A catalogue of the names of the first Puritan settlers of the colony of Connecticut;
with the time of their arrival in the colony and their standing in society,
together with their place of residence, as far as can be discovered by the records.
&c collected from the state and town records by R.R. Hinman,
Hartford. Printed by E. Gleason, 1846,

[Transcribed by Dave Swerdfeger]


ABBE, Samuel of Windham, (No. 3, p. 110,) Abraham Mitchell, married his widow, he and Mary Abbe, were admiaistrators on the estate of Samuel Abbe in 1698. John Abbe, of Windham, died Dec. 1700; he left a widow and children, and married a widow who had children by her first husband. The name of Abbe is first found in the colony at Wethersfield; the names of Hebard or Hibbard and Ripley are first found at Windham. (See p. 110.)

Ackley, Henry settled at Stamford, 1662.

Ackley, Nicholas of Haddam, died April 29, 1695. He left a widow and children, John, Nathaniel, James, Hannah, Mary, Sarah and Lydia—perhaps another son. He moved from Hartford to Haddam. (For Ashley, p. 13, read Ackley—see p. 110.)

Alderman, William of Farmington, died about 1697, left a widow, perhaps children.

Allyn, Col. Matthew, jr. of Windsor, grandson of Hon. Matthew, sen'r., married Elizabeth Wolcott, a grand daughter of Hon. Henry, sen'r. An estate had fallen to his wife Elizabeth, from her grand father Wolcott, which was situated in the Parishes of Tolland and Ledyard Lauran, the county of Sommerset, and at Willington, called Long Forth, in England. In June, 1740, he made a will solely to dispose of this property, without including any of his property in this country. At this time he disposed of his rents in these lands, held by him in right of his wife. His children were, Thomas, (who died before this time and had left a son Thomas,) Henry, (who had but one son Henry,) Josiah, Pelatiah and Matthew. (His wife Elizabeth was deceased.) He gave his rents in England to Henry, jr., grandson of Col. Matthew, to Josiah, son of Josiah, deceased, and to some of his own sons. The death of some of his sons caused him to make a codicil to his will, which somewhat altered the disposal of the property. Estate £1806. (See p. 10.) Col. Matthew died June, 1753. His children were, Matthew, Pelatiah, (Thomas died before his father, and left four sons, Thomas, Theophilus, John and Joseph,) Henry, Elizabeth, Eunice and Azuba. His lands at Willington and Torrington he gave to his three living sons, and one fourth to the four sons of Thomas, deceased. He gave £4 to the old church in Windsor. He had three grandsons—the sons of Josiah, viz. Josiah, John and Matthew.

Ainsworth, Tixhall of Hartford, had a case in court in 1700.

Ashley, Robert came to Springfield in Mass. in the year 1639, and now appears to have been the only one of thc name that came to New England. The name of his wife was Mary—her family name is not known. Their children were as follows, all born in Springfield: David, born June 8, 1642. Sarah, born Aug. 23, 1648. Mary, born April 6, 1644. Joseph, born July 6, 1652. Jonathan, born Feb. 12, 1646. Of these children, all are noticed in their father's will, except Sarah, who probably died young. Mary married John Root, of Westfield. (This branch is not traced.) Robert the first, died at Springfield, Nov. 29, 1682; his wife, Mary, died Sept. 19, 1683.

Ashley, David son of Robert, married Hannah Glover, of New Haven, Conn., in 1663, supposed a daughter of Henry Glover. Their children were, Samuel, born Oct. 26, 1664. David, born March 10, 1667. John, born June 27, 1669. Joseph, born July 31, 1671. Sarah, born Sept. 19, 1673, married Thomas Ingersoll, 1691. Mary born Dec. 14, 1675, died young. Hannah, Hannah, born Dec. 14, 1675, married Nath'l. Eggleston. Jonathan, born June 21, 1678. Abigail, born April 27, 1681, m. Nath'l. Lewis, of Farmington. Mary, b. March 3, 1683, m. Benjamin Stebbins, of Northampton. Rebecca, b. May 30, 1685, m. Samuel Dewey. David removed to Westfield, and died there in 1718. His five eldest children are recorded in Springfield, and two of the same, and the six youngest are recorded in Westfield. The first Mary died young. The other five sons and five daughters were married, and are mentioned in their father's will.

Ashley, Jonathan 2d son of Robert, married Sarah Wadsworth, the daughter of William Wadsworth, an original proprietor of Hartford, Conn., a gentleman of wealth and exalted reputation. (See page 86, No. 3.) Jonathan removed to Hartford, and died there, Feb. 1705, and left three sons and two daughters, and a large estate. (See p. 111.) This branch in Connecticut is not traced.

Ashley, Joseph 3d son of Robert, lived in West Springfield, and was the ancestor of the West Springfield Ashleys. He married Mary Parsons, 1685, and had children, Joseph, Ebenezer, Mary, Abigail and Benjamin. He died May 19, 1698. This includes the children and grand children of Robert Ashley, (except the Roots, and some of David's grand children.)

Ashley, Samuel son of David, married Sarah Kellogg, of Hadley, and had children, Mary, born 1687, Samuel. jr., 1688, Daniel 1691, Sarah 1693, Rachel 1695, Jacob 1697, Johannah 1699, Aaron 1702, Ezekiel ----, Abigail 1708, and Joseph 1709-this last son graduated at Yale College, 1730, and was a minister at Sunderland, Mass., and died in 1780.

Ashley, Dea. David son of David, married Mary Dewey, 1688. Their children were, Thomas, born 1690, David 1692, Mary 1694, Elizabeth 1697, Abigail 1700, Moses 1703, Hannah 1706, Israel 1710 -Israel graduated at Yale College in 1730, was a physician, and died in 1758. Dea. David died in 1744. (See Yale Catalogue.)

Ashley, Joseph son of David, married Abigail Dewey, 1699, died before his father, and left but one son, James born in 1770. He had three other children, who died young.

Ashley, Jonathan son of David, married Abigail Stebbins, of Springfield, 1699, and had children, Abigail born 1701, Azariah born 1704, Mercy 1707, Lydia 1710, Jonathan 1712, Benjamin 1714, Ebenezer 1717, Phineas 1729. Jonathan, son of David, died 1749. The above Jonathan, the son of Jonathan, graduated at Yale College in 1730, in the same class with three other cousins, viz. Israel, John and Joseph Ashley. This Rev. Jonathan, son of Jonathan, was ordained at Deerfield, Mass., in 1732. He married Dorothy Williams, daughter of Rev. William Williams, of Hatfield. She was born in 1713. He was the second ordained minister at Deerfield, and became a celebrated preacher and divine. Their children were, William, born July, 1737, died in 1737, Jonathan born Jan. 6, 1738, William born 1740, died same year, Dorothy born April 3, 1743, married Dea. William Williams, of Dalton, Mass., Elizabeth born June 9, 1745, married Maj. David Dickinson, of Deerfield, 1783, Solomon born May 25. 1754. drowned Jan. 14, 1823, Elisha (Doctor) born Oct. 12, 1750, Clarissa born Dec. 1, 1757. Jonathan, son of Rev. Jonathan, graduated at Yale College in 1758, and became a lawyer, and practised at Deerfield. He married Tirzah Field, daughter of Col. Field, of Deerfield, and had three daughters, viz. Tirzah, who married Rufus Saxton, Esq., of Deerfield; Harriet married Col. E. Gilbert, of Greenfield; Dorothy married Dr. Roswell Leavitt, of Cornish, N.H., and all had families; Clarissa, youngest daughter of Rev. Jonathan, married Dr. Moses C. Welch, of Mansfield, Conn., who was a distinguished divine. They had children, Jonathan Ashley Welch, Esq., attorney at law at Brooklyn, Conn.; he married Mary Devotion Baker in 1819; his children are, Ebenezer B., Mary C., Louisa D., Charles A., Joseph, James E., and Elizabeth Jane. Archibald Welch, M. D., of Wethersfield, is also a son of Rev. Moses C., born 1794, President of the Connecticut Medical Society; he married Cynthia Hyde, of Lebanon, in 1819, and has three sons and two daughters. Rev. Jonathan Ashley died in 1780, aged 68; his wife died at Deerfield in 1808, aged 95 years. Elisha Williams, Esq. settled at Wethersfield, and married Mehitabel Burnham, Aug. 24, 1749, and had eight children; he died in 1784. Samuel W., his son, graduated at Yale College in 1772, and married Emily Williams in 1785, and had eleven children, the last born at Wethersfield in 1806, John Stoddard Williams. Dr. Elihu Ashley, son of Rev. Jonathan, married his cousin, Mary Williams, daughter of Dr. Thomas Williams, of Deerfield, a brother of Col. Ephraim Williams, the founder of Williams College. The children of Dr. Elihu were, Col. Thomas W., born 1775; Robert W., a physician; Mary b. 1790. Col. Thomas W. married a daughter of Rev. Mr. Crosby, of Enfield in 1814, and has children, Jonathan, Josiah, Thomas W. and Abbot, and had others who died. Dr. Robert W., brother of Col. Thomas W. Ashley, now resides at Lyons, N.Y., and has children. Mary, sister of Dr. Robert, married a Mr. Tippets, and died at Geneva, N.Y. It was by the above intermarriage of the Ashley and Willianis families that the late Chief Justice Williams, of Connecticut, is descended from this family.

