A catalogue of the names of the first Puritan settlers of the colony of Connecticut;
with the time of their arrival in the colony and their standing in society,
together with their place of residence, as far as can be discovered by the records.
&c collected from the state and town records by R.R. Hinman,
Hartford. Printed by E. Gleason, 1846,

[Transcribed by Dave Swerdfeger]


The very few dates to be found for several years in the first records of Windsor, renders it difficult to designate time in all cases, and for three or four of the first years of the settlement there was little or no record. The following list of names are found in the land record of Windsor, in the hand writing of Bray Rosseter, Town Clerk of Windsor until 1652. Those names which have no date annexed, are entered 1652, though many of them were probably much earlier. Thomas Marshfield, 1642, Thomas Newell, '42, William Hayden, '42, John Banks, '44, Thomas Gibbard, '44, Richard Lyman, '44, James Eno, '46, Lawrence Ellison, '46, Anthony Dorchester, '49, John Wayt, '49, Owen Tudor, '49, John Bennett, '52, Peter Tilton, '52, Samuel Pond, '52, Thomas Orton, '52, Robert Howard, '46, Jasper Raulins, '52 of Roxbury before '46, Thomas Parsons, '50, Jeffery Baker, '52, John Osborn, '52, Robert Sanford, '52, Richard, Church, '52, John Strong, '51, Edward Griswold, '49, John Browton, 49, Miles Merwin, '49, St. John Nicholas, '49, Matthew Allyn, '47, George Alexander, '46, Thomas Huntington, '56, Walter Lee, '55, Edward King, (an Irishman) '62, Timothy Hall, '64, John Pettibone, '66, Joseph Skinner, '66, George Jeffries, '69, John Millington, '70, John Bartlett, '49, John Case, '64, John Griffin, '48, Humphrey Hydes. '45, Arthur Henbury, '69, Robert Sanford. (Rossiter) '52, Richard Saxton, '53, Josiah Ellsworth, '54, John Moses, '51, John Brooks, '50, John Owen, '57, Henry Curtice, ---, John Bancroft, '58, Peter Brown, '58, Edward Elmer, '66, Jonas Westover, '61, Simon Miller, '51, Edward Messenger, '61, Robert Watson, '65, Samuel Wilcoxson, '64, Christopher Crow, '66, Edward Chapman, '67, Samuel Forward, '70, John Maudesly, '64, John Fitch, '43, Robert Haywart, '43, Michael Humphrey, '43, Tho. Rowley, '62, Ambrose Fowler, '50, John Pettes, '66. The foregoing persons appear at the dates given as land holders in Windsor.-Hayden. Many of these persons are knoyn to have been in the colony several years before the above dates.

LOCATION OF SOME OF THE SETTLERS OF WINDSOR. Some of the following persons were located within the Palisado at the Windsor trading house, and others on the "common street" north, and many of them on the road leading west from Dr. Pierson's house and Joel Thrall's to sandy bank. Tradition says, that as late as 1700, there were more dwellings upon the two roads mentioned than upon main street, viz: William Gaylord, sen'r., Stephen Terry, John Hoskins and his son, Thomas Hoskins, Thomas Stoughton, Thomas Gunn, Thomas Holcomb, Humphrey Pinney, Josiah Hull, John Rockwell, Thomas Buckland, Joseph Clark, Thomas Dibble, Michael Fry, Philip Randall, Robert Winchell, Joseph Carter, William Hanmer, Eddy Filley, Richard James, George Hull, George Phillips, John Hawkes, Anthony Hawkins, David Wilton, Walter Filer, William Hill, Thomas Ford, Nicholas Denslow, Capt. Mason, Giles Gibbs, Abraham Randall, Ephraim Huit, Henry Fawkes, Matthew Grant, William Hosford, William Hubbard, John Taylor, Eltwed or Edward Pomeroy, Aaron Cook, Elias Parkman, Brigget Egglestone, Francis Gibbs, Richard Weller, Simon Hoyte, Thomas Dewey, Thomas Bassett. Those who settled south of Little River in the vicinity of the mill, and between the mill and the foot of stony hill, were—Rev. John Warham, William Phelps, sen'r., Nathan Gillett, Jonathan Gillett, George Steeaky, Richard Voar, Bray Rossiter, Roger Williams, Tho. Bascome, Nicholas Palmer, William Thrall, John Hillier, Wm. Buell, Henry Wolcott, sen'r., Henry, jr., John Moore, Thomas Moore, John Brooker, Thomas Marshall, Richard Birge or Birdge, Benedict Alford, Christopher Wolcott, John Witchfield, William Phelps, jr., George Phelps, John Porter, Joseph Loomis, Thomas Barker, William Filly, Simeon Mills, Arthur Williams, John Youngs, Joseph Newbury, Benjamin Newbury, John Newbury, Sarah Newbury.—Hayden.

THE FIRST SETTLERS OF WETHERSFIELD. Richard Belden, Jacob Waterhouse, William Boorman, John Roote, Richard Wastecoat, Jeremiah Jagger, Samuel Barrett, Robert Burrows or Barrows, John Northend, William Bromfield, Robert Beedle, Enoch Buck, John Bishop, Joseph Bennett, John Brundish, Wm. Palmer, Enoch Buckley, Hon. James and Joseph Boosey, Wm. Bascum, Jasper Rawling, Dorothy Chester, Robert Abbott, Leonard and John Chester, Richard Crabb, Robert Coe, Thomas Coop, Amos Williams, George Chappell, Josiah or Joseph Churchill, John Whitmore, Mr. Chaplin, Matthew Mitchell, John Coltman, William Colefax, Richard Park, John Curtice, Thomas Ufford, William Dickinson, Rev. Richard Denton, Rev. Peter Prudden, John Edwards, Rev. Henry Smith, Fracis Kilbourn, John Deming, Joseph Edwards, Abraham Elson, Nathniel Foster, Daniel and John Finch, Nathaniel Foot, Richard Gildersleve, John Johnson, Richard Harris, John Tinker, Thomas Hurlbut, Thomas Hubbard, John Gibbs, Joseph Hollister, John Harrison, Richard Smith, John Kilbourn his father and family, Samuel Ireland, Richard Laws, Mrs. Lattimore, Andrew Landon, Richard Montague, Andrew Langdon, Matthew Williams, Benjamin Munn, John Nott, John and Edward Pierce, Joseph and John Plumb, Thurston Rayner, John Reynolds, Richard Riley, John Robins, Robert Rose, John Saddler, Lieut. Robert Seeley, Joseph and Samuel Sherman, Thomas Stanton, Thomas Standish, John Stoddar, Hon. Thomas Tracy, Richard Treat, Richard and Matthias Trott, Ephraim Turner, John Wradams, John Miller, Hon. Andrew Ward, Joyce Ward, Josias Willard, Jonas Wood, William Swain, Thomas Wright, Thomas Atwood, William Biggs, George Hubbard, Thomas Couch, Wm. Tailer, Benjamin Crane, Leonard Dix, Thomas Fenner, John Goodridge, John Hilton, John Betts, Alexander Keeney, Thomas Hanset, Edward Mason, Charles Taintor, (1640,) Widow Paine. Not as early, James Boswell, John Russell, jr., Edward Stott, Philip Goose, Hitchcock Lake, Samuel Hale, John Kirbe, John Latemore, John Lilly, John Westfall, Francis Yates.


