A catalogue of the names of the first Puritan settlers of the colony of Connecticut;
with the time of their arrival in the colony and their standing in society,
together with their place of residence, as far as can be discovered by the records.
&c collected from the state and town records by R.R. Hinman,
Hartford. Printed by E. Gleason, 1846,

[Transcribed by Dave Swerdfeger]


Barnard Joseph
m. Sarah Olcott, March 23, 1739-40.

Clapp Elijah m. Ann Benton, July 12, 1741.

Charles John m. Mary Breed, upon special reasons, April 5, 1743.

Handerson James m. Jerusha White, Jan. 17, 1741-2.

King Joseph m. Eunice Seymour, of Suffield—for reasons were married without publishing, July 19, 1737.

Messenger Nehemiah m. Elizabeth Hopkins, Aug. 22, 1739.

Peter, Negro m. Phebe, Aug. 28, 1740.

Spencer, John m. Thankful Easton, July 17, 1743.

Shelding John m. Mary Graham, March 14, 1743-4.

Smith Abial of Litchfield, m. Johannah Goodwin, April 18, 1739.

Seymour Zechariah m. Sarah Steel, April 25, 1739.

Strong Samuel m. Susannah Brace, Aug. 20, 1739.

Wadsworth Joseph m. Elizabeth Cooke, May 10. 1742.

Webster Isaac m. Amy White, Nov. 11, 1739.


Andrews Samuel son of William, b. Oct. 20, 1645. [Record.]

Andrews John son of James. bap. Sept. 27, 1646.

Adams Samuel son of Jeremy, bap. Nov. 23, 1645.

Allcock Elizabeth dau. of Thomas, bap. Dec. 7, 1643.

Bryant Ebenezer and his wife Mahitabel had Sarah b. May 11, 1739. Elizabeth b. Aug. 26, 1741. Ebenezer b. Aug. 19, 1744. Samuel b. April 25, 1747. Timothy b. Aug. 15, 1750. Jonathan b. Feb. 6, 1753. Daniel b. Nov. 24, 1755.

Baysa Elizabeth dau. of John, bap. Aug. 23, 1645.

Bloomfield John son of William, bap. Aug. 23, 1645.

Burr Mary dau. of Thomas, b. Sept. 17, 1645.

Brunson Isaac son of John, bap. Dec. 7, 1645.

Burr Thomas son of Benjamin, b. Jan. 26, 1645.

Bartlett Deborah dau. of Robert, bap. March 18, 1645.

Catling Mary bap. Nov. 29, 1646.

Desbrow Phebe dau. of Nicholas, bap. Dec. 20, 1646.

Fellows John son of Richard, bap. Nov. 1, 1646.

Gibbons Sarah dau. of William, b. Aug. 17, 1645.

Gozzard Daniel son of Daniel, bap. Jan. 24, 1646.

Gurnsey John and Sarah had Sarah b. July 13, 1729. Elizabeth b. Feb. 27, 1730. John b. Jan. 13, 1732-3. Lydia b. Dec. 6, 1734. Bezaleel b. Nov. 28, 1737.

Hubbard Daniel son of George, bap. Dec. 7, 1645.

Haynes Mabel dau. of John, Esq. b. March 19, 1645.

Hollen Samuel son of William, bap. Nov. 1, 1646.

Hopkins Isaac son of Ebenezer, b. Nov. 25, 1708.

Ketcherall Hannah dau. of Samuel, b. Jan. 4, 1645.

Kelsey Abigail dau. of William, bap. April 19, 1645.

Kerbee Elizabeth dau. of John, b. Sept. 8, 1646.

Lawes Mary dau. of William, jr. b. May 6, 1645.

Lawes Philip son of William, jr. bap. 1646.

Merrells Thomas son of Thomas, bap. Nov. 1, 1646.

Marsh Joseph son of John, bap. Jan. 24, 1646.

Newton Samuel son of Roger, bap. 1646.

Sibly Jonathan of Windham, died in 1714, and left a son John.

Wadsworth Samuel son of William, bap. Oct. 25, 1646.

Young Seth and Hannah had Benj. b. Sept. 23, 1736. Joseph b. Dec. 25, 1738. Abigail b. Feb. 3, 1740-1.

Smith, Mary dau. of Arthur Smith, b. 1644.

Pratt, John son of William Pratt, b. Feb. 23, 1644.

Kelsey, Abigail dau. of Wm. Kelsey b. April 19, 1645.

Daniel Steel son of John, b. April 29, 1615, d. 1646.

Lawes, Mary dau. of William Lawes, jr. b. May 6, 1645.

Wadsworth, Eliz. dau. of William Wadsworth, b. May 17, 1645.

Gibbons, Sarah dau. of William Gibbons, b. Aug. 17, 1645.

Stanley, Louis dau. of Timothy Stanley, b. Aug. 23, 1645.

Basey, Elizabeth dau. of John, bap. Aug. 23, 1645.

Blomfield, John son of Wm. Blomfield, bap. Aug. 23,1645.

Burr, Mary dau. of Thomas Burr, b. Sept. 17, 1645.