Ashley, John the third son of David, born in 1667, in Springfield; had three wives, first, Sarah Dewey, born 1692, she died in 1708; he married for his second wife, widow Mary Sheldon in 1708, she died in 1735; for a third wife he married Hannah Glover in 1735. The second wife, widow Mary Sheldon, was the relict of Joseph Sheldon, of Suffield, (who went from Northampton); she was the daughter of Joseph Whiting, of Hartford, who was the Treasurer of Connecticut for some years. (See William Whiting, No. 3, p. 97—Siborn Nichols, p. 155, No. 3.) This Joseph Whiting resided a few years in Westfield, and married Mary Pyncheon, the only daughter of Col. John Pyncheon, of Springfield, Oct. 5, 1669; she was born Oct. 28, 1650. Mr. Whiting had by Mary Pyncheon in Westfield, Mary, born Aug. 19, 1672, and Joseph born 1674, who died young. Mr. Whiting returned to Hartford, and his wife soon after died, and he married a daughter of Col. John Allyn, for his second wife. This Mary Whiting, born 1672, the grand daughter of Col. Pyncheon, (see William Pyncheon, p. 66, No. 2,) married Joseph Sheldon about 1694; she had a son Joseph born in Northampton, 1695; the other children most or all of them were born in Suffield, Conn., viz. Amy, Mary, Joseph born in 1700, (the first Joseph died,) Rachel born 1703, Benjamin 1705. Joseph Sheldon died July 2, 1708, at Boston, where he was attending the General Court as Representative of Suffield. His widow (the grand daughter of Col. Pyncheon) married John Ashley, Esq., of Springfield. The children of John Ashley, of Springfield, by his wife, Sarah Dewey, were Sarah born 1693, Hannah 1695, John 1697, (died young) Moses 1700, Ebenezer 1702, Noah 1704, Roger 1705, Lydia 1708. By his second wife, widow Mary Sheldon, he had John born 1709, and Preserved 1711, the latter died young. John Ashley, of Sheffield, was the only child of John Ashley, Esq, of Springfield, by his 2d wife, (Mary Sheldon) who lived. John Ashley, Esq. who had been much employed in public business, and held many responsible places of public trust in Springfield, died April 17, 1759, in his 90th year. Col. John Pyncheon, of Springfield, died in 1703, but his estate, for some reason, was not fully settled until 1737. In that year there was about £8000 of his estate remaining not distributed, which consisted chiefly of land, and two-thirds of this, or £5312 was given by the Probate Court to the heirs of his son John, and one-third, or £2656 to heirs of his grand daughter, Mary Ashley, alias Sheldon, alias Whiting, (so the record reads); of this £2656 Joseph Sheldon had a double portion, £758, Benjamin Sheldon £379, Amy, wife of James Warriner £379, Mary, wife of Ebenezer Hitchcock. £379, Rachel, wife of Jedediah Bliss £379—(these were the five Sheldon children), and John Ashley, son of Mr. John Ashley £379—all having the same mother. This John Ashley, who afterwards settled at Sheffield, was a great grand son of the first Robert Ashley; he was also the great grand son of Col. John Pyncheon, of Springfield.

Ashley, John, Esq. of Sheffield, son of John, Esq., of Springfield, was born at Westfield, Dec. 2, 1709, emigrated in early life to Sheffield, and located himself there as a lawyer, after he had been admitted to the bar, in 1732 or 3. He held large quantities of land in the valley of the Housatonic and at Kunkapot, three miles east of the river. He soon rose in the militia to the rank of colonel, and was most of his life a magistrate of the county of Berkshire; he was also a Judge of the County from 1765 until the Court was dismissed during the war of the Revolution in 1781. He graduated at Yale College in 1730, and died at Sheffield, Sept. 1803, aged 93 years. Hannah, his wife, died June 19, 1790. He became a gentleman of great wealth, and left to his son and grand children about 1000 acres of finely cultivated lands and other estate; most of his lands he had held from his first settlement there, until his death. Colonel or Judge John married in early life, Hannah Hugaboom, of Clavcrac, in the State of N.Y. Her sister married Mr. Van Ness, of Kinderhook, the father of Gen. Van Ness, late deceased, of Washington, D.C., of Hon. C.P. Van Ness, former Governor of Vermont, and Minister to Spain, and Judge Van Ness, deceased, of New York. Judge Ashley had one son and three daughters, viz. Gen. John, Jane, Mary and Hannah.

Ashley, Jane the eldest daughter of Judge John, of Sheffield, married William Bull, who lived and died at Sheffield. They had one son, Dr. William Bull. After the death of her husband, she married Ruluff Dutcher, of Canaan, Conn., by whom she had several children, viz. Christopher, John, Ruluff jr., Washington, and five daughters—one of the daughters of Ruluff; jr. married Mr. Stirling, of Salisbury, another married a Mr. Bushnell, and a third married Gen. Francis Bacon, of Litchfield, a young lawyer of much promise. After the death of Mr. Dutcher, Jane married for her 3d husband, Judge J. Porter, of Salisbury, the father of the late Gen. Peter B. Porter, of Black Rock, or Niagara Falls, N.Y.

Ashley, Mary 2d daughter of Judge Ashley, married Gen. John Fellows, of Sheffield. They had four daughters and three sons, viz. Hannah, Mary, Charlotte, Jane, John, Edmund and Henry. Hannah married Dr. J. Porter, of Salisbury; Mary married a Mr. Penfield, who settled the town of Penfield in the State of New York; one of the daughters of Mr. Penfield married the Hon. Ogden Edwards, of the city of New York. Mary Fellows, wife of Gen. Fellows, died Dec. 7, 1797.

Ashley, Maj. Gen. John born Sept. 26, 1736. He entered Yale College, and received the honors of that Seminary in 1756, after which he received a law education, but never followed his profession, and settled in his native town, Sheffield, as a merchant. He served his town many years as Representative to the General Court at Boston, as his honored father had done before him. He rose through the several militia grades to the rank of Major General of the 9th division of the militia of Massachusetts; he also held several civil appointments. Gen. Ashley distinguished himself in the suppression of Shay's rebellion in Massachusetts. He married Louisa Ward, of New Marlborough, May 20, 1762. Their children by this connection, were-Louisa, born March 10, 1763, and John Ashley, bora Jan. 11, 1767. Louisa, the first wife of Gen. John, died April 2, 1769. Gen. Ashley, for his 2d wife, married Mary Bollentine, Oct. 17, 1769, daughter of Rev. John Bollentine, of Westfield. She was born in 1744, and died March 8, 1827, aged 83 years. By this marriage his children were, Bollentine born Dec. 2, 1770, Maj. William born Jan. 3, 1773, Roger born March 27, 1775, Samuel born Nov. 21, 1778, Mary born March 20, 1781, Hannah born Sept. 10, 1782, Jane born March 19, 1784, Lydia Ashley born Nov. 19, 1788. Gen. Ashley died Nov. 5, 1799, in the 64th year of his age, and was buried with military honors. Bollentine, son of Gen. John, died single, aged 28 years. Roger and Samuel died young and unmarried. Col. John, son of Gen. John, of Sheffield, half brother of Maj. William, married Aseneth Keyes, a relative of Col. Henry Stanton, U. S. A., and had children, Harry, Louisa, Maria, Emeline, Eliza, Jane, John and Robert. Col. John died Dec. 22, 1623, and his widow, Aseneth, died a few years after him.

Ashley, Louisa eldest daughter of Gen. John Ashley, by his first wife, married Samuel B. Sheldon; then of Salisbury, who soon moved to Vermont and became the first settler of the town of Sheldon, and gave to the new town his own name. They had two children, Eliza and John-the latter died young. Eliza married Dr. Chauncey Fitch, late of Sheldon. Their children were, Jabez, Samuel S., John, Louisa and Eliza.

Ashley, Maj. William son of Gen. John, was born Jan. 3, 1773, and was educated at Harvard College, but followed no profession, except that of a gentleman farmer, holding a large estate in lands in Sheffield, where he now resides. When young he married Jane Hillyer, a daughter of Judge Hillyer, of Granby, Conn., Jan 4, 1803, born Aug. 24, 1779. By this connection he had a son and two daughters, viz. Julia H. b. Nov. 29, 1803, and died Aug. 4, 1822, and Jane Pelletrau, b. Jan. 21, 1808. Julia married Horatio L. Warner, Esq., a merchant of Sheffield, June 18, 1821, she died soon after marriage, and left no issue. Jane married Hon. William G. Bates, of Westfield, Mass., October 29, 1830, a lawyer of eminence, and has been two years a member of the Governor's Council of his State, and held other important offices. He was born Nov. 17, 1803-his children, Sarah Barnard b. June 24, 1831, d. Aug. 27, 1831, Jane Ashley b. Feb. 24, 1835, Mary Ashley b. July 28, 1837, d. Sept. 23, 1838, William Ashley b. Jan. 26, 1839, d. May 2, 1839, Sarah Porter b. Oct. 16, 1840, d. April 25, 1841, an infant b. June 17, 1843, d. same day, and Fannie Bulah Bates b. March 4, 1845. Mary, the daughter of Gen. John, married Dr. John Laffargue, of St. Domingo, in the West Indies-he afterwards located and died at Sheffield. He had only one son, John, who is married and has several children. Mary, the widow, is yet living at Sheffield.

Ashley, Hannah ,married John Hillyer, son of Judge Hillyer, dec'd. of Granby, Conn., and has several children, viz. Mary A. b. July, 1809, Julia b. 1812, William A. b. 1814, John b. 1817, and Jane b. Jan. 11, 1823. William A. married Julia Banker, of New York, January 10, 1815.

Ashley, Jane , daughter of Gen. John, married Harry Clark, of Sheffield, and had two children, John B. and Jane M. She then married Dr. Nathaniel Preston, of Sheffield, and had Lydia A., Harriet A., and Sarah B. Sarah died young. John married Miss Graves, a daughter of Judge Graves, of Sherman. Jane married Judge Prentice, of Michigan. Lydia married Jonathan Woodruff, of Lima, Indiana, and left one child, she died in 1846. Harriet married Elijah Deming, of Indiana, June 23, 1847.

Ashley, Lydia , youngest daughter of Gen. John, married Royal R. Hinman, Esq., of Hartford, Sept, 14, 1814. (See No. 3, p. 147.)

Ashley, John, Joseph, Israel and Jonathan, graduated at Yale College in 1730; Jonathan Ashley and John Ashley graduated at Yale in 1758; and in 1767, Israel and Moses Ashley also graduated at Yale. Hon. Chester Ashley, the present United States Senator from Arkansas, was born in Massachusetts, and graduated at Williams College in 1813, and is a descendant of Robert Ashley, of Springfield, 1639.

Austin, John, of Hartford, appointed guardian of the minor heirs of Ebenezer Fitch, deceased, of Windsor, 1734. He married Mary Hooker, Dec. 1713.