The Proprietors of the Undivided Lands of the Town of Hartford, in 1639, who were probably all settlers in the town at that time—I give a list of their names, viz: William Andrews, Jeremy Adams, John Arnold, Francis Andrews, Matthew Allyn, Andrew Bacon, John Barnard, Thomas Birchwood, William Butler, William Bloomfield, Richard Butler, Thomas Bull, John Baser, Robert Bartlett, John Crow, John Clark, James Cole, Nicholas Clark, Richard Church, John Cullick, Clement Chaplin, Dorothy Chester, Robert Day, Nathaniel Ely or Elly, Joseph Easton, Edward Elmer, James Ensign, Zachery Field, William Goodwin, William Gibbons, Richard Goodman, Samuel Greenhill, Geo. Graves, Seth Grant, Bartholomew Green, John Haynes, Edward Hopkins, Thomas Hooker, Thomas Hosmer, Stephen Hart, John Hopkins, William Hills, William Heyden, Thomas Hales, Samuel Hales, Wm. Hide, William Holton, John Higginson, Jonathan Ince, Thomas Judd, William Kelsey, William Lewis, Thomas Lord, Richard Lord, John Moody, John Marsh, John Maynard, Joseph Mygatt, James Olmsted, Richard Olmsted, Thomas Olcock, William Pantry, John Pratt, Stephen Post, William Parker, William Pratt, William Ruscoe, Nathaniel Richards, Thomas Root, Samuel Stone, John Steel, Thomas Scott, William Spencer, Thomas Stanley, Timothy Stanley, Edward Stebbins, George Steel, John Skinner, John Stone, Thomas Spencer, Arthur Smith, George Stocking, Thomas Stanton, Thomas Selden, John Talcott, George Wyllys, Thomas Welles, John Webster, William Whiting, William Westwood, Andrew Warner, Nathanieljard, William Wadsworth, Gregory Winterton, Samuel Wakeman, Richard Webb, Richard Wrisley, John Wilcox. In addition to this class of proprietors, there were others who by the courtesy of the town had the privilege of wood and keeping cows, &c. on the common, viz: John Brunson, John Biddell, (Bidwell) Thomas Barnes, Benjamin Burre, Nathaniel Barding, Thomas Blisse, Thomas Blisse, jr., Widow Betts, Thomas Bunce, William Cornwell, Nicholas Disbroe, Hosea Goodwin, Daniel Garwood, John Ginnings, Thomas Gridley, John Hallaway, John Hall, George Hubbard, Ralph Keylor, Nathaniel Kellogg, Thomas Lord, jr., Benjamin Munn, John Morrice, John Olmsted, John Purcase, William Phillips, John Pierce, Paul Peck, Tho's Richards, Richard Seymour, John Sables, Giles Smith, Thomas Upson, Thomas Woodford, Robert Wade, Richard Watts, Henry Walkley, James Walkley, William Watts, William Westley. Whether Tho's Reed, Thomas Fisher, John Friend, Thomas Goodfellow, Thomas Hungerfoot or ford, Thomas Munson, Renold Marvin, Abraham Pratt, and Samuel Whitehead were there at this time is uncertain—they had owned lots previous to 1639, and had sold them, or not fulfilled the conditions of the grant. If all these persons were settlers in Hartford at the land division in 1639, and had families, as probably most of them had, there must have been from 500 to 800 settlers in Hartford in 1639.

The following persons, it is supposed, came from England to Massachusetts with Mr. Warham in 1632-3, viz: Henry Wolcott, William Phelps, George Phelps, John Whitefield, Humphrey Pinny, Dea. John Moore, Dea. William Gaylord, Lieut. Walter Fyler, Matthew Grant, Thomas Dibble, Samuel Phelps, Nathan Gillett, Richard Vere or Voar, Abraham Randall, B. Egglestone and Thomas Ford, all of whom settled at Windsor under the pastoral charge of Mr. Warham. The following persons who first came to Hartford from Massachusetts, were from the county of Essex, in England, and probably from Braintree, in 1632, viz: Jeremy Adams, Matthew Allyn, Richard Butler, Edward Elmer, Richard Goodman, William Goodwin, Stephen Hart, John Haynes, (Thomas Hooker, Chelmsford) Thomas Hosmer, William Lewis, Richard Lord, James Olmsted, Daniel Patrick, John Pratt, William Pantry, Nathaniel Richards, William Spencer, Thomas Spencer, Edward Stebbins, John Steel, Henry Steel, Samuel Stone, John Talcott, William Wadsworth, Andrew Warner, Richard Webb, William Westwood, John White. These men, with others, went to Newton before Mr. Hooker; Mr. Hooker arrived and was settled there in October, 1633.

The following persons, mentioned by the Rev. Mr. Hotchkiss, were the early settlers of Saybrook, viz: D. Gardner, J. Winthrop, Higginson, Peters, Barker, Bull, William Bushnell, Clark, Lay, Lord, Parker, Pratt, Post, Champion, Griswold, Lee, Wade, Backus, Bliss, Huntington, Hyde, Larrabee, Leffingwell, Breed, Chalker, Waterhouse, Kirtland, Shipman, Whittelsey, and Willard. Many of these persons must have came directly to Saybrook, as their names do not appear upon any of the records of the three towns first settled; the remainder of them removed there from Windsor, Hartford and Wethersfield.


Abbe, Thomas one of the original proprietors of the town, died 1728, had two sons settled in Enfield. Thomas, b. 1686, married Mary Pease, daughter of Capt. John Pease, 1714, d. 1745, had two sons, (1.) Obabiah, b. 1728, d. 1745; (2.) Thomas, b. 1731, married Penelope Terry, daughter of Dr. Ebenezer Terry, d. 1811, aged 81, leaving children; John, b. 1692, one of the first settlers of the upper part of "King's street," had four sons—John, b. 1717, married Sarah Root, daughter of Timothy Root, of Somers, 1739, settled in the east part of the town, d. 1794, left two sons, who both settled and died in the east part of Enfield. Thomas, b. 1721, and Daniel, b. 1726, both died at Cape Breton, 1745, without children. Richard, 4th son of John Abbe, b. 1735, m. Mary Bement, daughter of Capt. Dennis Bement, 1755, d. 1807, left children.

