Ancient Grave Yard At Lebanon, Conn.
[Partial listing of inscriptions];
Ashbel Woodward.;
New England Historical & Genealogical Register
Volume 12, January 1858, p 55 - 63

[Note: some of the inscriptions were transcribed in paragraph format, I've taken the liberty of dividing and centering these to match the others. These are noted by ***** following the text. The original article has additional genelaogical notes that are not transcribed here. (jd)]

[The grave of Rev. James Fitch, d. 1702, inscription in Latin]
In hoc Sepulchro depositae Sunt Reliquiae Viri ver Reverendi D. Jacobi Fitch;
natus fuit apud Boking, in Comitatu Essexiae, in Anglia, Anno Domini 1622, Decem. 24
Qui post quam Linguis literatis optime instinctus fuisset,
in Nov Angliam venit AErate 16; et deinde Vitam degit, Hartfordiae, per septennium,
Sub Insturctione Virorum celeberrimorum D. Hooker & D. Stone.
Postea Munere pastorali functus est apud Saybrook per Annos 14.
Illine cum Ecclesiae majori Parte Norvicum migravit;
et ibi caeteros Vitae Annos transegit in Opere Evangelico.
In Senectute, vero prae corporis infirmitate necessarie cessabit ab opera publico;
tandemque resessit Liberis, apud Lebanon;
ubi Semianno fere exacto obdormivit in Jesu,
Anno 1702, Novembris 18, AEtat 80.

Here lyes ye Body of
Lieut Samuel Huntington
Gentleman who died
May ye 19 1717 in ye
52 year of his age

In memory of Mrs
Mary Huntington the wife
of Lieutenant Samuel Huntington
who died Oct. 5, 1743
in the 77th year of her age

Here lies the body of Mr. Jonathan Metcalf
a virtuous, charitable & generous Merchant
and Benefactor to the Church & First Society
in Lebanon, who having long & Solicitously
Trading for the pearl of great price
enchanging this life in the hope of a
better & enduring Substance March
ye 5, 1738 in the 65 year of his age.

Here lies the body of the Revd Mr. John Robinson
late Pastor of the Church of Christ in
Duxbury which charge having faithfully
and laudably sustained for the space of 39 years
he removed to Lebanon & changed this life
for a better Nov. 14 A.D. 1745 aged 74.
Sic pater Sic, O, numerare fluxae
Noc doce vitae spatium caducis
Mens ut a curis revocata veri
Lumen honesti
Ceruat ____ Buchn Psal.

Here lies ye body of that most
Ingenous & worthy Gentleman
Mr. Isaac Bayley ye husband
of Mrs. Mercy Bayley. He was a
Member of ye Vnivercity in
Cambrid in New England
& Slept in Jesus August 23
A. Domin 1711 in ye 30 year of his age.

In memory of Mr. Nathaniel Little an happy and
Successful Physician & Surgeon who departed this
life April 5, 1753 in the 39 year of his age
Beloved by all for virtues Sake
Such virtue as the great does make
And worthy of immortal fame
If doing good deserves ye same.

Here lies ye body of Mrs.
Ann Johnson ye wife of
Mr. Seth Johnson & daughter
of Mr. Thomas & Mrs. Lydia Eaton
She was a descreet and Virtuous
Woman & departed this life
in ye comfortable hope of a
better April ye 13th 1735 in the
23 year of her yong & tender age.

Here lies interred the body of Mrs. Jerusha Mory
the dutiful & well Beloved consort of Mr. John Mory
who Dyed April the 24th 1736 & in the 26 year of her age
Memento Mori
Mors Vincent Omnia

Here lieth interred the
Body of Mrs. Abigail Tisdale
ye late wife of Mr. James
Tisdale of Lebanon &
Daughter to Mr. John Coleman
of Nantucket who died
ye 18 of November 1726
& 45 year of her age
Hare lis A virtuous loving wif
& ever she was kind
Unto har husband and har babes:
Whom she hath left behind.

Here lies the Body of
Mr. James Tisdale of Lebanon
the husband of Mrs. Mindwell
Tisdale. He died May 3, 1727
aged 48 years
Here lies our faithful Loveing Friend
A Husband & A Father kind
Who hath rezind himself to God
And left his wife & babes behind.

Here lieth the Body of Mr. Abel Janes
ye Husband of Mrs. Mary Janes, who
Died December ye 18 1718 in ye
73 year of his age
Leet Heavens Blessings rest upon
ye Derling of my youthful dayes
& also one my children yong
To keep them all in wisdoms wais

Here lyes ye Body of yt worth
virtuous & pious Mother in Israel
wife to Mr. Abel Janes Mrs. Mary
Janes by Name when she had
Lieved Long a holy and Patient Life
Dyed April 24 1735 in ye
80 year of Har age
Farewell my Loving Children
My Neigburs & my Friends
Sarve God in Truth while in Your Youth
& Til Your Life doth end.

