Extracted from
The Bi-Centennial Celebration
First Congregational Church
of Preston, Connecticut, 1698-1898
Statistics of the Church Taken From The Church Records.

Pages 137 - 152

By Rev. Salmon TREAT

[Note: Many of the names in the records have been abbreviated with the last letter being raised above the line - Thos for Thomas. In order to keep the size of the file at a minimum, these are indicated by an apostrophe before the last letter - Tho's. Also, some entries were made with out dates. Rather than assuming that these baptisms were preformed on the same day as one preceding, I've indented them so they appear as they do in the book. -jd]

The Rev'd Salmon TREAT resigned the pastoral office Mar 14th 1744, & departed this life Jan 6th 1762 in the 90th year of his age.

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