Allen, John one of the first settlers of King's street, supposed to have come from Deerfield about 1700, d. 1739, aged 69—had two sons who settled in Enfield. Azariah, b. 1701, m. Martha Burt, of Longmeadow, d. 1787, left one son, Moses, who settled and died in Enfield. Ebenezer, 2d son of John Allen, was b. 1712, settled and died in the south part of Enfield, left four sons, two of whom settled and died in East Windsor, two in Enfield.

Allen, Samuel married Hannah Burroughs, 1700, settled in King's street, d. 1735, aged 62-had three sons. Samuel, b. 1702, m. Elizabeth Booth, 1728, settled in E. Windsor, where he died. Joseph, b. 1704, settled and died in E. Windsor. John, b. 1712, m. Abigail Pease, 1737, d. 1791, left one child, settled in Enfield.

Bement, John first settler on lot now occupied by his descendants -came in 1682, d. 1684, left taree sons. John, d. 1703, had two sons-Benjamin, b. 1698, m. Elizabeth Abbe, 1723, removed to Simsbury. John, b. 1701, history unknown. William, 2d son of John, sen'r., m. Hannah Terry, daughter of Capt. Samuel Terry, 1707, settled in the east part of the town, died 1728, left four sons. William, b. 1708, m. Phoebe Markham, and removed to Windham. Samuel, b. 1720. Ebenezer, b. 1723. Joseph, b. 1725, settled and died in Enfield, without children. Edmund, 3d son of John, sen'r., m. Prudence Morgan, 1700 and Priscilla Warner 2d wife, 1703, d. 1745, had three sons; Jonathan, b. 1705, removed to Suffield, d. in the Cape Breton expedition; Dennis, b. 1711, m. Mary Abbe, daughter of Tho's Abbe, 1737, d. 1789, had two sons, Dennis and Edmund, both settled and died in Enfield. Edmund, 3d son of Edmund, sen'r., b. 1713, settled in East Hartford.

Booth, Simeon a first settler in 1680, d. soon after, left two sons; William, m. Hannah Burroughs, daughter of John B., 1693, d. 1753, aged 89, had two sons; Caleb, b. 1695, m. Mary Gleason, 1728, settled in E. Windsor, had a numerous family; one of his sons, Levi, d. in Enfield, 1815, aged 76, without children; Joshua, 2d son, born 1697, settled first in Enfield, had two sons; Oliver, b. 1725, and William, b. 1731. Zachariah, 2d son of Simeon Booth, m. Mary Warriner, 1691, and Mary Harman, 2d wife, 1696, d. 1741, had two sons; John, b. 1697, m. Lydia Chandler, daughter of Henry Chandler, 1727, d. 1778, left two sons; John, b. 1728, m. Hannah Phelps, 1751, d. in Enfield, leaving children; Daniel, b. 1744, removed to Ohio in 1811, and died leaving children; Joseph, 2d son of Z. Booth, b. 1710, m. Sarah Chandler, daughter of Henry C., 1736, d. in Enfield, had six sons; Joseph, b. 1736, m. Mary Hale, 1762, died in Enfield, and left children; Isaac, b. 1739, m. Deborah Hurlburt, 1764; Samuel, b. 1740; Zachariah, b. 1742, settled and died in Enfield, leaving a family; Henry, b. 1745, and David, b. 1747.

Bush, Jonathan a first settler, 1680, d. 1739, aged 89, had two sons; Jonathan, m. Rachel Kibbe, daughter of Elisha Kibbe, d. 1746, aged 65, left four sons; Joshua, b. 1712, m. Experience French, 1737, settled in "Terry Lane," d. 1793, had three sons; Joshua, b. 1737, died in Enfield; Eli, b. 1741, moved to New York and died; Jonathan, b. 1747, died also in New York State; Moses, 2d son of Jonathan Bush, jr., b. 1714; Aaron, 3d son, b. 1717, m. Alice French, d. 1805, had five sons; Caleb, 4th son, b. 1725, left town; John, 2d son of Jonathan Bush, sen'r., b. 1685, d. young, left one son, Joseph, b. 1718.

Collins, Rev. Nathaniel first settled minister of Enfield, began the ministry in 1700, m. Alice Adams, 1701, d. 1756, had four sons; John, b. 1705, m. Mary Meacham, daughter of Isaac Meacham, jr., 1728, d. 1746; Nathaniel, 2d son of Rev. Nathaniel, b. 1709, m. Abigail Pease, daughter of James Pease, 1735, d. 1787, left one son, Eliphalet, b. 1744, settled and died in Enfield; William, 3d son of Rev. Nathaniel, b. 1711, m. Ann Collins, 1734, settled and died in Somers; Edward, 4th son, b. 1713, m. Tabitha Geer, 1736, d. 1796, left descendants who left town.

Chandler, Henry one of the early settlers of the N.W. part of Enfield, came from Andover, 1723, and purchased 700 acres of land, d. 1737, aged 70, had five sons; Henry, d. 1735, left three sons, who left town; Samuel, b. 1699, d. 1761; Daniel, b. 1701, m. Sarah Keep, 1728, d. 1785, left two sons-Daniel, b. 1732, d. 1805 out of town-Joseph, b. 1738, d. 1816, in Enfield, and left children; Nehemiah, 4th son of Henry Chandler, b. 1702, m. Mary Burroughs, daughter of John B., 1737, d. 1756, aged 54, had five sons-Samuel, b. 1737, Jonathan, b. 1742, died young, Nehemiah, b. 1744, d. 1814, John, b. 1746, died young, Joel, b. 1748, left town; Zebulon b. 1754, left town; Isaac, youngest son of Henry Chandler, b. 1717, m. Abigail Hale, 1741, d. 1787, aged 70, had five sons, Isaac, David, Henry, Nathaniel, and John. Henry Chandler had six daughters-five settled in Enfield. Lydia, m. John Booth, 1728, d. 1780, Abigail m. John Rumerill, 1728, d. 1772, Sarah, m. Joseph Booth, 1736, d. 1777, Deborah, m. Ebenezer Colton, d. 1769, Hannah m. Ezekiel Pease, 1732, d. 1756, Mary, m. Timothy Pease, 1736, d. 1789.

