A catalogue of the names of the first Puritan settlers of the colony of Connecticut;
with the time of their arrival in the colony and their standing in society,
together with their place of residence, as far as can be discovered by the records.
&c collected from the state and town records by R.R. Hinman,
Hartford. Printed by E. Gleason, 1846,

[Transcribed by Dave Swerdfeger]


King, John came from England in 1645, when 16 years of age. He lived with a Mr. Cole, of Hartford until he was 21 years old, and was then m. to Sarah Holton, dau. of Dea. John Holton, of Northampton, in 1650, to which place they removed at the beginning of the settlement of that town. After the death of his first wife, m. 1682, he m. Sarah Whiting. His children were, John, William, Thomas, Samuel, Eleazar, Sary, Joseph, Benjamin, David, Thankful and Jonathan. John King d. December, 1703, aged 74. Jonathan King was b. 1682, and m. Mary French, April 3, 1711, moved to Bolton, May 11, 1727, and d. June 11, 1774-Mary. his wife, d. March 24, 1758, aged 71. His children were, Jonathan b. Jan. 26, 1712; Abigail b. Dec. 1, 1713; Charles b. July 3, 1716; Mary b. May 31, 1718; Beriah h. Oct. 2, 1721; Seth b. April 18, 1723; Oliver b. April 20, 1726; Gideon b. Aug. 24, 1729. Jonathan son of Jonathan and Mary King, was m. to Martha Woodward, Feb. 16, 1743, and d. at Coventry, March 16, 1788. Isaac Bronson and Abigail King were m. Nov. 8, 1733-Abigail Bronson d. Feb. 20, 1799. Charles King and Sarah King were m. Sept. 5, 1739-Charles King d. at North Bolton, (now Vernon) April 7, 1790. Beriah King d. April 10, 1722. Gideon King removed with his family to New Hartford, and d. Dec. 11, 1802. Seth King m. Mary Smith, April 23, 1747, and d. at North Bolton, July 23, 1780—his wife d. at Vernon, March 2, 1811, aged 91. Their children were, Oliver b. March 5, N.S. 1748. Rhoda b. April 16, 1750, and d. August 19, 1750. Joel b. February 8, 1752, and d. at North Bolton, March 21, 1769. Seth, jr. b. June 8, 1754—he removed to and d. in the State of N.Y. Ruth b. Aug. 11, 1756, and d. at Vernon, March 3, 1822. Francis b. Feb. 2, 1759, and d. Oct. 9, 1777, returning from the army in N.Y. Russel b. Dec. 16, 1761, and d. at N. London in the militia service, Sept. 25, 1779. Oliver, son of Seth and Mary, m. Chloe Humphrey, dau. of Hezekiah Humphrey, Esq. of Simsbury, Nov. 21, 1780. Oliver d. at Vernon, July 6, 1818—his wife d. at Vernon, Jan. 24, 1816. Their children were, Francis b. May 12, 1783, and d. at Elizabethtown, N.J. July 16, 1837. Oliver Humphrey King b. Feb. 17, 1787. Joel King b. Feb. 2, 1789.

Kennor or Kennard of Haddam, d. in 1687. Estate £49:8:6. He left a widow and one son.


Mann, William
emigrated from Kent county, in England, in the early settlement of Massachusetts, and must have been born about 1607 or 8. He located at Cambridge, and m. Mary Jarrad. His son Samuel was b. in 1647, and in 1665 was educated at Harvard College. William is supposed by the Mann family in Connecticut to have been the first of the name in New England. Rev. Samuel was the only son of William, of Wrentham. He m. in early life, Esther Ware, of Dedham, in May, 1673. He was ordained at Wrentham in 1692. His children were, Mary, Samuel, Nathaniel, William, Theodore, Thomas, Hannah, Beriah, Pelatiah, Margaret and Esther.

    Samuel, son of Rev. Samuel, m. Zipporah Billings, in Oct. 1704, and had children, Samuel, Mercy, Ebenezer, Beriah Zipporah, Richard, Josiah, Hannah, Jonathan, Elizabeth, Benj., Esther and Bezaleel.

    Nathaniel, son of Rev. Samuel, m. Elizabeth George, Dec. 1704, and had children, George, John, Nathaniel, Mary, Robert, Jeremiah, Joseph, Ezra, Richard and Timothy.

    William, son of Rev. Samuel, m. Bethiah Rocket, Dec. 1701, and had children, Bethiah, William, Dorothy, Hezekiah, Michael, Mahitabel, Joseph, Ichabod and Elijah.

    Theodore, son of Rev. Samuel, m. Abigail Hawes, 1703, and had children, Theodores, Mary, Phebe, Theodore, Abigail, Margaret, Sarah, Daniel, Beriah, Thomas and Jerusha.

    Thomas, son of Rev. Samuel, m. Hannah Aldis, Dec. 1709, and had Hannah, Esther, Rachel, Nathan, Ruth, Hepzibah and Mary—no sons.

    Pelatiah, son of Rev. Samuel, m. Jemima Farrington, Feb. 1719-20, and had Jemima, Daniel, David, James, Eunice, Jerusha, Melatiah and Lois.

    Mary, daughter of Rev. Samuel, m. Samuel Dearing, 1708, and had three daughters, and a son Samuel.

    Hannah, daughter of Rev. Samuel, m. Samuel Davies, 1707—but left no children.

    Beriah, 3d daughter of Rev. Samuel, m. Daniel Hawes, in 1710, and had Daniel, Samuel, Pelatiah, Moses, Aaron, Ichabod, Timothy, Beriah, Josiah, Joseph and Mary.

    Margaret, 4th daughter of Rev. Samuel, m. Nathaniel Whiting in 1711, and had Margaret, Esther, Nathan and Nathaniel.

    Esther, 5th daughter of Rev. Samuel, m. Isaac Fisher, in 1719, and had Janathan, Esther, Isaac, Anna, Margaret, Timothy, Experience, Beriah and Hannah.

Thomas Mann, who was a deacon of the Wrentham church, was a son of Theodore. He m. the daughter of James Blake, in 1744, and had nine children.

    Ariel, son of Dea. Thomas, d. in early life.

    Brownel, grandson of Dea. Thomas, was the son of Jacob Mann.