This stone covers the remains of that Eminent Servant of God,
the Revd Solomon Williams, D. D. late Pastor at Lebanon.
Adorned with uncommon gifts of nature, learning & Grace,
he shone bright as the Gentleman, Scholar, Christian & devine,
conspicuous for wisdom, warm in devotion, bold in the cause of Christ,
excelling as a preacher, most agreeable in conversation, clear & Judicious in councel,
an ardent lover of peace & the rights of mankind,
firm in friendship, Singularly hospitable & in all relations exemplary;
having faithfully serv'd the interest of Christ, of Religion
& Learning at his Masters call, he calmly fell asleep in Jesus
Feb. 28th 1776 in the 76th year of his age
& 54 of his ministry.
Them that sleep in Jesus will God bring with him.

Hic jacet
Thomas Williams
in expectione
Diei Supremi:
Quis erat
ille Dies declarabil
Natus 12th Nov. O.S. 1735
Obit 11 Feb 1819

Rev. Zebulon Ely
Died Nov. 28, 1824, in the 66 year
of his age and the 43 of his ministry.
He was born in Lyme; Grad. at Yale College;
and on Nov. 13 1782, ordained Pastor
of the first church in Lebanon.

Here lies the body of
Capt. Joseph Trumble
one of the Fathers of ye town and
just Friend to it, of a compassionate
kind deposition who after a short
illness departed this life in the hope
of a better June 16. 1755 in the 77th year of his age.

Here are deposited the remains of
Mrs. Hannah Trumbull, late wife of Capt. Joseph Trumbull, Daughter of John
Higley of Simsbury Esqur. whom came from
Frimley in ye County of Surrey by Mrs. Hannah
Drake his first wife. She was born
at Windsor 22d April 1683, Died at
Lebanon 8 Nov. 1768, aged 85 years. 6 mo. & 15 days.

Sacred to the memory of Jonathan Trumbull, Esq.
who, unaided by birth or powerful connections,
but blessed with a noble and virtuous mind,
arrived to the highest station in govenrment.
His patroitism and firmness during 50 years of employment in public life,
and particularly in the very important part he acted in the American Revolution,
as Governor of Connecticut, the faithful page of History will record.
Full of years and honors, rich in benevolence,
and firm in the faith and hopes of Christianity,
he died Aug. 9th, 1785, Ętatis 75.

Sacred to the memory of Madam Faith Trumbull,
the amiable lady of Gov. Trumbull,
born at Duxbury, Mass, A.D. 1718.
Happy and beloved in her connubial state,
she lived a virtuous, charitable and Christian life
at Lebanon in Connecticut, and died
lamented by numerous friends, A.D. 1780, aged 62 years.

Sacred to the memory of Joseph Trumbull, eldest son of Gov. Trumbull,
and first Commissary Genl. of the United States of America.
A service to whose prepetual cares and fatigues he fell a sacrifice,
A.D. 1778, Ęt. 42.

To the memory of Jonathan Trumbull, Esq.,
late Governor of the State of Connecticut.
He was born March 26th 1740 and died Aug. 7th, 1809, aged 69 years.
His remains were deposited with those of his father.

The remains of the Hono. William Williams are desposited in this Tomb:
born April 8th, 1731, died Aug. 2d, 1811,
in the 81st year of his age, a man eminent for his virtues and piety.,
-- for more than 50 years he was constantly employed in Public Life,
and served in many of the most important offices in the gift of his fellow citizens.
During the period of the Revolutionary war, he was a firm, steady, and ardent friend of his country,
and in the darkest times risked his life and wealth in her defense.
In 1776 and 1777 he was a member of the American Congress,
and as such signed the Declaration of Independence.

as thou passest, drop a tear to the memory of the once eminent Academic Instructor,
Nathan Tisdale, a lover of Science. He marked the road to useful knowledge.
A friend to his country, he inspired the flame of Patriotism.
Having devoted his whole life from the 18th year of his age to the duties of his profession,
which he followed with distinguished usefulness to Society,
he died Jan'y 5th 1787, in the 56 year of his age.

To the memory of
Col. James Clark
who died on the 29th day of Dec. 1826
aged 96 years and 5 mos.
He was a Soldier of the Revolution, and dared
to lead where any dared to follow. The
Battles of Bunker's Hill, Harlem Heights
and White Plains, witnessed his personal
bravery, & his devotion to to the cause of his
He here in death rests from his labours,
For "there [is] no discharge in that war."

This monument is erected in Memory of Capt. Walter Hyde
who was of approved integrity, a useful member of Society,
a kind husband, an affectionate parent,
a lover of his country & a firm Supporter of the rights of Mankind.
Exempt from Military duty by a former command, he nobly stept forth,
raised and took the command of an Independent Company & with them
proceeded to the neighbourhood of N. York A. D. 1776
in defence of the invaded rights of the United American States
when he died at Greenwich on the 18th day of Sept. 1776 aged 41 years
& was there buried & his grave undistinguishable from those many other strangers.
His death was greatly lamented by all to whom he was known.

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