Ayrault, Nicholas of Wethersfield, died 1706. He was a physician by profession, a French gentleman. At his decease he left a widow, (Marian) and several children. To his son Peter, he gave his gold buttons. The rest and residue of his property in France and elsewhere, he gave to his widow, Marian. He provided for his children, after either the marriage, or death of his widow. He married Marian Breton or Bretoon, of Providence, R.I. The house which he built, stood on the next lot south and adjoining the residence of Capt. Jesse Goodrich in Wethersfield. He was a gentleman of wealth and reputation, and was connected by marriage to the Dodd family. Marian Dodd, of Hartford, now has a beautiful French box, of splendid workmanship, which has descended from Marian Ayrault.

Baldwin, Nathaniel was a resident at Fairfield as early as 1641.

Barlow, James of Suffield, and Sarah Huxley, were joined in marriage. James Barlow, the son of James, which Sarah his wife bore to him, born Jan. 27, 1688. James Barlow, sen'r., died March 16, 1689-90. James Barlow, jr., and Mary Harmon, were joined in marriage, April 1st, 1714. Their children were, Mary b. March 17, 1714-15, Sarah b. Jan. 14, 1716-17, Elizabeth b. April 20, 1719, James b. June 16, 1721, Anne b. June 19, 1723, Nathan b. March 26, 1726, Ebenezer b. Jan. 30, 1727-8, Deborah b. Nov. 14, 1729, Edmund b. May 18, 1732. John Barlow, of Fairfield, 1650. Thomas, at Fairfield, 1654.

Bates, Robert an early settler in Stamford, 1641—whether of the family which settled at Haddam is not known.

Bearding, Widow Abigail died in 1682, (relict of Nathaniel, p. 17.) She had a daughter, Hester Spencer. Another married Mr. Andrews, and had a son Samuel.

Belden, Richard Tradition says, that two brothers, by the name of Belden, were among the first settlers of the colony of Connecticut, and that they made their first location at Wethersfield, but that one of them, (William) after a while, on the settlement of Norwalk, removed thither. And this appears nearly certain by the records of the town of Wethersfield; for as early as Feb. 7, 1641, and among the earliest grants, Richard had eight distinct tracts of land allotted to him by the town, and little or no mention is made of William, save that he had three sons, Samuel, Daniel and John born to him, by his first wife, Tomisin, in 1647, 1648 and 1650, and no trace of them is found afterwards.

Belden, Samuel a son of Richard, had a daughter Mary, and two sons, Samuel and Stephen, born to him by his wife, Mary, July 10, 1655, April 6, 1657, and Dec. 28, 1658.

Belden, Samuel, jr. son of Samuel, m. Hannah, Jan. 14, 1685. They had issue, Samuel born July 25, 1689, Daniel, Feb. 14, 1691, Gideon, March 24, 1693, Prudence, Feb. 12, 1694, Richard, April 18, 1699, Matthew, June 13, 1701, and Hannah, Sept. 25, 1704.

Belden, Daniel 2d son of Samuel, jr., married Margaret Clark, widow, daughter of Peter Blin, Nov. 23, 1714. They had issue five daughters, Margaret, Lois, Prudence, Eunice and Thankful b. Sept. 10, 1715, June 14, 1717, Jan. 28, 1719, Mar. 17, 1722, Nov. 10, 1724.

Belden, Samuel 3d, son of Samuel, jr., married Mary Spencer, of Haddam, April 10, 1712. They had issue, Samuel born April 26, 1713, Jared, Jan. 19, 1715, Nathaniel, June 24, 1716, Lydia, May 24, 1718, Asa, April 1, 1720, Mary, Dec. 11, 1721, Ann, Nov. 7, 1723, Seth, Sept. 18, 1725, Daniel, May 19, 1727, Richard, Dec. 30, 1728, Phineas, Sept. 14, 1730, Dorothy, Sept. 6, 1732, Esther, June 22, 1734, and Martha, June 6, 1736. (a.)

Belden, Gideon 3d son of Samuel, jr., married Elizabeth, daughter of Zachariah Seimer, (Seymour) Feb. 7, 1712. They had issue, Eunice, Elisha born July 22, 1715, Ruth, Elizabeth, Abigail, Hannah, Hezekiah born Oct. 26, 1725, Sarah and Experience.

Belden, John presumed to be the 2d son of Richard, married Lydia, his wife, April 24, 1657. They had issue, John born June 12, 1658, Jonathan, June 21, 1660, Joseph, April 23, 1663, Samuel, Jan. 3, 1665, Daniel, Oct. 12, 1670, Ebenezer, Jan. 8, 1672, and two daughters, Sarah and Margaret. He was much employed in the public affairs of the town. He died in 1677, aged 46.

Belden, John, jr. son of John, married Dorothy, daughter of Josiah Willard, June 15, 1682. Had issue, Josiah born Feb. 14, 1683, John, Dec. 3, 1685, Benjamin, 1687, Stephen, May 21, 1697, Ezra, Nov. 27, 1699, and three daughters, Lydia, Hannah and Dorothy.

Belden, Josiah eldest son of John, jr., m. Mabel, daughter of Serg't. Samuel Wright, May 1, 1707, and had issue, Josiah, b. June 11, 1713, Ozias, Nov. 18, 1714, Return, Jan. 28, 1721, Solomon, May 22, 1722, and six daughters, Mabel Wright, Dorothy, Rebecca, Abigail, Lydia and Hannah. Died Sept. 5, 1746.

Belden, John 3d-second son of John, jr., m. Keziah, daughter of Sergt. Benjamin Gilbert, May 1, 1712. She died Dec. 2, 1712, in premature childbirth, aged 21. For his 2d wife he married Patience, daughter of Josiah Rossiter, Esq., March 22, 1715, by whom he had issue, John born March 1, 1716. His wife died on the 9th of the same month, "aged 24 years wanting one month." He married for his 3d wife, Sarah, daughter of Jacob Griswold, Dec. 16, 1718, by whom he had issue, Ebenezer, born Dec. 6, 1719, Timothy, Dec. 26, 1723, and a daughter Keziah, b. Aug. 21, 1722.

Belden, Benjamin 3d son of John, jr., married Anne, daughter of Lieut. Benjamin Churchill, Jan. 29, 1714, and had issue, Mary, born Dec. 9, 1715, Benjamin, Feb. 9, 1718, and Charles, March 13, 1720.

Belden, Ezra 5th son of John, jr., married Elizabeth, daughter of Dea. Jonathan Belden, Feb. 15, 1722, by whom he had issue, Ezra born Nov. 29, 1722, Aaron, Sept. 9, 1725, and a 2d Aaron, Oct. 1, 1731, and three daughters, Elizabeth, Lois and Eunice. From this family descended all the Beldens in Rocky Hill.(b.)

Belden, Lieut., Esq., and Dea. Jonathan 2d son of John the 1st, was born June 21, 1660. Married Mary, daughter of Thomas Wright, Dec. 10, 1685. Had issue, Jonathan born Dec. 11, 1686, Mary, Sept. 11, 1687, Silas, July 29, 1691, Jonathan, March 30, 1695, and Elizabeth, Oct. 1, 1698. Greatly respected, and much employed in town affairs. He died July 6, 1734.

Belden, Jonathan his eldest son, died in childhood.

Belden, Silas his 2d son, married Abigail, daughter of Capt. Joshua Robbins, Nov. 30, 1716. Had issue, Silas, born Nov. 13, 1717, Abigail (married to Thomas Hurlbut, of Wethersfield) Nov. 4, 1720. Joshua, July 19, 1724, Charles, May 4, 1728, Lydia, May 1, 1730, Oliver, Nov. 19, 1732, and Jonathan, Nov. 16, 1737. While he remained in Wethersfield he was much employed in public affairs. Disposing of his property in Wethersfield, he removed to Canaan in the spring of 1741, where he had made purchase of large tracts of choice new land. He made like purchases also in Dutchess county, N.Y., and in Berkshire county, Mass., proposing to make them the future establishments of his children. In the autumn of 1741 he returned to Wethersfield to settle up his affairs and remove his family to his new possessions. At the time a malignant dysentery prevailed in Wethersfield. He was seized with it, and died.

Belden, Silas, jr. his eldest son, settled in Canaan, on a farm inherited from his father.

Belden, Joshua his 2d son, was liberally educated-graduated at Yale College in 1743. He studied theology, was settled in the ministry in Newington, Nov. 11, 1747, and statedly discharged the duties of the sacred office until Nov. 1803-56 years. He married Anne, daughter of Lieut. Ebenezer Belden, Nov. 1749, by whom he had issue nine daughters. Martha and Anne, both of whom died in childhood, Abigail married to James Lusk, late of Enfield, Sarah, who died, aged 22, a 2d Anne died in infancy, a 3d Anne, Martha married to Joseph Lynde, druggist, late of Hartford, Octavia married to the Rev. Nathaniel Gaylord, late of Hartland, Rhoda married to the Rev. Silas Churchill, of New Lebanon, N.Y., and one son Joshua, born March 29 1768. His wife, Anne, died Oct. 29, 1773. By a 2d marriage, with Honor Whiting, widow of Capt. Charles Whiting, of Norwich, and daughter of Hezekiah Goodrich, Esq., of Wethersfield, Nov. 14, 1774, he had a son Hezekiah, born Feb. 17, 1778. In 1772 he corrected the erroneous orthography of the family name, from Belding to Belden, at the suggestion of Col. Elisha Williams, then Town Clerk. The Colonel showing him from the records, an original signature of the first John, where the name was spelled as it now is. He effected the change by addressing a Circular, requesting the correction, to all of the name, of whom he had knowledge; and it was at once, very generally complied with—very few thereafter spelling the name Belding, although there are still a few who adhere to the corrupt spelling. He died, July 23, 1813, in a good old age, and ripe for eternity.

Belden, Joshua, jr. eldest son of Rev. Joshua, graduated at Yale College in 1787—studied medicine and settled as a physician, and after a few years, as a farmer, in Newington. Married Dorothy, daughter of Lieut. Lemuel Whittlesey, Jan. 9, 1797. Had issue, four sons, Lemuel Whittlesey, born Jan. 6, 1801, Joshua, Aug. 3, 1802, Chauncey, Oct. 15, 1804, John Mason, Aug. 26, 1806. He was highly esteemed, and died June 6, 1808, greatly lamented.

