Vital Records of Norwich 1659 - 1848
Part I - Pages 1-29

Society of Colonial Wars in the State of Connecticut

Publication Committee:
Lucious Barnes Barbour
Williston Walker
Winslow Tracy Williams

[Transcribed by Coralynn Brown]


[Please note that the records are not arranged either by name or by date, but are transcribed as they appeared in the original.]

[1] William Hough the son of Samuel Hough and his wife Susanna was borne the 22d of August in the year of our lord 1680]
Richard Adams died the 24th day of August, 1728.
The marriage of Samuell Roberts with his wife Elisabeth was upon the ninth of December in the yeare of our lord 1680.
The marriae of John Hough with Sarah his wife was upon the twenty fourth of January in 1680.
The marriage of Christopher Huntington with Sarah (Adgate) his wife was upon the twenty fifth of May in the year 1681.
The marriage of Samuell Pratt with Ruth his wife was upon the twenty sixth of May in the year 1681. Rutn Pratt the wife of Samuell Pratt & daughter of Christopher Huntington Senior of Norwich & Ruth his wife deceased Feb. 14, 1683.
The marriage of John Glouer (Glover?) with Hannah his wife was upon the 29th of May in the year 1682.

Ruth Huntington the daughter of Christopher Huntington Junior & of Sarah his wife was borne upon the 28th day of Nov. in the year 1682.
Danell Badger was married with Sarah Worth ye 22d of Oct., 1719:
Daniell Badger the son of Daniell & Sarah was born ye 14th Day of July, 1720.
Gideon Badger was born ye 22d day of March, 1722/3:
David Badger was Born ye 8th day of Jan., 1724/5.

Lawrance Walton died the 20th day of June 1726:
Henry Walton Son of Lawrance Walton and Margaret his wife: was born the 14th day of Nov., A.D. 1710, Entred Feb., 1729/30: as Evidenced to Isaac Huntington Town Clerk.

[2] The marriage of Robert Roath with Sarah Saxton was in Oct. 1668.
John Roath ye first child was born in Nov, 1669
Sarah Roath was born in Aug. , 1672
Mary Roath was born in Nov., 1674
Elisabeth Roath was born in March, 1677 & died in April 1678.
Hannah Roath was born in April 1679.
Danell Roath was born the first of Feb., 1681
Petter Roah was born the 17th of Feb., 1684.
Sarah his wife departed this life March 20, 1687/8
Sarah Roath Deceased March 12, 1694/5.

William Bakus Junior was married to Elisabeth his wife upon the third day of Nov. in the year 1681.
Sarah Bakus the daughter of William Bakus & Elizabeth his wife was borne the 3d of Feb., 1682.
John Backus born April 3, 1685.
William Backus borne Oct. 3, 1687.
Elizabeth Backus decesed March 28th, 1688/7.

James the son of Hannah Baker was born Nov. 22, 1719.

Abigail Polly, the wife of Daniel Pally died ye 8th day of June, 1725.
Daniel Polly, the son of Daniel Polly and wife Abigail, died the 24th day of Sept., 1725.

The marriage of Jonathan Rudd with Marcy his wife was upon the 19th day of Dec., 1678.
[3] Mary Rudd the daughter of Jonathan Rudd & Marcy his wife was borne the 8th of October, 1679.
Jonathan Rudd the son of Jonathan Rudd & Marcy his wife was born the 18th of March 1681-82.
Nathanell Rudd was born the 22d of May 1684.
Mary Rudd was born Oct. 15, 1686.
Abigail Rudd was born Feb. 2, 1688.

The names & age of ye children of John Fford (Ford) & Judith his wife as followeth:
Eme Fford born Apri 29, 1720.
John Ford born 14th of Oct., 1722.
Phineas Ford born 12th of Oct., 1724.
Marcy Ford born 26th of Sept., 1726.

The marriage of Edward Culluer [Cullver?] with Sarah his wife was upon the 15th day of January, 1681.
Edward Culluer the son of Edward Culluer & Sarah was born the 14th of Oct., 1682, ye child above written ended ye life Jan. 1, 1682. [trans note: died 10 mos before being born? oh well].
Ephrim Culluer the son of Edward Culluer was born the 14th day of Dec., 1683.
John Culuer (Culver?) born 14th Nov., 1685.
Sarah Coluer (Culver) born & dyed 1688.
Edward Colver born Nov., 1689.
Samuel Colver born Feb. 11, 1690.
Hezekiah Colver born Dec., 1692.
Sarah Colver born August, 1694.

Caleb Haman & Marah Brewster, were married 21st Day of Nov., 1723.
Caleb Hammond, son of Caleb & Marah his wife was born 29th of May, 1726.
Mehitiball Hammond, daughter of Caleb and Mary his wife born the 4th day of May, 1730. Ruth Hammond, daughter of Caleb & Mary born 25th of June 1732.
Jabez, the son of Caleb Hammond & Mary was born March 12, 1733/4.
Mary, daughter of Caleb Hammond and Mary his wife was born July 4, 17[torn].
Mary, the daughter of Caleb Hammond died Dec. 15, 1745.

[4] The marriage of Samuell Bliss with Ann his wife, was upon the 8th day of Dec., 1681.
Samuell Bliss was born the 13th of Nov., 1684.
Elizabeth Bliss born 28th Feb., 1686.
John Bliss born Oct. 23, 1690.
Peletiah Bliss born Nov. 17th, 1697.

The marriage of Stephen Bakus with Sarah Spencer was in Dec., 1666.
Sarah Bakus was born in April, 1668.
Stephen Bakus born in Oct., 1670.
Mary Bakus born in Nov., 1672.
Ruth Bakus born Dec. 19, 1674.
Lidyah Bakus born Nov., 1677.
Timothy Bakus born 7th day of Oct., 1682.
Elizabeth Backus born 20th July 1686.

Isaac Woodwarth, [Woodworth?] deceased, die on ye first Day of April, 1714, entered Nov. 8th 1737, att ye desire of his son Isaac Woodwarth; Isaac Huntington Town Clerk.

