The First Church of Christ
In Hartford

Reports of the Church
For the Year 1904

Directories of the Church & Congregation
Rules of the Church
Order of Service for the Reception of Members

Published by the Church, February 1905

[Note: Maiden names of married women are in square brackets [ ].
Names of husbands are in parathensis ( ).]

On Confession of Faith

10 Apr William John BLACK
Roger Wolcott DAVIS
John Marshall HOLCOMBE, Jr.
Rosalie HOOKER
Marion Emelie HOSFORD
Louise Lulu KELTING
Richard Ransom KING
Gertrude Estelle LEONARD
Cynthia L. [PLACE] MADISON (S. M.)
Lena Howard MARSHALL
Charles Valentine NEWMAN
Harland Dickinson POMEROY
Edward Constant ROBERTS
Sarah Howard SWIFT
25 Sep Lilliam Catherine KOCH
4 Dec Mary C. [HEATH] MURRAY (James)

By Letter - 1904

7 Feb Emma R. [ROTH] BECHER (F. O) From the 1st Cong. Church, New Britain
Celestia [FITZGERALD] QUINT (A. D.) Farmington Ave. Cong. Church
Julia [LASHER] LYNCH (A. E.) Reformed Church, West Copake, N.Y.
Mary Adelaide [WITHERBEE] SEDGWICK (w. Timothy) Congregational Church, West Hartford
Huldah Sophie SELLERS 4th Congregational Church
Elizabeth WESTLAND Church of Scotland, Parish of Alva
Herbert C. WADSWORTH Center Congregational Church, South Manchester
Anna BEVIN WADSWORTH (H. C.) Congregational Church, East Hampton
10 Apr Harriet Ward BRITTON 1st Presbyterian Church, Binghampton, N.Y.
Anna M. [HILLS] HAMLIN (E. P.) 1st Presbyterian Church, Waterville, N.Y.
Mary Lena HAMLIN
Nannette [SHAKLER] HELM 1st Methodist Episcopal Church, Meriden
Harold JOHNSTONE St. James Episcopal Church
Jennie LEHMAN German Lutheran Church
Richmond Edward SLADE St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Yonkers, N. Y.
Jane Archibald [WIGGINS] SLADE (R. E.)
James Hiram SLADE 1st Presbyterian Church, Lockport, N.Y.
Ada May STEARNS Congregational Church, Chester
7 Aug Dina [JEINSEN] SCHAPER (w. Charles) Congregational Church, Chester
Etta A. [EDWARDS] COOK (w. J. B.) 4th Congregational Church
4 Dec George CAVENS 2nd Church of Christ, Hartford
Elizabeth [CURRIE] CAVENS (George)
Richard P. ROMAINE Bergen Reformed Church, Jersey City, N. J.
Mary C. [KNIGHT] WOODFORD (w. Edwin A.) Farmington Ave. Congregational Church


14 Jan Emma J. [STONE] HOTCHKISS To the Congregational Church, Riverhead, Long Island, N.Y.
Scotch Presbyterian Church, New York City
11 Feb Edward Carter PERKINS St. James Methodist Episcopal Church, Kingston, N. Y.
18 Feb Catharine [LINTON] HAYES (E. J.) 1st Baptist Church, Cleveland, Ohio
25 Feb Isabelle NOBLE Plymouth Church, Wichita, Kansas
17 Mar Jessie L. [NEVERS] TRACY (H. D.) Trinity Church, Hartford, Conn.
14 Apr Mary C. O. [PIERSON] CHENEY (Horace B.) Center Congregational Church, South Manchester, Conn.
Robert N. FULTON [Rev.] Congregational Church, Littleton, Mass.
2 Jun Marietta C. [OILEY] COFFIN (w. G. B.) South Park Methodist Episcopal Church, Hartford, Conn.
10 Nov Alma L. CHAPIN 1st Congregational Church, Colorado Springs, Col
15 Dec Caroline J. [NEWALL] WITTER (Harry S.) Wethersfield Ave. Congregational Church, Hartford, Conn
Matthew N. NAHIGAN United Church, New Haven, Conn
22 Dec Grace A. McKEEVER "To associate with another religious body, with certificate of membership in good & regular standing."

Removed from the Roll by vote of the Church
on recommendation of the Prudential Committee

7 Apr Mary G. [HOLDEN] NEAR (M. F.)
Alice [HOOKER] DAY (w. John C.)

Deaths - 1904

[Note:-- First date is date of death, second date is date of admission]

10 Jan Jennie A. [STEWART] SAMSON (George W.) Apr 1878
14 Jan Ann [GAFFNEY] MARTELL (L. J.) Apr 1878
15 Jan Mary [BONNER] ALLEN (John) Apr 1861
1 Feb Annie F. [BERG] HARTRANFT (C. H.) Dec 1879
5 Feb Nellie E. [McCRAY] MILLER (Geo. R.), Oct 1898
5 Feb Samuel T. MILLARD Jul 1849
15 Feb Milton F. PELLETT Apr 1883
13 Apr Sarah [CALLENDAR] FISH (w. A. M.) May 1851
14 May Margaret HALING Feb 1903
15 Jul William E. SUGDEN May 1845
21 Jul Elizabeth [ABBEY] HOUSE (w. W. W.) Aug 1831
16 Aug Emily SEYMOUR Jul 1841
31 Aug Henry Ellsworth TAINTOR Feb 1868
9 Sep Sarah [HEBREW] KANE (w. Robert) Apr 1877
17 Oct Samuel N. KELLOGG Dec 1903
11 Nov Samuel HAYS Apr 1897
12 Nov Harriet [BROWN] GOODWIN (w. E. O.) Apr 1892
25 Nov Francis Buel COOLEY Apr 1878


3 Apr Ruth Elizabeth PARKER dau. of Walter & Emma C. [BARDONS] PARKER
6 Apr Harrison Crowell FREEMAN son of Harrison B. & Alma [CROWELL] FREEMAN
11 Apr Caroline Eva DINGWELL dau. of Arthur E. & Bertha [SMITH] DINGWELL
14 Apr Elizabeth JUDD dau. of Edwin G. & Elizabeth [BRYANT] JUDD
14 Apr Lucius Hilliard BARBOUR son of Lucius Barnes & Charlotte C. [HILLARD] BARBOUR
12 Jun Montague WHITE son of Henry Wellington & Edith [MONTAGUE] WHITE
3 Jul Kathearine Dorothy BECHER dau. of Fred O. & Emma [ROTH] BECHER
17 Jul Dora Anna HARRIS dau. of James & Anna [KARLSON] HARRIS
25 Sep John Dobson PARKER son of John Dobson & Edith [ELLSWORTH] PARKER
24 Nov Henry Augustus PERKINS son of Henry Augustus & Olga [FLINCH] PERKINS
11 Dec Bertha Torrey BOSSON dau. of John J. & Emma [REEVE] BOSSON


9 Dec 1903 Martha J. [BLACK] HEIMER (E. Paul)
6 Apr 1904 Lucy W. [PIERSON] DOMINICK (George)
Aug 1904 Segrid [PEARSON] BRADLEY (C. S.)
14 Sep 1904 Mary [BERTHOLD] LOESER (Peter)
10 Nov 1904 Louise [STUART] BAKER (Henry H.)
4 Jan 1905 Louise [BJERKLUND] MODEEN (Oscar W.)


Number of Members, 1 Jan 1904
Admissions to 1 Jan 1905, on confession 19
Admissions to 1 Jan 1905, by letter 25

Total Admissions 44

Dismissions to other churches 14
Dropped from the Roll 2
Deaths 18

Total Removed 34
Net increase

Number of Members 1 Jan 1905

With Their Residences
Corrected to 1 Jan 1905

[Note:-- The column marked ** contains "" if
the member was received by letter from another church.
Maiden names are enclosed in square brackets [ ]
Husbands' names are in parathensis ( )
The letter "w" is to be read as "widow".]

