Incriptions on
Tombstones in Milford, Conn.
Erected prior to 1800, together with
A few of aged persons who died after that date
Transcribed & Annotated by
Nathan G. POND
New Haven Historical Society, 1889

[The author's annotations, originally presented as footnotes, are indicated by italics. -jd]

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"The first ground occupied for a burying place in the town, was a part of Mr. PRUDDEN's home lot, being the east end of his garden. On the north side of it was a road called Prudden's or burying yard lane, which has long been shut up. The first English person who died in Milford, was a son of William EAST aged a year: he died Jun 18th 1644. The first adult, was Sarah, wife of Nicholas CAMP. The records state that 'she had twins on the 2d of September, 1645, and was doing well till the night of the 4th, when she was taken very ill with cold -- she died on the 6th (being the last day of the week) in the morning, and was buried the evening after, in the garden of Mr. Peter PRUDDEN Pastour.' Here were buried all who died in the town previous to about 1675, and among these was Mr. PRUDDEN himself in 1656. The present burying ground was first laid out small, but the town since, at five different times, have purchased land adjoinging and added to it. The original part is the southeast side."

Thus far wrote Lambert in 1838, but since then, great additions have been made to the area, principally by the purchase of private lots, and it is now one of the largest "Burying Grounds" in the State, that has in it graves of those born in England previous to 1640. A few old stones on which but a few letters are legible, are not recorded in this book. The writer is confident that many stones are missing.