The names & ages of some of the children of Hugh Amos are as followeth:
Mary Amos was born in Jan., 1670.
Samuell Amos was born in Jan., 1672.

John Hide [Hyde?] & Sarah Hafkin (Haskin) were married 21st day of Sept., 1721.
Ann Hide ye daughter of John & Sarah was born ye 19th of Feb., 1721/2.
Experiance Hide was born 30th day of July 1724.
Silas Hide, son of John & Sarah, born the first day of March 1727.
John Hide, son of John & Sarah his wife born the 13th of Nov., 1729.
Mary Hide, daughter of John Hide & Sarah was born May 17th, 1732.
Simion ye son of John Hide & Sarah was born 22d day of Oct., 1734.
Simion ye son of John Hide and Sarah, died Nov. 19th, 1734.
Levi, son of John Hide and wife Sarah was born Oct. 24, 1735.
Mary, daughter of John Hide and wife Sarah was born April 19, 1738.

[5] The marriage of Simon Huntington with Sarah Clarke was in October, 1653.
Sarah Huntington was born in Aug., 1654.
Mary Huntington was born in Aug., 1657.
Simon Huntington was born Aug., 1659.
Joseph Huntington was born in Sept., 1661.
Elisabeth Huntington was born in Feb., 1664 & deceased in the same month & year.
Samuell Huntington was born in March, 1665.
Elisabeth Huntington the 2d was born in Oct., 1669.
Nathanell Huntington was born in July, 1672.
Danell Huntington the son of Simon Huntington & Sarah his wife was born the 13th of March, 1675-76.
James Huntington was born the 18th of May 1680.
Deacon Simon Huntington deceased June the 28th, 1706.

Richard Edgerton and Hannah Calkin were married the 9th of Feb, 1724/5.
Jonathan Edgerton ye son of Richard and Hannah was born 24th of Aug., 1726.
Zeruiah Edgerton, daughter of Richard & Hannah, was born 22d of April, 1732.
Ebenezer, son of Richard Edgerton & his wife Hannah was born Jan. 5, 1732/3.
Sarah, daughter of Richard Edgerton & his wife Hannah was born Oct. 16, 1736.
Susanna was born Aug. 16th, 1739.

Joseph Huntington married Rebeckah Adgate Nov. 28, 1687.
Joseph Huntington was born Aug. 29th, 1668.
Nathaniell Huntington was born Sept. 11, 1691.

Jacob Hazen & his wife Abigaell, married 27th day of Oct., 1719.
Howlit Hazen, son of Jacob & Abigaell, was born Sept. 13, 1720.
Abigaell Hazen born July 27, 1722.
Howlit Hazen deceased Feb. 12, 1721/2.
Howlit Hazen was born March 19, 1723/4.
Temperance Hazen, daughter of Jacob Hazen & Abiaell his wife born Aug. 26, 1727.
Jacob Hazen, son of Jacob & Abiaell, was born Last day of Nov., 1729.
Mary Hazen dau of Jacob & Abigaell, born March 22, 1732.
Mary, the daughter of Jacob Hazen and wife Abigaill died Dec. 7, 1732.
Jacob Hazen died Dec. 22, 1755.

[6] The marriage of Captin James Ffitch (Fitch) with Elisabeth [Mason] his wife was Jan., 1676.
James Ffitch, the son of Capt. James Ffitch was born Jan., 1677 & deceased within one week after.
James Ffitch the 2d, son of Captin Ffitch & Elisabeth, his wife, was born June 7, 1679.
Jedidiah Fitch the son of Captin James Ffitch & Elisabeth was born April 17, 1681.
Samuell Ffitch, son of Capt. James Ffith (Fitch) was born July 12, 1683.
Elizabeth Ffitch departed this life Oct. 8, 1684.
Capt. James Ffitch married unto Alice Adames May 8, 1687.
Abigail born Feb. 22, 1687.
Ebenezar born Jan. 10, 1689.
Daniell was born Feb., 1692.

Stephen Belding & Obediance Copp were married the first day of Feb., 1720/21.
Obedience Belding, daughter of Stephen & Obedience was born April 17, 1722.
Ann Belding was born July 6, 1724.
Dorithy Belding was born Nov. 10, 1727.
Stephen Belding was born Dec. 13, 1729.

[7] Nathaniel Dean the son of Nathaniel & Johana was born April 13, 1727(?).

The names & age of children of John Hazen & Marcy his wife as followeth:
John Hazen, born Feb. 21, 1711/12.
Samuell Hazen born May 1, 1713.
Simon Hazen born June 4, 1715.
Margaret Hazen born July 16, 1717.
Caleb Hazen born April 4, 1720.
Sarah Hazen born July 6, 1722.
Daniell Hazen born June 1, 1724.
Marcy, wife of John Hazen, deceased Nov. 22, 1725.
John Hazen and Elisabeth Dart were married May 31, 1726.
Elisabeth Hazen, daughter of John & Elisabeth his wife was born Sept. 15, 1727.
Marcy Hazen was born May 18, 1729.
Hannah Hazen was born June 28, 1731.

The marriage of Samuell Roberts with his wife Elisabeth was upon the 9th of Dec., 1680.
Samuell Roberts the son of Samuel Roberts & wife Elisabeth, was born Oct. 20, 1682, ye child ended this life the 24th of Nov., 1682.
Hugh Robarts, the son of Samuell Robarts & Elisabeth his wife was born Oct. 26, 1683.
Mary Roberts born May 9, 1688.
Hugh Roberts deceased Oct. 1, 1689.
Elizebath Robarts born Oct. 12, 1690.
Elizabeth the wife of Samuell Roberts deceased April 29, 1692.

James Birchard Junior & Deborah Marks were married Oct. 1, 1723.
Deborah the daughter of James Burchard & his wife Deborah was born Aug. 1, 1724.
Elizabeth Birchard, dau. of James & Deborah, born July 29, 1726.
Deborah, dau. of James & Deborah, was born Jan. 8, 1728/9.
James Birchard was born Dec. 30, 1730.