Nathaniel Mann, who m. Elizabeth George in 1704, came from Massachusetts to what is now Mansfield when it was a wilderness, and being the first settler in the place, it was honored by the name of Mansfield, in memory of its first settler, about 1720. He removed to Hebron, where he purchased another farm, and settled upon it for life—but he died at his son's in Colchester, at an advanced age. Among his children he had a son John, who lived, and died in old age, upon the farm purchased by his father in 1720.

    Joseph, son of Nathaniel, had sons, Joel, Zadock, Joseph and James. He died at Hebron in 1798 or 9.

    Joel, son of Joel, had Rodolphus, Jeremiah, Samuel. Joel and Doct. Mann who settled in Western N.Y.

    Jeremiah, son of Joel, 2d, was the father of Francis Norton Mann, Mayor of the city of Troy.

    John, son of Nathaniel, m. Margaret Peters, aunt of Ex-Gov. Peters, of Hebron, had Margaret, Mercy, Mary, Phebe, Hannah, John, Elijah, Nathaniel and Andrew. John died at Hebron in 1806, very aged. Margaret m. Mr. Cross, and settled at Montreal in Canada, and had John and Aaron. Mary m. Jacob Loomis, of Hebron, and had Mary, Jacob and Abigail Phebe m. Mr. Buel. Hannah m. Mr. Baldwin, of Bradford, Vt. Mercy m. Doct. Hanchett, of Ballston, N.Y., and had a daughter, who m. Mr. Plumb, a merchant of Troy, N.Y.

    Nathaniel, son of John, sen'r., was educated at Dartmouth College, after which he went to England to perfect his education in his profession of physician and surgeon, and spent some time in the hospital at London. On his return to this country, he m. Miss Owen, and settled and died in Georgia, where he left a family of two daughters, Harriet and Sophia, but left no sons.

    Elijah had three sons, Enoch, Elijah and Bemsley—two of them removed and settled at Canandaigua, N.Y. Elijah perhaps is now living near Lake Ontario.

    John, jr., son of John, m. Lydia Porter, of Hebron, 19 years old, and moved with her on horseback to Orford, N.H., about 1770, the first settlers of the town. Their children born at Orford were, John, Solomon, Ira, Jared, Aaron, Nathaniel, Benning, Cyrus, Asaph, Joel, Abijah, Lydia, Sally and Phebe.

    John, the son of John, jr. is a merchant and farmer in Orford.

    Solomon, son of John, jr. d. at Montpelier, Vt., and left a family. Phebe, his daughter, m. Rev. Mr. Hough, a Baptist Missionary at Serampore. Her sister Emily m. Henry Oaks, of Orford, N.H.

    Ira is a farmer in the State of N.Y. He has had two wives; first, Miss Bailey, of Piermont, N.H.; second, Miss Scott, and has a numerous family.

    Jared, son of John, jr., was a farmer at Orford. One of his sons, a lawyer, settled at Lowell, Mass., where the father and son both died.

    Aaron, son of John, jr., is a farmer in Eigin, in Wisconsin, and has a family of sons and daughters.

    Nathaniel, son of John. jr., resides in Orford, a farmer. He has two sons and two daughters. One of the daughters m. Hon. --- Wilcox, Member of Congress; the other m. in Brooklyn, N.Y.

    Benning, son of John, jr., resides in the city of Hartford—by profession is a lawyer, and is a Justice of the Peace. He has been a State Senator in Connecticut, in 1825, a Judge of the County Court of Tolland county, and now holds the office of Marshal of the U.S. for the District of Connecticut, and what is most true that can be said of him is, he is an honest politician. He m. Phebe Mann, of Hebron, and has three sons and three daughters, viz. Cordelis. M., Benning E., Edward M., Catherine Vernon, Margaret Peters and Cyrus N.

    Cyrus, son of John, jr., is a clergyman. He received a collegiate education, graduated at Dartmouth College, and was a tutor there. He m. Nancy Strong, of Mass., her brother was a Member of Congress. He preached at Westminster, Mass., about twenty years, but now resides at Lowell, and has a family there, viz. Cyrus S., a physician, Ann Maria and Adelia P. Asaph, son of John, jr., was a farmer at Orford. He had two sons, one a farmer, the other a lawyer.

    Joel, son of John, jr., was educated at Dartmouth College, studied divinity, and settled at Bristol, R.I. He now resides at Salem, Ms. He m. Miss Catherine Vernon, of Newport, and has two sons, Edward and Frederick, and one daughter, Catherine. One of the sons is a merchant in New York. Catherine m. a merchant in Boston, Mass.

    Abijah, son of John, jr., d. when young.

    Lydia, daughter of John, jr., m. Joseph of Orford. N. H., and is the mother of Henry Pratt, a portrait painter in Boston.

    Sally, her sister, m. Mr. Rogers, a merchant at Orford, N.H.

    Phebe, her sister, m. Samuel Sargent, a farmer at Orford.

    Nathaniel, son of Nathaniel, of Mansfield, d. aged 90 years, at Bolton, and left no children.

    Abijah moved to the State of N.Y., and had sons, Alexander and Abijah. The grandson of Abijah, sen'r. was a member of Congress from that State. Abijah the elder, d. at Hebron, and left a large family.

    Enoch, son of Elijah, d. at Hebron, and left children.

    Bemsley, son of Elijah, d. in the State of N.Y.

    Andrew, son of John, sen'r., m. Hannah Phelps, and settled at Hebron, upon the old family farm, and left a family, viz. Anna Porter, Reuben, Andrew, Phebe, Cyrus, Manlius, Martha, Hannah and Nathaniel. Hannah, (who m. Doct. Joseph Sibley,) Reuben and Andrew, children of Andrew, all reside at Marshall, Michigan. Phebe m. Benning Mann, Esq. Cyrus resides on the old family farm at Hebron. Manlius d. unmarried in 1808. Martha m. Elam Wakeman, and d. at Stafford, but left no children. Andrew d. at Hebron.

Ebenezer Mann, son of Samuel, and grandson of Rev. Samuel, of Wrentham, (who he m. is not known.) His children were, Chloe b. May 15, 1741; Lucy b. June 8, 1743; Molly b. Nov. 16, 1745; Nancy b. May 15, 1747; Lucretia b. Oct. 29, 1750; Ebenezer, jr. b. July 14, 1753; Oliver b. June 5, 1756; Peres b. Nov. 30, 1758, and d. Feb. 1, 1843.

