her Age

Anna BRONSON wife of Bennet BRONSON &
Daughter of Richard & Annis SMITH
died March 4, 1819, in the 43 year of her age.

In memory of
Belinda, daughter of Daniel & Esther BRONSON
who died July 31, 1798, Aet 18

Bennet BRONSON Died Dec 11, 1850, AE. 75

Charlotte, wife of Harry BRONSON
Died Jul 23, 1848, aged 34 years.

In memory of
Content H. BRONSON who died March 28th, 1806
in the 33d year of her age

In memory of
Dea. Daniel BRONSON who died Nov 2, 1824, aged 86 years

David BROUNSON ye son of T.B.:
Died Aug ye 11th 1750 in ye 2 year of his age.

diNAH bROVnson
(on reverse)
Jy 10th 1736 d. b.

In memory of
Ebenezer BROUNSON who departed this life
May 6th, 1808, aged 70 years

Elizabeth, wife of Bennet BRONSON &
daughter of Benjamin & Rebecca MALTBY
Born Jun 20, 1784, Died June 12, 1840

Elizabeth A. BRONSON, Daughter of Bennet & Anna BRONSON,
Born March 3, 1812, Died Apr 6, 1845

In memory of
Mrs. Emily, wife of Mr. Samuel BRONSON
who died Jan 5, 1828; In the 48 year of her age.

In memory of
Mrs. Esther, Relict of Mr. Mark BRONSON:
Daughter of Joseph HOPKINS, Esq.
died Jan 19, 1814, AE 51

In memory of Esther, wife of Deacon Daniel BRONSON
who departed this life Jun 24, 1819, in the 73 year of her age.

Farewell dear friend, thou'rt from us remov'd,
Thy loss regretted & thy memory loved

Here lies ye Body of
Mrs Eunice BROUNSON ye wife of Mr. Isaac BROUNSON junr
Died Sept ye 6 : 1749 in ye 34 year of her age

In memory of
Ezra BRONSON, Esqr who departed this life
Sept 1st A.D. 1795, Aged 64 years

Ezra Richards, son of Maj. Samuel & Mrs. Huldah BRONSON
died Jan 5, 1805, Aet 3 years

Falla, Wife of Charles BRONSON died Sept. 1, 1847, Ae. 33 yrs.

In memory of
Fanny BRONSON, who died Aug 31st A.D. 1805 :
aged 3 years & 10 months

George BRONSON son of Bennet & Anna BRONSON
died July 21, 1822, aged 20 years, & 5 months.

In memory of
Hannah wife of Joseph BRONSON
who died Sept. 19, 1839, AE. 74

Harriet Hall daughter of Henry P. & Jane H. BRONSON
died May 27, 1853, AE. 4 ye'rs & 8 mo's

In memory of
Henry D. died Oct 13, 1836, aged 2 years & 11 months &
Henry died Aug. 10, 1837 aged 2 months:
sons of Julius G. & JUlia BRONSON

In memory of
Horatio G. BRONSON who died Oct 23, 1825; aged 48 years

Here lieth the Body of
Mr. Isaac BRONSON who died June the 13, 1751,
in the Eighty-second year of his Age

This in respect for the memory of
Jesse BRONSON He died February 4th A.D. 1788 AE. 21 years

Stop traveler and reflect for you soon must follow

Here lieth interred the body of
Capt Joseph Bronson he departed this Live Septr ye 19th Ad 1771
in the 62nd year of his Age

Capt Joseph BRONSON died Dec 11, 1825, aged 57

My days are gone, my breath is spent,
Behold our lives they are but lent
Then live prepared each one of you
To pay the debt to nature due.

Judson BRONSON Died Jan. 27, 1850. AE. 45

Wrapt in the shades of death
No more that friendly face I see
Empty, ah empty every place
Once filled so well by thee

In memory of
Julia Wife of Julius G. BRONSON who died
December 15, 1841 Aged 35 years & 3 mo.

In memory of
Julia R. daughter of Asa & Ruth Bronson
who died Feb. 11, 1838, aged 19 years

Julius G. BRONSON Died April 4, 1858, AE. 56

In memory of
Levia, daughter of Daniel & Esther BRONSON
who died June 21, 1800, Aet 22

Lidea BROUNSON died Sept ye 10, 1749 in ye 9 year of her age.