Whiting, Joseph son of Mr. Wm. Whiting, b. Oct. 2, 1645.

Patrick, Samuel son of William Patrick, b. Oct. 15, 1645.

Whight, Jacob son of John Whight, b. Oct. 18, 1645.

Andrews, Samuel son of William Andrews, b. Oct. 20, 1645.

Adams, Samuel son of Jeremiah Adams, bap. Nov. 23, 1645.

Allcock, Elizabeth dau. of Thomas Allcock, bap. Dec. 7, 1643.

Brunson, Isaac son of John Brunson, bap. Dec. 7, 1645.

Hubbard, Daniel son of George Hubbard, bap. Dec. 7, 1615.

Peck, John son of Paul Peck, b. Dec. 22, 1645.

Burr, Thomas son of Benjamin Burr, b. Jan. 26, 1645.

Kecherall, Hannah dau. of Samuel Kecherall, b. Jan. 4, 1645.

Bartlett, Deborah dau. of Robert Bartlett, bap. March 18, 1645.

Haynes, Mabel dau. of John Haynes, Esq. b. March 19, 1645.

Roote, John son of Thomas Roote, b. June 10, 1646.

Selden, Thomas son of Thomas Selden, bap. Aug. 30, 1645.

Whitmore, John son of Thomas Whitmore, bap. Sept. 6, 1646.

Kerbee, Elizabeth dau. of John Kerbee, b. Sept. 8, 1646.

Sanford, Elizabeth dau. of Robert Sanford, b. Feb. 19, 1645.

Andrews, John son of James Andrews, b. Sept. 27, 1646.

Stone, Joseph son of Mr. Samuel Stone, bap. Oct. 15, 1646.

Newton, Samuel son of Mr. Roger Newton, bap. Oct. 1646.

Wadsworth, Samuel son of William Wadsworth, bap. Oct. 25, 1646.

Risley, Samuel son of Richard Risley, bap. Nov. 1, 1646.

Hollen, Samuel son of William Hollen, bap. Nov. 1, 1646.

Fellows, John son of Richard Fellows, bap. Nov. 1, 1646.

Merrills, Thomas son of Thomas Merrills, bap. Nov. 1, 1646.

Olmsted, Mary dau. of Nicholas Olmsted, b. Nov. 7, 1646.

Steel, Mary dau. of John Steel, jr. b. Nov. 7, 1646.

Catling, Mary bap. Nov. 29, 1646.

Lawes, Philip son of William, jr. bap. Dec. 13, 1646.

Disbrow, Phebe dau. of Nicholas Disbrow, bap. Dec. 20, 1646.

Tomson, ----- dau. of Thomas Tomson, bap. Jan. 17. 1646.

Marsh, Joseph son of John Marsh, bap. Jan. 24, 1646.

Gozzard, Daniel son of Daniel Gozzard, bap. Jan. 24, 1646.

Crow, Sarah dau. of John Crow, b. March 1, 1646.

Stanton, Joseph son of Thomas Stanton, bap. March 21, 1646.

Ellmore, Samuel son of Edward Ellmore, bap. March 21, 1646.

Hubbard, Sarah dau. of Wm. Hubbard, b. July 10, 1647.

Blomfield, Samuel son of William Blomfield, b. July 12, 1647.

Gridley, Samuel son of Thomas Gridley, b. Nov. 25, 1617.

Brunson, Abraham bap. Nov. 28, 1647.

Kelsey, Steven son of William Kelsey, bap. Nov. 7, 1647.

Whitmore, Sarah dau. of John Whitmore, b. Dec. 16, 1617.

Stanley, John son of John Stanley, b. Nov. 3 or 4, 1617.

____, Thomas son of Francis

_____, Andrews bap. Jan. 2, 1647.

Stone, Lydia dau. of Mr. Samuel Stone, b. Jan. 22 or 25, 1647.

Marvin, Samuel son of Matthew Marvin, bap. Feb. 6, 1647.

Standla, Isaac son of Timothy Standla, b. March 10, 1647.

Rusco, Samuel son of William Rusco, b. March, 1647.

Olmsted, Rebecca dau. of Nicholas Olmsted, b. March, 1647.

Stanford, Ezerkell son of Robert, b. March 13, 1647.

Gilbert, John (or Tom,) son of John Gilbert, b. Jan. 16, 1647.

Spencer, Elizabeth dau. of Thomas Spencer, bap. March 26, 1648.

Selden, Mary dau. of Thomas Selden, bap. March 26, 1648.

Laws, Samuel son of Wm. Laws, b. Aug. 18, 1648.

Risley, Richard son of Richard Risley, bap. Aug. 1648.

Milrock, Sarah dau. of John Milrock, jr. b. Oct. 3, 1648.

Barnard, Sarah dau. of Bartholomew Barnard, b. Dec. 3, 1648.

Webb, Mary dau. of John Webb, b. Feb. 5, 1647.

Disbrow, Abigail dau. of Nicholas Disbrow, b. Feb. 1646.

Smith, Johannah dau. of Gyles Smith, bap. March 25, 1649.

Bull, Jonathan son of Thomas Bull, bap. March 25, 1649.

