Old Riverside Cemetery,
Middletown, Middlesex Co, CT

New England Historical & Genelaogical Register,
Vol 11, Jan 1857, p 80-83 & Vol 15, April 1861, p 161-167.

ADAMS, Rebekah, 25 Jun 1715.
Here Lyeth the Body of Rebeckah Adams,
who Departed this Life June the 25th, 1717, aged 78 years

ABBOTT, Hannah, 24 Aug 1742.
Hannah, daughter of Benjamin & Naomy ABBOTT aged 1 year, 2 months

ATKINS, Solomon 5 Oct 1748, 71st year,
In Memory of Dea. Solomon Atkins,
who died Oct 5th, 1748, in his 71st year.
Isaiah 3d vrrs. 10th.
Say ye to the Richeous that it shall be well with them.

ALLIN, Thomas, 25 Sep 1736.
Here lies the Body of Thomas ALLIN,
only son of Mr. Jonathan & Mrs. Elizabeth ALLIN
in the 9th year of his Age.
Sleep lovely child, & take thy peaceful rest.
God calld thee Home because he tho't it best.

ALLIN, John, 20 May 1737.
Here lies the body of John ALLIN,
son of Mr. John & Mrs. Mary ALLIN
in the 21st year of his Age.

ALLING, Thomas, 3 Dec 1733, 61st year,
Here lyeth the Body of Deacon Thomas ALLING

ALLING, Hannah, 1 Apr 1740, 66,
Here lies the Body of Mrs. Hannah Alling
Relict of Dea. Thomas Alling

ALLEN, Rowland, 15 Feb 1769, 40

ALLEN, Elizabeth, 11 Jun 1772, 42,
Here lies intered the Mortal Remains of
Mrs. Elizabeth, the wife of Mr. Rowland Allen

BACON 1695.
Sarah the wife of John BACON Lyes Here,
who Dyed Being Aged But 31 years,
who Has Lying By Her Six Children Deare,
And Two She Has Left Her Husban to Cher.

BACON, Mehetabel, 17 Jan 1731/2
Here is the Body of Mehetabel, Relict of Andrew BACON,
who Dyed in ye 63rd year of her age

BACON, Irene, 9 Dec 1738.
Daughter of John BACON Jr. & Irene his wife
aged 10 weeks & 2 days

BACON, Elizabeth, [no date]
Here lies interrd ye Body of Elizabeth,
wife of Joseph BACON &
Daugher of Deacon Ichabod & Mrs. Mary MILLER,
who Dyed.

BACON, John, 4 Nov 1732
Here lies the Body of
Elder (John) BACON of Middletown
(son of Mr. Nathaniel BACON,
Late of sd Middletown,
but originally of Great Britian)
in the 71st year of his age

BACON, Hannah, 17 Sep 1722 -
Here lyeth the Body of
Mrs. Hannah BACON,
the Wife of Lt. Nathaniel BACON,
who Dyed in the 42d year of Her Age

BACON, Mary, 16 Nov 1722
Here Lyeth the Body of
Mrs. Mary BACON who Dyed
in the 73d year of Her Age.

BAKER, Bayze 4 Sep 1723
Here lieth the Body of Mr. Bayze BAKER
who died aged 51 years.

BAKER, Jeremier, 8 Jun 1724
Here lies ye Body of Jeremier BAKER
who died aged 12 years

BAKER, Thankful, 9 Jun 1724
Here lyeth ye Body of Mrs. Thankful BAKER,
who died aged 15 years

BASSELL, Henry, 30 Mar 1777, 79

BASSELL, Content, 11 Dec 1794, 85,
In memory of Mrs. Content Bassell,
wife of Mr. Henry Bassell

BEDWELL, Daniel, 5 Apr 1715
in the 55th year of his Age

BEDWELL, Samuel, 5 Apr 1715, in the 65th year

BROWN, Esther, 29 Oct 1754
Wife of Mr. James Brown
in ye 36 year of her Age

BROWN, Esther, 22 Dec 1750
Here Lies the body of Mrs Esther,
Daughter of Mr. James & Mrs Esther BROWN
in the 18 year of her age.

BROWN, James, 10 Dec 1770
in the 96th year of his Age
[a Scotchman from Edinburgh & a merchant]

BROWN, James, 3 Sep 1736
Here lieth ye Body of James,
ye son of Mr. James & Esther BROWN
in ye 16th year of his age

BROWN, Mary, 20 Apr 1777
daughter of Maj. Nathaniel & Mrs. Sarah BROWN
in the 3rd year of her age.