    Oliver, the son of Ebenezer, was a physician, and settled at Castine, in the State of Maine—to whom m. not known. His children, (by an old family letter) were, Lucy, Polly, Ebenezer, Reuben, Oliver, Lucretia, Harriet and Nancy. Oliver, the father, d. at Castine.

    Peres, the son of Ebenezer, was also a physician. He came to Burlington, Conn. in early life. He m. Mrs. Miletee White, Oct. 25, 1786, and settled as a physician there, and had one child, Miletee b. Aug. 23, 1787. His wife d. Nov. 19, 1789, aged 30, and on the 8th of Feb. 1792 he m. for his 2d wife, Frances Treat, and had a dau. Frances b. Jan. 4, 1793. His 2d wife, Frances, d. July 22, 1833. He was a perfect specimen of an honest man, and was respected by all who knew him.

    Miletee, the daughter of Peres, on the 6th of July, 1808, m. Doct. Aaron Hitchcock, who settled at Burlington, Conn. He was a gentleman of great originality of character and genius, and shone in his profession. His children are, Jeannette, Peres, Oliver, Roland, Zechariah (died in infancy,) Darwin, Miletee and Helen.

Frances Mann m. Correl Pettibone, July 13, 1815, and had children, Amelia, Frances, Samuel (d. young,) and Lucy.


The first family of the name of Marvin, who came to New England, consisted of two brothers, Reinold and Matthew, and one sister, Elizabeth. It is not known which of the brothers was the oldest, nor in what year Reinold Marvin came to New England. Matthew, and his family, with his sister Elizabeth, came over from England in 1635, as will be sees by the following statement: During the summer months of 1842, James Savage, Esq., of Boston, Mass., who was on a visit to England, was chiefly occupied with searching for materials to illustrate the early annals of New England. He was richly compensated for his toil. The result of his investiations was published in the 8th Vol. Mass. Hist. Coll., 3d series, p. 243, and onward, under the title of "Gleanings for New England History.' From this article I extract the following items:

"Perhaps the acquisition most valuable, in the opinion of our local antiquaries, is my, copious extracts from a MS. volume in folio, at the Augmentation Office, (so called,) where the Rev. Joseph Hunter, one of the Record Commissioners, presides, in Rolls Court, Westminster Hall. It contains the names of persons, permitted to embark, at the port of London, after Christmas 1634, to the same period in the following year, kept generally in regular succession. This was found a few months since, and may not have been seen by more than two or three persons for two hundred years."

Under date of "15th April," 1635, is the following entry:

"Theis parties hereafter expressed, are to be transported to New England, imbarqued in the Increase, Robert Lea, master, having taken the oath of allegiance and supremacy, as also being conformable, &c. whereof they brought testimony per certif. from the Justices and ministers where there abodes have lately been."

The following names are included in the list above referred to:

"husbandman Matthew Marvyn, ae 35 yrs.
uxor Elizabeth Marvyn, 31
Elizabeth Marvin, 31
Matthew Marvyn, 8
Marie Marvyn, 6
Sara Marvyn, 3
Hanna Marvy 1/2"

The common ancestor probably resided in Essex, Co. Eng. His children were,

1. Reinold,(This name is spelled in different ways—Reginold, Reinold, Renold, Reynold. I have used Reinold, in this work, as it is generally so spelt on the Colony Record of Conn.) who came to New England about 1635.

2. Matthew, b. about 1600, m. Elizabeth ---, came to N. E. in 1635.

3. Elizabeth, b. about 1604, came to N.E. in 1635, m. John Olmsted, of Hartford, and afterwards of Saybrook. She d. without issue, at Norwich.

These brothers were among the original settlers of Hartford, Conn., and both were proprietors of land in that ancient town. Reinold removed to Saybrook before 1639; and d. in that town in 1662 or 1663. Matthew resided on the corner of Village and Front streets, Hartford, for some years. He was among the pioneers in the settlement of Norwalk, which town he represented in the General Court in 1654. Matthew, his son or grandson, represented that town in 1694 and 1697; Samuel in 1718; and John in 1734 and 1738. Reinold Marvin was among the original proprietors of Hartford, Conn. He removed to Saybrook before 1639. He d. in Saybrook in 1662 or 1663. He had two children, Reinold and Mary, and probably other daughters. Sarah Marvin, who m. Capt. Joseph Sill, of Lyme, Feb. 12, 1657, may have been his daughter. A copy of his will is extant, the first clause of which bestows his house and lands on his son Reinold, and the second clause provides that to each of his grand children(The grand children referred to in the will may have been the children of Mary, or of some other daughter. They were not the children of Reinold, as his oldest child was not born until 1665.) "there be provided and given a Bible, as soon as they are capable useing of them." After which he disposes of his personal property. It is not ascertained at what time, or to whom his son Reinold was married. His daughter Mary m. William Waller, of Saybrook, who was a large landed proprietor, as numerous deeds are on record, of conveyances of land by his widow, after his decease. No record of her children found. Reinold Marvin, (son of the preceding,) was b. about 1634. He is known on the town records as Lieutenant Reinold Marvin. He represented Lyme in the General Court from 1670 to 1676. He was one of a Committee appointed to divide the town of Saybrook, in the year 1665. That part of the town lying east of Connecticut river, was named Lyme, from Lyme Regis, in the south-west of England, the native place of the Griswold family, who were large land proprietors in this part of Saybrook. Lieut. Marvin was also a large landholder, and a prominent man in the town. He had three sons,—John, born 1664-5; Reinold b. 1669; and Samuel b. 1671. He d. in 1676, aged 42 years. His remains were interred in the old burial ground in Lyme village—grave about the centre of the burial ground. The following is the inscription on his grave stone: "1676. Lieut. Reinold Marvin." John Marvin, first son of Lieut. Reinold, b. in Lyme, 1664-5, m. Sarah Graham, dau. of Henry Graham, (or Grimes,) of Hartford, May 7, 1691; d. Dec. 11, 1711, aged 47. His wife d. the relict of Richard Sears, in Lyme, Dec. 14, 1760, aged 91. Their children were, Sarah, Mary, John, Elizabeth, Joseph, Benjamin, Mehitabel and Jernima.—Uriah Marvin, John Mahan, and Alexander Marvin, merchants in Albany, N.Y., are descendants of John Marvin; as is also Rev. Uriah Marvin. Edward C. Delavan, Esq. of Ballston, N.Y., and Prof. John Pitkin Norton, of Yale College, m. female descendants in this family. Reinold Marvin, second son of Lieut. Reinold, was b. in 1669. He was famous as "Lyme's Captain." He was a deacon in the Congregational church. He represented Lyme in the General Court from 1701 to 1728. He was first m. in 1695, to Phebe ----; she d. Oct. 21, 1707; m. the second time in 1708, to Martha Waterman, daughter of Thomas Waterman, of Norwich; she d. Nov. 1753, aged 73. He d. Oct. 18, 1737, aged 68, and was interred in the burial ground in Lyme village. The following is inscribed on his tomb-stone: "This Deacon, aged sixty-eight, Is freed on earth from serving; May for a crown no longer wait, Lyme's Captain, Reinold Marvin."