Chapin, Ebenezer an early settler near Scantic-the son of Japhet Chapin, of Springfield, d. 1772, aged 97, left eleven sons; Ebenezer, b. 1705, m. Elizabeth Pease, daughter of Jonathan P., d. 1751, left two sons, Ebenezer, b. 1735, settled in Enfield, d. 1822, left children, history- of the other son unknown; Noah, 2d son of Ebenezer Chapin, sen'r., b. 1707, left town, as also Seth, b. 1709, Moses, b. 1712, and Aaron, b. 1714, m. Sybil Markham, daughter of Daniel M., 1745; Elias, b. 1716, died out of town; Reuben, b. 1718, settled in Salisbury; Charles, b. 1720, died in Western .N.Y., 1812; David, b. 172:2, settled at New Hartford; Elisha, b. 1725, died unmarried, as also Phineas, b. 1726.

Gleason, Isaac a first settler, d. 1698, aged 44, left two sons;- Isaac, b. 1687, m. Mary, daughter of John Prior, 1712, settled and died in the S.E. part of the town, had four sons-Isaac, b. 1715, settled in Enfield; Jonah, b. 1724, ditto, had a family; Joseph, b. 1726, m. Hannah Colton, 1746, settled and died in Enfield, left children; Job, b. 1734, settled in Enfield for a time. Thomas, 2d son of Isaac Gleason, sen'r. b. 1690, supposed to have moved to Farmington.

Hale, Thomas an early settler, m. Priscilla Markham, 1695, d. 1725, had five sons, who settled in Enfield; John, m. Mary Gleason, 1716, d. 1753, left two sons, who settled in Enfield-Thomas, b. 1727, m. Elizabeth Bush, 1753, died leaving children-David, b. 1732, m. Hannah Warriner, d. 1796. William, 2d son of Thomas Hale, sen'r., died in Enfield, had two sons-William, b. 1724, left town-Jonathan, b. 1729, died in Enfield. Joseph, 3d son of Thomas Hale, sen'r., m. Phoebe Warriner, 1725, had three sons, two died in Enfield. Samuel, 4th son, b. 1698, d. 1774, left one son, b. 1762, died at Greenwich, Mass., 1830. Thomas, youngest son of Thomas, sen'r., died in Enfield about 1759.

Hurlburt, William an early settler near the south part of the town. d. 1734, had three sons; William, b. 1698; Obadiah, b. 1703, m. for 2d wife, Esther Colton, 1745, d. 1784, had four sons-William, b. 1731, Obadiah, b. 1738, settled and died in Enfield, 1811, left children, Ebenezer, b. 1747, Job, b. 1750, settled and died in Somers, 1827. Eliphalet, b. 1752. Benjamin, the other son of William Hurlburt, lived in Enfield until he had five sons-Abel, b. 1741, Benjamin, b. 1746, Berijah, b. 1749, Ambrose, b. 1752, Elisha, b. 1756.

Killam, Lot a first settler in the south part of the town, d. 1683. aged between 40 and 50-the first person who died in the settlement left one son, James, who settled and died in Enfield, 1761, aged 84, and had one son, Lot, b. 1717, m. Jemima, daughter of James Pease. 1739, d. 1772, aged 54, left one son who settled and died in Enfield. James Killam had seven daughters-Elizabeth, m. Samuel Vining. 1721, died young, Patience, b. 1701, m. John Osborne, of Ridgefield, 1726, Sarah, b. 1703, m. Ebenezer Morris, of Woodstock, 1728, Hannah, b. 1706, m. Josiah Wood, of Somers, 1724, Ruth, b. 1709, m. Edward Farrington, 1728, Mary, b. 1712, Thankful, b. 1715, m. Israel Meacham, 1737.

Markham, Daniel one of the first settlers in the east part of the town, m. Deborah Meacham, daughter of Capt. Isaac, 1703, d. 1761, aged 88, had five sons; Daniel, who moved to Stafford, Israel, m. Ann Spencer, 1733, died in Enfield, had three sons, Nathan, b. 1737, died in Enfield, Barzillai, b. 1740, left town, Darius, b. 1745, died in Enfield. Isaac, 3d son of Daniel Markham, sen'r. m. Jemima Pease, 1734, settled in Enfield until he had three sons-Ambrose, b. 1746, Ebenezer, b. 1750, Isaac, b. 1752, died out of town-Jeremiah, another son of Daniel Markham, m. Sarah Hale, 1734, died out of town-Joseph, youngest son of Daniel Markham, m. Abigail Booth, 1740, died of small pox, 1763, had four sons; Joseph, b. 1742, m. Abigail Meacham, 1761, died out of town-Justus, b. 1744, died in Enfield, Jehiel, b. 1746, died out of town, as also the youngest, Isaac.

Meacham, Isaac a first settler, d. 1715, had seven sons; Isaac, d. 1715, left two sons-Benjamin, b. 1701, m. Elizabeth Pease, 1722, d. 1770, had eight sons-Benjamin, b. 1723, d. 1776, left children-Isaac, b. 1725, died at Cape Breton, 1746-James, b. 1728, went to New Hampshire-Abner, b. 1732, died in the French war-Joel, b. 1735, m. Priscilla Simons, 1760-Isaac b. 1746, both died out of town. Samuel, 2d son of Isaac, jr., b. 1703, Sarah Pope, 1727, settled and died in Somers. Israel, 2d son of Isaac Meacham, sen'r., d. 1715, without children. Jeremiah, 3d son, d. 1749, aged 75, without children. Ebenezer, 4th son, settled in the N.E. part of Enfield, had three sons born in Enfield-Ebenezer, b. 1721, m. Rachel Hale, 1749 -Jeremiah, b. 1725, and Barnabas, b. 1734. Ebenezer Meacham, sen'r., d. 1744, aged 66. Ichabod, 5th son of Isaac, sen'r., died in Enfield, 1766, had two sons-Ichabod, b. 1725, died in Enfield, left children, John, b. 1728, died in Middlefield, Mass. John, 6th son, settled in the N.E. part of Enfield, died 1765, aged 84, had two sons, Israel, m. Thankful Killam, 1737, died at Salisbury, 1760, Joseph, d. 1794, aged 82. Joseph, youngest son of Isaac, sen'r., b. 1685, settled as first minister of Coventry, 1713, and there died.