BROWN, Nathan, 18 Sep 1683, 17 May 1735,
53rd year,
Here lies the Body of the truly virtuous,
peaceable and peace making
Mr. Nathan Brown,
who lived in peace &
so died May 17, 1735
in the 53d year of his age,
leaving only one daughter
the heir of his fortune
[His daughter's name was Sarah, born 14 Mar 1708/9]

BUTLER, Peter, 24 Sep 1732
in the 33d year of his Age

CANDE, Sarah, 30 Sep 1737,
age 59 yrs, wife of Zacheus CANDE
"You are but dust, And dye you must."

CANFIELD, Margaret, 12 Jul 1747,
Daughter of Jabez Hamlin, Esq.

CODNER, Elizabeth, 8 May 1741
in her 30th yr
a peaceful & Loving Wife to Mr. John CODNER
"Although this Body is
Confined in the Dust
I hope her Soul is
Free among the Just"

CODNER, Mary, 17 Jun 1740
aged 14 weeks,
daughter of Mr. John & Elizabeth CODNER
"Among the Just we hope the soul of this swee babe sure croled"

COOPER, Abigail, d. 1752 in her 32nd year
relict of Capt. Lamberton COOPER.

COOPER, Capt. Lamberton
who was lost on a voyage at sea in 1747
in the 31st year of his age.

CORNEL, Benne, 12 Nov 1724, aged 12 years

CORNWELL, Joseph, 3 Feb 1741,
62nd year of his age
[CORNELL in NEHGR, Vol 15]

CORNWELL, Abigail, 13 May 1727, 40,
Here lieeth the Body of Abigail,
wife of Joseph Cornwell
[CORNELL in Vol 15]

CORNWELL, Isaac, 13 Apr 1739, 17,
Here lie the bodies of Isaac & Nathaniel,
sons of Jacob & Edith Cornwell,
Both slain by lightning in an instant

CORNWELL, Nathaniel, 13 Apr 1739, 10
[see note for Isaac]

CORNWELL, Sebel, 21 Aug 1727,
daughter of William CORNWELL,
in the 11th year of her Age

CORNWELL, Rebeckah, 9 Nov 1727
aged about 28 yrs - wife of Timothy CORNWELL
& daughter of Capt. James WELLS of Haddam.

CORNWELL, Mary, 19 Feb 1737
in her 43rd year
wife of Benjamin CORNWEL

COLLINS, Daniel, 6 Jun 1689,
13 years of age, son of Mr. Samuel COLLINS

COLLINS, Samuel, 10 Jan 1696,
60 years of his age

COLLINS, Lament, 13 May 1732,
in her 28th year,
daughter of Robert & Lois COLLINS

COLLINS, Dan, 13 May 1735
in his 8th year,
son of Jonathan & Mary COLLINS

COTTON, Elizabeth, 11 Dec 1747
in her 5th year,
daughter of Mr. William & Mrs. Esther COTTON

COTTON, George, 23 Jul 1753,
age 1 yr, 8 months,
son of Mr. William & Mrs. Esther COTTON

age in the 100 year, d. 5 Jun 1706

CRAUATH, Elizabeth, 30 Mar 1740,
aged 28 years,
wife of Mr. Samuel CRAUATH

DEANE, Mary,
late wife of Deacon Ephrm DEANE,
d. 23 Dec 1751, age 49 years

DIXWELL, Bathsheba, 27 Dec 1729, 83,
Relict of Mr. John Dixwell, Esq

DICKSON, Charles, 13 Jul ,
26, son to Mr. Richard Dickinson of Seabrook
[Vol 15 says "son of Charles DICKINSON"]

DOUD, Jacob, 18 Oct 1735, 42,
Here lyeth the Body of Serjt. Jacob Doud,

DOANE, Mary, 23 Dec 1751, 49,
Here lies the Body of Mrs. Mary,
late wife of Dea. Ephraim Doane

DOUD, Elizabeth, 9 Mar 1736,
age 16, daughter of
Sergt. Jacob DOUD & Elizabeth his wife.