Admitted ** Name Residence
Dec 1880 ADAMS, Mary H. 624 Asylum Av.
Apr 1903 ALLAN, Margaret 37 Jefferson St.
Apr 1861 ALLEN, John 65 Washington St.
Apr 1883
ALLEN, Lucy M. [BRACE] (w. J. W.) 16 Allen Place
Jun 1898 ALLEN, Caroline W. [OLMSTED] (Normand F.) 520 Farmington Av.
Apr 1903
ALLEN, Julia Patten 520 Farmington Ave.
Apr 1903
ALLEN, Edward Normand 520 Farmington Ave.
Apr 1903
ALLING, Edward 1100 Albany Ave.
Apr 1870 ANDREWS, Jane C. [STINSON] (w. Wm. O.) 9 Oak St.
Feb 1899 ANGUS, William 110 Oak St.
Feb 1899 ANGUS, Jennie [SWANSON] (Wm.) 110 Oak St.
Feb 1899 ANGUS, William Jr. 110 Oak St.
Feb 1899 ANGUS, Elizabeth 110 Oak St.
Apr. 1900
ANGUS, John J. 110 Oak St.
Apr. 1902
ANGUS, Robert Alexander 110 Oak St.
Apr 1892
ARNOLD, Florence L. [WINSLOW] (A. H.) 235 Wethersfield Ave.
Apr 1901 ATKINS, Frederic C. 12 So. Highland St.
Apr 1901 ATKINS, Cora [PARSONS] (F. C.) 12 So. Highland St.
Apr 1901 ATKINS, Florence S. 12 So. Highland St.
Apr 1901 ATKINS, Perle H. 12 So. Highland St.
Aug 1865 BARBOUR, Lucius 130 Washington St.
Dec 1893
BARBOUR, Harriet B. 130 Washington St.
Dec 1893
BARBOUR, Lucius B. 132 Washington St.
Jun 1878
BARDONS, Philip J. 198 Jefferson St
Apr 1891 BARDONS, Nellie [CLOCLOUGH], (P. J) 198 Jefferson St.
Dec 1904
BARDONS, Raymond 24 Talcott St.
Feb 1875
BARKER, Pauline S. [NORTHROP] (Ludlow) 711 Farmington Ave.
Apr 1878
BARLOW, James W. 218 Jefferson St.
Apr 1876
BARLOW, Rhoda A. [TOLLES] (J. W.) 218 Jefferson St.
Oct 1903 BARNOWSKI, Ferdinand 75 Temple St.
Oct 1903 BARNOWSKI, Auguste [KASCKE] 75 Temple St.
Oct 1903 BARNOWSKI, Otto 75 Temple St.
Feb 1904 BECHER, Emma [ROTH] (F. O.) 264 Jefferson St.
Dec 1884
BECKLEY, Cosie [LAMBE] (Franklin E.) 6 Buckingham St.
Jun 1886 BELL, Lydia M. [STUYTER] (w. C. H.) 118 Wethersfield Av.
Jun 1903 BENJAMIN, Mable [HOLMES] (Scott) 82 Oxford St.
Oct 1901 BENTLEY, Nancy A. [SPRING] (w. Alonzo A.) 36 Jefferson St.
Oct 1894 BERHOLD, Rosa [Eager] (w. Henry) 277 Main St.
Oct 1898 BINGHAM, Frances A. 50 Niles St.
Oct 1882 BIRKENMAYER, Helen J. 427 Main St
Jun 1852,
BISSELL, Julia S. [DAY] (w. G. P.) Allyn House
Jun 1902 BLACK, Barbara 89 Lincoln St.
Jun 1902 BLACK, Elizabeth 89 Lincoln St.
Apr 1904
BLACK, William John 89 Lincoln St.
Apr. 1856
BLANCHARD, Joseph L. 73 Buckingham St.
Jun 1881
BODENSTEIN, Mary [BRENZ] (w. Herman) #45 Albany Ave.
Dec 1876 BOYD, James 143 Wethersfield Ave.
Dec. 1876 BOYD, Agnes [McKEE] (James) 143 Wethersfield Ave.
Jun 1891
BOYD, Nettie 143 Wethersfield Ave.
Apr 1878 BOYD, Mary E. [McKEE] (Thos.) 427 Main St.
Jun 1873
BRACE, Emily M. 16 Allen Pl.
Apr 1901 BRAINARD, Mary [BULKELEY] (w. L.) 135 Washington St.
Apr 1901
BRAINARD, Edith 135 Washington St.
Apr 1901
BRAINARD, Ruth 135 Washington St.
Apr 1901 BRAINARD, Lucy Morgan [BRAINARD] (Lyman) 144 Washington St.
Jun 1902 BRITTON, Charles Orson 554 Prospect St.
Jun 1902 BRITTON, Ann [PHILIPS] (C. O) 544 Prospect St.
Apr 1904 BRITTON, Harriet Ward 424 Washington St.
Feb 1888
BROWN, Helen 140 Washington St.
Apr 1876 BROWN, Fannie H. [NOYES] (w. R. W.) 76 Garden St.
Apr 1878
BROWN, Abram P. 270 Farmington Ave.
Feb 1884
BROWN, Fannie F. 270 Farmington Ave
Feb 1894
BROWN, Helen E. 270 Farmington Ave.
Apr 1884
BROWN, Walter S. 55 May St.
Dec 1890
BROWNE, Virginia F. 19 Kenyon St.
Oct 1879
BRUIGGAMAN, George H. 373 Asylum St.
Oct 1879
BRUIGGAMAN, Julia [CAIRNES] (G. H.) 330 Park St.
Apr 1886
BUCKLEY, Anna Belle [HARRISON] (W. S.) 64 Hungerford St.
Apr 1902 BUDGE, Jessie [CALDER] (w. James) 1 Union St.
Dec 1893 BUELL, Robert C. 114 Vernon St.
Oct 1836 BUNCE, Emma 149 High St.
Oct 1891 BUNDY, Horace L. 126 Windsor Ave.
Oct 1891 BUNDY, Lucy M. [BARROWS], (H. L.) 126 Windsor Ave.
Oct 1891 BUNDY, Harriet M. 126 Windsor St.
Jun 1870 BURNHAM, Julia 76 Edwards St.
Apr 1894
BURNS, Adele [SCHACHER] (w. Stephen) 41 Hungerford St.
Dec 1900 BUSHNELL, Frank 115 Elm St.
Dec 1900 BUSHNELL, Caroline [SELLERS] (F.) 115 Elm St.
Dec 1900 BUSHNELL, Mary S. 115 Elm St.
Dec 1900 BUSHNELL, Jessie J. 115 Elm St.
Dec 1900 BUSHNELL, Howard E. 115 Elm St.
Dec 1900 BUSHNELL, Ward 115 Elm St.
Feb 1887 CALDER, George 140 Sargeant St.
Feb 1887 CALDER, Margery [Patterson] (George) 140 Sargeant St.
Oct 1891
CALDER, Helen B. 140 Sargeant St.
Oct 1894
CALDER, William P. 140 Sargeant St.
Oct 1891 CALHOUN, Sarah C. [BEACH], (J. G.) 201 Farmington Ave.
Feb 1869
CARLETON, Denny 261 Wethersfield Ave.
Oct 1894
CARROLL, Samuel J. 154 Allyn St.
Feb 1869 CARTER, Samuel W. 36 Jefferson St.
Apr 1895 CASE, Marie R. [HUBBARD] (E. B.) 63 Blue Hills Ave.
Dec 1904 CAVENS, George 8 Ashley St.
Dec 1904 CAVENS, Elizabeth [CURRIE] (George) 8 Ashley St.
Jun 1902 CHAFFEE, Eleanor M. 58 Church St.
Feb 1902
CHARTER, Ella [TILDEN] (I. W.) 95 Hungerford St.
Feb 1902
CHARTER, Gertrude Louisa 95 Hungerford St.
Apr 1887
CHILDS, Grace D. [SMITH] (Chas. R.) 11 Marshall St.
Jun 1901
CHLOPKOWIAK, Anna [GOMMELS] (L.) 25 Park St.
Jun 1901
CHLOPKOWIAK, Helen 25 Park St.
Jul 1847
CHURCHILL, William T. 7 Seyms St.
Dec 1883 CHURCHILL, Alice J. [WOODBRIDGE] (W. T.) 7 Seyms St.
Aug 1884 CLARK, Elma A. [HASTINGS] (w. H. P.) 28 Hopkins St.
Apr 1901 CLARK, Alice [BOWERS] (w. G. R.) 50 Pleasant St.
Jun 1860
CLAWSON, Ellen [PARKER] (w. James) 238 Park St.
Jun 1898 CLEAVELAND, Isabel [CHAMBERLAIN] (F. E.) 135 Sigourney St.
Oct 1903 COLLINS, Regina [COLLINS] (w. Anton) 109 Hungerford St.
Apr 1876 COLSON, Emily J. [BILLINGS] (Theodore) 131 Jefferson St.
Oct 1874 CONVERSE, Julia I. [SPENCER] (w. W. W.) 270 Farmington Ave.
Aug 1904 COOK, Etta [EDWARDS] (w. J. R.) 86 John St.
Jun 1858
COOKE, Mary A. [FITCH] (w. J. W.) 119 Capitol Ave
Apr 1866 COOLEY, Clarissa A. [SMITH] (w. F. B. ) 119 Farmington Ave.
Feb 1884
COOLEY, Charles P. 119 Farmington Ave.
Apr 1878
COOLEY, Francis R. 12 Marshall St.
Dec 1890 COOLEY, Alice C. [BROWNE] (F. R.) 12 Marshall St.
Jun 1898 COWLES, T. Milton 194 Ashley St.
Jun 1898 COWLES, Emma J. [COOLEY] (T. M.) 194 Ashley St.
Apr 1891 COYLE, Mary E. 1150 Main St.