Sacred to the memory of
Lucina, daughter of Abram & Sabra BRUNSON
who departed for the regions of bliss May 22, 1800
aged 4 months & 5 days

Thou model of beauty, purity & innocence, rest in peace

Col. Marcus BRONSON son of Capt. Joseph & Mrs. Mercy BRONSON
died Nov 3, 1825: age 30

Hark angels whisper me away
My partner dear adieu;
In the sweet realms of endless day
We will our love renew.

In memory of
Mr. Mark, son of Ezra BRONSON, Esq., died April 11, 1797, AE 34

Here lies ye Body of
Mrs. Mary BROUNSON ye wife of Mr. Isaac BROUNSON
Died Sept ye 23d 1749, in ye 67 year of her age

In memory of
Mrs. Mary, relict of Mr. Joseph BRONSON
who died Sept. 26th 187, Aged 80 years

In memory of
Mrs. Mercy relict of Capt. Joseph BRONSON,
who died July 8, 1828, aged 61 years

In memory of
Merrit, Son of Horatio G. & Sarah BRONSON
who died March 6, 1826; aged 18 years.

In memory of
Lieut. Michael BRONSON
An officer & patriot in the war of the American Revolution,
who died July 25, 1822, Aged 68 years.

In memory of
Meream BRONSON, wife of Ebenezer BRONSON
who departed this life July 12th, 1812, aged 69 years

Nancy Dagget, widow of Bennet BRONSON
Died August 14, 1867, Aged 83.

Philenor BRONSON died Jul 4, 1850, aged 85 years
[on same stone as Abigail BRONSON]

In memory of
Porter P. BRONSON, son of Joseph & Hannah BRONSON,
Born May 1, 1794. Died Jun 2, 1815, AE 21

Sleep on dear youth,
heavens high almighty King:
Hath to eternal summer
changed thy spring.

In memory of
Ruth P. wife of Asa BRONSON who died Jun 17, 1846, Aged 61

In memory of
Sally, daughter of Major Samuel & Mrs. Huldah BRONSON,
who died Nov. 15th (1798) aged 8 years.

Samuel Brounson
[old stone]

In memory of
Maj. Samuel BRONSON who died July 21, 1813, Aet. 71

Samuel BRONSON Died Nov 20, 1860, AE 81

In memory of three children: two daughters & one son of Joseph & Hannah BRONSON
Sarah Gould died Feb 11th A.D. 1793, aged 8 years.
Maria died April 28, A.D. 1802, aged one year.
William died Jan 12th 1819, aged 8 years.

Sarah BRONSON, wife of Stephen BRONSON &
daughter of Caleb & Susanna HUMASTON,
died July 27, 1822, age 79

Sarah, wife of Amasa BRONSON, died Nov 17, 1852, AE 89

Sarah, Wife of Haratio G. BRONSON, Died Dec. 10, 1860, AE. 83

Mr. Southmayd BRONSON, died April 23, 1814, aged 28
Mrs. Mehitable, his wife died March 24, 1814, age 28

Alas they are gone their days ore o'er
We shall behold them here no more.
They are gone unto the silent shade
Where all frail mortals must be laid.

In memory of
Dea. Stephen BRONSON, who died Dec. 15th 1809, age 74 years.

He came forth like a flower & was cut down

Stiles A. son of Zenas & Anna M. BRONSON
died Sept 17, 1837, aged 1 year & 7 mo.

Susan (broken) ter to Mr. & Mrs. Sarah BRUNSON
she died Februrary the 9th 1773 aged 2 years.

Susan M. BRONSON, Daughter of Bennet & Anna BRONSON
died Aug. 12, 1814, AE 6 months

Hear lieth the body of
Susannah BROUNSON ye wife of T. B. who Died
Aug ye 13, 1741, in ye 38 year of her age

In memory of
Susannah BRONSON, wife of Ezra BRONSON, Esq.
who died Oct. 13, 1828, AE. 91

In memory of
Mrs. Temperance, wife of Majr Samuel BRONSON
who died July 31st, 1785, in the 35th year of her age.