Parsons, Benjamin one of the Proprietors' Committee, died at Springfield soon after the settlement of Enfield, had two sons who settled in Enfield; Benjamin, first settler near the centre, d. 1728, left two sons, Benjamin, b. 1688, 1734, without children, Christopher, b. 1691, m. Mary Pease, 1714, d. 1749, had seven sons, John, b. 1716, m. Ann Colton, 1740, d. 1773, had one son, John, b. 1744, settled and died in Enfield, and one son, Ebenezer, b. 1746, left town. Christopher, 2d son of Christopher Parsons, sen'r. b. 1717, d. 1789, had two sons, Asahel, b. 1747, and Christopher, b. 1748, both died in Enfield. Ebenezer, 3d son of Christopher, sen'r., died at Cape Breton, 1746, aged 21. Joseph, b. 1724, m. Rebecca Allen, 1751, died out of town, left children. Benjamin, b. 1729, d. 1795, left children. The sixth son b. 1731, history unknown. Noah, b. 1734, died at the north in the French war. Samuel, 2d son of Benjamin Parsons, sen'r. d. 1736, aged 69, had seven sons; John, b. 1693, m. Thankful Root, 1716, settled and died in Somers-Luke, b. 1696, m. Sarah Osborn, 1716, settled and died in Somers-Hezekiah, b. 1698, settled in Enfield, d. 1748, had five sons, Hezekiah, d. in Enfield, 1815, David, b. 1732, died aged 73, Eldad, b. 1734, m. Elizabeth Meacham, 1763, d. in Enfield, Jonathan, b. 1741, left town, as also, Charles, b. 1742. Nathaniel, 4th son of Samuel, sen'r., b. 1702, m. Mary Pope, 1726, settled in Somers. Moses, 5th son, b. 1707, died in Enfield, 1756, had four sons, Wareham, b. 1737, d. 1802, left children, Daniel, b. 1744, settled and died in Enfield, Caleb, b. 1746, Peter, b. 1752. Samuel, sixth son of Samuel, sen'r., b. 1714, history unknown, and ditto, Aaron, born 1717.

Parsons, Philip a first settler 1697, d. in Enfield, had five sons; Philip, b. 1708; Nathaniel, b. 1712, m. Alice Collins, 1736, had six sons, Nathaniel, b. 1736, settled in Enfield, Asa, b. 1742, Edward, b. 1745, d. in Springfield, Ebenezer, b. 1748, William, b. 1750, died in E. Windsor, Shubael, b. 1752, died in Enfield, 1819. Shubael, 3d son of Philip Parsons, sen'r., b. 1715, died in Enfield at an advanced age, without children. Thomas, 4th son, b. 1718, died in Enfield, 1811. His eldest son, Elijah, b. 1745, d. 1797. Ebenezer, fifth son, b. 1724, died young.

Pease, John from Salem, Mass., came to Enfield in 1680, d. 1689, aged 60, left six sons, all of whom settled in Enfield. John, jr. came to Enfield in 1679, m. Margaret Adams, of Ipswich, d. 1734, aged 80 or 82, left three sons and four daughters; John, b. 1678, at Salem, m. Elizabeth Spencer, of Hartford, d. 1761, aged 83, left one son, John, b. 1726, m. Bathsheba Jones, daughter of Thomas J., 1752, d. 1810, aged 84, left four sons and two daughters. James, 2d son of John Pease, jr., b. at Salem, 1679, came to Enfield, 1679, m. Mary, daughter of Thomas Abbe, 1710, settled in Somers, 1713, there died, had one son, Richard, b. 1717, settled and died in Somers. Joseph, 3d son of John, jr., b. 1693, m. Mary Spencer, of Hartford, 1727, d. 1757, left three sons, Joseph, b. 1728, Stephen, b. 1731, Jonathan, b. 1740, all left town. Joseph died in Suffield. Margaret, eldest daughter of John Pease, jr., b. 1683, first child born in Enfield, m. Josiah Colton, 1709, d. 1775, had two sons and five daughters; Josiah, b. 1709, Job, b. 1711, Esther, b. 1714, m. Obadiah Hurlburt, 1745, Margaret, b. , 1716, m. David Phelps, 1737, Abiel, b. 1718, m. Col. John Bliss, of Wilbraham, d. 1803, Ann, b. 1720, m. John Parsons, 1740, Hannah, m. Joseph Gleason, 1745. Sarah, 2d daughter, m. Timothy Root, 1710, settled in Somers, 1713, d. 1750, had two sons and five daughters, Timothy, b. 1719, Thomas, b. 1726, Elizabeth, m. Ebenezer Spencer, 1733, Sarah, m. John Abbe, 1739. Mary, 3d daughter of John Pease, jr., m. Thomas Abbe, 1714, d. 1746, had two sons and five daughters; Obadiah, b. 1728, d. young, Thomas, b. 1731, d. 1811, Mary, m. Dennis Bement, 1737, Sarah, m. Nathaniel Chapin, Tabitha, m. Ephraim Pease, 1740. Ann, 4th daughter, m. Jeremiah Lord, 1719, settled in E. Windsor, d, 1753, had two sons and one daughter.

Pease, Robert second son of John, sen'r., came to Enfield in 1679, d. 1744, aged 88, had four sons; Robert, b. 1684, m. Hannah Sexton, first wife, had one daughter who married Nathaniel Pease-second wife, Elizabeth Emery, had four sons and one daughter, Robert, b. 1724, Emery, b. 1727, Abiel and Noah, all with their father settled and died in Somers. Samuel, 2d son of Robert, sen'r., b. 1686, m. Elizabeth Warner, 1717, had four sons and four daughters, Samuel, b. 1717, m. Teriah Chapin, settled and died in Enfield, left children, Ephraim, b. 1719, m. Tabitha Abbe, 1740, d. 1801, had three sons who died young, and four daughters, Tabitha, d. young, Sybil, m. Rev. Elam Potter, Nancy, m. Augustus Diggins, Agnes, m. Rev. Nehemiah Prudden. Aaron, 3d son of Samuel, sen'r., m. Anna Geer, 1751, settled and died in Enfield, left children. Nathaniel, 4th son, m. Eunice Allen, 1754, died in Norfolk. Mary, eldest daughter of Samuel, sen'., m. James Gains, had one son and two daughters. -Elizabeth, 2d daughter, m. John Allen, had one son and two daughters. Joanna, m. Benjamin Root, had one son and one daughter. Mary, m. Christopher Parsons, had three sons and four daughters. Daniel, 3d son of Robert Pease, sen'r., b. 1692, m. Abigail Fletcher and settled in Somers, had four sons, Daniel, b. 1718, William, Parker and Asa, and four daughters, rest unknown. Ebenezer, 4th son of Robert, sen'r., b. 1698, m. Mindwell Sexton, d. 1743, had two sons, Ebenezer, m. Mary Terry, 1739, d. 1784, aged 70, left children, James, b. 1724, had five daughters, Hannah, m. Shubael Geer, had two sons and four daughters. Abigail, m. George Puncheon, of Springfield, had three sons and two daughters, Mindwell, m. Amos Bull, 1741, had five sons and four daughters, Catherine, m. Benjamin Hall, 1746, had three sons and five daughters, Martha, m. Caleb Bush, had six sons and five daughters. Abigail, a daughter of Robert Pease, sen'r., m. Israel Phelps, 1703. had one son and three daughters. Hannah, m. David Miller, first husband, had one daughter, second husband, Gershom Sexton, had five sons and four daughters.