Apr 1894
CRANE, Grace M., [ALLEN] (Chas. E.) 177 Ashley St.
Apr 1895 CROCKER, Harriet E. 33 South Hudson St.
Apr 1887
CRYGIER, Lilys M. [GOODRICH] (F. H.) 363 Laurel St.
Aug 1885 CUMMINGS, Francis A. 180 Sargeant St.
Aug 1885 CUMMINGS, Mary A. [LANDPHEAR] (F. A.) 180 Sargeant St.
Aug 1885 CUMMINGS, Alice T. 180 Sargeant St.
Feb 1877 CURTIS, Emily C. [WHITTLESEY] (w. Rev. Lucius Q.) 73 Wadsworth St.
Aug 1888 CUTLER, Ralph W. 101 Washington St.
Aug 1888 CUTLER, Grace [DENNIS] (R. W.) 101 Washington St.
Dec 1895
CUTLER, Charlotte E. 101 Washington St.
Feb 1901
CUTLER, Ralph Dennis 101 Washington St.
Feb 1901
CUTLER, Ruth Holman 101 Washington St.
Apr 1903
DAROVINIAN, Nishon 25 Affleck St.
Apr 1888 DAVIS, Frederick W. 79 Vernon St.
Apr 1888 DAVIS, Mary [TAINTOR] (F. W.) 79 Vernon St.
Feb 1900
DAVIS, Dorothy Wendell 79 Vernon St.
Apr. 1904
DAVIS, Roger WOLCOTT 79 Vernon St.
Apr 1877 DAVIS, Solon P. 86 Edwards St.
Feb 1887 DAVIS, Ella H. [COYLE] (S. P.) 86 Edwards St.
Apr 1903
DAVIS, Malcom Waters 86 Edwards St.
Aug 1861
DAY, Caroline E. Allyn House
Apr 1898 DAY. Edward M. 109 Elm St.
Oct 1903
DEAN, Grace [PERKINS] (w. P.) 17 Haynes St.
Apr 1885
DELAHANTY, John Jr. 12 Warner St.
Apr 1878
DEMING, Anna E. [SAGE] (w. H. A. ) 30 Charter Oak Ave.
Apr 1894
DEMING, Florence 30 Charter Oak Ave.
Aug 1888 DENNIS, Bertha P. 98 Washington St.
Apr 1894
DETTENBORN, Nettie A. [LOTZE] (L. F.) 57 Seymour St.
Feb 1892
DEWEY, Hellen G. [PELLETT] (D. M. E.) 165 Bellevue St.
Apr 1890
DIETRICH, Emma K. 44 Congress St.
Feb 1890
DINGWELL, Arthur E. 133 Ward St.
Apr 1887
DINGWELL, Bertha [SMITH] (A. E.) 133 Ward St.
Apr 1885 DONCHIAN, Samuel B. 85 Gillett St.
Jun 1890 DONCHIAN, Armenouhi A. (S. B.) 85 Gillett St.
Feb 1892 DOWN, Edwin A. (M.D.) 703 Asylum St.
Feb 1897 DOYLE, Margaret Amelia 258 Ashley St.
Apr 1903
DUNBAR, Harry 1100 Albany Ave.
Jun 1881
EDWARDS, Henrietta [BREWER] (Alonzo) 86 John St.
Jun 1881
EDWARDS, Sarah J. 86 John St.
Apr 1896
EDWARDS, Edna R. 115 Adelaide St.
Apr 1890
EDWARDS, Nellie F. V. 115 Adelaide St.
Apr 1899 ELDRIDGE, James W. 31 Wethersfield Ave.
Apr 1899 ELDRIDGE, Lillie [HAMILTON] (J. W.) 31 Wethersfield Ave.
Oct 1902 ELDRIDGE, Anne F. 31 Wethersfield Ave.
Feb 1859 ELLSWORTH, Julia T. [DOW] (w. P. W.) 68 Collins ST
Apr 1885
ELLSWORTH, Ernest B. 126 Collins St.
Jun 1889 ELY, Charlotte M. 1304 Main St.
Jun 1888 FAIRCHILD, Margaret [SHERMAN] (w. S. B.)
[Died 14 Jan 1905]
177 Retreat Ave.
Aug 1892
FARRELL, Maria [CAREY] (John) 92 Chestnut St.
Apr 1902 FISCHER, Charles E. 230 Putnam St.
Apr 1902
FISCHER, Bertha M. 230 Putnam St.
Apr 1902
FISCHER, Louise M. 230 Putnam St.
Aug 1858
FISH, Hannah Maria 64 Buckingham St.
Apr 1902
FISHER, Emma 228 Sargeant St
Apr 1892 FLINN, Alfred W 10 Franklin Ave
Apr 1886
FLINN, Martha [LINTON] (Alfred) 10 Franklin St.
Apr 1897 FORBES, Ira E. 78 Windsor Ave
Aug 1897 FORBES, Rhoda S. [SHORT] (Ira E.) 78 Windsor Ave
Jun 1870
FOSTER, Emma P. 791 Prospect Ave.
Apr 1873
FOSTER, James M. 172 Sigourney St.
Apr 1894
FOX, Caroline M. 36 Jefferson St.
Jun 1899 FRANCIS, Edward S. 41 Greenfield Ave.
Jun 1899 FRANCIS, Luetta D. [STEWART] (E. S) 41 Greenfield Ave.
Apr 1903
FRANZ, Harry Peter 7 Atlantic St.
Dec 1890 FREEMAN, Fanny H. [BILL] (H. B.) 780 Prospect Ave.
Dec 1890 FREEMAN, Harrison B. Jr. 566 Prospect Ave.
Oct 1891
FRENCH, Carrie B. 56 Hudson St.
Apr 1901
FRENCH, Adella 56 Hudson St.
Apr 1901
FRENCH, Mabel 56 Hudson St.
Jun 1867 FULLER, Horace S. [M.D.] 95 Trumbull St.
Feb 1877
GARMANY, Caroline D. [BISSELL] (Howard H.) Allyn House
Jun 1893 GEER, Everett S. 64 Niles St.
Jun 1893, GEER, Georgianna E. [PECKHAM] (E. S.) 64 Niles St.
Apr 1902
GEER, Everett Selden, Jr. 64 Niles St.
Apr 1896 GEER, Eliza S. 62 Niles St.
Dec 1903 GIDDINGS, Frederick Wooster 57 Girard Ave.
Dec 1903 GIDDINGS, Mary [STOUGHTON] (F. W.) 57 Girard Ave.
Oct 1889
GILBERT, Laura M. [FARRELL] (W. J) 1 Phelps St., East Hartford
Apr 1887
GILL, Anne S. [DEMING] (Frank C.) 1 Columbia St.
Apr 1878
GILLETT, Albert B. 944 Asylum Ave.
Apr 1878
GILLETT, Leontine M. [HOTCHKISS] (A. B.) 944 Asylum Ave.
Dec 1888 GILLETT, Arthur L. [Prof.] 1 Wethersfield Ave.
Dec 1888 GILLETT, Cornelia H. [SMITH] (w. A. J.) 320 Farmington Ave.
Jun 1881 GLADWIN, Sidney M. 705 Asylum Ave.
Feb 1899 GODARD, George S. 66 Blue Hills Ave.
Feb 1899 GODARD, Kate [DEWEY] (George S.) 66 Blue Hills Ave.
Jun 1897 GODDARD, Edith M. [CADWELL] (F. E.) 144 Woodland St.
Apr 1865
GOODRICH, Arthur L. 75 Farmington Ave.
Jun 1872 GOODRICH, Emma C. [ROOT] (A. L) 75 Farmington Ave.
Jun 1869
GOODRICH, Helen J. [COOK] (C. N.) 363 Laurel St.
Dec 1901 GOODWIN, Carolyn A. 69 Imlay St.
Apr 1902 GRASER, Rosa 298 Park St.
Dec 1879 GRAVES, Julia A. 638 Asylum Ave.
Jun 1892 GRAY, William M. 112 Allen Pl.
Jun 1892 GRAY, Elizabeth [STEWART] (William) 112 Allen Pl.
Dec 1901 GRAY, John 40 Mahl Ave.
Dec 1901 GRAY, Mary [SMEATON] (John) 40 Mahl Ave
Oct 1857
GRIDLEY, Anne A. [NEWELL] (w. H. R.) 18 Annawan St.
Dec 1887
GRIDLEY, Nellie W. 18 Annawan St.
Apr 1892
GRIDLEY, Florance A. 18 Annawan St
Oct 1866
GRIFFING, Robert A. 67 Kenyon St.
Feb 1888 GRIFFING, Milline L. [BRITT] (R. A.) 67 Kenyon St.
Apr 1895 GRISWOLD, Georgiana 95 Chestnut St.
Jun 1903 GULESERIAN, Nigoghos 2 School St.
Jun 1903 GULESERIAN, Yerahyri [GRIGORIAN] (N.) 2 School St.
Feb 1890
HAHN, Amelia 78 Jefferson St.
Jun 1852
HALE, James W. 9 Belden St.
Apr 1884 HALL, Mary 98 Pratt St.
Apr 1904 HAMLIN, Anna M. [HILLS] (E. P.) 16 Seyms St
Apr 1904 HAMLIN, Mary Lena 16 Seyms St.
Dec 1881
HANSEL, Harriet G. [DAY] (C. R.) 71 Elm St
Aug 1902
HAROOTOONIAN, Mary [MEHDERIAN] (K.) 1447 Broad St.
Aug 1902
HAROOTOONIAN, Alexander 1447 Broad St.
Apr 1904
HARRIS, James 56 Roosevelt St.
Apr 1904
HARRIS, Anna M. [KARLSON] (James) 56 Roosevelt St.
Jun 1886 HARRISON, Alexander S. 196 Sigourney St.
Jun 1886 HARRISON, Marion E. [BISSELL] (A. S.) 196 Sigourney St.
Jun 1886 HARRISON, Ellen M. 196 Sigourney St.
Dec 1877 HARRISON, Edward F. 196 Sigourney St.