Here lies ye Body of
Thomas BRONSON Esqr, he died June ye 25, 1759
in ye 49th year of his age.

Mortals attend & learn your end.

In memory of
Mr. Thomas BRONSON, died May 26th A.D. 1777, AE 92 years.
Mrs. Elizabeth, Consort to Mr. Thomas BRONSON
died March 30th, 1778, aged 89 years.

Thomas BRONSON: Died April 20, 1851, In his 43d year,

There the weary be at rest.

In memory of
Zenas BRONSON, who died Oct 26, 1834, in the 36-year of his age

The Lord gave, and the Lord hath taken away;
blessed be the name of the Lord.

In memory of
Amanda, Wife of Isaac BROWN, who died Sept. 14, 1848, AE. 48

Curtis BROWN, Died Oct 4, 1854, AE 79
Anna, His Wife, Died April 21, 1854, AE 78

In memory of
Mr. Daniel BROWN, who died October 8th 1790
in the 58th year of his age

Behold and see as you pass by
As you are now, so once was I;
As I am now, so you must be,
Prepare for death & follow me.

In memory of
Elias BROWN, who died July 18, 1844, AE 79
Eunice, his wife died Mar 3thd, 1842, AE 79

In memory of
Hezekiah, son of Lieut Hezekiah BROWN,
he died March ye 12th, 1770, in ye 5th year of His Age.

In memory of
Reuben BROWN who died Feb 8, 1840, aged 71 years.

Ruth, wife of Reuben BROWN Died April 19, 1842, AE 79

Samuel E. son of Horace & Fanny BUCKINGHAM
Died Oct. 20, 1845, aged 8 months.

From death's arrest no age is free.

Eliza, daughter of Henry & Mary BULCROFT,
died April 29, 1853, AE 3 years & 2 mo's

A youthful bud,
A Lily fair
A tender flower
Lieth here.
Beloved she lived
In peace she died
Her life was asked
But God denied.

In memory of
Mrs. Mary, Wife of Deacon Thoms HICKCOX last of Deacn BULL
She Died July 4th A.D. 1756 aged 77 Years.

To prepetuate the memory of
A. BURTON, son of J. & S. BURTON,
who died August 25, 1815, AE 8 years.

(West Side)
Joseph BURTON, born at Trumbull, CT. Jan 15, 1779
Died April 6, 1838

(North Side)
Susan wife of Joseph BURTON & daughter of Deacon Stephen BRONSON,
born April 6, 1780, died Jul 14, 1811

(South Side)
Ann Eliza wife of Joseph BURTON & daughter of Capt. Uzziel CLARK
born at Sheffield, Mass., Dec 6, 1788, died Nov. 20, 1836.

George W., son of Joseph & Ann E. BURTON
born March 1, 1822, died April 12, 1822

To prepetuate the memory of
S. BURTON, daughter of J. & S. BURTON
who died Nov 5, 1815, AEt. 4 years.

Augustus, son of Hemean BYINGTON,
died Sept 16th, 1823, in the 28 year of his age.

In memory of
George W. CAMP, son of Gideon & Hannah CAMP
Who died Oct 29, 1825, in his 21 year.

Gideon CAMP Died Sept. 3, 1849, AE 71.

Hannah, wife of Gideon CAMP Died Aug 24, 1843, AE 67.
In memory of
James CARBERRY, formerly of Ireland,
who died Aug 28, 1827, AE 34

Ann CARBERRY, his widow, died Feb 16, 1834, AE 35

Franklin, son of Preserve & Ruth CARTER, born Dec 19, 1830,
and died April 18, 1836, AE 5 years & 4 months

Sacred to the memory of
Mrs. Polly CARTER,
born at Farmington, CT, March 3, 1773,
died Nov 7, 1843, aged 70 years.

In memory of
Capt. Daniel CHATFIELD, who died July 11, 1818, aged 83.

In memory of
Daniel CHATFIELD, who died Aug. 16, 1833, aged 65 years.