Pease, Abraham third son of John, sen'r., m. Jane Mentor, died 1735, without children.

Pease, Jonathan fourth son of John, sen'r., m. Elizabeth Booth, daughter of Zachariah, 1693, d. 1721, left three sons; David, b. 1698, went to the South, Josiah, b. 1706, moved to Massachusetts, Pelatiah, b. 1709, m. Jemima Booth, 1736, d. 1769, had four sons and one daughter-one son, Jonathan, died at Schenectady, 1760. Rebecca, a daughter of Jonathan, m. John Pierce, 1736, had four sons and two daughters. Elizabeth, another daughter of Jonathan, m. Ebenezer Chapin, had two sons and five daughters.

Pease, James fifth son of John, sen'r., came to Enfield when ten years old, m. Hannah Harman, 1695, d. 1748, left one son and six daughters; Joseph, b. 1712, d. 1800, had four sons, Noah, b. 1736. Joseph, d. 1758, Gideon settled and died in Enfield, James, d. in Somers, 1830. Hannah, eldest daughter of James, b. 1700, m. Benjamin Terry, 1721, had six sons and three daughters. Elizabeth, b. 1703, m. Benjamin Meacham, 1722, had eight sons and three daughters. Mary, b. 1706, m. Jacob Terry, 1730, had five sons and two daughters. Abigail, b. 1708, m. Nathaniel Collins, 1735, had three sons and six daughters. Sarah, b. 1710, m. Jonathan Terry, had two sons and two daughters. Jemima, b. 1716, m. Lot Killam, 1739, had four sons and six daughters.

Pease, Isaac youngest son of John, sen'r., Mindwell Osborn, 1691, d. 1731, aged 59, left seven sons and two daughters; Isaac, b. 1693, m. Arnie French, 1722, d. 1757, had four sons, Isaac, settled and died in Enfield, left children, Abner, and Jacob unknown, Noadiah, m. Terzah Smith, 1765, went to Sandisfield, Mass.; one daughter, Ann, Ebenezer Hall, 1753; Laurani, m. John Gains, 1755. Abraham, 2d son of Isaac, sen'r., b. 1695, m. first wife Jemima Booth, 1719, had three sons and one daughter, Abraham, b. 1721, John, b. 1725, settled in Suffield, one son died young, the daughter m. William Lord, 1752; by his second wife, Abigail Warner, he had nine sons and one daughter, viz: Moses, settled and died in Enfield, aged 91, left children, Samuel, d. 1772, aged 35, left children, Joel b. 1737, Nathan, b. 1740, went to Wilbraham, Gideon, b. 1741, went to Massachusetts, Josiah b. 1744, William b. 1746, died in Enfield, Zebulon b. 1749, d. 1829, one son died young-the daughter m. Nathaniel Parsons. Abraham Pease d. 1750, aged 55. Israel, 3d son of Israel, sen'r., b. 1702, m. Sarah Booth, 1726, d. 1771, had five sons and four daughters; Israel died in Massachusetts, left a family, David b. 1729, died in Enfield, Hezekiah died in Enfield, Jesse b. 1739, Nathan died in Enfield, Sarah m. Jeremiah Lord, Mindwell m. Ebenezer Terry, Alice m. Thomas Root, Bathsheba m. David Wilson. Ezekiel, 4th son of Isaac, sen'r., b. 1710, m. Hannah Chandler, 1732, d. 1799, had four sons and five daughters, Ezekiel m. Jemima Markham, moved to Vermont, Henry b. 1739, moved to Massachusetts, Isaac died in Enfield, left children, Oliver died young, Hannah m. Job Gleason, had three sons and seven daughters, Abiah m. Samuel Gowdy, 1759, had four sons and three daughters, Jane m. Obadiah Hurlburt, had one son and four daughters, Mahitabel m. Edward Parsons, had two sons and four daughters, Sarah m. Jehiel Markham, had two sons and two daughters. Timothy, 5th son of Isaac, sen'r., b. 1713, m. Mary Chandler, 1736, d. 1794, had three sons and nine daughters, Timothy b. 1737, Edward and James settled in Enfield, Mary m. Wareham Parsons, Abigail m. David Terry, Martha died young, Deborah m. Gideon Pease, Dorcas m. Isaac Pease, Lydia m. Ezekiel Pease, one daughter m. Benjamin King, one Samuel Hale, and one Freegrace Hancock. Cummings, 6th son of Isaac, sen'r., b. 1715, m. Elizabeth Pease, daughter of John, for first wife, had three sons, Cummings left town, Ebenezer, Asa, died in Enfield, and two daughters, Love m. Jacob Hills, and Ruth, David Hale. Cummings m. for second wife Sarah Hale, 1755, had two sons. Isaac Pease, sen'r., had two daughters, Ann m. Nathaniel Prior, 1725, and Abigail, history unknown. Benjamin, youngest son of Isaac, sen'r., b. 1717, m. Abigail Rose, d. 1768, had two sons, Benjamin m. Margaret Prior, died in Enfield, Sharon died in Hartford, two daughters died young, Abigail m. Zachariah Prior, 1759, Lucy m. Reuben Perkins, Rose m. Daniel Kingsbury, Damaris m. Edward Collins.

Phelps, Israel a first settler near Scantic, married for first wife Mary Pease, 1703, had one son, Israel, who married Hannah Bement, daughter of William B. 1731, bad a son Israel b. 1733, left town.

Israel Phelps sen'r., married for second wife, widow Rachel Jones. 1713, had two sons, David b. 1716, m. Margaret Colton, 1737, d. 1803, left a family, Noah b. 1726.

Pierce, Nathaniel a first settler in the S.E. part of the town, d. 1755, aged 84, had two sons; Nathaniel b. 1704, Joseph b. 1721, died in Enfield.

Prior, John settled in Enfield in 1686, married Mary Geer, had six sons; Daniel b. 1697, died at Cape Breton, 1746, Nathaniel b. 1702, m. Ann Pease, 1725, d. 1786, had one son who settled and died in Enfield, Azariah b. 1705, left town, Ezekiel b. 1708, m. Deborah Geer, 1732, settled and died in Enfield, had one son who settled and died in Enfield, left a family, Ebenezer b. 1712, m. Hannah Simons, 1737, left town, and died in Vermont, old. John Prior m. Sarah Pease for second wife, 1721, had one son, John b. 1723, went to East Windsor.

Raynolds, Rev. Peter settled as minister in Enfield in 1725, died 1768, aged 68, had four sons; Samuel b. 1728, settled as physician in Somers, d. 1774, Peter b. 1730, d. 1777, left two sons, John b. 1738, d. 1812, left children, Edward b. 1740, a daughter Margaret b. 1742, m. Doct. Simeon Field, 1763, died in Enfield.