Dec 1892 HASTINGS, Mary L. 69 Elm St.
Apr 1901
HASTINGS, Minnie 69 Elm St.
Apr 1901
HASTINGS, Anna 69 Elm St
Apr 1901 HAUSSER, Louise [KUTSCHER] (F.) 57 Seymour St.
Feb 1893 HAVEMEYER, Julia I. [LOOMIS] (w. C. W.) 131 Washington St.
Apr 1894
HAVEMEYER, Julia L. 131 Washington St.
Jan 1901
HAVEMEYER, Loomis 131 Washington St.
Apr 1893 HAWKS, William C.
d. 21 Jan 1905
1507 Broad St.
Apr 1878
HAWKINS, Emma [CLAWSON] (Wm. G.) 238 Park St.
Apr 1903
HAWKINS, William Benjamin 161 Maple Ave.
Jun 1893
HAYNES, Martha [DIMOND] (C. E.) 18 Lewis St.
Apr 1902
HEATH, Zoe Emeline 39 Collins St.
Jun 1902 HEIMER, Mrs. Martha [BLACK] (J. Paul) 598 Main St., East Hartford
Apr 1904 HELM, Nannette [SHAKLER] (w. Wm.) 133 Market St.
Feb 1903
HENNING, Louisa [STENGELIN] (O.) 33 Temple St.
Apr 1902
HENNING, Louise M. 33 Temple St.
Oct 1890
HERTER, Clara [HELMRICH] (W. C.) 76 Hudson
Jun 1884
HESS, Julia A. [PEASE] (F. J.) 140 Westland St.
Jun 1898 HICKOX, Charles A. 234 Pearl St.
Jun 1898 HICKOX, Sarah A. [WARNER] (C. A.) 234 Pearl St.
Apr 1903
HIGGINS, Waldo David 1100 Albany Ave.
Feb 1887 HILDEBRAND, Ida L. [STURGESS] (Chas.) 46 Allen Pl.
Feb 1900
HILDEBRAND, Alice Lyon 46 Allen Pl.
Apr 1902
HILDEBRAND, Arthur Sturgess 46 Allen Pl.
Jun 1869
HILLS, J. Coolidge 19 Atwood St.
Aug 1896
HILLS, Elsie M. [SESSIONS] (J. C.) 19 Atwood St.
Dec 1891
HOLCOMBE, John M. 79 Spring St.
Feb 1889 HOLCOMB, Emily S. [GOODWIN] (J. M.) 79 Spring St.
Apr 1891
HOLCOMBE, Emily M. 79 Spring St.
Dec 1891
HOLCOMBE, Harold G. 79 Spring St.
Apr 1904
HOLCOMBE, John Marshall, Jr. 79 Spring St.
Dec 1862
HOOKER, Martha H. [WILLIAMS] (w. B. E.) 119 Capitol Ave.
Apr 1887
HOOKER, Thomas W. 119 Capitor Ave.
Dec 1891 HOOKER, Edward B. [M.D.] 70 Farmington Ave.
Dec 1901 HOOKER, Martha [KILBOURN] (E. B.) 70 Farmington Ave.
Dec 1895
HOOKER, Isabel K. 70 Farmington Ave.
Apr 1902
HOOKER, Thomas 70 Farmington Ave.
Apr 1903
HOOKER, Joseph Kilbourn 70 Farmington Ave.
Apr 1884
HOOKER, Edward W. 10 Myrtle St.
Feb 1890 HOOKER, Mary [TURNER] (E. W.) 10 Myrtle St.
Apr 1904
HOOKER, Rosalie 10 Myrtle St.
Apr 1901 HOOKER, Hattie Knight 14 Fairmount St.
Jun 1874
HOPKINS, Benjamin G. 204 Laurel St
Feb 1875
HOPKINS, Angeline M. [THOMPSON] (B. G.) 204 Laurel St.
Feb 1875
HOPKINS, Rosella A. 204 Laurel St.
Apr 1904
HOSFORD, Marioun 105 Blue Hill Ave
Feb 1870
HOUSE, Henry S. 614 New Britain Ave.
Oct 1879 HOUSE, Jennie A. [WHITINg] (H. S.) 614 New Britain Ave.
Feb 1868
HOWE, Daniel R. 1008 Asylum St.
Jun 1880 HOWE, Henrietta A. [COLLINS] (D. R.) 1008 Asylum St.
Jun 1898
HOWE, Edmund G. 1008 Asylum St.
Apr 1899
HOWE, Henrietta C. 1008 Asylum St.
Feb 1901
HOWE, Marjorie Frances 1008 Asylum St.
Apr 1878
HUBBARD, Lincoln D. 84 Retreat Sve.
Apr 1903
HUMPHREY, William Arthur 1100 Albany Ave.
Dec 1866
HUNGERFORD, Newman 45 Prospect St.
Jun 1902 HUNGERFORD, Alice [ABBOTT] (w. Robert) 57 Allen Pl.
Jun 1902 HUNGERFORD, Robert A. 57 Allen Pl.
Apr 1902
HUNGERFORD, Constance H. 57 Allen Pl.
Dec 1891
HUNN, George A. 27 King St.
Aug 1889
HUNTER, John S. 15 Washington St.
Apr 1876 HUNTER, Mary [ALLEN] (J. S.) 15 Washington St.
Aug 1889
HUNTER, Charles A. 15 Washington St.
Jun 1895
HUNTER, George S. 15 Washington St.
Aug 1892
ILS, Christine W. 448 Main St.
Feb 1895 ISHAM, Oliver K. [M. D.] 211 High St.
Apr 1901
ISHAM, Charlotte 211 High St.
Apr 1901
ISHAM, Julia 211 High St.
Dec 1900 JACOBUS, Melanethon W. [Prof.] 14 Marshall St.
Apr 1884
JACOBUS, Clara M. [COOLEY] (M. W.) 14 Marshall St.
Aug 1865 JEWELL, Charles A. 140 Washington St.
Aug 1858
JEWELL, Julia W. [BROWN] (C. A.) 140 Washington St.
Feb 1854 JOHNSON, Harriet 87 Elm St.
Feb 1856
JOHNSON, Laura 87 Elm St.
Apr 1904 JOHNSON, Harold 73 Madison St.
Apr 1899
KALAJIAN, Charles 25 Affleck St.
Apr 1877
KEEP, Howard H. 202 Sigourney St.
Jun 1883 KEEP, Carrie G. [PIERSON] (H. H.) 202 Sigourney St.
Dec 1903 KELLOGG, Helen S. [COOLEY] (S. N.) 77 Washington St.
Apr 1897 KENDALL, Emeline B. [HOLMAN] (W. R.) 4 Regent St.
Apr 1899
KILBY, Elmer Charles 21 Church St.
Feb 1897 KING, Emmet C. [M.D.] 21 Capitol Ave.
Feb 1897 KING, Caroline R. [RANSOM] (E. C.) 21 Capitol Ave.
Apr 1903
KING, Robert Burr 21 Capitol Ave.
Apr 1904
KING, Richard Ransom 21 Capitol Ave.
Jun 1884
KLINGER, Bertha H. 133 Ashley St.
Apr 1885
KLINGER, Addie P. 133 Ashley St.
Dec 1884
KLINGER, Clara M. 133 Ashley St.
Jun 1897
KLINGER, Victor 153 Main St.
Jun 1866 KNAPP, Frederic 14 Columbia St.
Jun 1866 KNAPP, Mary E. [BURRITT] (Frederic) 14 Columbia St.
Jun 1873
KNAPP, Lizzie M. 14 Columbia St.
Apr 1878
KNAPP, Mary Clissold 14 Columbia St.
Sep 1904
KOCH, Lillian Catherine 39 Buckingham St.
Apr 1896
KOSTER, Agnes M. [FRENCH] (J. L.) 56 Hudson St.
Apr 1903
KROHER, Amelia Anna 22 Pleasant St., East Hartford
Apr 1885
KULLGREN, Eva C. [ERICKSON] (A. F.) 37 Washington St.
Apr 1903
KULLGREN, Agnes Elizabeth, 37 Washington St.
Apr 1903
KULLGREN, Olga Rebecca 37 Washington St.
Feb 1903 LaFORTUNE, Victor Emmanuel 37 Olmsted St., East Hartford
Feb 1903 LaFORTUNE, Rosella May [PAPILLION] (V. E.) 37 Olmstead St., East Hartford
Jun 1868
LAMBE, Mary F. 6 Buckingham St.
Jun 1863 LANGDON, Hervert B. 197 Sigourney St.
Jun 1881 LANGDON, Louisa [VERY] (H. B.) 197 Sigourney St.
Apr 1904 LEHMAN, Jennie 137 Front St.
Jun 1894
LEHNER, Theresa 30 West St.
Apr 1891
LEONARD, Estelle A. [CRANE] (w. J. P.) 53 Maple Ave.
Apr 1904
LEONARD, Gertrude Estelle 53 Maple Ave.
Apr 1902 LESTER, Ada G. [GODDARD] Quaker L. & Orchard St.
Aug 1894
LOESER, Mary [BERTHOLD] (Peter) 247 Park St.
Dec 1869 LOOMIS, Adelaide 1 Garvant St., East Hartford
Apr 1878
LOOMIS, Clara M. [WEBLER] (C. M.) 92 Pearl St.
Feb 1828
LOOMIS, Mary 36 Jefferson St.
Apr 1903 LORD, Carlton Henry 82 Sargeant St.
Apr 1903 LORD, Edith E. [ANGELL] (C. H.) 32 Sargeant St.
Dec 1902 LORENTZ, Olive [YONKERS] (H. G.) 150 Capitol Ave.
Feb 1904 LYNCH, Julia Lasher 58 Edwards St.
Apr 1902
MACOMBER, Charles G. 41 Sigourney St.
Apr 1904
MADISON, Cynthia L. [PLACE] (S. M.) 102 Ann St.