[8] The marriage of John Tracey with Mary Windslow was upon the 17th of June, 1670.
Josiah Tracey their son was born Aug. 10, 1671 & deceased Jan. 27th the same year. [trans note: in this period the year began in mid-March. Josiah would have been 5 months old when he died.]
John Tracey ye Son was born Jan. 19, 1672.
Elisabeth Tracey born July 7, 1676.
Joseph Tracey born April 20, 1682.
Windslow Tracy born Feb. 9, 1688/89.
Mr. John Tracy deceased Aug. 16, 1702.
Mrs. Mary Tracy deceased July 31, 1721.
Thomas Tracy deceased Nov. 7, 1685.

Thomas Blyth & Martha Carpenter were married Sept. 5, 1722.

The marriage of Thomas Bingham with Mary Rudd his wife was Dec. 12, 1666.
Thomas Bingham the son of Thomas Bingam & wife Mary was born Dec. 11, 1667.
Abell Bingham was born June 25, 1669.
Anne Bakus the mother of Thomas Bingham Senior deceased May, 1670.
Mary Bingham was born in July, 1672.
Jonathan Bingham was born April 15, 1674.
Anne Bingham born Aug., 1677.
Abigall Bingham born Nov. 4, 1679.
Nathaniel Bingham born Oct. 3, 1681.
Deborah Bingham born Dec. 18, 1683.
Samuell Bingham born March 28, 1685/6.
Joseph Bingham born Jan. 15, 1687/8
Stephen Bingham born April, 1690.

[9] The names & ages of children of Israel Hendricks & his wife Anna, as followeth:
Jabez Hendrick born Dec. 19, 1720.
John Hendrick born Sept. 20, 1722.
Benjamin Hindrake was born June 24, 1724.
Anna, born Feb. 3, 1727/8.
Samuell was born Aug. 5, 1730.

The marriage of Jonathan Crane and wife Deborah Griswold was Dec. 19, 1678.
Sarah Crane born Nov. 16, 1680.
Jonathan Crane born Feb. 2, 1684.
John Crane born Oct. 1, 1687.
Mary Crane born Oct. 20, 1689.

Jabez Pirkins (Perkins?) and Hanah Lothrup were married June 30, 1698.
Jabez Perkins the son of Jabez and Hanah was born June 3, 1699.
Hanah Perkins was born Oct., 1703.
Mary Perkins was born Jan. 3, 1705/6.
Jacob Perkins was born May 22, 1709.
Luce Perkins was born July 12, 1713.
Judith Perkins was born March 2, 1715/4.
Hannah ye wife of Jabez Perkins dyed April 14, 1721.
Capt Jabez Perkins & Charity Lenard of Midlebury were married Dec. 17, 1722.

Roger Hafcoll (Hascoll?) Junr & Sarah Safford were married Dec. 1, 1720.
Elijah Hascoll ye son of Roger & Sarah, born March 7, 1721/22.
Ziporah Haskoll born March 13, 1724/5.
Gideon Haskell born Jan. 9, 1726/7.
Mrs. Sarah Haskall the wife of Roger Haskoll died April 14, 1729.
Norwich Dec. 9, 1729: then Roger Haskell and Mary Wallbridge, both of Norwich, were married by me, Danell Kirtland.
Sarah Hascoll, daughter of Roger & Mary his wife was born Oct. 21, 1730.
Mary Haskol, dau of Roger & Mary, born Sept. 14, 1732.
Hannah was born Sept. 24, 1734.

[10] Richard Bushnell & Elisabeth Adgate were married Dec. 7, 1672.
Ann Bushnell the daughter of Richard Bushnell & Elisabeth his wife was born Dec. 4, 1674.
Caleb Bushnell born May 26, 1679.
Benajah Bushnell born May 4, 1681.
Elizabeth Bushnell born Jan. 31, 1685.
Capt. Richard Bushnell Esq. died Aug. 27, 1727.

Eleazar Burnam and Lydea Waterman were married Nov. 25, 1708.
Lydea Burnam, daughter of Eleazer & Lydea, born Sept. 1, 1709.
Elisabeth Burnam born Oct. 19, 1711.
Mary Burnam born Oct. 16, 1714.
Daniel Burnam born March 21, 1717/8.
Sarah Burnam born Aug. 8, 1720.
Eleazer Burnam born March 12, 1722/3.
Mrs. Lydia Burnum wife of Mr. Eleazer Burnum died on Dec. 22, 1738.

Trustram Brown Jun & Abigaell Parke were married Aug. 28, 1722.
Daniell Brown, son of Tristram and Abigaell his wife born Jan. 7, 1723/4.
Josiah Brown, son of Tristram & Abigaell born March 13, 1726.
Abigaell (Abigail) Brown born Oct. 16, 1728.

[11] Jonathan Tracey & Mary Grisswold were married July 11, 1672.
Jonathan Tracey the son of Jonathan & Mary his wife born Feb. 21, 1674.
Hannah Tracey, daughter of Jonathan Tracey & Mary, born July 8, 1677.
Christopher Tracey born May 1, 1680.
Mary Tracey born Sept. 7, 1682.

The names & age of ye children of Nathaniell Badger & his wife Marey, as followeth:
Henry Badger was born March 23, 1717.

John Holmstead deceased Aug. 2, 1686.

Nathaniel Lothrup & Ann Backus were married April 25, 1717.

John Pember & Mary Hide were married Nov. 14, 1716.
Thomas Pember ye son of John & Marey born Sept. 15, 1717.
John Pember born Oct. 16, 1719.
Rene Pember born Dec. 10, 1721.

[12] The names & ages of the children of Thomas Adgate and his first wie are as followeth:
Elisabeth Adgate was born Oct., 1651.
Hannah Adgate was born Oct., 1653.