The above inscription, as also that on the grave stone of his first wife, was executed by an illiterate artist, and with bad spelling, and the effects of time, is now (1848) rather obscure. The children of "Lyme's Captain," are as follows: Phebe, Reinold, Lydia, Esther, (by 2d wife,) Martha, Elisha, (d. in childhood,) James, Sarah, Elisha, and Miriam. Reinold Marvin, first son of Captain Reinold, was known and spoken of as Deacon Marvin. A great many anecdotes are related concerning "Deacon Marvin"—which have generally been attributed to "Captain Reinold." It is undoubtedly the fact, from a full investigation of the matter, that they all belong to his son Reinold; both being Deacons, and both having the same Christian name, the mistake could easily be made. This son Reinold was unquestionably the poet who composed the epitaphs on his father's and mother's tomb-stones, and the odd genius of whom a multitude of anecdotes and queer sayings and rhymes, are still related;—the most of them are positively known to apply only to the son of Captain Reinold. An aged descendant of this deacon, as also other aged persons now living in the vicinity, insist that this is the fact. Mr. Barber, in his "Historical Collections of Connecticut," has published some of these anecdotes, and attributes them, undoubtedly from hearsay, to "Lyme's Captain." It is to be hoped that in future editions of his work, he may correct the mistake. The following are some of the descendants of Captain Reinold Marvin: Gen. Elihu Marvin, who resided in Norwich, and d. there in 1798. Richard P. Marvin, now a Judge of the Supreme Court in the State of N.Y., and formerly a Member of Congress. William Marvin, now a District Judge of the U.S. Court for the District of Florida. Dudley Marvin, now a Member of Congress, and formerly for several years a member of the same body. Rev. Elihu P. Marvin, and Rev. Abijah P. Marvin. William Marvin, Esq., of Lyme, for some time Judge of Probate.

Samuel Marvin third son of Lieut. Reinold Marvin, was b. in Lyme, 1671; m. Susannah Graham, of Hartford, May 5, 1699, d. March 15, 1743, aged 72 years. He represented Lyme in the General Court in 1711 and 1722. Children, Samuel, Zechariah, Thomas, Matthew, Abigail, Elizabeth, Nathan, Nehemiah, Mary and a son, twins, who died in infancy.

Henry M. Waite a Judge of the Supreme Court of Connecticut, is a descendant of Samuel Marvin.

Matthew Marvin (first) came to New England in 1635, as is stated on page 285. His children were, Matthew, born in England about 1627; Mary b. in England about 1629, m. Richard Bushnell, of Saybrook, in 1648; Sarah b. in England about 1632; Hannah b. in England about 1634, m. Thomas Seymour in 1653; Abigail b. at Hartford, m. J. Bouton; Samuel bap. Feb. 6, 1647-8; Rachel bap. Dec. 30, 1649. He removed with his family, to Norwalk, where he died at an advanced age, in 1680.

Matthew Marvin (second,) son of the foregoing, came to New England with his father in 1635, and was then eight years of age. He was one of the original proprietors of Norwalk, to which place he went with his father. He had six children; the order or date of birth has not been ascertained, viz. Matthew, who m. Rhoda St. John, and died without leaving issue; Sarah, who m. Thomas Betts, of Norwalk, in Jan. 1680; Samuel; Hannah, who m. Epenetus Platt; Elizabeth, who m. Joseph Platt, Nov. 6, 1700; John b. Sept. 2, 1678. (It is very difficult to reconcile the records of the families of the first and second Matthew.)

Elizabeth Marvin the sister of Matthew, sen'r., aged 31 years when she came with him to this country, in 1635, m. John Olmsted, and d. in advanced age, at Norwich; the same John Holmsted, (as spelt on the Norwich records,) who first settled at Hartford, as early as 1639.

Mary Marvin daughter of Matthew, sen'r., m. Richard Bushnell, of Saybrook, in 1648. Their children were, Joseph, Richard, Mary, and Maria, all b. in Saybrook. She was m. the second time, in 1680, to Dea. Thomas Adgate, of Saybrook, and was his 2d wife. Their children were, Abigail, Sarah, Rebecca, and Thomas—all b. in Norwich. Dea. Adgate was one of the original proprietors of Norwich, and d. at that place in 1707, at an advanced age.

Sarah Marvin daughter of Matthew, sen'r., m. William Goodrich, of Wethersfield, in Oct. 1648. Had sons, John, William, Ephraim, and David; and daughters, who m. Robert Wells, Thomas Fitch, Joseph Butler, and ----- Hollister-some of the best families.

Hannah Marvin daughter of Matthew, sen'r., m. Thomas Seymour, of Norwalk, in Jan. 1653, and had children, Hannah b. Dec. 12, 1654, who m. Francis Bushnell, Oct. 12, 1675; Abigail b. Jan. 1655; Mary and Sarah, twins, b. Sept. 1658; Thomas b. 1660; Marie b. Nov. 1666; Matthew b. May, 1669; Elizabeth b. Dec. 1673, and Rebecca b. Jan. 1675.

Abigail Marvin daughter of Matthew, sen'r., m. John Bouton, of Norwalk, Jan. 1656, and had children, John, Matthew, Rachel, Abigail, and Mary. John, his son, had two sons, Jakin and Joseph-perhaps others.

Rachel Marvin daughter of Matthew, sen'r., m. Samuel Smith, of Norwalk, and had children, Rachel, who m. Thomas Benedict, and Lydia, who m. James Lockwood.