Dec 1903 MANAHAN, Ilabel J. 187 Jefferson St.
Dec 1869 MANNING, Augusta M. 49 Willard St.
Apr 1904
MARSHALL, Lena Howard 58 Church St.
Feb 1902 MASON, Helen R. 99 Farmington Ave.
Jun 1878 MASTERTON, Elizabeth [LENNOX] (w. ROBERT) 52 Seymour St.
Jun 1865
MAYER, Ella A. [FULLER] (H. M.) 126 Windsor St.
Jun 1868
McCONVILLE, William J. 98 Wethersfield Ave.
Jun 1902 McCONVILLE, Julia [PIERSON] (W. J) 98 Wethersfield Ave.
Dec 1890 McINTYRE, Archibald 20 Lincoln St.
Dec 1890 McINTYRE, Margaret [PATTERSON] (Archibald) 98 Wethersfield Ave.
Feb 1902 McINTYRE, Annie [McDougal], (W. J.) 1 Whitman Ct.
Feb 1902 MEIER, Jennie Hall 690 Asylum Ave.
Feb 1903
MERWIN, Nelson D. 259 Capitol Ave.
Feb 1903
MERWIN, Bessie [COLLIER] (N. D.) 259 Capitor Ave.
Oct 1902 MILL, Charlotte J. 43 Allen Pl.
Oct 1902 MILL, Isabel L. 43 Allen Pl.
Apr 1873
MILLARD, Cornwall T. 36 Lewis St.
Jun 1887 MILLARD, Gertrude W. [HILLS] (C. T.) 36 Lewis St.
Oct 1898 MILLER, George R. [M.D.] 51 Church St.
Feb 1874
MIX, Eliza F. 427 Main St.
Apr 1899
MODEEN, Louisa [BJORKLUND] (O. W.) 14 Church ST.
Jun 1877
MORGAN, Jennie T. 29 Atwood St.
Jun 1874 MOSELEY, George W. 63 Imlay St.
Jun 1874 MOSELEY, Mary J. [LATHROP] (G. W.( 63 Imlay St.
Apr 1884
MOSELEY, Edward E. 63 Imlay St.
Apr 1896
MORSE, Minnie 47 Farmington Ave.
Dec 1890
MULDOON, Joseph J. Y. M. Christian Association
Apr 1900
MUNSELL, Alonzo A. 54 Charter Oak Ave.
Dec 1895 MUNSILL, Gail B. 4 Wethersfield Ave.
Dec 1895 MUNSILL, Ruth C. [HOLMES] (G. B.) 4 Wethersfield Ave.
Apr 1900
MURK, Hannah 74 Seymour St.
Dec 1904
MURRAY, Mary C. [HEATH] (James) 926 Main St.
Apr 1901
NEWMAN, Jennie H. 8 Wadsworth St.
Apr 1904
NEWMAN, Charles Valentine 8 Wadsworth St.
Apr 1896
NEWTON, Alice M. [COLTON] (E. A.) 216 Garden St.
Jun 1897 NEWTON, Mary G. [TUCKER] (w. John) 127 Oak St.
Jun 1897 NEWTON, Katherine L. 127 Oak St.
Jun 1897 NEWTON, Rosilla R. 127 Oak St.
Apr 1886 NICHOLS, Lucius H. 28 Hopkins St.
Apr 1886 NICHOLS, Josephine M. [CLARK] (L. H.) 28 Hopkins St.
Dec 1898
NICOLL, David H. 170 High St.
Apr 1903
NIELSON, Anna Sophia 105 Pitkin St., East Hfd.
Oct 1902 NORRIS, Carrie S. 20 S. Hudson St.
Aug 1871 NORTHROP, Elizabeth [MYGATT] (w. E. G.)
d. 2 Jan 1905
75 Oxford St.
Dec 1895
NORTON, Ada Isabel 86 Edwards St.
Apr 1887
OLMSTED, Ellen G. 58 Church St.
Apr 1890
PAGE, Celile S. [WHITNEY] (Bertrand A.) 6 Regent St.
Oct 1903 PAGE, Charlotte Newcomb 29 Buckingham St.
Apr 1892 PARISH, Ella A. West Hartford
Feb 1872 PARKER, John Dwight 183 Sigourney St.
Apr 1896
PARKER, John Dobson 55 Highland St.
Jun 1886
PARKER, Edith T. [ELLSWORTH] (J. D.) 55 Highland St.
Apr 1896
PARKER, Emma C. [BARDONS] (Walter) 41 Riverside St.
Jun 1886
PARKHURST, M. Eloise [FOLAND] (Albert) 490 Main St., East Hfd.
Jun 1886
PARKHURST, Eva E. 490 Main St., East Hfd.
Dec 1881
PARSONS, Francis 960 Prospect Ave.
Oct 1903 PARSONS, William Nelson, 52 Lincoln St.
Oct 1903 PARSONS, Alice [CHAPEL] (W. N.) 52 Lincoln St.
Dec 1894 PATON, Lewis B. [Prof.] 50 Forest St.
Apr 1902 PATTERSON, Etta A. 226 Sargeant St.
Apr 1902 PATTERSON, Martha 226 Sargeant St.
Apr 1902 PATTERSON, Mary E. 226 Sargeant St.
Apr 1885
PEASE, William H. 179 Hawthorn St.
Apr 1878
PELLETT, Alonzo D. 240 Smith St.
Apr 1877
PELLETT, Eliza D. [AMES] (A. D.) 240 Smith St.
Apr 1897 PEMBER, Elisha Hart 2 Cone St.
Apr 1897 PEMBER, Hattie H. [NEVERS] (E. H.) 2 Cone St.
Apr 1878
PERKINS, Gertrude [STORRS] (w. Rev. F. J.) 20 Niles St
Jun 1873 PERKINS, Mary E. [DWIGHT] (w. E. H.) 55 Forest St.
Jun 1890
PERKINS, Henry A. 27 Marshall St.
Apr 1867 PERKINS, Mary A. [ROBERTS] (w. G. C.) 43 Prospect St.
Feb 1888
PERKINS, Mabel H. 43 Prospect St.
Jun 1901 PETERSON, Andrew P. 666 Albany Ave.
Jun 1901 PETERSON, Lena [SVENSON] (A. P.) 666 Albany Ave.
Jun 1901
PETERSON, Arthur E. 666 Albany Ave.
Jun 1901
PETERSON, Jennie H. 666 Albany Ave.
Apr 1892 PHELPS, Antoinette R. 72 Washington St.
Apr 1896 PHELPS, Oscar A. 120 Allen Pl.
Apr 1896 PHELPS, Edith C. [FOSTER] (O. A.) 120 Allen Pl.
Jun 1867
PINNEY, Emma E. [WARNER] (M. E.) 137 Windsor Ave.
Feb 1901 PIPER, Edwin P. 683 Farmington Ave.
Feb 101 PIPER, Jane [ROOTS] (E. P.) 683 Farmington Ave.
Dec 1890 PITKIN, J. Louise [GOODWIN] (w. A. P.) 69 Imlay St.
Jun 1871
PITKIN, Albert H. 106 Niles St.
Feb 1867
PITKIN, Sarah H. [LOOMIS] (A. H.) 106 Niles St.
Apr 1878
PITKIN, William T. 614 Asylum St.
Apr 1877
PITKIN, Howard S. 982 Main St., East Hfd.
Feb 1885 POMEROY, Albert H. 13 Spring St.
Feb 1855 POMEROY, Emma J. [GWINNELL] (A. H.) 13 Spring St.
Apr 1904
POMEROY, Harlan Dickinson 13 Spring St.
Jun 1898
PORTER, Katheryne I. {CLEVELAND] (w. Clifford W.) 135 Sigourney St.
Apr 1902 POTTER, Rockwell Harmon [Rev.] 142 Washington St.
Apr 1902 POTTER, Jean [GILCREST] (Rev. R. H.) 142 Washington St.
Jun 1896 PRATT, Howard J. 59 Atwood St.
Jun 1896 PRATT, Mary H. [UPSON] (H. J) 59 Atwood St.
Apr 1899 PYE, Margaret [DONLY] (Thomas F.) 101 Wethersfield Ave.
Apr 1899 PYE, Agnes Margaret 101 Wethersfield Ave.
Oct 1873 RANNEY, Lois J. [WORDEN] (W. E.) 721 Main St.
Jun 1890
RAPHEL, Abbey [RYER] (w. J. D.) 56 Hudson
Jun 1893 REIMAN, Julia [LONG] (w. W. J) 19 East ST.
Feb 1892
REIMANN, Anna R. 19 East St.
Apr 1893
REIMAN, Caroline 19 East St.
Oct 1898 REINERT, Emil [M.D.] 30 Lewis St.
Oct 1898 REINERT, Margaret [HOONER] (Emil) 30 Lewis St.
Apr 1877
RHODES, Chauncey E. 168 Franklin Ave.
Feb 1888 RHODES, Laura [SEAGRAVE] (C. E.) 168 Franklin Ave.
Apr 1855
RICHTER, Ferdinand 79 Pearl St.
Jun 1889 RIGGS, Robert B. [Prof.] 35 Forest St.
Dec 1900 RIGGS, Maida [SISSON] (R. B) 35 Forest St.
Feb 1895 ROBBINS, Lydia W. [ANDREWS] (S. W.) 51 Highland St.
Apr 1887
ROBERTS, Kate [DEMING] (E. C.) 1A Park Ter.
Apr 1867 ROBERTS, Elvira [EVANS] (w. Geo. ) 129 Lafayette St.
Dec 1865
ROBERTS, Henry 129 Lafayette St.
Apr 1882 ROBERTS, Carrie E. [SMITH] (Henry) 129 Lafayette St.
Apr 1896
ROBERTS, John T. 129 Lafayette St.
Apr 1904
ROBERTS, Edward Constant 129 Lafayette St.
Apr 1877