The names & ages of the children of Richard Bushnell Deceased who stand in relation unto the second wife of Thomas Adgate as their mother, are as followeth:
Joseph Bushnell was born May, 1651.
Richard Bushnell was born Sept., 1652.
Mary Bushnell was born Jan., 1654.
Marcie Bushnell was born in March, 1657.

The names & ages of the children of Thomas Adgate by his second wife who was left a widow by the above Richard Bushnell are as follows:
Abigaill Adgate was born in August, 1661.
Sarah Adgate was born in Jan., 1663.
Rebeckah Adgate was born June, 1666.
Thomas Adgate was born in March, 1669/1670.
Thomas Adgate deceased July, 1707.
Marey (Mary) Adgate deceased March 29, 1713.

Timothy Allyn (Allen) & Rachell Bushnell were married Oct. 11, 1714. [mine]
Timothy Allyn the son of Timothy & Rachell was born Aug. 31, 1715.
Daniel Allyn (Allen) was born Aug. 2, 1717 [mine].
Rebeckah Allyn was born Oct. 10, 1721.
Seth Allyn was born Nov. 26, 1723.
Ebenezer Allyn was born March 4, 1726.
Thankfull Alynn was born Jan. 3, 1727/8.
Hezekiah Allen son of Timothy & Rachell was born Aug. 23, 1729.
Phineas was born July 24, 1731.
The two last uiz Hez: & Pheneas were Entred March 4, 1734/5: att ye desire of their parents; and said to be att Windham.

John Badger was born Feb. 20, 1724/5.
Sarah ye daughter of John Badger and his wife Sarah was born Sept. 26, 1726.
Bezelal, son of John and Sarah, born Aug. 13, 1728.

[13] Samuell Lothrop Junior & Hannah Adgate were married Nov., 1675.
Hannah Lothrop the daughter of Samuell Lothrop & Hannah his wife was born Jan. 6, 1677.
Elizabeth Lothrop was born Nov. 1, 1679.
Thomas Lothrop was born Aug., 1681.
Margret Lothrop was born Oct. 1, 1683.
Samuell Lothrop born Jan. 6, 1685.
Simon Lothrup, deceased April, 1696.
Margret Lothrop deceased April 1, 1696.
Nathaniell Lothrup born July 15, 1693.
Hannah Lothrup the wife of Samuell Lothrup deceased Sept. 18, 1695.
Samuell Lothrup and Mary Edgerton widow to John Edgerton deceased, were married Dec. 30, 1697.
Mrs. Mary Lothrup wife to Mr. Samuel Lothrup died the last day of Jan., 1727/8.
Mr. Samuell Lothrop died Dec. 9, 1732.

Samuell Rood Junior & Marey Lambart were married May 4, 1715.
Benajah Rood the son of Samuell & Marey, born July 5, 1716.
Sarah Rood was born May 4, 1718.
Tabitha Rood was born May 15, 1720.

Colen Ffresior & Sarah Wintworth, were married June 17, 1718.
John Ffresior was born Oct. 31, 1719.
William Ffrefior was born Dec. 24, 1722.

Charity Perkins ye daughter of Jabez and Charity, was born Dec. 6, 1724.
Capt. Jabez Perkins Esq. died on Jan. 15, 1741/2.

Roger Haskel son of Roger Haskel and his wife Mary was born Nov. 8, 1736.
John son of Roger Haskell and Mary was born March 22, 1738.
Benjamin Haskell was born March 8, 1741/2.
Mrs. Mary Haskell wife of Roger Haskell died on March 29, 1753.

[14] The names of children of Thomas Bliss are as follows:
Elisabeth Bliss was born Nov., 1645.
Sarah Bliss was born in Feb. 1649.
Thomas Bliss was born in March, 1651.
Deliver Bliss was born in August, 1655.
Samuell Bliss was born in Dec., 1657.
Anne Bliss was born in Setp., 1660.
Rebeckah Bliss was born in March, 1663.

Samuell Gore,
Daniell ye son of Samuell & Hanah Gore was born Sept. 6, and died Oct. 4, 1719.
Hanah Gore was born Dec. 30, 1720.
Sarah Gore was born Jnu 15, 1723/4.
Mrs. Hannah Gore ye wife of Capt. Samuell Gore died July 11, 1741.

The names & ages of the children of John Ranols are as follows:
John Ranols was born in Aug., 1655.
Sarah Ranols was born in Nov., 1656.
Susanna Ranols was born in Oct., 1658.
Joseph Ranols was born in April, 1664.
Elizabeth Ranols was born in Jan., 1669.
Lydyah Ranols was born in Feb., 1671.
John Ranols Junior deceased Dec. 19, 1687.
John Renols deceasee July, 1702.

Obed Cook the son of Richard Cooke was bornFeb. 1, 1681.

[15] The marriage of Thomas Sluman with Sarah Bliss was in Dec., 1668.
Sarah Sluman was born March 13, 1669.
Mary Sluman was born Feb. 13, 1671.
Elisabeth was born July 23, 1677.
Abigaell Sluman was born March 14, 1679/80.
Rebeckah was born Oct. 3, 1682.

Ebenezar Pierce & Margaret Creery were married April 2, 1713.
Benjamine Pierce, son of Ebenezar & Margaret was born April 23, 1714.

Samuell Brown, the son of Trustram Brown and Marey his wife was born April 24, 1716.
Richard Brown was born Oct. 22, 1726.

Mrs. Ann Hought ye widow of Mr. William Hough died Nov. 19, 1745.

The names & ages of the children of Samuell Lothrop Senior are as follows:
John Lothrup was born Dec., 1646.
Elizabeth Lothrup in March, 1648.
Samuell Lothrop was born in March, 1650.
Sarah Lothrup was born in Oct., 1655.
Martha Lothrup was born in Jan., 1657.
Jzraell (Isreal?) Lothrup was born in Oct., 1659.
Joseph Lothrup was born in Oct., 1661.
Abigaiell Lothrup was born in May, 1665.
Anne Lothrup was born in August, 1667.