A son of Samuel Stone bap. 1649.

Cullick, John son of John Cullick, b. May 4, 1649.

Catling, Mary dau. of Thomas Catling, bap. May, 1649.

Crow, Anna dau. of John Crow, b. July 13, 1649.

Marsh, Joseph son of John Marsh, bap. July 15, 1649.

Ellmore, Elizabeth dau. of Edward Ellmore, bap. July 15, 1649.

Ensign, Ledea dau. of James Ensign, bap. Aug. 19, 1649.

Judd, Philip son of Thomas, bap. Sept. 1649.

Woodford, Sarah dau. of Thomas Woodford, bap. Sept. 2, 1649.

Gilbert, Mary dau. of Jonathan Gilbert, bap. Dec. 17, 1649.

Olmsted, John son of Richard Olmsted, bap. Dec. 30, 1649.

Marvin, Rachel dau. of Matt. Marvin, bap. Dec. 30, 1649.

Alcock, John son of Thomas, bap. Feb. 3, 1649.

Olmsted, John son of Nicholas Olmsted, bap. Feb. 3, 1649.

Wadsworth, Sarah dau. of William Wadsworth, bap. March 17, 1649.

Pantree, John son of John Pantree, bap. March 17, 1649.

Hills, Joseph son of William Hills, bap. Mar. 17, 1649.

Seyer, Elizabeth dau. of Richard Seyer, b. June, 1650.

Kelsey, Daniel son of William, b. Feb. 1650.

Stone, Abigail dau. of Mr. Samuel Stone, b. Sept. 9, 1650.

Russell, John l son of Mr. John, bap. Sept. 23, 1650.

Hubbard, George son of Geo. Hubbard, bap. Dec. 15, 1630.

Peck, Joseph son of Paul Peck, bap. Dec. 22, 1650.

Milrock, John son of John Milrock, jr. b. Dec. 29, 1650.

Hales, Thomas bap. January 19, 1650.

Gridley, Thomas son of Thomas Gridley, b. first week in Aug. 1650.

Fellows, Mary dau. of Richard, b. Feb. 9, 1650.

Bull, David son of Tho. Bull, bap. Feb. 9, 1650.

Keeler, Rebecca dau. of Ralph Keeler, bap. Feb. 9, 1650.

Smith, Arthur son of Arthur Smith, bap. 1651.

More, Sarah Whight dau. of Thomas, bap. April 20, 1651.

Selden, Esther dau. of Thomas Selden, bap. May 3, 1649, d. 1651.

Selden, John son of Thomas, bap. 1651.

Selden, Joseph son of Thomas, bap. Nov. 1651.

Gilbert, John son of John, b. Feb. 19, 1652.

Spencer, Hannah dau. of Thomas, b. April 25, 1653.

Lord, Dorothy dau. of Thomas, b. Aug. 17, 1653.

Gilbert, Jonathan son of Jonathan, b. May 20, 1648.

Gilbert, Mary dau. of Jonathan Gilbert, b. Dec. 15, 1649—also Sarah, dau. of Jonathan, b. July 25, 1651—also Lydia, dau. of Jonathan, b. Oct. 3, 1654.

Seymour, Mary dau. of Thomas, b. May 8, 1655.

Graves, Mary dau. of Isaac, b. July 5, 1647.

Graves, Isaac son of Isaac Graves, b. Aug. 21, 1650.

Graves, Samuel son of Isaac Graves, b. Oct. 1, 1655.

Gilbert, Elizabeth dau. of John, b. Feb. 1655.

Grannis, Joseph son of Edward, b. March 31, 1656.

Spencer, Martha dau. of Thomas, b. Jan. 19, 1657.

Gilbert, Tho's son of John, b. Sept. 4, 1658—Amy, dau. of John, b. April 3, 1663—also Joseph, son of John, b. April 3, 1666.

Allen, Anna dau. of John, b. Aug. 18, 1654—also Mary, dau. of John, b. April 3, 1657—also Margaret, dau. of John, b. July 29, 1660—also Rebecca, dau. of John, b. March, 1664—Martha also b. July 27, 1667—Elizabeth also dau. of John, b. Dec. 1, 1669.


Abbernatha, Caieb of Farmington (Torrington,) died in 1759. Will exhibited by John Abbernatha, same year. Estate £93:12:8.

Aights, Abraham of Simsbury, d. in 1766, and left a son Abraham 14 years old.

Alderman, William of Farmington and Simsbury, d. about 1697. Mary his widow. He had a son William who resided at Simsbury. Estate £47.

Allis, Nathaniel of Bolton, d. in 1750. His widow Elizabeth and son David, executors. Children, David, Jonathan, Nathaniel, John, Ebenezer, Timothy, Mary Johns, (she left heirs Benjamin and Stephen Johns,) Jemima Root, Mindwell Rood, and Mary Coleman. He gave to his son David all his lands and buildings in Bolton, if David should pay £1000 in legacies given by the will to his other children within six years after the death of the father, and support his father and mother during their lives. Estate over £2000.