63 Washington St.
Feb 1875
ROBERTS, Ida M. [HAMILTON] (George) 63 Washington St.
Dec 1893
ROBERTS, Helen 63 Washington St.
Oct 1894
ROBERTS, George Jr. 63 Washington St.
Apr 1896
ROBERTS, Constance 63 Washington St.
Apr 1897
ROBERTS, Mary 63 Washington St.
Apr 1902
ROBERTS, Walter 63 Washington St.
Apr 1903
ROBERTS, Philip 63 Washington St.
Dec 1903 ROCKWELL, Jennie [McCRAY] (Louis S.) 19 Foot Guard Pl.
Jun 1901
ROEDER, Katie 781 Windsor Ave
Oct 1889
ROLSTON, Ella S. 258 Capen St.
Apr 1903
ROLSTON, Olga Esther 258 Capen St.
Dec 1904 ROMAINE, Richard Post 206 Beacon St.
Dec 1904 ROMAINE, Emma [WHITING] (R. P.) 206 Beacon St.
Apr 1899 ROMMEL, Adelene [PYE] (J. W.) Glastonbury
Apr 1888 ROOT, Lyman Jr. 202 Sigourney St.
Jun 1878
ROSS, John D. 1 Grand St.
Apr 1901
RUBENBAUER, Annie 22 Dean St.
Apr 1897 RUSSELL, William C. 645 Prospect Ave.
Dec 1894 RUSSELL, Ada G. [SHORTLAND] (W. C.) 645 Prospect Ave.
Apr 1899
RUSSELL, Edith S. 645 Prospect St.
Oct 1901 SACKETT, Charles C. 39 Linden Pl.
Apr 1902
SADOIAN, John 104 Sheldon St.
Apr 1902 SAWYER, Alida [GRAHAM] (E. A.) 660 Franklin St.
Jun 1874
SCHLEMMER, Oscar P. 9 Oak St.
Jun 1878
SCHLEMMER, Mary F. [ANDREWS] (O. P.) 9 Oak St.
Dec 1890
SCHULTS, Walter F. 62 Harrison St.
Apr 1901
SEAVER, William A. Wethersfield
Feb 1904 SEDGWICK, Mary Adelaide [WITHERBEE] (w. Timothy) 721 Main St.
Feb 1904 SELLERS, Hulda Sophie 97 Hamilton St.
Jun 1887
SENK, John R. 53 Congress St.
Apr 1901 SEYMOUR, Margaret [KNIGHT] (w. G. L.) 14 Fairmount St.
Oct 1879 SHEPHERD, George R. [M.D] 667 Asylum St.
Oct 1879 SHEPHERD, Helen F. [PECK] (G. R.) 667 Asylum St.
Apr 1885
SHEPHERD, Forrest 667 Asylum St.
Apr 1902 SHERMAN, Ernest A. 103 Webster St.
Apr 1902 SHERMAN, Clara [BRECKENRIDGE] (E. A.) 103 Webster St.
Dec 1902 SIMPSON, Samuel [Rev.] 250 Collins St.
Dec 1902 SIMPSON, Edith [SUMNER] (Samuel) 250 Collins St.
Apr 1870
SKINNER, Cornelia E. [WRIGHT] (w. Sylvester) 22 Preston St.
Apr 1879 SKINNER, Ellen M. [WILSON] (w. Lewis) 17 Haynes St., Room 110
Apr 1904 SLADE, Richmond Edward 95 Farmington Ave.
Apr 1904 SLADE, Jane Archibald [WIGGINS] (R. E.) 95 Farmington Ave.
Apr 1904 SLADE, James Hiram 95 Farmington Ave.
Dec 1884 SMEAD, Edwin B. 1100 Albany Ave.
Dec 1884 SMEAD, Roselvina [WHITNEY] (E. B.) 1100 Albany Ave.
Jun 1863 SMEAD, George Windsor, Conn.
Jun 1863 SMEAD, Martha [WAKEFIELD] (Geo) Windsor, Conn
Dec 1901 SMEATON, Jane Elizabeth 54 Capen St.
Apr 1878
SMITH, Annie P. [HILTON] (S. S.) 24 Julius St.
Apr 1892 SMITH, Melissa E. [KNOX} (w. Rev. E. A.) 107 Elm St.
Apr 1892 SMITH, Herbert Knox 107 Elm St.
Dec 1893
SMITH, Ernest W. 104 Gillett St.
Dec 1886 SMITH, Frank G. 187 Jefferson St.
Dec 1886 SMITH, Harriet [CUTLER] (F. G.) 187 Jefferson St.
Apr 1903
SMITH, Charles McLean 187 Jefferson St.
Aug 1901 SMITH, Joseph 389 Main St.
Jun 1881 SMITH, Kate L. [HAND] (w. I. D.) 11 Marshall St.
Apr 1890
SMITH, Louise 11 Marshall St.
Dec 1883 SMITH, Charlotte M. [DAVIS], (w. Wilder) 111 Washington St.
Dec 1883 SMITH, Alice W. 111 Washington St.
Apr 1901
SMITH, Clara H. 127 Front St
Feb 1903
SMITH, Margaretha [KUNKLE] (Walter) 39 Talcott St.
Apr 1863 SOOTER, Henrietta 22 Winthrop St.
Oct 1889
SPIERS, Antoinette [LEHNER] (C. A.) 33 Capitol Ave.
Dec 1891
SQUIRES, Ella L. [STRATTON] (w. Alvin) 16 Linden Pl.
Jun 1869 St. JOHN, Mary H. [MORGAN] (S. B.) 114 Washington St.
Apr 1897
St. JOHN, Elsa M. 114 Washington St.
Oct 1880
STAIB, Sarah M. [LINTON] (G. W.) 71 Huyshope Ave.
Jun 1902 STANLEY, Grace W. 58 Church St.
Feb 1869 STANTON, Lewis E. 53 Trumbull St., room 401
Apr 1889 STEANE, Isaac James 29 Collins St.
Apr 1889 STEANE, Sybilla [HEATH] (I. J.) 29 Collins St.
Jun 1896
STEANE, Florence A. 29 Collins St.
Ppr 1896
STEANE, J. Herbert 29 Collins St.
Apr 1896
STEANE, Jessie S. 29 Collins St.
Apr 1903
STEANE, Russell DeWitt 29 Collins St.
Apr 1861 STEARNS, Henry P. [M.D.] 190 Retreat Ave.
Apr 1901 STEARNS, Henry S. 190 Retreat Ave.
Apr 1901 STEARNS, Mary [OLMSTED] (H. S.) 190 Retreat St.
Apr 1904 STEARNS, Ada May 58 Church St.
Apr 1902 STEINER, Walter R. [M.D.] 4 Trinity St.
Feb 1894
STEINMETZ, Rosa [BERTHOLD] (W. P.) 50 Windsor Ave.