Daniell White & Elisabeth Ensworth were married Jan. 10, 1723.
Sarah White, daughter of Daniell & Elisabeth was born in April, 1724.
Daniell White was born Feb. 24, 1726.
Elizabeth was born Nov. 19, 1727.

[16] The marriage of Thomas Waterman with Miriam Tracey was in November, 1668.
Thomas Waterman was born in Sept., 1670.
John Waterman was born in March, 1672.
Elisalbeth Waterman was born in August, 1675.
Mirriam Waterman was born in April, 1678.
Martha Waterman was born Dec. 6, 1680.
Lydiah Waterman born Aug., 1683.
Joseph Waterman born Jan. 15, 1685.
Miriam Waterman, daughter of Thomas and Miriam, died Sept. 22, 1760.

Jeremiah Tracy & Marey (Mary) Witter were married Oct. 13, 1713.
Mary Tracy was born Nov. 19, 1714.
Ebenezer Tracy was born Oct. 29, 1716.
Andrew Tracy was born Feb. 5, 1721/2.
Abiah Tracy was born Dec. 31, 1728.
Dorathy Tracy was born May 3, 1724.
Abiah Tracy, dau of Jeremiah & Mary, was born Aug. 15, 1726.
Elizabeth Tracy was born Jan. 21, 1731/2.

Samuell Abell and Lydea Gifferd were married Feb. 4, 1723/4.
Lydea Abell was born May 11, 1725.
Thdophelus Abell was born Sept. 10, 1728.
Elizabeth Abell was born Jan. 27, 1731/32.
Samuell was born Nov. 28, 1733.
Simeon was born June 22, 1736.
Elijah was born Sept. 18, 1738.
Lydia ye daughter of Samuell Abell & his wife Lydia died April 1, 1739.
Hezekial, ye son of Samuell Abell and Lydia was born Aug. 26, 1741.
2nd Lydia, daughter of Samuell & Lydia was born Nov. 14, 1743.
Jesse was born Oct. 11, 1746.

[17] The marriage of Josiah Reed with Grace Hollowey was in Nov., 1666.
Josiah Reed was born in April, 1668.
William Reed was born in April, 1670.
Elisabeth Reed was born in Sept., 1672.
Experience Reed was born Feb. 27, 1675.
John Reed was born Aug. 15, 1679.
Joseph Reade was born March 12 1680/1.
Susana Reed was born Sept. 20, 1685.
Hannah Read was born July, 1688.
Josiah Read the first above named died July 3, 1717.
Mrs. Grace Read ye widow of Mr. Josiah Read died May 9, 1727.
Anna Haskins the daughter of Daniell & Mehitabell was born June 14, 1719.
Richard Hoskin was born July 31, 1723.
Mehitable was born July 16, 1725.
Dorcas was born Feb. 29, 1727/8.
Darcas Hoskins died July 22, 1729.
Dorcas ye second of that name was born June 5, 1730.
Eleanak was born July 31, 1732.
Jrene [Irene??] was born July 1, 1734.
Martha was born July 14, 1736.

Calib Chappell and Ruth Roice were married June 4, 1694.

Isaac Huntington and Rebeckah Lothrup were married Feb. 21, 1715/6.
Rebeckah Huntington, daughter of Isaac & Rebeckah was born Nov. 17, 1717.

Joshua Huntington & Hannah Perkins were married Oct. 16, 1718.
Jabez Huntington was born Aug. 7, 1719.
Jedediah Huntington was born Feb. 1, 1721/2.
Andrew Huntington was born Oct. 2, 1724.
Jedediah Huntington died May 12, 1725.
Lydea Huntington was born March 15, 1727.
Zecheriah Huntington was born Nov. 18, 1731.
Andrew, son of Joshua Huntington & his wife Hannah
Joshua Huntington Esq. died Aug. 26, 1745.

[18] The marriage of Samuell Hide with Jane Lee was in June, 1659.
Elizabeth Hide [Hyde?] was born in Aug., 1660.
Phebe Hide was born in Jan., 1662.
Samuell Hide was born in May, 1665.
John Hide was born in Dec., 1667.
William Hide was born in Jan., 1669.
Sarah Hide born in Feb., 1675 & dyed in the same year.
Jabez Hide born in May, 1677.
Sam Hide deceased in ye years 1677 July.

Isaac Huntington the son of Rebeckah & Isaac was born Aug. 25, 1719.
Sarah Huntington was born April 17, 1721.
Nehemiah Huntington was born Jan. 2, 1722/3.
Dorcas Hungtington was born Feb. 23, 1724/5.
Rebeckah Huntington deceased June 5, 1726.

Thomas Huntington married Elizabeth Backus Feb. 10, 1686.
Thomas Huntington was born April 22, 1688.
Jedidiah Huntington was born March 14, 1692/3.

Joseph Waterman & Elisabeth Woodward were married March 26, 1717.
Timothy Waterman was born Nov. 28, 1717.
Judith Waterman was born Sept. 6, 1720.
Ezra Waterman was born Sept. 20, 1722.
Elizabeth Waterman daughter of Joseph & Elizabeth, was born Dec. 25, 1724.
Ezra Waterman Died March 9, 1725
Mehitable Waterman, dau of Joseph & Elisabeth, was born Feb. 28, 1726/y.
Anne Waterman was born April 2, 1730.
Joseph was born Aug. 21, 1733.
Anne, dau of Joseph & Elizabeth, died Dec. 26, 1750.
Joseph, son of Joseph & Elizabeth died Dec. 18, 1753.
Mrs. Elizabeth Waterman, wife of Mr. Joseph Waterman, died Feb. 15, 1760.
Mr. Joseph Waterman died Oct. 28, 1778.
Mr. Timothy Waterman, son of Joseph & Elizabeth, died Feb. 12, 1795.
Elizabeth, daughter of Joseph & Elizabeth, died April 8, 1798.
Judath, daughter of Joseph & Elizabeth, died April 24, 1806.