Belden, Hezekiah 2d son of the Rev. Joshua, was liberally educated, and graduated at Yale College in 1796. Was a merchant in New Haven for some years. Married Harriet Halsted Lyon, daughter of Underhill Lyon, Esq., of Rye, N.Y., Dec. 28, 1818. Losing his wife, he removed to Richmond, Va., and in connection with others, became a contractor for the transportation of the U.S. Mail from 1823 to 1842, when he returned to Wethersfield, and is at present town clerk of Wethersfield. He has a son, George Hubertus, born Oct. 12, 1819, who is now an engineer on the New York and Erie Rail Road. and a daughter, Mary Honoria, born Sept. 20, 1821.

Belden, Lemuel W. eldest son of Joshua, jr., graduated at Yale College in 1821. Studied medicine, and settled at Springfield, Mass., as physician. He married Catherine, daughter of Stephen Chester, Esq., May 7, 1829, had issue a son, Donald, born Jan. 21, 1831, who died June 1, 1837. Dr. Belden died, greatly lamented, leaving no issue, Oct. 26, 1839. He was a man of great purity of mind, of amiable manners, and of rare attainments, and was rapidly rising into eminence.

Belden, Joshua 2d son of Joshua, jr., graduated at Yale College in 1825. Went to St. Louis, Mo., and commenced business as a merchant—was unsuccessful—removed to Glasgow, Mo., and retrieved his circumstances. Married Agnes Morton Graves, widow, daughter of ---— Lewis, Esq., of Glasgow, a large landed proprietor, of the ancient family of the Lewises, of Virginia. He is now a land holder and farmer in Glasgow, has the unbounded confidence of the community about him, and has obtained the rare and enviable subriquet of the honest man. He has one surviving daughter, Elizabeth Morton, born April, 1838. His wife died two or three years since.

Belden, Chauncey 3d son of Joshua, jr., was graduated an M.D. at Yale College in 1829. Settled in West Springfield, Mass., as a physician. Married Lucy B., daughter of Justin Ely, Esq., of that place, Nov. 1834. Had issue, Theodore, born June 8, 1836, Elizabeth, May, 1838, Chauncey Herbert, Feb. 6, 1844. Died in 1846. He was respected both as a physician and a man.

Belden, John Mason 4th son of Joshua, jr. Married Mary Elizabeth, daughter of Mr. ---— Hale, of Glastenbury, June 14, 1838, and is settled as a farmer at Newington, on the old ancestral Belden place. He has surviving issue, three daughters, Mary Elizabeth, Cornelia Hale, Agnes Whittlesey, born Sept. 8, 1839, April 11, 1845, January 18, 1847.

Belden, Charles 3d son of Silas, was born May 4, 1728. Settled at Dover in Dutchess county, N.Y., on a fine farm inherited from his father. This family has furnished a member of Congress.

Belden, Oliver 4th son of Silas, born Nov. 19, 1732, settled on a noble farm inherited from his father, in Lenox, Mass. Two of his sons have been Representatives of Lenox in the Mass. Legislature.

Belden, Jonathan 5th son of Silas, born Nov. 16, 1737. Little is known of him by the Compiler, not even his place of settlement. He undoubtedly shared with his brothers in his father's provident provision for his children.

Belden, Jonathan 3d son of Dea. Jonathan, born March 30, 1695, married Martha, daughter of John James, Dec. 29, 1715. Had issue David, born Oct. 4, 1716, Jonathan, March 8, 1719, Moses, Dec. 29, 1720, and two daughters. He bore the military title of captain, was a justice of the peace, town treasurer a number of years, and much employed in public affairs. He died Aug. 20, 1768.

Belden, David his eldest son, married Hepzibah Goodrich, Aug. 3, 1769-had issue, one daughter, born June 29, 1772.

Belden, Joseph 3d son of John the 1st, was born April 23, 1663, and m. "Mary his wife, Oct. 27, 1693." Had issue, Joseph, b. Dec. 28, 1667, Thomas, Sept. 9, 1700, and four daughters, Sarah, Mary, Esther and Eunice. It is supposed that Joseph died young, or left town, as there is no further mention of him.

Belden, Thomas 2d son of Joseph, married Mary, daughter of Rev. Stephen Mix, (date of his marriage not given.) Had issue, Thomas, born Aug. 9, 1732, Joseph, Nov. 24, 1733, and Simeon, Feb. 24, 1737, and three daughters, Mary, Rebecca and Lucy.

Belden, Thomas, jr. eldest son of Thomas, married Abigail, daughter of Doct. Ezekiel Porter, Aug. 1, 1753. Had issue, Ezekiel Porter, born Feb. 12, 1756, and James, and two daughters, Mary (married to Frederick Butler, late of Wethersfield,) and Abigail. He was liberally educated, and graduated at Yale College in 1751. He was highly esteemed, took an active part in public affairs, discharged the duties of many of the more important affairs of the town, and bore the titles of Esq. and Colonel. He died May 22, 172, greatly lamented.

Belden, Ezekiel P. eldest son of Thomas, jr., graduated at Yale College in 1775. The Revolutionary war had commenced, and he soon entered the service of his country, as a lieutenant of light horse in Sheldon's regiment. He continued in the service to the close of the war, and retired from it as captain, with the honorary or brevet title of major. Subsequently he was colonel of militia. He married Elizabeth, daughter of Elisha Williams, Esq., Sept. 26, 1781. By her he had issue, Abigail, married to Justin Ely, Esq., of West Springfield, Elizabeth, married to Daniel Buck, of Hartford, Thomas, born July 29, 1785, died Feb. 24, 1831, without issue. His wife, Elizabeth, died Oct. 30, 1789. Nov. 1, 1790, he married Mary Parsons, of Amherst, by whom he had issue, James, born Oct. 1, 1791, died Sept. 13, 1800, Ezekiel P., born March 18, 1794, died April 2, 1518, Mary, married to Erastus F. Cooke, of Wethersfield, Celia, married to Heman Ely, of Elyria, Ohio, Julia, married to James L. Belden, of Wethersfield, Hannah, married to George Prior. He was often and repeatedly chosen selectman—was elected town clerk in 1812, and held the office uninterruptedly until his death—was a member of almost all the town committees, a justice of the peace, and representative of the town in the General Assembly forty-nine sessions, and was elected to two more in which he declined serving. He was a man of kind and social feelings, gentlemanly and amiable manners, and ready and active in the transaction of public affairs. He died Oct. 9, 1824, honored and lamented.

Belden, Joseph 2d son of Thomas 1st, was born Nov. 24, 1733, and graduated at Yale in 1751. It is presumed he removed from the town in early life, as his name does not appear again on the records, or in the doings of the town. It is understood, however, that he had a son Thomas, who died at Hartford, a few years since, leaving a family.

Belden, Simeon 3d son of Thomas 1st, was born Feb. 24, 1737, graduated at Yale College in 1762—married Martha, daughter of the Rev. James Lockwood, Nov. 3, 1765, had issue, Simeon, born April 27, 1769, settled at Fayetteville, N.C., Charlotte, married to the Hon. Lewis B. Sturges, of Fairfield, Martha to — DeWitt, Esq., of Milford, James Lockwood, Joseph, Mary Mix married to Barzillai Deane Buck, of Wethersfield. By profession a merchant—held several of the town offices, and for several years was deputy sheriff. He died Oct. 29, 1820.

Belden, James L. 2d son of Simeon, was born Oct. 15, 1774. By profession a merchant—for a while successful—ultimately the reverse, and lost his property—turned his attention to horticulture, established the Wethersfield Seed Garden, and thereby retrieved his circumstances and accumulated a handsome property. Married Julia, daughter of Ezekiel P. Belden, Esq., Sept. 28, 1819. By her he had issue, three sons and one daughter. The eldest son and daughter died in early childhood. The survivors are, Ezekiel P., born April 4, 1823, and James L., March 23, 1825. Ezekiel P. graduated at Yale in 1844, and is the ingenious modeller in wood of the Cities of New Haven and New York. James L. has a spirit of enterprise and daring, and is a sailor on his first voyage. While at Wethersfield, Mr. Belden was held in high estimation and had much of the public confidence, and was an active and useful member of society. For a number of years he held the office of Post Master in the town; this he resigned to enable him to enter into the civil concerns of the State—was several times elected a representative of the town in the General Assembly, and was appointed a justice of the peace from year to year. In 1840 he removed to New Haven for the purpose of educating his sons. He was highly respected there. He was a man of sound judgment and of much shrewdness, conjoined with probity of character and great energy in action. He died in New York, Feb. 22, 1847, and has his sepulture by the side of his fathers.

Belden, Joseph 3d son of Simeon, was born Dec. 29, 1776, graduated at Yale in 1795. Commenced business as a druggist, but after a few years became a general book agent, and by industry and tact made the business profitable both to himself and his employers. Married Hannah, daughter of John Reynolds, of Enfield, Nov. 1813, had no issue, and died in 1826.

Belden, Samuel and Daniel 4th and 5th sons of John the 1st, born Jan. 3, 1665, and Oct. 12, 1670, it is supposed removed, the one to New London, and the other to Norwalk, (to his great uncle William,) and are the progenitors of the Beldens in those towns.

Belden, Ebenezer 6th son of John the 1st, was born Jan. 8, 1672. No record of his marriage, but his son Ebenezer, by his wife, Abigail, was born Sept. 7, 1697. He held, at times, nearly all the offices of the town, from hayward and constable to selectman, and bore the military title of sergeant. His son Ebenezer, born as above, married Mary, daughter of cornet Samuel Talcott, Dec. 7, 1720. Like his father he held most of the town offices and bore the military title of lieutenant. He had issue, Martha, born Sept. 24, 1721, John, Anne, married to the Rev. Joshua.

Belden, John son of Lieut. Ebenezer, like his father, ran the round of the town offices, and enjoyed the military title of colonel. Married Rebecca Rennalls, June 12, 1760. Had issue, Elizur, Rebecca, Mary, John, Ebenezer, Lucy, Ebenezer, Sarah, Nancy and Harriet Man. Time of his birth and death not recorded. (a.) page 191.

Belden, Matthew 5th son of Samuel, jr., born June 13, 1701-married Elizabeth, daughter of Samuel Williams, Apr. 16, 1729. Had issue, a daughter, Mercy.

Belden, Samuel 4th, eldest son of Samuel 3d, born April 26, 1713- married Elizabeth, and had issue, Abner, born Jan. 12, 1744, Bildad, Sept. 9, 1745, Seth, Aug. 7, 1747, Moses, June 18, 1749, and three daughters, Prudence, Rebecca and Mary.