Allyn, Alexander of Windsor. m. Elizabeth Cross. He was a brother of William and Robert Allyn, who then resided in Scotland. When he died, in 1708, he gave each of them £10 to be expended in Boston in articles, and sent to them in Scotland. He gave £15 to aid in building a school house on the green in Windsor. To the Scotts' Box in Boston, he gave £5. He was a merchant at Windsor, and was connected with the Borlands of Boston, in business. He gave Rev. Mr. Mather £5; to Rev. J. Marsh £5; to Mary Cross, his mother-in-law £5 in specie; to Sarah Grant, daughter of Thomas, a servant girl, 20s. to purchase for her a Bible. Estate £2706:4:2. He left children, Fitz-John, Alexander, jr., John, and an only daughter Mary. He gave to her £400 in cash, the remainder to his sons. He had a sister-in-law, Abigail Grant, who married Dr. Mather.

Allyn, Alexander, jr. remained at Windsor, and d. there in 1790. In 1788 he gave Hannah Allyn Hooker, (dau. of Capt. James Hooker, £1000 in silver out of his estate, and appointed Capt. Hooker his executor. All his estate amounted to £8875:9:10. Distributed to his children, Feb. 4, 1792, £5990:19:4—viz. to Increase, Zebulon and Alsan Hoskins in right of their wives, Hannah Allyn and Abigail Ellsworth, a widow, having left no sons.

Alsup or Alsop, Thomas of Simsbury, d. insolvent, about 1724-5.

Ames, Robert of Wethersfield, died in 1771. Children, Sarah and John. His wid. Sarah, and son, administrators. Estate £373:13:7.

Ames, John of Wethersfield Rocky Hill, son of Robert, was born Nov. 1733, and died July 16, 1790. He m. Abigail Butler, who was b. June 30, 1737, and d. Feb. 23, 1800. They had eleven children, viz. Daniel b. Feb. 1, 1751, and d. Nov. 19, 1822—he lost one of his arms by a pistol ball. He resided in Southington, and taught school for a livelihood after he lost his arm. Philemon b. Oct. 8, 1758, and d. June 9, 1797—m. Ruth Hurlbut, who was b. Oct. 1760. He was a ship-carpenter or builder, and master of the ship yard at Rocky Hill. He was a gentleman of great firmness of character. He died when only 39 years of age, and left but one child, Eunice Ames—she married Frederick Robbins, of Wethersfield. John, son of John, b. Aug. 31, 1760, and died of the small pox, aged 16 years. Benjamin, son of John, b. Oct. 29, 1762, and d. Nov. 1795. Mahitabel, b. March 21, 1765, and d. aged 10 years. William, b. July 31, 1765, d. July 2, 1811. Eunice, b. Sept. 4, 1769, d. in 1775. Robert, b. April 20, 1772, d. in 1775. Abigail, b. June 3, 1774; m. Russell Mackee, and was living at Middletown in 1840. She had four children, William the eldest, then lived in Philadelphia; Henry the second son was a sea captain, and commanded a brig in the West India trade. Abigail died by-an injury received by the bursting of the boiler of the steamboat Oliver Ellsworth, when on her way home from Albany, having then recently lost her husband at sea, Capt. Joseph Stocking. She was left a widow with infant twin sons. Joseph was a merchant in N.Y. John Ames, b. May 1, 1777, son of John, died in 1778. Mary Ames, b. June 1, 1780, d. in 1821, making eleven children. This family originated from the Ames family in Massachusetts. Horatio Ames, of Salisbury, Conn. is not of the family at Wethersfield, but came from Massachusetts to Salisbury, where he has a family, and is largely engaged in the iron business. There are but few families of the name in Connecticut at this time.

Anderson, Francis of Hartford, d. in 1771. Ashbel Anderson, of East Windsor, d. in 1777—Abigail his widow.

Antizell, Lawrence of Willington, d. in 1759. Estate £186.— Widow Mary. Children, Zeruiah, Mary, Phebe, Lyman or Simon. William, Perez, Phineas, Silas, Dorcas and Sarah. His son-in-law David Fuller, executor.

Ashley, Jonathan of Hartford, second son of Robert, of Springfield, was born in 1646, and m. Sarah, a daughter of William Wadsworth, of Hartford, where he settled. His children were, Joseph, Jonathan, Samuel, Sarah and Rebecca. Estate £1030:19. He died in 1704.

Ashley, Joseph son of Jonathan and grandson of Robert, died at Hartford in 1754—left no sons. His daughters were, Hannah, who m. Samuel Day; Ann, m. Samuel Clark, of Windsor; Mary and Jerusha Ashley. Estate £189. Great grand children of Robert.

Ashley, Jonathan, jr. son of Jonathan, sen'r. and grandson of Robert. He m. ----, and had children, Jonathan, Sarah, Elizabeth Olcott, Mary Gaylord, Abigail Ashley, Rachel Tudor, Eunice and Ashley, great grand children of Robert. He died in 1750.

Ashley, Jonathan grandson of Jonathan, sen'r. of Hartford, d. in 1777. He appears to have left no children.

Ashley, Samuel the 3d son of Jonathan, sen'r., appears to have removed from Hartford—probably to Plainfield, where he held an estate in lands, by his father's will.

