The First Records of the
Congregational Church in Newington
Hartford Co., Connecticut
As Kept by Rev. Joshua BELDEN, Pastor


Extracted from
Early Annals of Newington
Transcribed & edited by Roger WELLES
Hartford, 1874
Pages 113 -

"Note: The original manuscript containing these church records is without covers, and about the size of a school writing-book. The paper is coarse and unrulled. The leaves worn and frayed. The writing very fine and very much crowded. The first and last leaves have evidently become detached and are lost. As the 'admissions to communion' stand first in the record the commencement of those entries is gone, and as 'deaths' stand at the close, these entries are lost after the date Aug. 31, 1772. It appears, by a memorandum on one of the leaves that these records were delivered to Mr. BRACE, Oct 16, 1812, about a year before Mr. BELDEN's death. They have probably remained at the parsonage ever since, till quite recently."

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