In memory of
Esther, wife of Daniel CHATFIELD,
who died May 5, 1848, in the 77th year of her age.

In memory of
an Infant son of James & Huldah CHATFIELD who died May 2, 1825

In memory of
Joseph E. CHATFIELD who died Oct 20, 1830, age 29 years

The sweet remembrance of the just
Shall flourish when they sleep in dust.

In memory of
Joseph CHATFIELD died Jan 31, 1839, age 69 years.

In memory of
Nancy, wife of Joseph E. CHATFIELD &
daughter of David K. & Chloe SCOVILL
who died Dec 26, 1828, in the 28 year of her age.

In memory of
Polly, wife of Joseph CHATFIELD, who died Aug 2, 1836, in her 60 year.

Rachel Ann, Daughter of Burrit & Lucinda CHATFIELD
Grand Daughter of Olive BOAKS,
Born June 14, 1837, Died May 24, 1855

Sleep on in calm & sweet repose,
Thy voyage of life is early past;
And from its pains and cares and woes
Thou'st found a peaceful home at last.

In memory of
Tamar, wife of James CHATFIELD
who died April 30, 1822, aged 43 years.

Ella Maria, only daughter of George J. & Mary A. CLAPPER
Died Sept. 28, 1856, AE 4 mo's

Sleep sweet babe & take thy rest,
God called thee home; He thought it best.

George J. CLAPPER Died April 13, 1857, AE 22

I know that my Redeemer liveth;
Because he liveth, I live also.

In memory of
Albert B. CLARK, son of Daniel & Polly CLARK,
born Dec 30, 1807, died Oct. 9, 1815

Mr. Asahel CLARK died Dec 16, 1787, AE 27

Aurelia CLARK. Died April 6, 1860, AE 80.

In memory of
Caroline, wife of Edward CLARK,
who died Dec 21, 1836, aged 30 years.

No more, O pale Destroyer, boast
Thy universal sway;
To heav'n born souls thy sting is lost,
Thy night, the gate of day.

In memory of
Clarissa, Daughter to William & Sarah CLARK,
who died Feb 24th, 1810, AE 24 years.

Also their Daughter Mary
died March 19, 1809, AE 6 months.

In memory of
Cyrus CLARK, Esq., who died Jan 8, 1829, aged 57 years.

Daniel, son of Mr. Thomas & Mrs. Mary CLARK
died 26 July, 1767, in his 7th month.

Mr. David CLARK Died Nov 24, 1815, AE 76.

Sacred to the memory of
Edward CLARK who died Feb 5, 1849, AE 44

E.                               C.
In memory of
Eli CLARK who died Dec 20, 1843, AE 79

Eliza Jane, wife of Jobe CLARK Died Dec 22, 1854, AE 35.

Elizabeth CLARK, wife of Timothy CLARK, died Feb 1, 1815, Aged 73

Elizabeth, Relict of Capt. Uzziel CLARK, Late of Sheffield, Mass.
Born at Farmington, Ct., July 25, 1863
Died At Waterbury Jan 31, 1848

Elon CLARK Died May 23, 1858, AE 66

In memory of
Esther Hopen daughter of Cyrus & Nancy CLARK
died Sept. 4, 1815, aged 2 years.
Died Feb. 10, 1834
Frederic S. Son of Elon & Sally B. CLARK
aged 1 year & 11 mo.

Mrs. Hannah, wife of Mr. Timothy CLARK, Died Sept 15, 1783, AE 45

In memory of
Hannah, relict of the late David CLARK
who died Aug 9, 1827, aged 89 years.

Henry E. CLARK, son of Daniel & Mary P. CLARK,
born Sept 20, 1812, died April 17, 1813

James P. CLARK, son of John & Lucy CLARK,
died March 3, 1842, AE 22

Joseph CLARK, died Sept 7, 1816, aged 23 years

Peace, 'tis the Lord Jehovah's hand
That blasts our joys in death,
Changes the visage once so dear
And gathers back our breath.

In memory of
Lois, wife of Mr. Elon CLARK,
who died May 1, 1827; aged 32 years.