Ashley, Lieut. Ezekiel of Hartford, m. Hannah ----, and had a son Ezekiel. He d. in 1746. Ezekiel Ashley, jr. m. Elizabeth and d. in 1761, and left issue. The branch of the Ashley family through Jonathan, has now become entirely extinct in Connecticut.

Ashley, Hon. Chester U.S. Senator from Arkansas, late deceased at Washington, April 29, 1848, was b. at Amherst, Mass. He was the son of William Ashley, who was b. at Leverett, who was the eldest son of Stephen Ashley, who was the son of Rev. Joseph Ashley, of Sunderland, Mass. b. in 1709, who was the son of Samuel, the son of David, and David was the son of Robert Ashley, who settled at Springfield in 1639. Hon. Chester Ashley emigrated with his father's family, from Massachusetts to Hudson, in the State of N.Y. in early life. He graduated at Williams College in 1813; after which he read law at the Law School at Litchfield, Conn., under the instruction of those learned jurists, Judges Reeve and Gould. He then went West to seek his fortune in his then future life, and opened a law office for a time in Illinois; from thence he removed to Arkansas, where he finally located, and his ambition, with wealth and honors, fully gratified in this life. Rev. Joseph Ashley, the great grand father of Hon. Chester Ashley, graduated at Yale College in 1730, m. Miss Ann Dewey, Feb. 16, 1736, and the same year was ordained at Winchester, N.H., but in 1745 was obliged to leave there by danger from the Indians, and was installed over the church in Sunderland, Mass. in 1749, here he died, Feb. 8,1797, in the 88th year of his age and 61st of his ministry. (See p. 184.)

Aspenwell or Aspenwall, Eleazer of Farmington (Kensington society,) d. about 1741, and left a good estate. Wife, Mary. Children, Aaron, Mary Adkins, Hamathan and Anna Nott. The three distributors of his estate resided at Middletown.

Atchitt or Adjett, John and Samuel sons of John. Samuel d. 1712, at Hartford. John d. 1712, at Block Island, and left an estate of £94, which his father then living, inherited as next of kin.

Atwater, Joshua a merchant at Suffield, died in 1776. Thomas Lee then late of Boston, with David Todd, of Suffield, gave the administration bond with Thaddeus Leavit. Children not found.

Austin, John of Hartford, m. wid. Mary Hooker, the mother of Capt. Nathaniel Hooker. In his will he gave his wife Mary £300 in money, one cow, the use of one of his servants for life, and the use of half his land and housing in Hartford during her life. He gave to his only daughter, Mary Ellery, the wife of John Ellery, then of Boston, the other half for her life, and at the death of her mother the share given her mother for life. The remainder of his estate he gave his daughter, Mary Ellery. After the decease of his widow and dau. Ellery, he gave all his estate, real and personal, to his grandson Johnny Ellery, except his lands in Litchfield and New Hartford, which he gave to his other grandson, William Ellery for ever. He died in 1743. Will dated 1741-2. William Ellery's daughter m. Major Henry Seymour late deceased, of Hartford. It was her son, Lieut. Col. Thomas H. Seymour, who stript the Mexican standard from the walls of Chepultepec, and hoisted the standard of the U.S., and his aged mother yet lives to witness the bravery of her son. John Ellery, of Boston, m. Mary Austin, dau. of John and Mary Austin, of Hartford, July 28, 1737.

Barrows, Benj. of Windsor, d. in 1763. Goods and chattels £20.

Barton, William aged 16 years in 1756, chose Josiah Burnham, of Farmington, for his guardian.

Barret, Jonathan of Hartford, d. in 1752. Sarah, his wid. Estate over £3000. Children, Joseph, Jonathan, Jeremiah, Elijah, Bathsheba Marsh, Dorothy Warren, Sarah Farnsworth, Anna and Mary Barret. He held land at Winchester.

Barringham, Patrick of Hartford, d. in 1753, and left a wid. Abigail, with a good estate.

Belcher, Samuel of Windsor, d. in 1756. His will was presented to the Court, by Col. Joseph Richards, of Dedham, Mass. as executor. Mabel, his widow. Supposed to have been killed at or near Crown Point. He left no children, and gave all his estate to his widow and his cousin Belcher Richards, son of Joseph, of Dedham, except small sums to his brother-in-law, Rev. Andrew Tyler and Rebecca Welton. Estate £296.

Beman, Samuel of Scotland, in Simsbury, d. in 1752. Margaret, his widow.

Benham, Samuel of Farmington, d. about 1753. Wife Azuba. He had a farm in Southington. Children, Azuba and Luce.

Bingham, John a minor, son of John, of Windsor—made choice of his brother Ithamer for his guardian, in March, 1756.

Blackleach, John son of John, of Wethersfield, was an active business man, and a trader at the West Indies. He m. Elizabeth ----, and had children, John and Elizabeth. His daughter m. a Mr. Harris, of Boston. He died in 1703. Estate £1576, besides his property at Antigua. Elizabeth, his wid. d. June 12, 1707. She appears to have left a daughter Mary Olcott, wife of John Olcott, who is not mentioned with his children. Mrs. Harris received £500 of her father's estate. His son John settled at Farmington, where he died young. The Blackleach family for many years were wealthy; few if any of the family now are left in the State by the name. Elizabeth Harris had received of her father her full share of his estate, and the widow gave all her property to her daughter, Mary Olcott.