Belden, Richard 7th son of Samuel 3d, born Dec. 30, 1728- married Elizabeth Hurlbut, Oct. 30, 1749-had issue, Amos, b. Oct. 26, 1750, Jeremiah, March 26, 1753, Othniel, March 27, 1755, Caleb. Feb. 10, 1757.

Belden, Phineas 8th son of Samuel 3d, born Sept. 14, 1730, married Hannah Deming, March 22, 1751-had issue, Charles, b. April 3, 1752, and a daughter, Mary. (b.) page 192.

Belden, Aaron 3d son of Ezra, born Oct. 1, 1731 -married Mercy, daughter of Matthew Belden, Feb. 1756-had issue, Moses, b. Aug. 14, 1756, Benjamin, Oct. 25, 1757, Ashbel, Sept. 18, 1759, Silas, Dec. 28, 1761, Roswell, Jan. 21, 1763, Justus, Jan. 23, 1767, Aaron, Sept. 14, 1769, and a daughter Elizabeth.

Benjamin, Caleb, sen'r. of Wethersfield-died May 8, 1684. Wife. Mary. His children: were, Mary, aged 13, Sarah 8, Samuel 5, Abigail 11, John 6, and Martha 3 years. (See p. 114, 115.) One of his descendants emigrated to Stratford.

Berry, Nathaniel of Mansfield-died 1719-wife, Elizabeth, and children, Nathaniel, Rachel Fuleham, Ann Fenton, Bethia Gove, Elizabeth, Sarah 14, and Abigail 11 years old.

Betts, John, sen'r. is found in Wethersfield as early as 1648, but removed to Long Island, and died at Huntington on the Island, before 1700. His son John was administrator.

Bevin, Arthur of Glastenbury-died in 1697. Estate £269. Wife. Mary-children, John, b. 1676, Mary, 1678, Grace, 1679, Mercy, 1681, Thomas, 1682, Desire, 1684, Arthur, 1686, Joanna, 1687, Elizabeth, 1690, Abigail, 1692, Sarah, 1694, and Anna, 1696. Arthur Bevin came early to Wethersfield, before Glastenbury was incorporated as a town. Arthur died at Glastenbury.

Bidwell, John of Hartford, (in No. 1,)--was in the colony in 1639. Wife, Sarah. He died in 1683. He gave to his son John, his swamp east of Connecticut river, also all his lands and buildings, in Hartford west of the river. To his son Joseph, he gave £30; to his son Samuel, £20; to his daughters, Sarah House and Hannah Wadams, £20 each; to his daughter, Mary Meekins, half his upper lot, and the other half to his grandson, John Meekins, provided John should live with him and his wife until he became 20 years of age; he gave his wife, Sarah, half of all his estate not disposed of; to his son Daniel, he gave the property which he had devised to his wife, after her decease. He afterwards made a codicil, and added to and altered his will. Estate £419:10:6.

Bidwell or Biddoll, Jacob Sarah, his wife-had children. Mabel. b. March 19, 1766, d. July, 1766, Jacob, jr., Sept. 2, 1767, Jared, Feb. 12, 1769, 2d Mabel, June 23, 1771, Timothy, May 7, 1773, and d. March, 1774, Sarah, March 31, 1774, Lucretia, Oct. 2, 1777, Polly, July 23, 1780, d. Feb. 13, 1781, 2d Polly, Jan. 30, 1782, d. Feb. 4, 1782, 2d Timothy, Dec. 28, 1782, Abner, July 8, 1785, Charles, Sept. 10, 1787.

Bishop, John of Wethersfield-was in the colony as early as 1648. He died in 1678. Wife, Sarah. Joseph Bishop, settled at Stamford as early as 1662-perhaps the son of Rev. John, who had previously preached there.

Blynn, Peter of Wethersfield-died in 1724-wife, Mary-children, Peter, James, William, Deliverance, Mary Hurlbut, Daniel, Jonathan, and Margaret Belden. His silver-headed cane, he gave to his grandson, George Blynn. A joiner by trade.

Boarn, John of Middletown, was supposed to have been lost at sea, and in 1707, administration was taken on his estate by Hannah, his wife. Children, Nathaniel 17, Francis 15 years old, and others.

Boreinan, Mary of Wethersfield-died in 1684. Estate £257-children, Isaac, Samuel, Mrs. Sarah Robbins, Jonathan, Sarah, Daniel, Nathaniel and Martha.

Bowman, Nathaniel (inn-holder at Wethersfield in 1706-7.) He died unmarried without issue, in 1707, and gave his small estate to Samuel Buck, of Wethersfield.

Brunson, Richard of Farmington--died, stricken in years, about 1685. His children were, Samuel, John, Hannah, Eddy, Abigail, Mary, and another son. He was the father of John, (see p. 119.) Estate £405:8.

Bunce, Thomas of Hartford-wife, Sarah-died in 1683. Children, John, Elizabeth White, Thomas, jr. Estate £1024:3. He gave his son John his house, barn and home lot in Hartford, which he purchased of Thomas Gridley, and 40 acres near Wethersfield line, also his right in a saw-mill built by Mr. Gardner, Stephen Hosmer and himself; also, 16 acres in the south meadow; also, a lot near Mr. Websters. To Elizabeth he gave £20. He left a legacy to each of his grand children; also, to his cousin, Elizabeth White £; to his sister, Katherine Clark, £10; he also provided liberally for his wife, Sarah. To his son, Thomas, jr., he gave, after the death of his wife, all his housing and lands, not disposed of before, and made his son Thomas, executor of his will. (See p. 16.)

Burnam or Burnham, Thomas is found at Hartford as early as 1648. He resided at Podunk at the time he made his will, and at his decease. Wife, Ann. His children were, Thomas, John, Samuel, Richard and William. Rebecca, wife of William Mann—(perhaps the same William Man who settled early in Rhode Island,) the wife of Samuel Gaynes, the wife of William Morton, and the wife of Moore Cook. To his daughter, Rebecca, he gave his dwelling house and barn and other buildings on his home lot, together with the lot at Podunk, &c. He left a grandson, Thomas Gaynes. His will having been secreted by his widow, (Ann) or lost, was proved by the witnesses of the will, in June, 1690, though he died as early as 1688.

Burnham, John the son of Thomas, died in 1721, and left a widow, Mary, who with his son, John, jr., were his executors. John, jr. had 10 acres of meadow land, bounded south on Samuel Burnham and Richard Gilman, and west on Podunk river, and 17 acres east of the country road; and left other property to his other children, viz. Jonathan, .Jabez, Caleb, Mary Webster, Rachel, Amy, Sarah, Elizabeth, and Silas, b. Nov. 1721. His inventory is dated May 15, 1721, appraised at £487:18:7. Sarah married Elisha Pratt, and had seven children. Elizabeth married Richard Gilman, March, 1702. Mary married Stephen Webster in 1717.

Burnham, Samuel son of Thomas, of Hartford, d. 1728. Wife, Mary. His children were, Samuel, jr., Joseph, William, Daniel, Timothy, Hannah Drake, Amy Trumble, Mary Church, and Rebecca. Samuel and Joseph Burnham were his executors.

Burnham, Thomas, jr. son of Thomas, died in 1726. He left a son, Thomas, to whom he gave all his lands in Hartford and Windsor. He also left two daughters, Elizabeth and Esther Burnham—he gave them each £25. Thomas, jr. married a daughter of John Strong, of Windsor, who was his executor. He left three children, and a handsome estate.

Burnham, (another Thomas,) of Hartford, died in 1726. Wife, Naomy. He left children, Thomas, John, Josiah, Charles, Elizabeth Gilman, Sarah Mulford, Naomy Gailor, Mary, Abigail Williams. His son, Charles, was his executor.

Burnham, Capt. William son of Samuel, a grandson of Thomas, sen'r., resided at Kensington, (then Farmington.) He died in 1749. Wife, Ruth. Elisha was his only son, to whom he gave half of his estate; the other half he gave to his two daughters, Sarah and Ruth. He left an estate of £8246:10:11—distribution on file, 1756, and perhaps he left a daughter Mehitable. Sarah m. Elisha Pratt, 1726.

Burnham, Charles son of Thomas, jr., of Hartford, died in 1753-4. Wife, Dorothy. Left children, Charles, jr., Freeman, Rachel, Stephen, Mary or Mercy Kilbourn, the wife of John Kilbourn, Anna, the wife of John Risley, and Susannah Burnham. He left a large estate.

Burnham, Caleb of Hartford, son of John, died in 1750. Sarah, his widow and Caleb, jr., administrators. Account of administration presented by Jabez and Sarah Burnham in 1753. His minor children were, Isaacs 12 years old, Sarah 10, Ame or Anne 5, and Jemima 3. He left a large estate.

Burnham, Nathaniel of Wethersfield, died in 1755. Widow, Mehitabel. Children, Nathaniel, jr., Peter and Mehitabel.

Burnham, Lieut. Richard of Hartford, son of Thomas, died in 1754. Elisha and Ezra Burnham, of Hartford, administrators. His estate was settled by an agreement on file. He married Sarah Humphrey, June 11, 1680. His children were, Sarah, b. July 11, 1683, Rebecca b. Sept. 20, 1635, Mercy b. April 14, 1688, Richard b. July 6, 1692, Martha Esther b. March 22, 1697, Charles b. July 23, 1699, Susanna b. Feb., Michael b. May 30, 1705.

Burnham, Martha of Wethersfield, died in 1733. Her children were, Eleazer Gailord, Martha Wilcox, Elizabeth Gailord, Sarah Bissell, Hannah Orris, and Samuel Gailord. Her son in law, Nathaniel Gailord, was her executor.

Burnham, Freeman son of Charles, of Hartford, chose his brother in law, John Risley, his guardian in 1753.

Burnham, Jabez son of John, died in 1760—Cornelius Burnham, of Hartford, was his administrator.

Burnham, Charles of Hartford, son of Charles, died in 1760. Widow, Elizabeth. Elizabeth and Eastman, of Ashford, administrators.

Burnham, Aaron of Hartford, died Sept. 14, 1760, supposed son of Richard. Widow, Hannah, who with Ezra Burnham, were his administrators.