The descendants of the first and second Matthew Marvin, are very numerous; but owing to a defect in the early records, it is not easy to trace the descendants of any except those of John, who is supposed to be the Youngest son of the second Matthew. Samuel, son of the second Matthew, was probably the father of Matthew, (fourth of the name,) who was b. Oct. 1702, and who was the ancestor of Hon. Charles Marvin, of Wilton, who has repeatedly been Representative and Senator in the State Legislature of Connecticut.

John Marvin youngest son of Matthew Marvin, (second) was born Sept. 2, 1678, and d. in 1774, at the advanced age of 96. His first wife was Mary Bears, dau. of James, m. March 22, 1704, d. April 17, 1720. His 2d wife was Rachel St. John, daughter of Matthias, m. April 27, 1721. His children were, John, jr. b. July 22, 1705; Nathan b. March 4, 1707; Seth b. July 13, 1709; David b. Aug. 24, 1711; Elizabeth b. Oct. 23, 1713; Mary b. Dec. 29, 1716; Elihu b. Oct. 10, 1719. (By 2d wife,) Hannah b. Dec. 4, 1722; Joseph b. May 29, 1724; Rachel b. Dec. 24, 1725, (she d. an infant); Benjamin b. March 14, 1727-8, (d. an infant); a second Rachel b. March 27, 1728-9; Sarah b. May 18, 1733, and soon died; Ann b. Sept. 7. 1741. By T. R. Martin, of Boston.

Meakins, John, sen'r. of Hartford, m. Mary Bidwell, and had children, John, Joseph, Samuel, Mary Bidwell, Sarah Spencer, Rebecca and Hannah. He was brother-in-law to Daniel Bidwell. He d. in 1705-6. He had been a respectable and early settler. Estate £480.

Newbury, Maj. Benjamin of Windsor, d. in 1689, and left children, Hannah 8 years old, Thomas 6, Joseph 4, and Benjamin 1. Estate £563:18. Thomas Newbury of Windsor, d in 1688. Estate over £300. The father of the Newbury family did not himself reside in Windsor.

Peerings, Samuel of Windsor, died in 1690. Samuel Cross was his only heir—left no children.


Robbins, John
had a conveyance of land at Wethersfield, as early as 1638, and was a member of the General Court in 1644. He died about 1666, when his estate was distributed to his children, viz. Mary b. Jan 20, 1641; Hannah b. April 30, 1643; Comfort b. Oct. 12, 1646; John b. April 20, 1649. He gave his eldest daughter, Hannah, land at Naubuck. Estate £579:19. It is supposed his father John came with him, and d. at Wethersfield soon after he arrived there. He mentions land owned be his father.

    Robbins, John son of John, m. Mary Denison, and had children, Joshua, Richard, John and Samuel. Mary, his widow. Will made in 1689. He d. in 1698, at which time his children were all minors. He was a cousin of John Chester, jr., and a brother-in-law of Samuel Boarman. His widow Mary appears to have m. a Mr. Davison, and by this name gave her sons, Joshua, Richard. and Samuel, land at Long Hill. He left each of his sons a large estate. Joshua had a double portion.

    Joshua the son of John, sen'r., probably d. young, or removed, as he is not found after the death of his father.

    John Robbins son of John, and brother of Joshua and Richard, d. Oct. 6, 1712. He left no children. Estate £391: 14, which was distributed to his brothers, Joshua, Richard and Samuel.

    Robbins, Joshua, sen'r. son of John, and brother of Richard and Samuel, m. in 1709, and d. about 1733. His will was presented in Court by Sarah, his widow, and Nathaniel Robbins, executors. He was a gentleman of wealth. His children at his decease were, Joshua, jr., Jonathan, Elizabeth Talcott, wife of Nathaniel, Hannah, wife of Joseph Welles, Mary, wife of Joseph Treat, Abigail, wife of Silas Belden, and Comfort, wife of John Coleman. He gave Joshua, jr. his land at Stepney where he lived, also at Newington, at Milemeadow, at Whirlpool, at Rocky Hill in Stepney, and other places. He gave Jonathan his new house and barns and several pieces of land.

    Robbins, Capt. Jonathan son of Joshua, sen'r. and grandson of John, m. Sarah, dau. of Capt. Robert Welles, in 1728, He d. 1777, and left an estate of £8946, including his farm on which Solomon then lived, the farm Levi sold and the land in Beaver meadow, Bishop meadow, and in Sandisfield, Mass., and other lands. Jonathan Robbins, supposed a son of Capt. Jonathan, Miss Stevens, and had Jonathan, Joshua, Solomon, Reuben, Asher, Appleton, Oliver, Robert, Levi, and five daughters. Oliver m. Mary, dau. of John Rose, and had children, Oliver, Robert, George, William, Nancy (m. Moses Griswold,) Mary (unmarried,) Harriet (m. Francis Stillman,) Laura (m. Eratus Holcomb, of East Granby.)

    Joshua son of the above Jonathan, m. and had Asher, (who settled at Newport, R.I. and was United States Senator from that State, and d. in 1845,) Elisha m. Miss Goodrich, and had Rev. Royal, (settled at Kensington,) Elisha and Chauncey, merchants in N.Y., and Henry (who m. Miss Talcott,) Sarah, Julia, Martha, and others who died young.

    Solomon son of Jonathan, settled in Sandisfield, Mass., and m. there, and had a large family. He d. about 48 years since, on a visit to his native town. It was in this family that Archibald Robbins, who was so roughly treated by the Arabs, originated.

    Reuben and Asher sons of Jonathan, probably d. young.

    Appleton son of Jonathan, graduated at Y.C. in 1760, and d. 1824, m. Mary Stillman. Children, Appleton, Allen, George, Mary (d. April 15, 1848, aged 80,) Rebecca (m. Doct. Nath'l Dwight, who d. in 1831 —she d. April 28, 1848, aged 77,) Betsey, Sally and Clarissa.