Simons, William a first settler, d. 1738, aged 79, had four sons; John b. 1695, m. Sarah Geer, 1722, had six sons, John b. 1724, Paul b. 1726, Ebenezer b. 1731, Asahel b. 1734, settled and died in Enfield, Edward b. 1740, and Titus b. 1744. William, 2d son of William, sen'r., b. 1696, m. Hannah Randall, first wife, and Margaret Parks, second wife, had five sons, William b. 1718, Timothy b. 1720, Stephen b. 1723, Benjamin b. 1731, settled and died in Enfield, 1805, Joseph b. 1729. James, 3d son of William, sen'r., b. 1699, m. Dorcas Foster, 1730. Philip, 4th son, b. 1702, m. Martha Bement, 1727, had one son, Philip b. 1734, Abel b. 1742, one daughter, Esther m. Caleb Jones, 1759.

Terry, Samuel a first settler, married Hannah Morgan, daughter of Isaac M. 1682-the first marriage in the settlement-died 1730, had seven sons; Samuel b. 1690, went to N. York State, Ebenezer b. 1696, d. 1780, had three sons who settled in Enfield, Ebenezer b. 1722, d. 1817, aged 94, left children, Selah b. 1732, d. 1803, left children, Christopher Healms d. 1770, aged 34, left children. By his first wife, Samuel Terry, sen'r., had two daughters; Hannah m. William Bement, 1707, Rebecca m. John Pasko, 1713. By his second wife Martha Credan, Samuel, sen'r. had five sons; Benjamin b. 1698, m. Hannah Pease, 1721, died in Enfield, had three sons who settled in Enfield, Benjamin b. 1728, m. Hannah Olmstead, 1756, died in Enfield, left children, Gideon b. 1737, died without posterity, Shadrach b. 1741, d. 1799, left children. Ephraim, 4th son of Samuel, sen'r., b. 1701, m. Ann Collins, 1723, d. 1783, left five sons, Samuel b. 1725, died in Enfield, 1798, left a family, Ephraim b. 1728, d. 1807, left children, Nathaniel b. 1730, d. 1792, left children, Elijah b. 1736, died in Enfield, left children, Eliphalet b. 1742, d. in Enfield, 1812, left children. Jacob, 5th son of Samuel, sen'r., b. 1704, m. Mary Pease, 1730, settled in Terry lane, d. 1779, had four sons, Jacob b. 1731, left town, Joseph b. 1732, died in Enfield, left children, Daniel b. 1743, died in Enfield without children-one son living in 1831, died soon after. Jonathan, 6th son of Samuel, sen'r., b. 1707, Sarah Pease, 1738, d. 1793, had two sons and two daughters. Isaac, youngest son of Samuel Terry, sen'r., b. 1713, died in Enfield in 1782, left children.-Dr. John C. Pease.

LIST OF FIRST SETTLERS, Who have few or no Descendants in Enfield.

Abbe, Obadiah settled in 1682, d. 1732, without children.

Adams, John settled in 1697, lived in Enfield for some years, history unknown.

Bancraft, Thomas settled in 1681, had one son, Nathaniel b. in Enfield, d. 1684.

Burroughs, John settled in 1680, d. 1691, aged 42, had one son who settled in Enfield, and had the following sons born in the town: John b. 1711, Simon b. 1719, David b. 1724, Abner b. 1728, one daughter, Mary m. Nehemiah Chandler, sen'r., and d. 1807, AE 95.

Bliss, John an early settler, had one son, John b. in Enfield, in 1695. John Bliss went to Lebanon.

Bliss, Nathaniel m. Mary Wright, settled in Enfield, 1697.

Bishop, David an early settler, had one son, Thomas b. in town.

Citron, Benjamin m. Sarah Bush, and settled in Enfield, 1718, had two sons b. in Enfield; Benjamin b. 1721, Daniel b. 1723.

Collins, Daniel a first settler in the south part of the town, d. 1690, aged 42, left one son, Nathan, who went to Brimfield, Mass.

Durell, John an early settler, had two sons b. in Enfield; John b. 1721; David b. 1723.

Fairman, John an early settler in the lower part of town, died out of town, had one son, James b. 1683, m. Patience French, 1711, settled in the west part of Somers, died about 1722, had five sons; James b. 1713, died in Enfield, John b. 1715, went to Wilbraham, Joseph b. 1717, Richard b. 1719, went to Newtown, Benjamin the youngest, m. Hannah McGregory, 1741, first wife, and Abigail Bement, second wife, 1749, died at Havanna.

French, Ephraim a first settler in the north part of the town, d. 1716, had one son, Richard, who died 1757, aged 83, had three sons; Ephraim b. 1708, settled in the east part of the town, Richard born 1712, d. at Ticonderoga, 1759, John b. 1716, d. 1775.

Gains, Benoni an early settler, m. Abigail Fairman, 1700, had three sons; Benoni b. 1706, d. 1741, John b. 1708, m. Hannah Chandler, 1736, d. 1784, had one son, John b. 1737, m. Lauraina Pease, 1755, left town. James, 3d son of Benoni, sen'r., b. 1710, m. Mabel Pease, had one son, James b. 1741.

Gary, Nathaniel an early settler from Barnstable, had a large family, five daughters married in Enfield; Mahitabel m. Ebenezer Jones, 1719, Rachel m. Nicholas Hall, 1721, Mary m. Thomas Whipple, 1722, Rebecca m. Samuel Gibbs, 1731, Abigail m. Gershorn Sexton, 1736.

Geer, Thomas a first settler in the south part of the town, died in 1722, aged 99, had one son, Shubael, who settled in Enfield, m. Sarah Abbe, 1706, had two sons; Shubael b. 1717, had four sons and four daughters, Thomas b. 1722, m. Hannah Abbe, had two sons, Thomas b. 1746, Elihu b. 1749, died in Enfield. Sarah, eldest daughter of Shubael Geer, sen'r., b. 1704, m. John Simons, 1723, Deborah b. 1707, m. Ezekiel Prior, 1732, Mary b. 1710, m. Roger Griswold, 1731, Tabitha b. 1712, m. Edward Collins, Bathsheba b. 1715, m. Charles Sexton, 1745, Anna m. Aaron Pease, 1751, Elizabeth b. 1720, m. Ebenezer Terry.

Hall, Ichabod Nicholas and John-three brothers, were early settlers in the east part of Enfield. Nicholas settled at Coal Meadow, had two sons; Benjamin b. 1723, left town, Joseph died in the Revolution. Ichabod settled on the Somers road, had three sons, Ebenezer b. 1730, went to Tryringham, Moses b. 1732, Elisha b. 1751. John settled near Scantic, d. 1775, aged 51, had six sons, Israel, John, Joel, Azariah, Daniel aLd Levi, all left town.