Burnham, John, jr. son of John, left children, Silas b. 1721, Mary b. 1722, Stephen b. 1724. Sarah b. July, 1727, Daniel b. Nov. 1730, Mabel b. May, 1734.

Burnham, Rev. William of Kensington, executed his will upon the 15th day of July, 1743. He died before 1751. His wife died before him. His children were, William, (he was married and resided near his father,) Josiah and Appleton. He gave his house and homested to his youngest son; his large tracts of land, divided or undivided, in Farmington, he gave equally to his three sons, as well as lands in other towns. He left four daughters, viz. Hannah, wife of Jeremiah Curtiss, of Southington; Lucy, the wife of Jacob Root, of Hebron; Abigail, the wife of Lieut. Robert Willis or Welles, of Newington; and Mary, the wife of John Judd, of Farmington. To his daughters he gave his servants, furniture, money, plate, books, cattle, swine, horses, indeed all his personal property, except his tools for husbandry. His Spanish Indian woman (Maria) he gave liberty to live with any of his children, and made them responsible for her support. His mulatto boy, James, he desired Abigail to take at appraisal—in case she refused, he then required William to take him upon the same terms, and if he refused, then to have him disposed of in one of the families of his deceased wife's children, or her sister's children. Rev. William was a gentleman of great wealth. His son, William, was his executor.

Burnham, Silas son of John, and grandson of Thomas, b. 1726— daughter Mary, 22 years of age.

Butler, Dea. Richard of Hartford, died in 1684. Wife, Elizabeth. Made his will in 1677. Children, Thomas, Samuel, Nathaniel, Joseph, Daniel, Mary Wright, Elizabeth Olmsted, and Hannah Green. To Thomas he gave his upper lot in long meadow; to Samuel all his meadow land in Wethersfield meadow; to Nathaniel his meadow lot near long meadow gate; to Joseph his lands in south meadow; to his son Daniel his dwelling house, buildings and land about it, also his lot called ten acres; to each of his daughters he gave twenty shillings. Estate £564:15. Dea. Butler was a leading and important man in Hartford. (See p. 16.)

Butler, William, of Hartford, brother of Richard, died in 1648-9. Mrs. West was his sister—he gave her children, in England, £5 each; he gave his sister Winter's children, who lived in England, £5 each; he gave Rev. S. Stone, T. Hooker £10 each; John Steel and William Goodwin £10 each; he gave three score pounds to the church in Hartford; to William Gibbons and Mr. John Cullick £3 each; to his brother, Richard, the remainder of his estate of £429. He appears to have left neither wife or children. (See p. 15.)

Cadwell, Thomas, (in No. 1, p. 20) had children, Mary b. Jan. 8, 1657, Edward, Nov. 1, 1660, Thomas, Dec. 5, 1662, William, July 14, 1664, Matthew, Oct. 5, 1668, Abigail, Nov. 26, 1670, Elizabeth, Dec. 1, 1672, Samuel, April 30, 1675, Hannah, Aug. 22, 1677, Mehitabel, Jan. 12, 1679.

Cadwell, Edward son of Edward and Elizabeth, b. Sept. 24, 1681, William, Aug. 24, 1684, Elizabeth, Dec. 1687, Rachel, April 3, 1689.

Cadwell, Matthew of Hartford, m. Abigail Beckley, a daughter of John, March 25, 1695-and had Matthew, b. June 11, 1696, Abigail, April 28, 1698, Ann, May 6, 1700, John, Nov. 30, 1702, Abel, Nov. 27, 1703.

Camp, John of Hartford-had children, Hannah, b. Nov. 24, 1672, John, Feb. 13, 1675, Sarah, Feb. 17, 1677, Joseph, Jan. 7, 1679, Mary, June 30, 1682, James, June 23, 1686, Samuel, Jan. 29, 1690, Abigail, July 30, 1699. (See p. 122.)

Catlin, John His children were, Mary, b. July 10, 1666, Samuel, Nov. 4, 1673, John, April 27, 1676, Thomas, Aug. 1678, Benjamin, 1680. (See p. 123.)

Catlin, John son of Samuel, married Elizabeth, October 20, 1703. Children, Thomas, b. Feb. 17, 1705-6, Samuel, March 27, ---, Isaac, Nov. 11, 1712, Abijah, April 6, 1715, Mary, March 26, 1717, Ebenezer, July 25, 1724.

Chalkwell, Edward of Windsor-died Dec. 5, 1648. He left no childeren. His legatees were, Nicholas Sensions, John Moses, Rev. Mr. Warham, George Phelps, and the poor of the church of Windsor.

Cheeny, William of Middletown-died in 1705. Estate £259. He gave Benjamin Hand, of Middletown, 80 acres of land; he gave Cheeny Clark, son of John Clark, deceased, his son in law, another lot of land of about 327 acres; he gave Ambrose Clark, his brother, several lots; he gave all his personal and real property not before named, to the three children of John Clark-Cheeny, Ambrose and Eunice. John Williams, and Abigail, his daughter, executors.

Clark, Samuel of Wethersfield, in 1640, was of the company who purchased the town of Stamford of the New Haven Company, and settled there among its first settlers.

Clark, Nicholas of Hartford-died in 1680. Children, Thomas appears to have been his only son. He had two daughters, one of them married Alexander Douglass, the other married Mr. Leister, of New London. He entailed his estate to his son Thomas, son-in-law Douglass, and grandsons Thomas, Daniel and Joseph Clark, and forbid any alienation by them of any of his estate either by deed or even by mortgage. Estate £243.

Clay, Miles of Braintree or Brantery, in England, owned a right in the estate of Zachery Sanford, who had lately deceased, in 1678. John Durant and John Loomis, of Hadley, were grand children of said Clay, either in their own or wives' descent, and were administators of his estate.

Coe, Robert, (in No. 1,) moved to Stamford in 1640 or 41. He was a worthy man, and much respected at Wethersfield, and the ancestor of those of the name in Connecticut. He died at Stamford.—(See p. 19.)

Cole, James of Hartford, married Ann Edwards, the widow of Rev. Richard Edwards, who had been a minister in London, and died there. Mr. Edwards left a young son, William Edwards, who came to Hartford with his mother and Father in law. Mr. Cole located in Colestreet, east of the South Green, in Hartford. Ann, his wife, died Feb. 20, 167S-9. She gave her house and lot to her son, William Edwards, during the lives of William and his wife, then to vest in her grandson, Richard Edwards, the son of William and his heirs forever. Richard was appointed administrator. Estate £103. James Cole had a son, John Cole, who married, and had a son John. John, sen'r., died at Hartford in 1685. Elizabeth married Daniel Sillivant, of New Haven. William, son of Ann, married Agnes Spencer, the widow of William Spencer, of Concord, about 1646, and had a son Richard, born in 1647. This William and his son Richard were the progenitors of the celebrated Edwards family of Connecticut. John, of Wethersfield, in 1640, (page 130,) was not the ancestor of either President Edwards, Pierpont, or either of the Dr. Edwardses.

Cole, John grandson of James, of Hartford, died before his wife, about 1682 or 3. His son John settled at Farmington, to whom he gave £30. He had daughters, Benton and Wilson, and a son Job, in England, to whom he gave £10. He gave his wife £6 a year during her life, also a cow to be kept summer and winter during the life of his wife, out of his estate. The residue of his estate he gave to his sons Samuel and Nathaniel, except the housing and home lot, which was divided by metes and bounds, to his children. He gave Samuel 20 bushels of apples annually for six years, and gave Nathaniel the remainder, except some privileges to his wife, and 40 shillings to Hannah Yeomans. He was not the husband of Hannah Cowles below.

Cowles, Hannah, (widow of John, of Hartford) died March, 1683. Estate £107. Children, Samuel, John, Hannah, (wife of Caleb Stanley) Esther Bull, Mary Dickinson, Elizabeth Lyman, and Sarah Goodwin.

Coltman, John of Wethersfield—died about 1696. He married Mary, who after his decease, married Mr. Sherman. Estate £142. He left three daughters and no sons. He was in the colony in 1645.

Colton, Rev. Benjamin of Hartford, married Ruth Taylor, Dec. 3, 1713, died in 1759. He graduated at Yale College in 1710, and was the first minister of West Hartford.

Corbe, Samuel of Haddam—died April, 1694. Estate £60. Children, Mary 17 months old, and "a posthumous son three months old, named Samuel."

Couch, Samuel of Fairfield, in the year 1724, purchased of Chicken, an Indian saggamore, (who lived between Fairfield and Danbury,) Ridgefield and Newtown, at a place called Longtown, for the consideration of £12:6, all the lands situated between said towns, except such as had been Patented by the Governor and Company of Connecticut—(all unpatented land) Chicken reserved in his deed, to himself and his heirs, the right to hunt, fish and fowl upon the land and in the waters; also reserved to himself, his children and grand children and their posterity, the use of so much land by his wigwam as the General Assembly should by an indifferent committee deem necessary" for him, and his children's children's children and their posterity."--Acknowledged before Joseph Platt, Justice, 1724. (The above Samuel Couch was a descendant of Thomas, in No. 3. Some of his posterity yet reside in Fairfield county, at Greensfarms.) Record of Patents, p. 31. (See No. 3, p. 127.)