    Rev. Robert son of Jonathan, m. Ruth Kimberly, of Glastenbury, and after her death, for his 2d wife m. Jerusha Easterbrooks. He d. in 1804, and left issue, Ruth K. (who m. Henry Champion, eldest son of Gen. Henry Champion, deceased,) and is now living at Troy, N.Y; Jerusha E., (m. E. Northam, of Williamstown, Mass.;) Rev. Robert C., a clergyman—died after preaching a few years; Samuel W., a farmer, went to the South and married there; Bela, lived and died at West Chester, in Colchester—was a deacon before he was 21 years of age; Amatus is now a physician at Troy; Mandana (m. Mr. Usher) and now lives with her husband at the old Robbins place at West Chester; Meroa d. unmarried. The children of Henry Champion, jr., were, Rev. George, graduated at Yale College in 1831, was a Missionary, and d. in 1841; Maria m. Jonathan Edwards, Esq., of Troy; Abigail J., m. Mr. Bliss, of New York. Rev. Robert Robbins was a man of great learning, a rigid Calvinist, and considerable individuality. He graduated at Yale College in 1760, and was for many years pastor of the church in West Chester.

    Levi son of Jonathan, (m. Miss Kilbourn,) and had a daughter and two sons, viz. Abigail, James and Levi.

Robbins, Joshua, jr. Nov. 20, 1707, and had Nathaniel b. Sept. 7, 1708; Zebulon b. Aug. 21, 1710; Sarah b. Jan. 25, 1712, and d. 1753; John b. March 31, 1713; Hannah b. March 3, 1715; Joshua b. June 19, 1717, and d. May 30, 1726; Elizabeth b. Sept. 1719; Abigail b. Oct. 9, 1721. This Abigail Robbins m. for her first husband, Mr. Loomis—after his decease, she m. for her second husband, Hon. Jonathan Trumbull, who was Governor of Connecticut during the War of the Revolution. Nathaniel and John, of Stepney, gave their sisters, Sarah and Hannah, the household property in 1733.

    Robbins, Nathaniel son of Joshua, jr., m. Mary Robbins, sister of John Robbins, Esq., of Rocky Hill, in Dec. 1736. His wife Mary, was b. in 1713, and d. in 1781. They had chidren, Sarah b. Sept. 24, 1738; Richard b. Feb. 1740; Joshua b. Aug. 8, 1742; Sarah b. May 27, 1745; Nathaniel b. May 24, 1751; Mary b. Aug. 22, 1755, and Eunice. Nathaniel, and his son Richard both d. in 1783, of small-pox. Richard, son of Nathaniel, m. Mary and had Elijah, Enos, Rhoda, Warner, Abigail, Rachel, Roger and Mary.—Joshua and Nathaniel, and their sister Sarah who m. Mr. Deming, (sons of Nathaniel,) moved to Pittsfield, Mass.

    Robbins, Thomas son of Joshua 3d., (wife Prudence,) d. in 1754. Estate about £3000. His children were, Anne, aged 17 at his death, Prudence 15, Abigail 11, Hannah 8. He also had an only son, Unni, the eldest of his children. Thomas d. before his father, and Unni's grand father Joshua, gave Unni a farm at Newington. Prudence, the daughter of Thomas, m. Samuel Wolcott, jr. Thomas resided at Newington. Joshua gave a large share of his estate to the children of his deceased son Thomas. The widow of Thomas d. before the distribution of the estate.

    Robbins, Elisha son of Joshua, and grandson of Jonathan, (wife Sarah, administrator,) d. about 1757, at which time the inventory of his estate was presented to the Court. Estate £489. He left but one child, Sarah, a minor at his decease, and her mother was appointed her guardian, in 1776. The estate was not distributed to the widow and child until 1776. Sarah d. unmarried in 1794. Zebulon Robbins, administrator.

    Robbins, Capt. Daniel son of Joshua, and gt. grandson of John, d. in 1767, (wife Prudence.) Children, Hezekiah, William, Daniel, Roger and Michael. He d. insolvent, as it appears his son Hezekiah held at the time of his death, a bill of sale of all his father's property. Will dated 1761.

    Robbins, Joshua son of Joshua, of Wethersfield, d. in 1796. His son Joshua and Abraham Crane, Executors. Wife Mary, and children, Asa, Richard, John, Eunice (the widow of Solomon Williams,) Mary Crane, Abigail Hart, Sarah Willard, and Elizabeth Wright. He left large tracts of land for his family. Estate £1186.

    Robbins, Levi son of Jonathan, d. in 1793. Estate £133.

    Robbins, William grandson of Joshua, d. about 1786. Estate £412.

Robbins, Prudence d. about 1764, and the inventory of her property returned to Court by Unni Robbins, in 1765.

Robbins, Joshua d. about 1763. Wife, Abigail. He left children, Abigail, aged 17, Hannah 13. He notices Prudence, the widow of his son Thomas, deceased; to Unni, the son of Thomas, he gave a farm in Newington; to his son Daniel, to Prudence, the wife of Daniel, he gave a share; his grandson Hezekiah had his house; his son Joshua, his dau. Abigail Bulkley, his dau. Prudence Williams, his grandsons William, Roger, Daniel and Michael Robbins, all shared in his estate. Will made in 1759; the inventory presented to the Court in 1763, and widow Abigail's dower set to her the same year. She had one lot on which her son Joshua then lived.

Robbins, Hezekiah son of Daniel, grandson of Joshua. His eldest daughter was Mehitabel; his other children were minors in 1777, and Their mother then living.

Robbins, Samuel son of the 3d John, brother of Joshua, Richard and John. Wife, Lucy. He d. in old age, before his wife, and had given his lands by deeds to his sons before he died. He had a son Samuel and other children. All his property not disposed of by deeds, he gave to his wife Lucy for her life, and after her decease to his daughters Lucy, Hannah, Mary and Mehitabel. His son Samuel d. before 1797, and left a son Samuel, for whom Maj. Timothy Russell was appointed guardian in 1797. Widow Prudence and his son Samuel were executors of the will of Samuel, sen'r. in 1753.

    Robbins, Samuel supposed son of Samuel. Wife Mary, and children, Josiah, Samuel, Elisha, Lucy (who m. Nathaniel Crow, of Simsbury,) Hannah (who m. Elisha Treat,) Mary (who m. Joseph Welles,) and Mehitabel (who m. Josiah Belden.)

    Samuel son of Samuel, m. Lucy Wells, and moved to Cannan, and had a son Samuel, and daughter Hester (who m. Rev. Samuel J. Mills, of Torringford, who graduated at Yale College in 1764, and d. there in May, 1833, aged 90, in the 62d year of his ministry.)