In memory of
Mrs. Polly CLARK, Consort of Mr. Daniel CLARK,
& daughter of Mr. Isaac LEWIS
Born May 22d, 1771, Died July 16th, 1811

R.                               C.
In memory of
Rebecca, wife of Eli CLARK
who died Jul 27, 1852, AE. 80

Miss Rusha CLARK, daughter of Mr. Thomas & Mrs. Mary CLARK
born July 13, 1768, died March 7, 1813

Here Lyeth ye Body of
Mrs Sarah CLARK, ye wife of Thos CLARK, Esq.
Died Sept ye 10, 1749, in ye 53 year of Her age.

Mrs. Sarah CLARK Died Oct 5, 1839, AE 65.

In memory of
Sarah CLARK who died Feb 23, 1848, AE 83


(South Side)
Sarah, wife of Merritt CLARK
Born Sept. 29, 1798, Died Aug 26, 1851.

(East Side)
Henry L. CLARK, Born Sept. 13, 1819, Died Nov. 8, 1846
Eliza A. CLARK, Born April 4, 1825, Died Aug 17, 1850
children of Merrit & Sarah CLARK

In memory of
Thomas CLARK, Esqr. who departed this life Novr 12, 1765 In his 75th year.

This Monument Is erected in Memory of
Mr. Thomas CLARK who departed this life on the
25th of Octr A.D. 1779 in the 42d year of his age

In death's embrace, lo here I lie
mould'ring to my native clay
Forget not this; that thou must die
Prepare in time and come away.

In memory of
Timothy CLARK who died Sept. 18, 1824, in the 93 year of his age.

W                                         C
In memory of
Mr. William CLARK who died May 27, 1814, AEt. 51.

In memory of
____ CLARK, son of Daniel & Mary P. CLARK, d. April 1, 1814

In memory of
Charles COOK who died Septr 20, 1796, aged 55 years
In memory of
Sibbyl wife to Mr. Charles COOK. She died Oct 24, 1795, aged 54 years.

Daniel COOK Died Dec 30, 1857, AE 85

In memory of
A Son & Daughter of Mr. James & Mrs. Thankful COOK
Son died Feb 1788 in birth.
Daughter died July 1790 aged 3 months.

In memory of
Jemima, wife of Moses COOK who died March 6, 1821, Aged 75.

Sacred to the memory of
Joseph COOK who departed this life March 29, 1833, aged 37 years.

Mourn not for me I am dead & gone
My loving friends God's will be done
But on my children pity take
And love them from their Father's sake.

In memory of
Lucy COOK who died Dec 8, 1835, aged 66 years.

In memory of
Marcus, son of Daniel & Sally Cook
who died in the city of Lancaster, Pa.,
Feb. 9, 1823, aged 23 years.

He died among strangers, no kindred near
To wipe away a falling tear
Oh Lord how oft thy wrath appears
And cuts of our expected years.

In memory of
Moses COOK who died Dec 28, 1831, AE 88.

Sally Sperry wife of Daniel COOK, Died Nov 13, 1861, AE 83.

Sarah Ann daughter of Timothy & Sarah CORCORAN
died Dec 10, 1837, aged 7 mos & 4 d's.

Sacred to the memory of
James CROFT, formerly of Worcestershire, England,
born Jan 28, 1774, died Jun 10, 1837, age 63 years

Know thou, Oh Stranger to the fame
Of this much lov'd, much honored name,
For none that knew him need be told,
A warmer heart death ne'er made cold.

Charles S. son of Heman & Eveline CROSBY
Died Jun 17, 1859, AE 10 Mo's.

Frederick son of James S. & Ellen L. CULVER
Died Aug 8, 1860, Aged 12 days.

Mary A. wife of Lucius CURTISS
Died Sept. 20, 1857, AE 39.

She's left a world of greif & care
A body of disease and pain
A robe of righteousness to wear
And paradise to win.

Eugene, died Feb. 13, 1836, aged 2 y'rs, 1 mo & 13 d's
Emigene, died Feb 18, 1836, aged 9 mo & 21 d's,
son & daughter of James M. & Mabel DAGGETT

Harriet McLeod daughter of James M. & Mable DAGGETT
departed this life June 2, 1848, aged 11 years & 10 mo.