[19] The marriage of Thomas Howard with Mary Wellman was in Jan., 1666.
Mary Howard was born in Dec., 1667.
Sarah Howard was born in Feb., 1669.
Martha Howard was born in Feb., 1672, deceased about one month after.
Thomas Howard was born in March, 1673.
Benjamin Howard was born in June, 1675.

The marriage of William More and Mary Howard the widow of Thomas Howard deceased was in Aug., 1677.
The names & ages of his children:
Elisabeth More was born July 20, 1679.
Experience More was born May 12, 1680.
Martha More was born Feb. 22, 1681.

Jabez Hide (Hyde?) & Elisabeth Bushnell were married Dec. 29, 1709.
Elisabeth Hide was born July 9, 1711.
Jabez Hide was born Sept. 16, 1713.
Abigail Hide was born Nov. 17, 1715.
Jabez Hide was born Sept. 17, 1712 [a line drawn through this entry].
Phinehas Hide was born Feb. 2, 1719/20.
Joseph Hide was born Aug. 23, 1724.
Joseph Hide died July 10, 1754.
Jabez Hide Esq. died Sept. 5, 1762.
Mrs. Elisabeth Hide, widow of Jabez Hide Esq. died Aug. 31, 1768.

The names & ages of the children of Nathanaell Lad (Ladd?) & his wife Abigaell as follows:
Timothy Lad was born Feb. 12, 1710/11.
Sarah Lad was born Jan. 6, 1712/13.
Nathanaell (Nathaniel?) Lad was born Jan. 30, 1716/17.
Abigall Lad was born March 20, 1719.
Phebe Lad was born Feb. 25, 1723/4.
Samuell ye son of Nathaniel Ladd & his wife Abigail was born Sept. 14, 1727.

[20] The names & ages of some of the children of Leift Griswold deceased.
Deborah Griswold was born in May, 1661.
Lidyah was born in June, 1663 & deceased in April, 1664.
Samuell Griswold was born in Sept., 1665.
Margret Griswold was born in Oct., 1668.
Lidia the second born in Oct., 1671.
Lieutenant Francis Griswold deceased in Oct., 1671.

The marriage of Caleb Abell with Margaret Poft (Post ??) was in July, 1669.
The first child of the above persons was a daughter born in March, 1671 & deceased the same month & year 1671.
Samuell Abell was born in Oct., 1672.
Experience Abell was born Dec., 1674.
Caleb Abell was born in April, 1677.
John Abell was born in Dec., 1678.
Theophelos Abell born in Nov., 1680.
Johannah Abell born in Nov., 1683.
Abigall Abell was born March 16, 1689.
Hannah Abell was born Oct. 12, 1692.
Margaret the wife of Caleb Abell deceased Nov., 1700.
Mr. Caleb Abell of Norwich died Aug. 7, 1731.
Caleb Abell and Mary Loomer were married June, 1701.
Noah Abell the son of Caleb and Mary was born Dec. 25, 1706.

Samuell Griswould (Griswold?) married Susanna Huntington Dec. 10, 1685.
Francis Griswould was born Sept. 9, 1691.
Samuell Griswould was born Feb. 8, 1693.
Lydea Griswould was born May 28, 1696.
Hannah Griswold was born April 30, 1699.
Sarah Griswold was born Jan. 19, 1700/1701.
John Griswold was born Dec. 16, 1703.
Joseph Griswould was born Oct. 17, 1706.
Daniell Griswold was born April 25, 1709.
Daniell Griswold died Dec. 22, 1724.
Susannah Griswold, the wife of Samuell Griswold died March 6, 1727.
Capt. Samuel Griswold died on Dec. 2, 1740.
Mrs. Hannah Griswold the widow of Capt. Samuell Griswold died Feb. 25, 1752.

[21] The names & ages of the children of John Calkins as follows:
Hue Calkins was born in June, 1659.
John Calkins was born in July, 1661.
Samuell Calkins was born in Oct., 1663.
Sarah Calkins was born in June, 1666.
David Calkins was born in March, 1667 & dyed in the same month & year.
Mary Calkins was born in May, 1669.
Elisabeth Calkins was born April, 1673.
Ann Calkins was born August 1678.
The first named John Calkin deceased in Jan., 1702/03.
Sarah Calkin the wife of said John Calkin decased in May, 1711.

John Clark senior deceased Feb. 10, 1708/09.

Stephen Gifford was married with Hannah Gore in May, 1667.
Samuell Gifford was born in Sept., 1668.
Hannah Gifford was born Jan. 14, 1670.
Hannah the wife of Stephen Gifford died Jan. 24, 1670.
The marriage of Stephen Gifford with Hannah Gallop the daughter of John Gallop of Stonington was May 12, 1672.
The names & ages of their children as follows:
John Gifford was born in April, 1673.
Ruth Gifford was born Dec. 30, 1676.
Stephen Gifford was born Aug. 28, 1679.
Aquilla Gifford was born Oct. 23, 1682.

Hezekiah Huntington & Hannah Frink (written ffrink, but whether or not one of the 'f's were really an 's' is unclear) were married July 9, 1719.
Hannah Huntington, daughter of Hezekiah and Hannah was born July 1, 1720.
Ann Huntington was born Aug. 9, 1722.
Eunice Huntington was born Aug. 10, 1726.
Elias Huntington was born Oct. 31, 1729.
Elias Huntington died May 20, 1730.
Abigail was born June 22, 1731.
Hannah was born June 22, 1731.
Eunice died Oct. 30, 1732.

[22] The names & ages of the children of Major Mason:
Priscilla Mason was born in Oct., 1641.
Samuell Mason was born in July, 1644.
John Mason was born in Oct., 1648.
Anne Mason was born in June, 1652.
Elizabeth Mason was born in Aug., 1654.

Aaron Read & Hannah Knight married Jan. 10, 1722/3.
Hannah Read, daughter of Aaron & Hannah was born Sept. 2, 1724.
Aaron Read was born Nov. 29, 1727.
Zippra Read was born April 30, 1731.
Jonathan Read was born May 20, 1734.
William Read was born May 30, 1736.
Charity Read was born May 25, 1739.