Hayward, Thomas settled in Enfield in 1682, had two sons; Nathaniel and John. The family lived in Enfield twenty or thirty years, and finally removed to New London and other places.

Hitchcock, David an early settler, had two sons born in Enfield: David b. 1708, Paul b. 1714. David, sen'r. m. Mary Thomas, 2d wife, 1717.

Horton, Nathaniel an early settler in the south part of the town, afterwards went to Somers, had two sons; Nathaniel b. 1695, m. Hannah Parsons, 1720, d. 1790, had one son. Aaron b. 1733, d. 1806. David Horton, 2d son of Nathaniel b. 1698.

Jones, Benjamin one of the first settlers of Enfield, and the first settler of Somers in 1706, d. 1718, had six sons; Thomas m. Mary Meacham, daughter of Capt. Isaac, 1708, d. 1763, aged 83, had four sons and four daughters, Mary b. 1709, m. Abraham Whipple, 1731. Jerusha, 2d daughter of Thomas Jones, b. 1711, m. Jonathan Spencer, 1731, settled in Somers. Thomas, b. 1713, died in the Cape Breton expedition, 1746, Israel b. 1716, went to Barkhamsted, Rev. Isaac b. 1717, settled in Mass., Bathsheba b. 1720, m. John Pease, Elizabeth m. David Kellogg, of Westfield, 1747, Samuel b. 1724, d. 1743. Mary, the wife of Thomas Jones, d. 1744. Ebenezer, 2d son of Benjamin Jones, m. Priscilla Smith, 1713, settled in Somers, Eleazer m. Mahitabel Gary, 1719, settled in Somers, Benjamin b. 1710, Levi b. 1716, one other son, name unknown.

Kibbe, Elisha a first settler near the middle of the town, died 1735, aged 97, had four sons, Edward, one of the first settlers of Somers, in 1713, had four sons born in Enfield, Edward b. 1694, m. Esther Fowler, 1720, settled in Somers, Elisha b. 1698, m. Mahitabel Felt, 1728, settled in Somers, his eldest son, Elisha b. 1729, d. in Enfield, 1805. Jacob, 3d son of Edward Kibbe, b. 1701, m. Grace Citron, 1723, settled in Somers, Israel b. 1704, m. Sarah Horton, 1725, settled in Somers, left sons. John Kibbe, 2d son of Elisha, sen'r., settled near the centre of the town, had one son, John b. 1699, moved to Stafford, left three sons. James Kibbe, 3d son of Elisha, sen'r., settled in the north part of the town, had four sons born in Enfield; James b. 1707, Isaac b. 1712, Stephen b. 1714, David b. 1723, and one daughter who married Samuel Billings, 1733, and settled in Somers. Isaac, youngest son of Elislia, sen'r., b. 1683, the first male child born in Enfield, died 1766, had one son, married Margaret Terry, 1755, d. 1779. Rachel, daughter of Elisha, sen'r., b. 1688, m. Jonathan Bush, first husband, d. 1786.

McGregory, John married Hannah Pease, 1712, one of the first settlers of Somers, afterwards went to the N.E. part of Enfield, and died there, had two sons; John b. 1714, died in Enfield, Ebenezer died in Enfield, left a large family, four sons and seven daughters, (three of the daughters were born at one birth.)

Miller, Andrew an early settler, died 1708, aged 60, had one son, David, who m. Hannah Miller, 1713, d. 1715.

Morgan, Isaac settled in 1682, was drowned, November, 1706, aged 56, had one daughter who married Capt. Samuel Terry.

Osborn, Samuel early settler, died in 1713, aged 60, had one son, Isaac, who married Elizabeth Jones, 1715, one son, Samuel b. 1694.

Pasco, John early settler, died 1706, had one son, John, who married Rebecca Terry, 1713, and one son, Jonathan b. 1687.

Pease, Robert 2d-from England, came to Enfield in 1687, married Hannah Warriner, 1691, had three sons; Nathaniel b. 1702, m. Miriam, daughter of Robert Pease, 3d, 1730, had three sons, Nathaniel b. 1737, left town, Levi b. 1739, settled in Shrewsbury, Ms., and died in 1821, Abel b. 1741. Joseph, 2d son of Robert, 2d., b. 1707. Benjamin, 3d son.

Perkins, Thomas early settler, married Sarah Richards, in 1694, d. 1709, aged 43, left one son, Thomas b. 1695, m. Widow Mary Allen, 1718, settled in the east part of Enfield, died 1770, had five sons by first wife, Thomas b. 1720, d. 1768, John b. 1723, left town for Massachusetts, as did Israel, Daniel b. 1730, died in Enfield, 1803, Elias moved to Derby. By his second wife Thomas Perkins had two sons, both left Enfield.

Pierce, John died in 1743, aged 60; his eldest son, John married Rebecca Pease, 1736, settled in the N.E. part of Enfield.

Randall, William an early settler, and one of the original Proprietors of the town, lived in Enfield several years, and had daughters there married.

Rumerill, Simon married Sarah Fairman in 1692, and settled in Enfield, had three sons born in Enfield; Simon b. 1696, Ebenezer b. 1701, settled in Enfield, had one son, Ebenezer b. 1729. John, 3d son of Simon, sen'r., b. 1704, settled in Enfield, had one son, John b. 1728.

Sexton, Joseph early settler, died in 1742, aged 76, had one son, Gershom, who married Widow Hannah Miller, and settled in the east part of Enfield in 1716, had four sons; Gershom b. 1717, Jonathan and David b. 1725, Asahel b. 1733. Joseph, another son of Joseph, sen'r., m. Sarah Parsons, 1723, had one son, Joseph b. 1724. Daniel, a son of Joseph, sen'r., settled in Somers, had one son, Daniel b. 1737, and Stephen b. 1741, Joseph b. 1743. Charles, a son of Joseph, sen'r., b. 1708, m. Bathsheba Geer, 1738, left town.

Trumbull, John settled in Enfield in 1691, left town soon.

Trumbull, Joseph died in Enfield in 1761.

Warriner, Joseph from Northfield, settled in Enfield in 1791, had two sons; Ebenezer and John, who both settled in Enfield. The last of this family, Samuel, b. 1719, d. 1788.

Weld, Daniel married Mary Warriner, and settled in Enfield in 1711, had four sons; Daniel b. 1719, Joseph b. 1726, Samuel b. 1728, Edmund b. 1732.

West, Joseph and Benjamin two brothers, settled in Enfield in 1686. Benjamin married Hannah Haddock, 1692, had one son, Benjamin b. 1692. This family removed to Middletown.—Dr. Pease.

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