Davenport, Rev. John of Stamford, was the only(crossed out) son of Rev. John Davenport, one of the founders of New Haven. Rev. John, of Stamford, had a daughter, Sarah, who married Rev. Eleazer Wheelock, D.D., of Lebanon. Dr. Wheelock was known as the "founder of Moor's Charity School for Christianizing the Indians." Sarah married Rev. Mr. Maltby, of New Haven, by whom she had a son and two daughters; the son became a minister, and settled in Bermuda, in the West Indies, and afterwards settled in Charleston, S.C.; one of the daughters died young, the other married Doct. Betts, of Norwalk, Conn. After the death of Mr. Maltby, she married Dr. Wheelock, while a widow, and by her 2d marriage had three children, viz. Theodora, Ruth and Ralph. Theodora married Alexander Phelps, Esq., of Hebron,. who afterwards removed to Oxford in New Hampshire; Ruth married Rev. William Patten; Ralph was also a clergyman, and an assistant of his father in the ministry—and died without children. Ruth was born March 4, 1740. Rev. James Davenport was a brother of Sarah Wheelock. James had a son, John Davenport, who was a minister; Hon. Abraham Davenport, of Stamford, was also a son of John, and brother of James and Sarah. A daughter of Hon. Abraham, married Dr. James Cogswell, a son of Rev. Dr. Cogswell, of Windham—he had but one daughter, who married the Rev. Samuel Fisher. Hon. John, son of Abraham, married a daughter of the Rev. Noah Welles, of Stamford, and one of their daughters married Judge Radeliff, of Brooklyn; Long Island. The 2d son of Abraham, viz. Hon. James, was a gentleman of great ability; three of his daughters married clerymen, viz. Rev. Messrs. Whelpley, Bruen, of New York, and Dr. Skinner, late a Professor in the Theological Institution at Andover. It is supposed by the Compiler, that a sister of Sarah Wheelock married the Rev. Dr. Williams, of Springfield, who had three sons who were ministers, of which Rev. Dr. Williams, of Tolland, was one. By the different marriages into the Davenport family, they are now the relatives of the following families, viz. Pattens, Williams, Cogswells, Fishers, Welles, Radcliff's, Whelpleys, Bruens, Skinners, Storrs, Stebbins, Streets, Barkers, Reynolds, Kirklands, Wheelocks, and many other distinguished families in this country.

Davie, Humphrey, Esq., inventory presented to court by John Davie, his son, Nov. 6, 1689. He died at Hartford, the 18th day of Feb. 1688. Wife, Sarah. He had two negro servants, both named Mingoe. He owned a small dwelling house with two and a half acres of land at (Beacon Hill) Boston, part of a powder mill at Dorchester, a small orchard at Rumney March, and had some moveables at Boston, and lands at the Eastward not then known. He was a gentleman of high respectability and wealth.

Deane, Hon. Silas deceased, of Wethersfield, in Connecticut, came from the town of Groton to Wethersfield, about 1762. Oct. 8, 1763, he was married to Mrs. Mahitabel Webb, of Wethersfield, the grand mother of J. Webb, of Hartford. After her death he married a Miss Saltonstall. He had but one child, Jesse Deane, born June 24, 1764. Jesse located himself at Hartford. He married and had an only daughter, named Philura, who married Horatio Alden, of Hartford, at which place they now reside and have several children. Hon. Silas resided at Wethersfield until he received his appointment of Minister to the Court of France. He was a man of fine appearance, of about a middle stature, strong powers of mind, and a true gentleman of his day. He never returned from his mission, but died in England in 1792. His wife died at Wethersfield in 1767, before he left this country for Europe. Hon. Silas owned two slaves, Pompey and Hagar, and though he had considerable estate at his decease, yet his estate proved to be insolvent—he having received of his country but little remuneration for his services abroad. Silas had several brothers, viz. Barnabas, Simeon, John, Barzillai, Jesse, and a younger brother whose name is supposed to have been David—the latter died young. Silas had also a sister Hannah, who married Josiah Buck, jr., of Wethersfield, whose descendants now reside there. Jesse, son of Silas, died at Hartford in 1828. At his decease he left a large estate to his only daughter, Philura. Hon. Silas Deane graduated at Yale College in 1758.

Deane, Jesse brother of Silas, died at sea, and left no family.

Deane, Barnabas also a brother, resided at Hartford, and was never married. He was a wealthy merchant—built and resided in the house where Daniel Buck, Esq. now resides in Hartford. He owned several stores and wharves in the city—was a partner in a large distillery, with John Caldwell, Esq.—and was also a partner with Jeremiah Wadsworth, Esq., and Gen. Green, of Rhode Island, of Revolutionary memory. He made his will in October, 1794, and gave to his nephew, Jesse Deane, his house and home lot where said Barnabas had lived in Hartford, and two gold watches, one of which had been left by his brother Simeon, and the other a French watch. He gave his friend, Jeremiah Wadsworth, his horse and saddle and £10 sterling in money, in testimony of his esteem for him. The residue of his property, real and personal, he directed to be sold, and the avails of the whole of it to be divided between his sister, Hannah Buck, and his nephew, Jesse Deane. The estate of Barnabas was appraised at £10,208:11. Another record says, the balance of the estate, after payment of debts, was paid over to Hannah Buck and John Deane, in equal shares.

Deane, John a brother of Silas, died at sea in 1788. Doct. Caleb Perkins was his executor or administrator. He left no family.

Deane, Simeon a brother of Silas, of Wethersfield, in April, 1777, being about to make a journey to a distant part of the continent, and to provide against the chance of his return, made his will—and as he had no family, he gave to Jesse, the only child of his brother Silas, all his books and wearing apparel; he gave to his nephew, Josiah Buck, the 3d son of his sister Hannah, a debt due him from his brother in law, Josiah Buck; he gave the United States the avails of tickets he held in the U.S. Lottery; and the remainder to his brother Barnabas, his sister Hannah, and Jesse, his nephew.

Deane, Barzillai brother of Silas, died at Wethersfield in 1788. Barnabas was his administrator. He left no family. This family of brothers appear to have originated from the ancestor who settled early at Pequot, and were probably relatives of the Deane families at Stonington, Colchester, and Canaan—the latter moved from Colchester to Canaan many years since.

Deane, John made his will at Hartford, the 25th day of June, 1791. He appears to have been of a different family. He gave in his will to his brother David Deane, his house, shop and one rood of land, at Flamington, ten miles from Trenton, in New Jersey, for which David was to support his father during his life. He gave to his sister Betsey Armstrong, of New Jersey, £50.; to his father, the furniture to furnish one room. He ordered his large farm of 270 acres, situated and butted on the Raritan river, one mile in length, together with his stone house and other buildings on the farm and his lot on Limehill, to be sold by his executor, and laid out in farms at Hartford, Conn., for his children. To his wife, Mabel, he gave his moveables in Connecticut, and the use of his children's lands so long as she remained his widow. He ordered collected of his uncle, Doct. Jonathan Deane, 120 hard dollars, and a State note of £50, and 8000 in continental money, for his children. His slave, Jack, he ordered sold in New Jersey, or brought to Connecticut. The names of his children not found at Hartford.

Deane, Jarvis of Manchester, died in 1824, and left an estate of 2348. His relation to Silas not found—probably of the Groton family.

Deane, William of Plainfield, had a deed of land of William Blauchard of Hartford, in 1720. Relation not found.

Deane, Joshua of New London, married Charlotte Smith, of Wethersfield, June 27, 1830.

Deane, James married Sarah Parker, June 2, 1697, both of Stonington. Their children were, James, b. Oct. 1671, Sarah, 1676, John, 1678, Nuphirus and Mary, (twins) 1680, William, 1684, and Francis, 1689. James, son of James, had James, b. 1698, Sarah, 1699, Francis, 1701, Christopher, 1702, Elizabeth, 1703, Jabez, 1704, John, 1707, Benajah, 1709, (David, 1711, d. 1711) Thankful, Jan. 1713.—James Deane, son of James, d. 1747; Sarah, daughter of James, d. Dec. 20, 1712. James and his children and grand children were of Stonington.

Diggins, Jeremy resided in Hartford in 1684, and had children, Mary, Elizabeth and Jeremy, jr.

Disbrow, Nicholas of Wethersfield—died in 1683. He left four daughters, but no sons. One daughter married Obadiah Spencer; one Samuel Egglestone; one John Kelsey, and one Robert Flood. Estate about £300.

Doan, Joseph of Middletown—died Aug. 27, 1745. Estate £766.

Dodd, Edward the son of John, of Northamptonshire, in England, was the first of the name that came to Hartford, Conn., and when 18 years of age, about 1682, to accompany his sister, Joanna, who afterwards married Thomas Richards, Esq., only son of Hon. James Richards of Hartford. Edward Dodd married Lydia Flowers, of Hartford, and had ten children, viz. Joanna, (married Joseph Porter,) John, married Dorcas Spencer, Lydia, married Bavil Seymour, Mary, (died young,) Mary 2d, married John Francis, and for her 2d husband married P. Ayrault, Edward, married Rebecca Barnard, Elizabeth, married Nathaniel Porter, son of Solomon, Anna, married Joseph Rockwell, Benjamin,—Timothy, married Abigail Benton. Edward, sen'r., died in 1729. Edward, jr., married Rebecca Barnard, March 14, 1744, and had eight children, Mary his last, b. April 4, 1765, and d. April 9, 1822. John, his eldest son, married first, Sarah Benton, and for his 2d wife, Mary Steel—by his first he had John, Henry and Sally, and by his 2d wife he had James, b. June 10, 1786. His first wife died in 1775, and his 2d wife died March, 1809.

Doolittle, Abraham of Middletown—died in 1733. Wife, Martha, administratrix. Estate £288:7:9.

Douglass, Francis came from the island of Barbadoes to Hartford. He disposed of his property in the West Indies before he left there, to his brother, Lewis Douglass, of London, Gent., sister Elizabeth and Mary Anne Douglass, of London, and Peter Douglass, of Barbadoes, and appointed Capt. Thomas Mapp and Joseph Bailey, of Barbadoes, his executors. He left his will in the hands of John Dallison, of Barbadoes, merchant. In 1731 he made another will at Hartford, and disposed of all his property in New England to Francis Bewithe, of Boston, merchant, and Mrs. Susannah Beuchamp, a daughter of John Beuchamp, of Hartford, Conn. His executors, Samuel Mather, of Windsor, and William Pitkin, of Hartford—they refused, and John Beuchamp was administrator. Mary Douglass, of Coventry, (9 years old) a daughter of Mary Johnson, then deceased, had a guardian appointed June 3, 1712—first of the name found in the Hartford Probate Office. Francis Douglass, of Hartford, died in 1731. Samuel Douglass, of New Hartford, died in 1766. His administrators were, Samuel and Moses Douglass, of New Hartford. Estate £461:17:6. Distribution returned to court Oct. 11, 1770—on file.

Dunham, Thomas, (in No. 3,) died in 1717. The heirs to his estate were, John, Elisha, Benjamin, Edward and Ebenezer. Samuel Stetson and Desire Stetson were also heirs. Estate £285:17:6. (See p. 130.)

Dusee, Abda alias Jinnings, of Hartford—died before 1710. Wife, Lydia.