The names & ages of the children of Samuell Lothrup as follows:
John Lothrup was born in Dec., 1646.
Elizabeth Lothrop was borne in March, 1648.
Samuell Lothrup was born in March, 1650.
Sarah Lothrup was born in Jan., 1657.
Israell Lothrup was born in Oct., 1659.
Joseph Lothrup was born in Oct., 1661.
Abigaell Lothrop was born in May, 1665.
Anne Lothrup was born in Aug., 1667.
Mr. Samuell Lothrup deceased Feb. 29, 1699/1700.
Mrs. Abigail Lothrup, widow of Mr. Samuell Lothrup formily of Norwich died Jan. 23, 1734/5.

The names & ages of the children of Josiah Rockwell are as follows:
Hannah Rockwell was born in Sept., 1658 & deceased in the month of Sept., 1661.
Josiah Rockwell was born in June, 1662.
Joseph Rockwell was born in March, 1665.
John Rockwell was born in Dec., 1667.
Mary Rockwell was born in Feb., 1669.
Hannah Rockwell was born Aug. 23, 1672.
Samuell Rockwell was born Sept. 30, 1676.
Josiah Rockwell Sen. deceased Jan., 1675.

[23] The marriage of Benjamin Bruster with Anne Dart was in Feb., 1659.
The names & ages of their children follows:
Mary Bruster ws born in Dec., 1660.
Anne Bruster was born in Sept., 1662.
Jonathan Bruster was born in Nov., 1664.
Danell Bruster was born in March, 1666/67.
William Bruster was born in March, 1669.
Ruth Brewster was born Sept. 16, 1671.
Benjamine Brewster was born Nov. 25, 1673.
Elizabeth Brewster was born June 23, 1676.

The names & ages of the children of Mathew Polley & Hannah his wife, as follows:
Ebenezar Polley was born May 3, 1719.
Abigaell Polley was born April 12, 1720.
Luce Polley was born May 16, 1722.
Jonathan Polley was born Sept. 28, 1723.
Samuell Polley was born Nov. 7, 1725.
Matthew was born Aug. 5, 1731.

Thomas Post was married with Mary Andrewes his first wife in January, 1656, by whom he had one child whose name & age followeth.
Sarah ["Mary" written first and erased] Post was born in Nov., 1657.
The first wie of Thomas Post deceased in March, 1661.
The marriage of Thomas Post with Rebecca Bruin his second wife was in Sept., 1663.
The names of their children follows:
Thomas Post was born in Dec., 1664.
Hannah Post was born in Feb., 1666 & dyed in June in the year 1667.
Mary Post was born in June, 1669.
Rebeca the Wife of Thomas Post deceased April 15, 1721.
Mary Post, daughter of Thomas Post died March 7, 1741/2.

Samuell Leffingwell jun. & Hannah Gifferd were married March 2, 1714/15.
Caleb Leffingwell the son of Samuell & Hannah was born May 13, 1716.
Samuell Leffingwell was born May 28, 1718.
Hannah Leffingwell was born Feb. 14, 1719/20.
Ann Leffingwell was born June 28, 1722.
Andrew Leffingwell was born Dec. 12, 1724.
Mary Leffingwell, dau. of Samuel & Hannah was born Oct. 8, 1726.
Elizabeth was born June 9, 1729.
Jonathan was born May 22, 1731.
Abigail was born May 29, 1734.
Sarah was born Aug. 28, 1736.
Sarah, daughter of Samuell & Hannah died Oct. 7, 1742.

[24] The names & ages of the children of John Elderkin are as follows:
Anne Elderkin was born in Jan., 1661.
John Elderkin was born in April, 1664.
Bashua Elderkin was born in Nov., 1665.
James Elderkin was born in March 1670/71.
Joseph Elderkin was born in Dec., 1672.
John Elderkin deceased June 22, 1687.
Elizabeth Elderkin ye wife of John Elderkin aged 95 years deceased June 8, 1716.

The marriage of John Birchard with Chrstiyan Andrews was July 22, 1653.
Thomas Birchard was born Oct., 1654 & dyed in 1658.
Katherine Birchard was born in Nov., 1656 & dyed in the same year.
John Birchard was born in Jan., 1657 & dyed in 1658.
John Birchard the second was born in Dec. 1658 & dyed in 1662.
Sarah Birchard was born in May, 1661 & dyed in 1664.
Samuell Birchard was born July 16, 1663.
James Birchard was born July 16, 1665.
Abigail Birchard was born in Nov., 1667.
Thomas Birchard was born in Jan., 1669.
John Birchard the third was born in Feb. 1671.
Joseph Birchard was born in Feb. 1673.
Benjamin Birchard was born in Dec., 1675 & dyed in the same year.
Mary Birchard was born in June, 1677.
Danell Birchard was born in Nov. 1680.

Daniell Rockwell & Tabitha Hartshorn were mararied Nov. 23, 1715.
Josiah Rockwell the son of Daniell & Tabitha was born Sept. 20, 1716.
Daniell Rockwell was born June 28, 1724.
Amariah Rockwell was born Oct. 29, 1728.
Tabitha Rockwell was born Nov. 23, 1731.
Jabez, was born Oct. 6, 1733.
Mr. Daniel Rockwell died Oct. 15, 1746.
Mrs. Tabatha Rockwell died March 20, 1756.

[25] The names & ages of the children of John Gager as follows:
John Gager was born in Sept., 1647.
Elizabeth Gager was born in March, 1649.
Sarah Gager was in in Feb., 1651.
Hannah Gager was born in March, 1653 & dyed in the same month & year.
Samuell Gager was born in Feb., 1654.
Bethyah Gager was born in Nov., 1657.
William Gager was born in Aug. 1660 & deceased in Nov., 1662.
Lidia Gager was born in Aug., 1663.
Hannah Gager was born in Feb., 1666.
Mary Gager was born in May, 1671.
John Gager Senior deceased Dec. 10, 1703.