Blodget, Josiah of Stafford, d. in 1756. Wife, Margaret. He left a son Josiah and perhaps other children.

Booge, Rev. Ebenezer of Farmington, was educated at Yale Coll. in 1748, settled in the ministry at (Northington,) and d. about 1771. Left a widow Damaris, also a daughter Damaris, who m. Samuel Bishop. She left no children.

Brewer, Alexander of Glastenbury, d. in 1750. Thankful, his widow. Children, Thomas, Hezekiah, Joseph, Benjamin, Daniel, Mary Dix, Sarah Goodale, Lydia Loveland and Amy Porter. His son Joseph, administrator. Estate £109:8:6.

Bullen, David of Enfield, d. in 1756. His will was presented by his son David. Wife, Abigail. Children, Abigail Pinney, (d. before her father,) Hannah Harden, Juda Richarson and David Bullen.

Burbank, Capt. Abraham of Suffield, d. in 1772-3. His estate in Connecticut and Massachusetts appraised over £3970. He appears to have left a family.

Burroughs, John of Windsor, d. in 1757. Abner, his son, executor. He left a widow, Sarah—and children, Mary, Hannah, Sarah, Simon, John and Abner. This name has generally been found at Middletown.

Ball, Robert of Bolton, d. in 1768-9. Estate £209.

Burton, Samuel of Middletown, east of the river, d. April 23, 1733. Left a small estate of about £80. Widow Sarah and children.

Cornish, Benjamin of Simsbury, d. about 1731 or 2. Joseph Cornish administrator. He died insolvent.

Colt, Abraham the son of Abraham Colt, deceased, of Glastenbury, a minor, made choice of David Hills, of Hartford, for his guardian, in 1730.

Dewolph or Dewolf, Charles of Middletown, d. in 1731. Wife Prudence. Children, John, Stephen, Symon, Joseph, Prudence, Elizabeth, Sarah, Mary and Rebecca. His land in Glastenbury, he gave to John and Stephen; his lands and house at Middletown, to Symon and Joseph. His land he received of his father in Lyme, he gave equally to all his children. Estate £407:4:2.

Dixwell, Bathshua or Bathsheba of Middletown, formerly of New Haven. She resided with her daughter, Mrs. Mary Collins, the wife of John Collins, of Middletown, at her decease in 1730. She had made a will, by which she gave all of the small property she had left, to her dau. Mary Collins and her children, except her late husband's (Dixwell's) Bible—this she gave to her son-in-law, John Collins, a son of the Rev. Nathaniel Collins. Her will is dated June, 1727. From the fact of her mention of her former residence in New Haven, of her christian name, and the christian name of her daughter with whom she resided, and where she died, I am induced to believe she must have been the wid. of Col. John Dixwell, one of King Charles' Judges that signed the warrant for his execution in 1649. He was from the county of Kent, England, and a brother of Mark Dixwell, of Broome, in the Parish of Barham, who was the father of Sir Basil Dixwell. Judge Dixwell, with other judges, abdicated their country to save their heads. Whalley, Goffe and Dixwell came to New England, probably about 1660. Whalley and Goffe were at Hadley, Mass. before 1664-5, at which time Judge Dixwell went there to visit them—how long he remained there is uncertain. At this time and place, Stiles says he assumed the name of James Davids, Esq., (the name of Davids was the maiden name of his mother.) Judge Dix. well must have been at New Haven as early as 1672, at which time he was unmarried, and came there known only as James Davids, Esq. President Stiles says that Col. Davids lived at New Haven in the family- of a Mr. Ling and his wife, who were at the time aged and without children. On the death of Mr. Ling, in 1673, he gave his wife all his estate, about £900 by will, and requested Mr. Davids to be kind to his wife, and to aid her in the settlement of his estate. Mr. Davids showed his kindness to the widow by making her his wife. "Mr. James Davids m. Joannah Ling, of New Haven, 1673." His wife did not long survive, and died without children the same year (1673.) James Davids, Esq. was again m. on the 23d day of October, 1677, to Bathsheba -----. By this lady he had three children, viz. Mary b. June 9, 1679; John b. March 6, 1680-1; and Elizabeth b. July 14, 1682, in New Haven. His son John Dixwell or Davids, m. Mary Prout, Sept. 1, 1708. Previous to the death of Judge Dixwell he disposed of his estates which he had left in England, to his son John and Mary, which conveyance is yet extant upon the records at New Haven. He died at New Haven, as is now shown on his grave stone there, in these words, viz. "J. D. Esq. deceased March the 18th, in the 82d year of his age, 1688-9." Near by his grave are two other graves—upon the grave stone of one of them are these figures and letters, viz. " 80, M.G." and upon the other, "E.W. 1658," which are supposed to be the graves of Judges Goffe and Whalley—though it is believed they both died at Hadley. It is conjectured that Judge Dixwell caused the bodies to have been brought to New Haven for interment, that they might all be buried in one yard, with only the initials of their names engraved upon their rough monuments. The letters of Dixwell stand both for James Davids, Esq. or John Dixwell, Esq. Judge Whalley d. at Hadley, 1658, and Goffe d. 1680. The time of the death of each of them agrees with the initials and dates upon the tomb stones now standing in the old grave yard in New Haven. Judge Dixwell was known by his true name and character, to the Rev. Mr. Pierpont and others in New Haven, some years previous to his death. Depestry, Francis, of Hartford, who had removed from the Island of Barbadoes. His property in the West Indies he disposed of by a will he left at Barbadoes, to his brother Lewis Depestry, Gent., of London, and sisters Elizabeth and Mary Anne Depestry, of London, and his brother Peter, of Barbadoes, and made Capt. Thomas Mapp and Mr. Joseph Bailey, of the Parish of St. Phillips, in Barbadoes, executors of his will, of his foreign property. On the first day of April, 1731, he disposed of his property in New England, by will, to Francis Bewithe, merchant, of Boston. To Mrs. Susannah Beuchamp, dau. of Mr. John Beuchamp, of Hartford, he gave his debts due from Stephen Bontiwan and James Boyard, of Boston. All the remainder of his property he gave to Susannah Beuchamp, of Hartford, forever. He appears to have been a merchant in Hartford, and died soon after he made his last will, in 1731.