In memory of
Lydia, wife of Giles DAILY who died Sept. 7, 1829, aged 75 years.

Caroline Frances Daughter of John B. & Mary Jane DEAN
died April 19, 1853, AE 18 mo's.

Sleep lovely babe
And take thy rest
God called thee home
He saw it best.

Hellen A. daughter of George & Mary DENNEY
died Jul 31, 1848, Aged 6 mo.

This tender bud so young & fair
Cut down by early doom
Just came to show how sweet a flower
In Paradise will bloom.

In memory of
Ann wife of William M. DRAKE who died Oct'r 24, 1840, AE 35
Laura, 2nd wife of William M. DRAKE Died March 20, 1847, AE 45

In memory of
Harriet P. wife of William M. DRAKE who died Dec 31, 1851, AE 26

Jotham Tuttle son of Caleb & Esther DUDLEY
died Sept. 27th, 1825 in the 9th year of his age.

Defer not till to-morrow to be wise,
To-morrow's sun to the may not arrise.

Charles Linsley son of William B. & Mary DUNBAR,
died Sept. 19, 1848, AE 15 months.

Caroline DURAND, wife of John E. DURAND
Died Sept 16, 1853, AE 20.

We are parted for a little season.

Man wasteth away & giveth up
the Ghost & where is he

Samuel H. EDMONDS son of John & Sarah EDMONDS
of Birmingham, England, died Jan 6, 1834, aged 37 years.

Man wants by little here below,
nor wants that little long.

Ann Maria, died Aug 28, 1838, age 14 mo. & 18 d's.
George Lifford, died May 15, 1839, aged 3 y's, 10 mo. & 21 d's.
Children of Darwin & Mary ELLIS

Short pain, short grief, dear babes were thine
Now joys eternal and devine.

Mary D. ELLIS, wife of Darwin ELLIS,
Born Jun 8, 1807, died Oct 24, 1846

Died Jan 17, 1842, an infant son of
Joseph & Elizabeth FAIRCOUGH, aged 7 days.

Matthew son of Joseph & Elizabeth FAIRCLOUGH
died Sept. 25, 1836, aged 1 year & 6 mo.

Lo what is life. 'tis like a flow'r, that blossoms & is gone;
We see it flourish for an hour with all its beauties on:
But death comes like a wintry day
And cut the pretty flower away.

Georgiana daughter of George & Nancy FARRELL
Born Oct 18, 1840, Died Nov 28, 1842

In memory of
Lucretia S. Daughter of Mr. Zeba & Mrs. Mehitable FARREL,
who died Sept. 20, 1812, Aged 13 years & 3 months.

Caroline, wife of Nathan FENN Died July 1st, 1846, AE 24.

Sacred to the memory of
Maria Cowell wife of Samuel FENN who died Aug 11, 1847, AE 32

Doct. Edward FIELD Died Nov 17, 1840, AE 63

Mrs. Esther B. FIELD, wife of Doct. Edward FIELD
Died May 15, 1843, AE 54

In memory of
Mrs. Sarah FIELD, consort of Dr. Edward FIELD &
daugher of Dr. Isaac & Mrs. Sarah BALDWIN,
who died Aug 8, 1808, aged 23.

Sarah Henrietta, daughter of Edward & Esther FIELD
died Sept. 9, 1815, aged 2 years.

In memory of
Mrs. Anna FLEMING, wife of Mr. John FLEMING,
who died Jan 5, 1824, aged 68 years.

Charley, Infant son of J. S. & E. R. FOLLANSBEE, Aug 7, 1860.

Amos FORD Died Dec 5, 1837, AE 70.

In memory of
Annah, wife of Samuel FORREST, who died July 5, 1833, aged 47 years.

The Lord gave & the Lord hath taken away.
Blessed be the name of the Lord.

Phebe Hannah, daughter of Samuel & Hannah FORREST
died Aug 12, 1851, AE 20 years.

Apollos B., son of Ambrose B. & Loly S. FOWLER
Died July 16, 1849, aged 6 y'rs & 9 m.

Loly T. daughter of Ambrose B. & Loly S. FOWLER
Died Jun 19, 1849, aged 20 y'rs, 3 mo, & 19 d's.