    Elisha son of Samuel, m. Miss Willard, and had one child, Sarah, and soon after died. His widow afterwards m. Mr. Robbins.

    Josiah son of Samuel, m. Judith Welles, and had children, Josiah, jr., Samuel, Robert, Judith (m. Seth Welles,) Rhoda (m. Gershom Wolcott for her first husband and Joseph Goodrich for her second husband,) Sarah (m. George Montague.) Josiah, sen'r. had four wives, 1st, Judith Welles, 2d, Wid. Wolcott, 3d, Wid. Wright, (maiden name Buck,) and 4th, Wid. Anna Francis. By his last wife he had a son Samuel, who now resides in Trenton, N.Y. Josiah, jr. m. Christiana Manley, and had sons Josiah and Elisha. The two sons now reside in Pennsylvania.

    Robert son of Josiah, m. for his first wife Mary Welles, who died soon after her marriage; he then for his 2d wife m. Cynthia Wood. His first wife had a daughter Mary, (who m. Elisha Wolcott; by his 2d wife he had Martha b. 1793, (m. Gurdon Montague;) Rhoda (m. Horace Wolcott and has a son Samuel;) Cynthia (m. Erastus Deming, of Ohio, and has seven children;) Rossiter (m. Rebecca Crane,) he removed to Cincinnati, Ohio, but d. in South Carolina in 1830. Robert first, m. Mary Williams, and had Thomas, Mary, Robert, Sarah and Ellen, when his wife died; he then m. Wid. Humphrey, of Hartford; Josiah m. Harriet Crane, and has children, Rossiter, Gurdon, Lucy Ann and Frances Cornelia; Judith m. Timothy Harris, and had children, Donald and Julia—Julia d. young. Chauncey is yet living, unmarried.

    Benjamin m. and had a daughter Virginia. He resides in Greenville, Ohio. Josiah, sen'r. had twelve children.

    Robbins Richard, son of John, and brother of Joshua, John and Samuel, m. for his first wife, Martha Curtiss. He d. in 1738-9. His children were, Mary, Rachel, Esther, Elizabeth, Experience, Martha and an only son John. He gave his house and homelot at Stepney, and many other large tracts of land, to his son John. His farm at Colchester he gave equally to his seven children. Estate £4400 sterling. Martha, his wife, d. in 1753. Her son John administered upon her estate, out of which property, John received £874:17:4. Her daughters Mary Robbins, Rachel Stillman, Esther Wright, Experience Hollister and Martha Williams, each received of their mother's estate £437:8:8. Richard's will dated 1737. He had a farm in Glastenbury. Martha's estate appraised at £3493:17:11.

Robbins, John, Esq. of Wethersfield, (Rocky Hill,) son of Richard, and grandson of John, m. for his first wife, Martha, daughter of Capt. Jacob Williams, Jan. 13, 1736-7; for 2d wife Sarah Wright; for 3d wife Mary Russell, who was his widow. He d. in 1797-8. His son Wait was his executor. He had a son John, who died before his father, and left a son Justus, to whom his grand father, Esq. John, gave £500 of 3 per cent stock in the Loan Office, £600 of 6 per cent stock, and £500 of deferred stocks, and about 600 acres of land east of Connecticut river, which was the balance of the portion of his son John, then deceased. The children of Esq. John were, John b. Jan. 20, 1738-9; Sarah b. March 2, 1740, (m. Daniel Warner;) Eunice b. Feb. 27, 1742, (d. young;) Wait b. April 1, 1744; Jacob b. June 20, 1747; Levi b. April 1, 1749; Simeon b. Dec. 1, 1750; Martha b. March 30, 1754, (m. Mr. Wright,) and d. before her father; Frederick b. Sept. 12, 1756; Samuel and Eunice, twins, b. July 11, 1760, (she m. Mr. Bulkley)—Huldah m. Mr. Riley; his daughter Martha Wright, who died before her father, left five children, viz. Crafts, James, John, Nancy, and Sally Wright—all noticed in their grand father Robbins' will. He made his will in 1794, in which he manumitted his two slaves, Dell and Amy, at the age of 25 years. He gave Sarah in addition to previous gifts, £175; Eunice £215; Huldah, wife of John Riley, jr. a farther sum; to his grand children, the children of his deceased dau. Wright, he gave £331; to Wait £2456:3:6; to Levi £2201; to Justus, his grandson, £1195; to Jacob £2381; to Simeon £2657; to Frederick £2561, besides the widow's share, about £14,329. Mr. Robbins was probably a gentleman of as great wealth as any in Wethersfield. He was a magistrate, and frequently represented the town at the General Assembly of Connecticut, and held a high standing in the town and State.

    Frederick Robbins the 6th son of John, Esq., m. Mehitabel Wolcott, who was b. June 12, 1759, by whom he had ten children, viz. Mehitabel b. March 9, 1782; Frederick b. April 9, 1784; Horace W. b. July, 1786; Fanny b. April 10, 1788; Ashbel b. March 28, 1790; Franklin b. June 5, 1792; Roxa b. Feb. 21, 1794; Maria b. June 26, 1796; Orpah b. April 25, 1798; John b. Dec. 24, 1799. His wife died, and he m. Sally Deming who was b. Jan. 5, 1771. By her he had one son, Walter, who d. in infancy, and his mother d. about the same time. Frederick then m. for his 3d wife, Abigail Grimes. By her he had Sarah b. Nov. 18, 1811; Caroline b. March 26, 1813; Walter b. June 8, 1814; Benjamin G. b. March 26, 1817.

    Robbins, John son of Esq. John, d. before his father, and had a son Justus. Justus's children were, Ira, Justus, Nancy (m. Edmund Bulkley,) Clarinda (m. Mr. Holmes,) Pamela (m. Mr. West, of Alexandria,) Sarah (m. Daniel Warner,) and had children, Daniel, Frederick, Allen, Sally (m. J. Williams,) Martha (m. A. Collins,) Eunice (m. S. Dimock, Lucy (m. Russel Bull.) Euince died young.

    Wait m. Hannah Robbins, and had children, Wait, Levi, Asher, Samuel (who was killed with his mother, by one of the most destructive hurricanes ever known in this country.) Their daughters were, Lucy (m. J. Griswold;) Hannah (m. Dea. Merriam.) Asher's life was saved by the colored woman's carrying him to the cellar in the hurricane.