Eells, Samuel came when young to this country, and married and settled at Milford, Conn. He had seven sons and one daughter. The daughter married at Long Island. After Samuel lost his wife, he m. for his 2d wife, the widow Hannah ----, of Hingham in Mass. where he afterwards resided. He took with him his youngest son, Nathaniel. This Nathaniel afterwards m. Hannah North, the only child of his mother-in-law. The eldest son of Samuel, sen'r. m. and had a son Samuel, and dau. Esther. She died single. His wife died, and he m. wid. Bryins or Bryant, (maiden name Russell,) by whom he had sons John and Nathaniel. Samuel the eldest son of Nathaniel, m. Deborah Barritt, and had Samuel, Lent, Sarah, Deborah and Esther. John the eldest son of Nathaniel, graduated at Yale College in 1724 or 1755, and settled in the ministry at Canaan, Conn. He m. Hannah Bird, and had a son Bird, and daughters Ann and Hannah; after which his wife died, and he m. a widow Olmsted, and had a son Moses. Moses his son, m. and had Ann and Hannah.

Eells, Nathaniel son of Samuel, sen'r., m. Martha Stow—she died and left no issue. He then m. wid. Alice White, and had two sons, Nathaniel and Daniel, and three daughters, Martha, Mary and Theodosia. Martha m. Samuel Spencer.