Daniel FRISBIE Died Nov 13, 1850, AE 80

Eunice, wife of Daniel FRISBIE
Died Nov 20, 1860, AE 88 y'rs & & Mo's.

Mrs. Isabella FRISBIE, wife of Samuel FRISBIE, Esq.
Born Jan 9, 1786, Died Dec 13, 1816.

No pain, no grief, no anxious fears
Invade thy bounds; no mortal woes
Can reach the peaceful sleeper here,
And angels watch her soft repose.

Maria Jane, daughter of Edward L. & Hannah A. FRISBIE,
died Sept 15, 1851, AE 8 mo's.

Death is the gate to endless joy.
Sacred to the memory of
Merit Hamillton, son of Lauren & Artemisea FRISBIE,
who died Jan. 18, 1831; aged 6 months.

In memory of
Reuben FRISBIE who died Sept 10, 1824, aged 78 years.

In memory of
Ruth, wife of Reuben FRISBIE
who died Jul 19, 1833, aged 78 y'rs.

Mary Etta, wife of Francis A. GARDNER,
died Feb 7, 1861, AE 26.

In memory of
Susannah, relict of Benjamin GAYLORD
who died June 26, 1818, Aet. 72 years.

Nancy, wife of David GIBBS, died Sept. 17, 1849, AE 51.

Thomas GILBERT died Oct 22, 1849, AE. 72

Lucy, his wife, died Dec 13, 1849, AE 65.

Henry GRAUMAN, Born Nov. 1, Died Nov 16, 1847,

John Henry GRAUMAN, Born Sept 4, 1858, Died Mar 3, 1860

Suffer little children to come unto me and forbid them not
for such is the kingdom of heaven.

Esther, relict of Johnathan GRAY
born in Dennis, Mass., Nov 6, 1786
Died April 13, 1848

The death of the righteous is peace.

Samuel H. Died March 25, 1846, aged 25 days.
Mary E. Died Jan 25, 1848, aged 5 mo. & 17 d's
Children of C. & H. GRAY

John W. died March 11, 1853, AE 23 mo's.
Sarah Jane died Sept. 15, 1846, AE 6 mo's.
Children of Wm. A. & Mary Ann GREEN

William GRIFFIN, youngest son of Wm. GRIFFIN of Birmingham, England
died Sept. 21, 1848, Aged 23 years.

Anne Daughter of Geo. & Ann MILLS & niece of Wm. GRIFFIN
died Sept 16, 1850, aged 2 years & 7 mo.

Catharine, daughter of Orrin & Grace GRILLEY
died May 17, 1837, aged 2 y'rs, & 6 mo.

Catharine Wilhemina, daughter of Orrin & Grace GRILLEY
died Aug 11, 1848, aged 11 months.

In memory of
John N. son of Mr. Samuel & Mrs. Caroline GRILLEY
who died May 3, 1806, aged 5 years.

Leva R., wife of Henry GRILLEY, Died Dec 5, 1856, AE 76.

Orrin GRILLEY Died April 1, 1853, AE 50.

In memory of
Orvil, son to Mr. Silas & Mrs. Tryphena GRILLEY,
who died April 11, 1806, aged 5 years

William, son of William & Amy GRILLEY;
died April 28, 1837, aged 2 years & 4 mo.

He came forth like a flower
And is cut down.

In memory of
William GRILLEY who died Oct 3, 1837, aged 27 years.

Kind reader pause while here you look,
The dearest ties of friendship broke,
His Saviour call'd & now he's gone,
His friends in solitary mourn

In memory of
Betsey Elizabeth, Daut of Micha & Anna GUILFORD
who died August 1, 1825, Aged 3 years, 4 mo & 17 days

Electa G. daughter of Joshua S. & Elizabeth GUILFORD,
died June 9, 1846.

Martha L., daughter of Charles H. & Helen M GUILFORD
died Feb 11, 1848; AE 4 m. & 12 days.

Mary E., daugther of Charles H. & Helen M. GUILFORD
who died May 1, 1848, aged 2 y'rs & 5 months.

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