DWIGHT, Daniel, d. 27 Apr 1734, age 5,
son of Mr. Samuel & Mary DWIGHT

ELY, Sarah, Bacon18 Nov 1747, 27,
Here lies the Body of Mrs. Sarah,
the wife of Mr. Jacob Ely, of Lyme,
& daughter of Lieut. John & Mrs. Sarah Bacon,

ELY, Abner, 20 Sep 1772, 61

ELY, Desire, 1 Sep 1764, 48,
In Memory of Mrs. Desire, late wife of Mr. Abner ELY
A loving wife & tender Mother
Left this Base world to enjoy the other,

ELY, Samuel, 28 Jun 1763, 5,
Son of Mr. Abner & Mrs. Desire Ely
In Memory of this little youth,
Which we hope did know the truth

FOSTER, Thomas 14 Jan 1739,
aged 4 months & 10 days

GILBERT, Hanah, 15 Oct 1724
in her 26th year,
wife of Mr. Nathaniel GILBERT

GLEASON, Joseph, 11 Jul 1767,
52nd year of his age,
Capt. Joseph Gleason
E're live's mid stage we tread
Few know so many Friends alive, as dead

GREEN, Sarah, d. 20 Feb 1731 in her 24th year,
wife of James GREEN, daughter of William WARD

HALL, John, d. 23 Jan 1794, aged 75 yrs [LXXV]

HALL, Capt. John, d. 25 Nov 1711 in his 64th year

HALL, Abigail, d. 25 Mar 1725/6 about 26 years,
wife of Samuel HALL, Jr.

HALL, Lt. Samuel, d. 24 Mar 1740 in his 82nd year

HALL, Phebe, 14 May 1741, 78, Mrs. Phebe,
widow of Lieut. Saml Hall

HALL, Giles, d. 11 Feb 1750,
in his 70th year, son of Capt. John HALL

HALL, Esther, d. 8 Oct 1751
in her 57th year,
wife of Giles HALL,
daughter of Hon. John HAMLIN, Esq.
"This monument is sacred to the memory of
Giles HALL Esq & Esther his wife.
They excelled in charity and benevolence,
and having done much good in their day and generation
fell asleep greatly Lamented by those that survived them."

HELTON, Recompense, 10 Apr 1732, 23d year of his age,
son of Richard Helton,

HAMLIN, Giles, d. 1 Sep 1689 aged 67 years

HAMLIN, Ebenezer, d. 1702 in 2nd month of his age

HAMLIN, Mary, 5 May 1722 in her 56th year,
wife of John HAMLIN

HAMLIN, John, d. 2 Jan 1732-3 in his 75th year,
eldest son of Giles HAMLIN Esq. Of Middletown,
a Faithful Man, and Feared God Above Man;
36 years successfully he was an Assistant of this Colony,
and in that and Diverse other important Publick Missions
he servedhis Generation with great integrity,
not seeking his own but the wealth of his People,
and Hanving done good in Israel
finished his Cowrs & Kept the Faith."

HAMLIN, Mary, d. 3 Apr 1736 in her 24th year
the virtuous consort of Jabez HAMLIN Esq &
daughter of Hon. Christopher Christophers Esq. Of New London.

HAMLIN, Elizabeth, d. 16 Sep 1736, aged 25 years,
wife of Mr. Charles HAMLIN
& daugher of Mr. Joseph STARR Sr.

HAMLIN, Susannah, 24 Feb 1721/2, 52,
Mrs. Susannah Hamlin

HAMLIN, Jabez, 5 Apr 1791,
son of the late John Hamlin, Esq

HAMLIN, Susannah, 9 May 1803, 88,
Mrs. Susannah Hamlin,
Relict of the Hon. Jabez HAMLIN, Esq.;
The memory of the just is blessed,

HAMLIN, Margaret, Phillips, 6 Sep 1748, 36,
Margaret, late consort of Jabez HAMLIN, Esq.,
& daughter of Capt. George Phillips & Hope, his wife

HAMLIN, Abigail, Chauncey, 3 Nov 1768,
Abigail, wife of Jabez Hamlin, Esq.
& daughter of Nathaniel Chauncey, of Durham

HANDS, Sarah, d. 16 Aug 1719,
aged 22 years & 8 days,
daughter of Mr. Benjamin & Mrs. Sarah HANDS

HANDS, Benjamin,
d. 8 Jan 1740 in his 82nd year,
son of Mr. Benjamin HANDS of Great Britain,
he was born in the County of Oxford
and in the Parish of Cropody
& lived in Middletown 58 years.