    Jacob's children were, Elias, Silas (Judge Robbins, of Kentucky,) Austin, Moses, Chloe (m. R. Robbins,) Eunice, unmarried.

    Levi's children were, Elisha, Levi, Samuel, John, Frederick, Russel, Sally (m. John Barnard,) Hannah (m. Barzillai Deming, of N.Y.,) Martha (m. Naum Cutler, of Vt.) Levi lived upon, and owned the farm in Hartford, called the Wolcott farm.

    Simeon's children were, Simeon, George, James, Mary (m. Josiah Butler,) Sally (m. Eli Goodrich,) Mabel (m. Doct. Daniel Fuller,) Martha (m. a Mr. Willard, of Wethersfield.)

    Frederick's children were, Frederick, Horace, Ashbel, Franklin, John, Walter (d. young,) Walter, Benjamin G., Mehitabel m. Washington Willains, Fanny m. Julius Chapman, of E. Haddam, Roxa m. Doct. Bigelow, of E. Haddam—and 2d Joseph Goodspeed, of E. Haddam, Orpah m. Ulysses Butler, Sarah, Caroline m. Edmund Merriam. [These were the children of Frederick, son of John, Esq., son of Richard.]

    Eunice m. Charles Bulkley. Their children were, Henry, Ashbel, Archibald, Erastus, Mary m. Mr. Selden, of Haddam, Augusta, Emeline m. S. H. P. Hall now of Binghampton, a member of the Senate of the State of New York.

    Samuel twin of Eunice, d. young.

    The children and grand children of Frederick, son of John son of Richard, who was a son of John, jr., son of John who first settled at Wethersfield, viz.

    Mehitabel, the eldest, m. Washington Williams. Her children were, Cornelius, Catherine, Maria, Frances and Moses.

    Frederick, jr. m. Eunice Ames. His children were, Philemon, Russel, Rowland, Horace, Julius and Louisa.

    Horace d. at sea, without heirs. He was an adventurer—was in the Spanish war, and the company to which he belonged were all killed but seven, who fled to the mountains. They afterwards found their way to New Orleans through much suffering; he then enlisted under Gen. Jackson, and was in the battle at N. Orleans. He was a well educated and exemplary man.

    Fanny m. Julius Chapman. Her children were, Lavinia, Catherine, Margaret and Laura.

    Ashbel m. Elizabeth Rutledge, and d. without heirs, at Warrington, N.C., Nov. 10, 1826, aged 37.

    Franklin m. Louisa Glad, of Schenectady, N.Y. Their children were, Edmund, Frederick, Alfred and Adelaide. His wife d. in New York—and he m. for his 2d wife Elizabeth Williams, and had children, Emma and Arthur.

    RoXa m. Doct. Jesse Bigelow. Their children were, William and Amelia. She m. for her 2d husband, Joseph Goodspeed, of E. Haddam.

    Orpah m. Ulysses Butler, and had one son, Frederick.

    John and Maria, unmarried.

    Walter, son of Frederick by 2d wife, m. Sophia Wilder, and had children, Frederick, and others.

    Sarah, unmarried.

    Caroline m. E. Merriam, and had children, Martha, Frances and Horace.

    Benjamin, unmarried.

Robbins, John of Wethersfield, d. in 1768. Wife Mary. Son John, executor. His children, were, Elizabeth Rockwell, Lois Goffe, John, Sarah, Jehiel and Zebulon. He left a good estate. His dau. Elizabeth, who m. Solomon Belden, for her first or second husband, with her brother, Jehiel Robbins, of Lanesborough, Ms., appealed the trial of the will to the Superior Court. Sarah d. in 1784, and her brother Zebulon was her administrator.

    Robbins, Josiah son of John, and grandson of Samuel, d. in 1794. Robert, his son, executor. Estate £1768. His children were, Josiah,-Robert, Samuel, Judith Welles, Rhoda Goodrich and Sarah Montague. He gave his son Samuel, and grand daughter Lucy, daughter of Samuel, his lands in Vermont, and other lands; also to Lucy, when she arrived to 18 years of age, £15; to the three daughters of Judith Welles, £5 each, when 18 years old, and what their mother received at her marriage. His widow Mary d. in 1784.

    Robbins, Richard son of Nathaniel, d. in 1783. Estate £2038.

    Robbins, Joshua son of Joshua, d. in 1796. Estate £1186:8:2.

    Robbins, David d. in 1797, and left a small estate of £55—probably died young.

Simons, Joseph came from Wobern, Mass., to Hartford, and in 1717 moved to East Hartford FiVe Miles, now Manchester. He m. Agnes ----, and built his house upon the same ground where his grandson Ashna now lives in Manchester. His children were, Joseph, jr., Samuel, Benj., William, Agnes, Sarah and two other daughters.
    Samuel, son of Joseph, sen'r., lived and d. in Manchester, in the same house his father built 1717. He m. Eunice Loveland, and had Samuel, jr., Israel, Ashna and Ashbel.

    Joseph, son of Joseph, sen'r., m. Abigail Wickham, and had Abigail, Keziah, Ann, Sarah, Hannah, Joseph and Russel.

    Benjamin, son of Joseph, sen'r., m. Elizabeth Shepard, of Hartford, and had children, Benjamin, jr., John, Uriah and Betsey. He d. in 1776.

    William, son of Joseph, sen'r., m. Rebecca Webster, and had William, Ezekiel, Rebecca, Ruth and Adnis.

    Samuel, son of Samuel, m. Miss Evins, aad had a family of children. He d. after the War of the Revolution, at Susquehannah.

    Israel, son of Samuel, sen'r. and grandson of Joseph, m. a Miss Cleveland, who came with her father from Scotland. They had Martin, Israel, Charles (killed by the fall of a tree upon him,) Sophia and Mary. Israel, sen'r. d. at Manchester.

    Ashna, son of Samuel, is now 91 years old, and resides upon the same ground where his grand father Joseph built in Manchester in 1717. He m. Ruth Slate, and had children, James, Stephen, and Henry—all now deceased; also Therissa, Ruth, Sally, Philamela, Electa, Laura, Almira. and Marilda—all now living except Therissa. Ruth and Marilda were never m. Ashna was a soldier in the War of the Revolution, and now draws a pension. Ashbel, a brother of Ashna, d. aged 5 years.

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