Dec 1893 STENGELIN, Frederick C. 31 Raymond St.
Feb 1890
STENGELIN, Bertha [HAHN] (F. C.) 31 Raymond St.
Jun 1901 STINSON, Thomas J. 116 Hungerford St.
Jun 1901 STINSON, Amelia [EPSTEIN] (T. J.) 116 Hungerford St.
Apr 1901
STINSON, Jennie 116 Hungerford St.
Apr 1881 STONE, Mary C. [WELLES] (w. E. C.) 40 Allen Pl.
Feb 1884
STONE, Jane W. 40 Allen Pl.
Dec 1885
STONE, Elizabeth W. 40 Allen Pl.
Oct 1904
STONE, Edward C. 40 Allen Pl.
Apr 1878
STORRS, William M. 81 Elm St.
Feb 1877
STORRS, Frances B. [HUDSON] (W. M.) 81 Elm St.
Apr 1903
STRAUSS, Edward Bloomfield
Jun 1902 STREVER, James E. 98 Edwards St.
Jun 1902 STREVER, Bedella [LASHER] (J. E.) 98 Edwards St.
Aug 1893
SUMNER, Sarah E. [HOUSE] (w. G. A.) 58 North Huntington St.
Aug 1893 SUMNER, George A. 58 North Huntington St.
Aug 1865 SWIFT, Sarah B. [GILLETTE] (w. Rowland) 1 Wethersfield Ave.
Apr 1904
SWIFT, Sarah Howard 1 Wethersfield Ave.
Feb 1900
TAINTOR, Arline Deolph 18 Vernon St.
Jun 1863 TAINTOR, George E. 129 Washington St.
Jun 1866 TAINTOR, Emily S. [DAVIS] (G. E.) 129 Washington St.
Feb 1870 TAINTOR, Jane G. [BENNETT] (w. H. E.) 112 Woodland St.
Feb 1896 TALCOTT, Harriett Louise 288 Sigourney St.
Apr 1898 TALMADGE, Elliott F. [Rev.] 234 Pearl St.
Apr 1898 TALMADGE, Katharine [SACKETT] (E. F.) 234 Pearl St.
Jun 1900 TAYLOR, Nellie [THAYER] (L. C.) 107 Edwards St.
Jun 1900 TAYLOR, Maude Winnifred 107 Edwards St.
Aug 1858
THOMPSON, Maria [DOBIE] (w. Rev. W. A.) 29 Atwood St.
Dec 1903 THOMPSON, Emma J. [M.D.] 105 Trumbull St.
Aug 1888
THURSTON, Matilda S. [CALDER] (w. Rev. J. L.) 140 Sargeant St.
Apr 1897
TOLLES, Charles L. 17 Townley St.
Apr 1897
TOLLES, Annie [ROBERTS] (C. L.) 17 Townley St.
Jun 1902 TOWNE, Susan Elizabeth 219 High St.
Dec 1894 TWITCHELL, Willis I. 31 Atwood St.
Apr 1896
TWITCHELL, Reuel L. 31 Atwood St.
Feb 1873
TYLER, Kate G. 109 Elm St.
Jun 1898 UTLEY, Mary 55 Blue Hills Ave.
Feb 1904 WADSWORTH, Herbert C. 60 Willard St.
Feb 1904 WADSWORTH, Anna [BEVIN] ( H. C.) 60 Willard St.
Oct 1901
WARNER, Everett E. 25 Adelaide St.
Jun 1900 WELCH, Sarah D. [MILLS] (M. C.) 234 Ashley St.
Jun 1900 WELCH, Mary 234 Ashley St.
Apr 1864
WELLES, Charles T. 111 Washington St.
Dec 1883 WELLES, Edith W. [SMITH] (C. T.) 111 Washington St.
Oct 1856
WELLS, Charles T. 17 Spring St.
Oct 1882 WELLS, Daniel H. 60 Allen Pl.
Oct 1882 WELLS, Martha A. [BRECKENRIDGE] (D. H.) 60 Allen Pl.
Feb 1883
WELLS, Clara E. 60 Allen Pl.
Dec 1889
WELLS, Ernest A. [M.D.] 60 Allen Pl.
Apr 1896
WELLS, Donald B. 60 Allen Pl.
Oct 1892
WELLS, Ralph O. 60 Allen Pl.
Jun 1901
WELLS, Alden 60 Allen Pl.
Jun 1899 WESTLAND, Isabella T. 2 Wethersfield Ave.
Feb 1904 WESTLAND, Elizabeth 2 Wethersfield Ave.
Jun 1881
WHEELER, Almira O. [WILSON] (w. Strickland) 247 Vine St.
Apr 1873 WHITE, Addie C. [BRIGHAM] (w. Strickland) 247 Vine St.
Apr 1896 WHITE, Josephine 143 Washington St.
Feb 1893 WHITE, Julia F. 161 Seymour St.
Feb 1892 WHITE, Susannan [WALLACE] (w. Moses) 223 Asylum St.
Feb 1903 WHITE, Henry Wellington 177 Sisson St.
Feb 1903 WHITE, Edith [MONTAGUE] (H. W.) 177 Sisson St.
Apr 1878
WIGGIN, Mary E. [KIERNAN] (G. W.) 926 Main St.
Feb 1901 WILCOX, Francis C. 559 New Britain Ave.
Jun 1881
WILHELMY, Marie 171 Putnam St.
Jun 1891 WILHELMY, Minnie 171 Putnam St.
Apr 1894 WILLIAMS, Aaron W. C. 27 Charter Oak Pl.
Apr 1894 WILLIAMS, Elizabeth H. [STARR] (A. W. C.) 27 Charter Oak Pl.
Feb 1893 WILLIAMS, Charles H. [Rev.] 650 Main St.
Apr 1877
WILLIAMS, Delia [BALCH] (w. E. H.) 183 Retreat Ave.
Aug 1893 WILLIAMS, George C. F. [M.D.] 17 Atwood St.
Aug 1893 WILLIAMS, Elizabeth J. 17 Atwood St.
Dec 1890 WILLIAMS, George G. 28 Prospect St.
Apr 1883
WILLIAMS, Jeannette C. [HUNT] (G. G.) 28 Prospect St.
Apr 1857 WILLIAMS, John K. 60 Lorraine St.
Feb 1899 WILLIAMS, Mary A. [BRAINARD] (w. Alfred) 456 Washington St.
Apr 1893 WOLF, Mollie S. 6 Grand St.
Dec 1904 WOODFORD, Mary C. [KNIGHT] (w. Edwin A.) 113 Governor St.
Jun 1868 WOODRUFF, Lucy E. [DUTTON] (w. Samuel) 119 Capitol Ave
Jun 1884
WOODRUFF, Lucy D. 119 Capitol Ave
Dec 1902 YONKERS, Clara 22 Allyn St.
Apr 1896
YOUNG, Russell J. 140 Washington St.