Dutton, Joseph of Haddam, (east society)—died in 1733. Wife, Mary. Samuel Dutton, executor. Children, Samuel, Benjamin, David and Thomas—Matthew Smith, son in law—Rebecca Gates, Ruth Millard, daughters. He had a grandson, William Selby. Will dated 1733. Estate £157:11. E.

Edwards, William of Hartford. He was a son of Richard Edwards, D.D., of London. After the death of his father, his mother married James Cole in London, and moved to America, and settled in Hartford, when William was young. After a few years William married Agnes Spencer, and had a son Richard, born in 1647. The grand mother of Richard died at Hartford in 1678-9, and gave her estate to her son William and his wife for their lives, and then to vest in Richard and his heirs forever. Richard for his first wife, married Miss Tuttle, and for his second wife, Mary Talcott, by whom he had the following children living at his decease, viz. John, Timothy, Samuel and Daniel—Mary, Abigail, Elizabeth, Ann, Mabel and Hannah. His widow, Mary, was living at his decease, and he provided for his son John, to take charge of his mother during her life. He also directed Daniel to be educated at College—and he graduated at Yale in 1720, and became a Judge of the Supreme Court of Connecticut, and died 1765. Samuel, he directed to be put to a trade, if his overseers thought advisable, and he gave him all his lands in Colchester, (250 acres.) Estate £1125:12:11. Richard Edwards died in 1718. His son, Timothy, was educated, and settled at East Windsor as their minister. He had a son, Jonathan, who graduated at Yale College in 1720, who became President of Nassau-Hall College, and one of the most celebrated and orthodox divines in New England. President Edwards died in 1758. His son, Jonathan, D.D., graduated at Nassau-Hall College in 1765, who became President of Union College at Schenetady, and died in 1801. These were among the fathers of the divinity of New England, in the early settlement of the country. Such has been the respect entertained for this family of divines in Connecticut, that as late as 1834, even the step-stone of the door of the Rev. Timothy Edwards' house, in East Windsor, was placed as the corner stone of the building erected there for the Theological Institute of Connecticut. (See James Cole, p. 204.)

Elson, Abraham of Wethersfield, left a widow and two daughters, one 3 years, the other one year and a half old. He ordered his lands to be rented for four years to support his children. Estate £221. He gave to his friend, B. Gardner's children, his lot at the meadow gate, and the remainder to his wife, except his house and home lot, which he gave to the two sons of his wife, Benjamin and Job, after her decease.

Farnsworth, Mary in 1683, complained to the court at Hartford, that her husband had leased his farm and servant, and left her destitute of any means of living. She asked for half the rents of the land and servant.

Fayerweather, Benjamin of Stratford, and his associates, in 1722, purchased for the consideration of £29 in money, of Waromaug and Nepaloe Peacooke, Indian proprietors of lands situated the cast side of Stratford great river, northerly of New Milford, running with the river, one full mile east from the river, and 25 or 30 miles by estimation, to comprise the whole of the Massachusetts swamp. Deed dated March, 1722.

Ferris, John settled at Stamford in 1640 or 41.

Finch, Abraham of Wethersfield—died as early as 1640, and left a wife and one child, (Abraham) whom he left in charge of his grand-father, Abraham, who agreed to educate him at his own expense. David Finch, a son or brother of Daniel, (in No. 1) of Wethersfield—one of the purchasers of Stamford, and a first settler there.

Fisher, Robert of Wethersfield, emigrated to Stamford as early as 1642.

Flood, Robert of Wethersfield—died in 1689. His widow, Abigail, married Matthew Barry. Robert left several sons and daughters, and a small estate.

Foster, Rev. Isaac settled in Hartford, in the ministry, in the latter part of 1679, or beginning of 1680, and died in 1683-4. Mehitable Russell, his wife—married about 1679. In 1679, before marriage, the parties formed a jointure, providing that if said Foster should deceaste before said Mehitabel and leave issue of her body, that the estate descend to her and her heirs. She had received one-third of the estae from Daniel Russell's last will, (supposed her father;) this one-third was distributed to the widow, and £200 to Ann Foster, to be paid her when 18 years of age or married, and the remainder of the estate to Mehitabel Woodbridge and her heirs. Estate £1507:15:4.

Fowler, Jonathan of Windham—died before 1698. His widow. Elizabeth, administratrix. Children, Elizabeth, Joseph, Sarah and Jonathan.

Fyler, Lieut. Walter of Windsor—died in 1683. Wife, Jane. In his will he gave the use of his estate to his wife, Jane, during her life; he also gave her £100 in cash to bestow upon another husband, or to reserve it to herself to bestow upon whom she pleased. He left two sons and no daughters. His sons were, John and Zerubbabel. He gave his grandson, Thomas, £20, and his other three grand children £5 each. Estate £318:6:10. Jane, his widow, died in 1690, not having married a second time. She had a grand child, Jane Fyler. The money her husband gave her to purchase a second husband, she carefully saved for her children and grand children. (See p. 26.) Zerubbabel Fyler, of Windsor, son of Walter, died in 1714. Wife, Experience. Children, Thomas, Zerubbabel, Stephen Fyler, Wakefield Dibble, Experience and Elizabeth Fyler, and Jonathan Deming, of Windsor. He left a good estate to his family. John Fyler, of Windsor, son of Walter, died in 1723, and left a large estate—(children not found.) Samuel Fyler, of Hebron, brother of Thomas, of Windsor, died in 1710. He was also a brother in law to Timothy Phelps, of Hebron. Estate £129. Children, Abigail 17 years old, Ann, Samuel, jr., 10 years old, an only son—perhaps other daughters. (See p. 134, No. 3.)

Gardner, George of Hartford—died in 1679. He had brothers, Thomas and Samuel. He owned an interest in a mill in Salem, Mass., and gave his son, Samuel, his house and land at Salem, where his son Samuel then lived, and his share of the mill there; he also gave Samuel his farm and meadow where Thomas Gold then lived. His house and land at Hartford, Windsor and Simsbury he gave to his son, Ebenezer. He had a daughter, Buttolph, also Mrs. Turner, who left children; another daughter, Hawthorn. He gave his daughters £300 each; and gave his cousins, Miriam Hascall and Susannah Hill £5 each; to his sister, Grafton £5; to his servant, Arrah £5. Estate, £3001:0:6. His widow, Elizabeth, died about 1681. She made her will, June, 1681. She left a grandson, Samuel Sedgwick, and a grandson, John Roberts. One of her family married a Mr. Fitch, another Mr. Butler. Mrs. Fitch had children, Rebecca, Nathaniel and Mary. Mr. Butler had a daughter, Sarah Butler. Her daughter, Elizabeth, married John Roberts, of Hartford. Mrs. Gardner died the widow of Rev. Samuel Stone, of Hartford, by whom she had Samuel Stone, jr. (See p. 135, No. 3.)

Gibbs, Giles of Windsor—died in 1648. There appears to have been in the early settlement of Windsor, not only Giles, but Francis and Joseph Gibbs, who are supposed to have been brothers. Giles, in his will, directed that his son should be placed as an apprentice to some godly man for five years; and provided if he served out his time, for him to have the lot over the Great River. He gave Samuel, Benjamin and Sarah £20 each; he gave Jacob his house and home lot, and all his lots west of the river, after the decease of his mother, Katherine, his widow, executrix. Estate £76:18:8. (See p. 125.) Jacob Gibbs, of Windsor, an early settler there, before 1700—died in 1711-12. Widow, Abigail. Left an estate of £778:8:10. He was the first of the name who died in this colony. Children, Jacob, jr., Ebenezer, John, Abigail, Elizabeth, Mary and Esther. Samuel Gibbs, sen'r., of Windsor, (supposed to be a brother of Jacob,) died in 1716, an aged man. Children, Samuel, jr., his eldest son, Benjamin, Hepzibah, who married a Dickinson, and died before her father, Patience, who married Samuel Denslow, Elizabeth Hayden, Joanna, who married Moses Loomis, Experience Huxley, and Miriam, the wife of Josiah Bissell. He left an estate £111:3:9. Samuel Gibbs, jr., son of Samuel, died in 1720. No other estate of the name appears in the Probate record at Hartford for many years after this. John Gibbs, aged 17, (a son of Jacob, of Wethersfield, who was deceased in 1764,) made choice of William Morrice, of Wethersfield, for his guardian in 1764.

Gold, Nathan, (in No. 3,) of Fairfield, had a grandson by the name of Nathan, who was Lieut. Governor of Connecticut, from 1708 to 1724, until he deceased, aged 60. Samuel Gold, of Fairfield, died in 1723, aged 77. Col. Abraham Gold, his son, died in 1777,- aged 44. He was killed at Ridgefield in the war of the Revolution. Jason Gold, son of Abraham, of Fairfield, died in 1810, aged 39. Abraham had two brothers, Daniel and Abel. Hon. John Gold, State Senator in 1847, is also a descendant of Hon. Nathan, of Fairfield. (See p. 136, No. 3—also p. 28, No. 1.)

Goodfellow, Thomas died Nov. 25, 1685. Wife, Mary. He resided in the colony- as early as 1639. Estate £49.

Goodwin, George moved from Hartford to Fairfield about 1654.

Gozzard, Nicholas of Windsor. Widow, Elizabeth—and children, Matthew 16 years old, Eizabeth 4, John 11. (See p. 137.)

Grant, Seth of Hartford—died as early as 1646. Estate £141.

Gray, Walter was in the colony in 1644. He died at Hartford in 1684 or 5. He left several children and a small estate. (See p. 138.)

Grimes, Henry of Hartford—died about 1684. Wife, Mary. Benjamin, eldest son. The widow died in 1685. Children, Benjamin 22 years old, John 19, Joseph 17, Mary 16, Sarah 13, Ellizabeth 10, Susanna 7, Rebecca 4. The widow, in her will, provided for her brother Benjamin to take her second daughter—her brother Joseph the third daughter, and John Watson the fourth, to educate and bring up.

Griswold, Francis of Norwich, in 1660, appears to have been of a different family from that of Matthew, of Lyme, or Samuel, of Windsor—perhaps the same Francis who was at Cambridge in 1637.—(See Farmer.)

Gross, Josiah of Hartford, married Susanna, and had Samuel, born Jan. 24, 1719, Susanna, born June 20, 1722.

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