HANDS, Mrs. Sarah, d. 27 Apr 1744
in her 77th year, Widow of Mr. Benjamin HANDS

HARRIS, Zipporah, d. 8 Jan 1689, age 21
Aged.21.And.Died. Ienevary.8.

HARRIS, Abigail, 22 May 1723,
Here lies one Dead which in her life
Was my loving Pious wife.

HARRIS, Daniel, 18 Oct 1755, 83

HELTON, Recompence, d. 10 Apr 1732
in his 23rd yr, son of Richard HELTON

HOLLISTER, Jacob, 31 Oct 1722, 49,
late of ye city of Bristol in Great Brittain, Macht. Decd.

HUBBARD, Robert, 19 Jun 1740, 68 yrs

HUBBARD, Abigail, 23 Apr 1735, 59 yrs,
Pious, Kind & Good
Lov'd by all near.
Useful on Earth
To Heaven dear
Was she, whose dust
Lye's buried here

HUBBARD, Robert, 29 Jan 1779, 67 yrs

HUBBARD, Elizabeth, 22 Jan 1799, 92,
widow of Mr. Robert Hubbard,

HUBBARD, Elihu, 14 Sep 1770, 33 yrs,
son of Mr. Robert & Mrs. Elizabeth Hubbard,

HUBBARD, Ebenezer, 29 Apr 1743, abt 78

HUBBARD, Mary, Aug 1739, 74 yrs,
Mrs. Mary, the wife of Ebenr Hubbard,

HUBBARD, Richard, 30 Jul 1732, 77 yrs

HUBBARD, Nathaniel, 20 May 1738, 86 yrs

HUBBARD, Mary, 6 Apr 1732, 69 yrs,
Mary, the wife of Mr. Nathaniel Hubbard, Senr.;
"Here's a cedar tall gently wafted o'er
From Great Brittain's Isle to this Western Shore
Nearly fifty years crossing the Ocean wide,
Yet's anchored in the grave from storm & tide"

HUBBARD, Phebe, d. 1736;
HUBBARD, Robert, d. 1742;
HUBBARD, Mica, d. 1747,
3 children of Mr. Robert & Mrs. Elizabeth HUBBARD

HURLBERT, Mrs. Martha,
d. Jun 1748, aged abt. 77 yrs,
wife of Mr. Thomas HURLBERT
& daughter of Rev. Nathaniel COLLINS.

INGRAHAM, Joseph, d. 3 Apr 1745,
age 31, of Middletown, late of Boston

JENNINGS, William, d. 20 Jun 1747,
aged 16 months, son of William & Elizabeth JENNINGS

JOHNSON, Isaac, d. 3 Feb 1719 in his 77th year

JOHNSON, Elizabeth, d. 4 Mar 1720, aged 41 yrs,
wife of Joseph JOHNSON

KENT, Samuel, d. 14 Jan 1739, aged 4 months & 10 days

KENT, Elizabeth, d. 25 Mar 1746, aged 38 yrs,
wife of Ensign John KENT;
"Who while here she's vertuous
In heart and life yet go she must
But rise again up with the dust."

KING, John, d. 4 Apr 1746 in his 7th year,
son of Capt Henry & Mrs. Mary KING

KING, Mary, d. 29 Aug 1733,
aged 1 year & 29 days,
daughter of Henry & Mary KING

KING, Hannah, d. 1 Dec 1759 in the __ year of her age

MacDONOUGH, Com. Thomas, d. 10 Nov 1825.
"..of the U.S. Navy.
He was born in the State of Delaware, Dec 1783
& died at sea of pulmonary consumption
while on his return from the command of
the American Squadron in the Mediterranean.
He was distinguished in the world as the Hero of Lake Champlain,
in the Church of Christ as a faithful, zealous & consistant Christian,
in the community where he resided, when absent from profesional duty
as an amiable, upright & valuable citizen."

MacDONOUGH, Lucy Ann, d. 9 Aug 1825, age 35;
"Sacred to the memory of Mrs. Lucy Ann,
wife of Com. Thomas Mac DONOUGH
& daughter of Nathaniel & Lucy Ann SHALER.
The richest gifts of Nature &
of Grace adorn'd her mind &
heart, & at her Death Genius, Friendship
& Piety morn'd their common loss.
She preceded her husband to the realms of glory only a few short months..
They were lovely & pleasant in their lives, and in their death they were not divided."