Eels, John son of Maj. Samuel, m. and had two daughters, Ann and oue other. Ann m. Thomas Weldon. His sons died unmarried, except Nathaniel Ells, who was educated and settled in the ministry at Scituate, Mass. His children were, Sarah, Samuel, John, Nathaniel, Edward, Hannah, Mary North and Mahitabel. Sarah, daughter of Rev. Nathaniel Ells, m. Capt. Benjamin Turner, and had Sarah, David, Hannah and Ann. Sarah Turner m. Ebenezer Hatch, and had Sarah, Abigail and Lucy. He died, and she m. for her 2d husband Isaac Lane, and had a son Benjamin. David Turner, son of Benjamin and Sarah, m. and had Hannah, (who d. single;) Ann (m. and had two children and died;) Sarah Hatch m. at Hingham, and had children; Abigail m. P. Cushing, and had Joseph, Lucy, and one other child. (These facts are taken from old Bibles and tradition.) Some marriages and deaths of the family, viz. Samuel Ells married Hannah Wetherell; William Ells m. Sarah Pillsbury; Robert Linthol Ells m. Ruth Copeland; Samuel Ells m. Priscilla Palmer; Hannah North Ells m. George Bennett; Bradbury Ells m. Benj. Rutson; John Ells m. Abiah Waterman; Waterman Ells m. Sarah Tubs; Hannah Ells m. Anthony Ames; Abiah Ells m. Mordecai Lincoln; Lucy Ells m. Churchill Edwards; Nathaniel Ells, who settled at Stonington, m. Mary Cushing, she d. and he m. Mary D----; Rev. John Ells, who settled at Glastenbury, m. Sybell Huntington, she d. and he m. Ann Welles; Edward Ells m. Mary Denison; Mary Ells m. Dr. Joshua Lathrop; Sarah Ells m. Capt. Nathan Palmer; Rev. Edward Ells, who settled at Middletown, m. Martha Pitkin; Edward, jr. m. Sarah Edwards; Rev. James Ells, who settled at East Glastenbury, m. Mary Johnson, and had a son James; Rev. Samuel Ells, who settled at North Branford, m. Hannah Butler; John Ells m. Lydia Lord, she d. he then m. wid. Esther Curtiss; Pitkin Ells m. Molly ---—; Rev. Ozias Ells was educated at Yale Coll. in 1779, m. Hannah Ely, and settled at Barkhamsted, and d. in 1813; Hannah Ells m. Dr. White of Long Island; Mary Ells m. Seth Williams; North Ells m. Ruth Tilden; Nath'l Ells m. Johannah Turner. Samuel Ells d. May 9, 1741, in the army on his way from Carthagenia to Jamaica, under the King's pay as Ensign; Edward b. 1741; James b. 1743; Samuel b. 1745; Ozias Pitkin b. 1747; Nathaniel b. 1747, and d. 1747; Jane b. 1748, d. same day; Pitkin b. 1750; John was drowned in North Carolina, 1750; Nathaniel d. Aug. 25, 1750; John b. 1753; Ozias b. 1755; Hannah b. 1757; Patience, who had been the widow of Ichabod Lord, dau. of Rev. Mr. Bulkley of Colchester, was m. to Mr. Ells in 1772; John m. Elizabeth Lord, 1773; Edward, jr. m. Sarah Edwards, 1763, and for 2d wife m. wid. Abigail Brandegee, 1770; Rev. James m. Mary Johnson, 1770; Rev. Samuel m. same day, Barnet Butler, at the meeting house; Lydia, dau. of John, b. 1773; Edward, jr. b. 1741, his wife Sarah b. 1740, and m. 1763; his son Reuben b. 1764; David b. 1765; Edward b. 1767; Sarah b. 1769; Sarah, wife of Edward, d. 1769; Sam'l. b. 1773; Capt. Edward d. of consumption in 1787; David son of Capt. Edward, d. in 1796, and left a son Samuel and a widow; Reuben d. in 1796, and left four children, Joseph, Edward, Pitkin and Sarah—his son Edward d. in 1797; Capt. Samuel b. 1773, m. Aura Smith, b. in 1773, m. in 1794; son Thomas P., b. Jan. 1795, d. 1796; Ralph S. S., b. 1797—he m. Mary C., dau. of Robert Williams, 1819, son Samuel R., b. 1822—his wife d. not many years after; Ralph S. S., then m. a lady from the West Indies, Miss Maria Mulini, and in 1832 had a daughter b. named Lucy Maria Aurora; Samuel R. son of Ralph S. S., and Mary b. 1822—he m. Phebe V. Flaster, of Mechanicsville, in Penn. in 1843, and had a daughter, Ann Eliza b. 1845. These scraps of the Ells family are published to aid in some small degree any person who may wish to collect in form, a correct genealogical table of the family. The name is spelt Eels and Ells.

Flagg, Samuel of Hartford, d. 1757. Widow, Sarah. He gave his wife one third of his real estate for life, and one third of his chattels absolutely and for ever. Also the entire use of his negro man, London, during her life. Also the use of one half of his homested so long as she should remain his widow. He gave his son Samuel his education free of all charges, with all his school books, horse, saddle and bridle. To his five daughters, viz. Sarah, Abigail, Hannah, Susannah and Elizabeth, he gave half as much of his real estate as he gave his other three sons, viz. Joseph, Jonathan and Benjamin. He made Samuel, with what he had given him, equal in portion with each of his daughters. Mr. Flagg left a handsome estate for his family, of £1152:12—£148:17—making £1301:9. He probably settled at Hartford in early life, about 1700, as his children were born in Hartford.

Higby, John of Middletown, d. in 1682. Estate £107:9:3. Wid. Rachel. He left a son Edward—perhaps other children. [A part of the Hicock family who emigrated first from Hartford to Farmington—some of them afterwards settled at Waterbury and Southbury.]

Hicock, Benjamin a son of Samuel, of Waterbury, settled at Southbury, was b. in 1656—his wife Hannah was b. in 1678; he d. in 1745, and Isis wife d. in 1746. They had chidren, David, d. 1727, aged 27; Mary, Solomon Johnson, 1721, she was burnt in his house, 1735; Lois m. Dea. Stephen Curtiss; Benjamin m. Sarah Stiles, and had four children-Olive, Sarah, Amos and Benjamin; Silas, brother of Justus, m. and had a dau. Hannah, who m. Bethel Hinman, and had two sons. Justus b. 1714, m. Lois Munn, who was b. 1715-she d. 1781, he d. 1800. Their children were, David, b. 1737, m. Abigail Johnson, b. 1739-he d. 1784, she d. 1833; they had a dau. Hannah b. 1776, who m. Zephaniah H. Smith, Esq. who was settled as a clergyman at Newtown, Conn. several years, after which he removed his family to Glastenbury, and settled there as a lawyer, where he d. in 1836, and left one of the most intellectual and learned families in the State, consisting of his wife and five daughters. Gideon m. Hannah Hinman, and had two sons, who removed to Granville, N.Y.; Reuben removed to Vermont, and d. there in 1777; Mercy m. Francis Hinman, and had three daughters; Justus m. Amy Garrit, and had two daughters, and removed to Castleton, Vt.; Asa m. Hester Hinman, and had three sons and three daughters-he removed to Pennsylvania; Annis m. Francis Garrit, and removed to the State of New York.

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