John Ormsby deceased July 11, 1728.
Susannah Ormsby widow of John Ormsby died Dec. 26, 1752.

Jonathan Brewster & Judeth Stephens were married Dec. 18, 1690.
Lucretia was born Nov. 3, 1691.
Jonathan Brewster was born April 2, 1694.
Joseph Brewster was born April 13, 1698.
Sarah Brewster was born April 1, 1700.
Mary Brewster was born in May, 1703.

Winslow Tracy & Rachell Riply were married June 21, 1714.
Joshua Tracy was born June 19 and deceased Dec. 13, the same year, 1715.
Perez Tracy was born Nov. 13, 1716.
Josiah Tracy was born May 10, 1718.
Elephilate Tracy was born March 18, 1722/3.
Samuell Tracy was born Dec. 5, 1724.
Solomon Tracy was born May 23, 1728.

[26] The marriage of Joseph Bushnell with Mary Leffingwell was Nov., 1673. [mine]
Mary Bushnell was born March 10, 1675.
Joseph Bushnell was born June 27, 1677.
Jonathan Bushnell was born Oct. 7, 1679.
David Bushnell was born Sept. 7, 1681 & deceased Oct 12, in the same year.
Deborah Bushnell was born Sept. 21, 1682.
Hannah Bushnell was born Dec. 8, 1684.
Nathan Bushnell was born Feb. 12, 1686.
Rebecka Bushnell was born March 7, 1688.
Abigall Bushnell was born July 21, 1690.
Rachell Bushnell was born Oct. 27, 1692 [mine].
Jerushah Bushnell was born Nov. 17, 1695.
Mrs. Mary Bushnell died March 31, 1745.
Mr. Joseph Bushnell died Dec. 23, 1746.

Joseph Read and Marcy Guppie were married Aug. 25, 1708.
Joseph Read the son of Joseph & Marcy was born May 23, 1709.
Abigael Read was born Feb. 7, 1711/12.
Marcy Read was born Nov. 28, 1712.
Ester Read was born Nov. 22, 1714.
Marey (Mary) Read was born Aug. 19, 1717.
Elisabeth Read was born June 28, 1719.
Samuell Read was born Oct. 16, 1721.

Jabez Polly, son of Daniell Polly & Jerusha his wife, was born Feb. 18, 1726/7.

Simon Hough, son of William Hough and his wife Elizabeth was born Jan. 11, 1733/4.
John Jones of Norwich died Jan. 10, 1748/9.

[27] Joshuah Bradford the son of Thomas Bradford & Ann his wife was born Nov. 23, 1682.

Mr. Joseph Backus Jr. & Hannah Edwards were married March 1, 1721/22.
William Backus, son of Joseph & Hannah, was born April 20, 1723.

Beninamine Rood married Mary Williams June 7, 1690.
Sarah Roode was born Dec. 14, 1692.
Abigail Rood was born April 27, 1695.

Peter Roath & Anna Halford (?) were married Jan. 11, 1711/12.
Peter Roath, son of Peter & Anna, was born Sept. 3, 1713.
Anna Roath was born Oct. 27, 1715.
Robert Roath was born May 19, 1717.
Joshua Roath was born May 14, 1719.
Abigael Roath was born May 17, 1724.
Peter Roath, son of Peter & Anna, died Oct. 4, 1726.
Lydea Roath was born Oct. 18, 1726.
Elizabeth Roath was born Oct. 29, 1728.
Mary Roath was born Oct. 27, 1731.
Joshua Roath, son of Peter & Anna, died Sept. 28, 1733.
Anna, daughter of Peter & Anna, died Jan. 2, 1746/7.
Mr. Peter Roath died Jan. 27, 1759.

[28] The names & ages of two of the children of John Post:
Abigaell (Abigail?) Post, the dau. of John & Hester his wife was born Nov. 6, 1664.
Samuell Post was born March 8, 1668.
Hannah Post was born Oct., 1671.
William Hide (Hyde?) Senior the father of Hester the wife of John Post, deceased Jan. 6, 1681.
Abigaell Post deceased in April, 1676.
Lidiah Post was born March 11, 1674.
Hester Post the wife of John Post deceased Nov. 13, 1703.
John Post deceased Nov. 27, 1710.

The names & age of the children of John Allerton and his wife Elizabeth as follows:
Ester Allerton was born July 11, 1713.
Sarah Allerton ws born Oct. 14, 1715.
Mary Allerton was born March 24, 1717/18.
John Allerton was born Aug. 23, 1720.
Richard Allerton was born March 2, 1722/23.
Isaac Allerton was born Aug. 15, 1725.
Elizabath Allerton was born Nov. 25, 1728.
Ann Alerton was born Oct. 10, 1731.
Jonathan was born Sept. 18, 1735.

The marriage of Thomas Baldwin with Sarah Calkins was Nov. 3, 1684.
Sarah Baldwin the wife of Thomas Baldwin deceased June, 1685.
Thomas Baldwen & Abigall Lay were married Sept. 20, 1692.
Abigall Bauldwen was born July 5, 1693.
Mary Bauldwen was born June 5, 1695.
Hannah Baldwen was born Jan. 22, 1698/99.
Thomas Baldwen was born June 15, 1701.
John Baldwen was born March 8, 1703/04.
Pheby Baldwen was born April 10, 1707.
Ebenezer Baldwen was born April 10, 1710.
Jabez Baldwen was born Nov. 12, 1713.
Jabez Baldwin, son of Mr. Thomas Baldwin & his wife Abigail died Dec. 15, 1737.
Mr. Thomas Baldwin died Sept. 18, 1741.

[29] The marriage of Stephen Merick with Marcy Bangs was in Dec, 1671, the man being 25 years of age & the woman twentie at their marriage.
The names & ages of the children of Stephn Merrick are as follows:
Stephen Merrick was born in March, 1673.
Marcy Merrick was born in Oct., 1674.
Mary Merrick was born Jan. 15, 1681.

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