MEIGS, Elisha, d. 10 Oct 1736, aged 2 yrs, 8 months, 25 days,
son of Return & Elizabeth MEIGS

MEIGS, Jonna, d. 4 Oct 1736, aged 1 yr & 5 days,
son of Return & Elizabeth MEIGS

MEIGS, Elisha, d. 22 Dec 1739, aged 11 weeks & 2 days,
son of Return & Elizabeth MEIGS

MEIGS, Elizabeth, d. 16 Apr 1740, aged 2 yrs, 9 months & 2 days,
daughter of Return & Elizabeth MEIGS

MEIGS, Return, d. 22 Jun 1782, aged 74 yrs

MILLER, Mary, d. 15 Dec 1709, aged 35 yrs,
wife of Benjamin MILLER
"She Did Desire To Serve The Lord Her Master,
That God & Christ might save & not forsake her."

MILLER, Daniel, d. 23 Jun 1710

MILLER, Thankful, d. 8 Dec 1733, aged 1 yr, 7 months & 26 days,
daughter of Benjamin MILLER Jr. & Hannah his wife

MILLER, Nathaniel, d. 26 Sep 1736 in his 32nd year.

MILLER, Asher, Esq., d. 24 Dec 1821 in his 69th year,
Mayor of the City of Middletown,
Chief Justice to the Co. Court for the Co. of Middlesex,
and Judge of the Court of Probate for the District of Middletown.

ROCKWELL, Capt. Joseph, d. 27 Oct 1742 in his 75th year,
chosen Deacon of the first Church of Middletown, 31 May 1704,
& having served his own generation by the Will of God.."

ROCKWELL, Ebenezer, d. 3 Apr 1745, aged 11 days,
son of Ebenezer & Susanah ROCKWELL

ROCKWELL, Joseph, d. 16 Oct 1757 in his 61st year

ROCKWELL, Deacon William, d. 28 Jul 1765, AE 63.
"In religious & civil life he was active, useful and benevolent,
a faithful Husband & affectionate Father & kind Friend.
Survivors mourn his Death as their loss,
while they trust that it was his gain."

ROSSITER, Timothy, d. 2 Feb 1750 in his 25th year.

RUSSELL, Giles, b. 8 Dec 1693, d. 13 Jan 1711, age 18

RUSSELL, Noadiah, d. 3 Dec 1713 in his 55th year

RUSSELL, Esther, b. 20 Aug 1699, d. 27 Mar 1720 in her 21st year,
daughter of Revd. Noadiah RUSSELL

RUSSELL, Mrs. Mary, d. 27 Feb 1722/3, in her 27th year,
daughter of Rev. Noadiah RUSSELL

RUSSELL, John, d. 17 Oct 1780 in his 84th year

RUSSELL, Mrs. Mary, d. 24 Jul 1740 in her 38th year,
wife of Rev. Mr. William RUSSELL

RUSSELL, Mrs. Mary, d. 4 Oct 1743 in her 81st year,
wife of Rev. Noadiah RUSSEL &
a Mother in Israel
"The memory of the Just is Blessed."

RUSSELL, Rev. William, d. 1 Jun 1761, AE 71,
"a man of God, eminent for Wisdom, Prudence & Morality,
having served his Generation by the Will of God,
a Tutor and Fellow of Yale College, &
Pastor of the first church of Middletown
He fought a good fight, He kept the Faith."

SAGE, David, d. 31 Mar 1703, aged 64

SAGE, Lois, d. 23 Jul 1742, 8 days old,
daughter of Mr. Ebenezer & Mrs. Hannah SAGE

SAGE, John, d. 22 Jan 1750, AE 85

SAGE, Hannah, d. 28 Sep 1733, AE 80,
wife of John SAGE

SAGE, Ebenezer, d. 1753, AE 42,
son of John & Hannah SAGE

SAGE, Hannah [Coleman],
wife of Ebenezer [no date given]

SUMNER, Hannah, d. 18 Mar 1689, aged 7 years

SUMNER, Ebenezer, d. 17 Jan 1698

SUMNER, William, d. 20 Jul 1703, aged 47 years

SUMNER, William, d. 15 Nov 1739 in his 35th year

SUMNER, Lt. Hezekiah, d. 7 May 1749,
in his 66th year