With Their Residences
Corrected to 1 Jan 1905

[Note:-- The column marked ** contains "" if
the member was received by letter from another church.
Maiden names are enclosed in square brackets [ ]
Husbands' names are in parathensis ( )
The letter "w" is to be read as "widow".]

Admitted ** Name Residence
Jun 1872 ABBE,, Julia A. [JONES] (w. B. R.) Nyack, N.Y.
Jun 1890
ABBE, Amy K. Nyack, N. Y.
Feb 1888
ABBE, Marian C. 503 Diamond Ave., Hazleton, Pa.
Apr 1902
ALLEN, Catharine Ormond, Fla.
Apr 1899
ALLEN, Charles Dexter 1063 85th St., Dyker Heights, Brooklyn, N. Y.
Apr 1899
ALLEN, Frances L. [CLARK] (C. D.) 1063 85th St., Dyker Heights, Brooklyn, N. Y.
Feb 1899 ANGUS, James 13 W. 102d St., N.Y.
Feb 1880 ASHTON, Kate 41 Mt. Vernon St., Boston, Mass.
Apr 1878
BAILEY, Barbara [KUNKELL] (W. E.) Wethersfield, Conn.
Apr 1900 BAKER, Louise [STUART] (H. H.) Hyannis, Mass.
Feb 1876
BALLOU, Ella L. [SMEAD] (W. H.) Green River Road, Greenfield, Mass.
Apr 1899 BELDEN, Mary E. Wethersfield, Conn.
Jun 1903 BENJAMIN, Mary Williams (w. S.) 1487 Euclid Ave., Cleveland, Ohio
Dec 1881 BERG, Ida T. Germany
Oct 1882 BIRKENMAYER, Julie E. [JUDSON] (w. P. S.) Windy-Brow, Dobbs Ferry, N.Y.
Feb 1884
BERKENMAYER, Julia M. 208 W. 56th St., New York City.
Aug 1863
BOWERS, Sarah [CUTLER] (A. L.) 72 Pearl St., Middletown, Conn
Jun 1901 BRADLEY, Segrid [PEARSON] (C. S. Jr.)
Dismissed 9 Feb 1905
61 Lenox Pl., New Britain
Aug 1866 BROWN, Anna M. [McDUFFEE] (w. Frank S.) 9 E. 63rd St., New York City
Jun 1866
BROWN, Anna A. 9 E. 63rd St., New York City
Feb 1890 BROWN, Sarah J. [WHEATON] (w. Abial) 22 Barclay St., Providence, R.I.
Feb. 1897 BRYANT, James P. 144 E. 48th St., New York City
Feb 1897 BRYANT, Fanny M. 144 E. 48th St. New York City
Apr 1873
BULLARD, Walter H. 861 Myrtle Ave., Bridgeport, Conn.
Oct 1880
CAMERON, Elizabeth [LINTON] (John) E. 213 Ermina Ave., Spokane, Wash.
Apr 1878 CARLETON, Margaret [MORTIMER] (Denny) New York City
Feb 1898
CARLETON, Edith M. New York City
Feb 1898
CARLETON, Bessie G. New York City
Apr 1902
COLLINS, Frances [CHAMBERLAIN] (w. A. C.) McIndoe Falls, Vt.
Dec 1885
COOKE, Edward H. 29 Forrester St., Salem, Mass
Jun 1898 COWLES, Ruby L. Bristol, Conn.
Feb 1875 CROFT, Charles P. [Rev.] Weatogue, Conn.
Apr 1877
CURTIS, Frank E. 857 E. 34th St., Brooklyn, N.Y.
Oct 1894
DAVIS, Carl W. Harrisburg, Pa.
Jun 1874
DAY, Anna C. Arayat, Pampanga, Luzon, P. I.
Apr 1897
DAY, Katherine S. 28 5th Ave., New York City
Jun 1894
DOMINICK, Lucy [PIERSON] (George) 200 West 56th St., New York City
Dec 1890
DONOVAN, Walter M. 235 S. 4th St., Brooklyn, N.Y.
Apr 1901
DONOVAN, Clara 2443 Mission St., San Francisco, Cal.
Jun 1888 DUSTAN, Gertrude L., Cheshire Hall, Mount Airy, Philadelphia, Pa.
Apr 1902 DYRING, Clara W. Muskegon, Mich.
June 1878
EAGER, Caroline C. [MARCY] (C. E.)
dismissed 5 Jan 1905
22 Thorndyke St., Brookline, Mass
Dec 1880 ECKHARDT, Amelia C. [MERWIN] (w. C. H.) 50 Stuyvesant St., New York City
Jun 1903 FAIRBANKS, George Stevens 1103 Spruce St., Philadelphia, Pa.
Jun 1893
FISH, Elizabeth R. [BILL] (F. A.) 31 Howard St., Keene, N. H.
Feb 1895 FRANZ, Milton N. [Rev.] 153 E. Herman St., Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa.
Feb 1895 FULLER, Mary T. [ISHAM] (F. R.) 116 W. 81st St., New York City
Apr 1902
GODIN, Sidonie [SCHACHER] (Z.) 106 W. Wallace St., New Britian, Conn.
Feb 1887 GORDY, Wilbur F.,
dismissed Jan 1905
37 Avon Pl. Springfield, Mass.
Oct 1889 GORDY, Isabel [HUNTER] (W. F.)
dismissed Jan 1905
37 Avon Pl. Springfield, Mass.
Dec 1892
GREGORY, Warren F. 93 Federal St., Boston, Mass.
Apr 1873
HALE, Francis B. 21 Lebanon St., Springfield, Mass
Oct 1859 HALL, Margaret [STEWART] (N. B.) 202 W. 103d St., New York City
Apr 1885
HAMILTON, Alice M. [ALLEN] (I. K. Jr.) 2115 Riverside Ave., Marinette, Wis.
Dec 1870 HARTRANFT, Chester D. [Rev.] Germany
Apr 1901
HATCH, Elizabeth [SPEED] Wister St. & Thorpe's Lane, Germantown, Pa.
Dec 1870
HAYS, George 190 Belleville Ave., Bloomfield, N. J.
Aug 1863
HOLCOMBE, Emily M. [JOHNSON] (w. J. H.) c/o J. S. Morgan & Co., London, England
Ape 1896
HOLT, Lucius H. New Haven, Conn
Apr 1885
HULING, Addie A. [DART] (C. S.) 28 Cheshire St., Cleveland, Ohio
Apr 1902 HUNSBERGER, Byron K. Byculla, Bombay, India
Dec 1903 HUNSBERGER, Elizabeth N. [HUME] (B. K.) Byculla, Bombay, India
Apr 1878
HURD, Charles F. 355 Sourth Grand Ave., Los Angeles, Cal.
Apr 1878
HURD, Emeretta A. [YEOMANS] (C. F.) Los Angeles, Cal.
Jun 1902 JOHNSON, Lucretia Lock box 42, Southington, Ct.
Feb 1884
KARR, Frances 1000 N. Charles St., Baltimore, Md.
Apr 1877
KEEP, Frederick H. Webster Rd., East Milton, Mass.
Feb 1869 KELLOGG, Bella H. 75 South St., Northampton, Mass
Apr 1904
KELTING, Louise Lulu 49 W. 9th St., New York City
Apr 1878
KILBOURN, Helen L. [HOLBROOK] (E. B.) Box 28, Suffield, Conn.
Apr 1873
KNAPP, Harry S. [Lieut. Commander U.S.N.] c/o 14 Columbia St., Hartford, Conn.
Oct 1900 KNOWLES, Sarah E. Nassau, N. P., Bahamas
Apr 1886 LADD, Elma [NICHOLS] (Wm. A.) 35 Electric Ave., W. Somerville, Mass.
Apr 1899
LADHOFF, Harry Edward Brooklyn, N.Y.
Apr 1894 LAMSON, Charles E. 218 Tremont St., Boston
Oct 1886 LIVINGSTON, James Jr. West Hartford, Conn.
Jun 1886
LYMAN, Emma H. [BROWN] (J. G.) 9 E. 63d St., New York City
Apr 1899
MACDONALD, Charles Albert U.S.N., Norfolk, Va.
Jun 1890
MATTHEWS, Bertha [FREEMAN] (H. C.) 1302 St. Paul St., Baltimore, Md.
Feb 1876
MATHEWSON, Clara M. [COYLE] (C. P.) 62 Tilden Ave., Cleveland, Ohio
Apr 1894 MORGAN, Frances E. [NILES] (Wm.) Chicago, Ill.
Jun 1898 MORGAN, Louise M. [HART] (M. C.) Bristol, Conn.
Dec 1895 MUNSILL, Eva M. [GRAVES] (w. M.) 324 W. 83d St., New York City
Dec 1891
NICHOLS, Harry L. 37 Electric Ave., W. Somerville, Mass.
Feb 1866 PATTOU, S. Emily [BRACE] (A. A.) 113 W. 43d St., New York City
Dec 1898 PYE, Thomas F. 326 N. Gray St., Baltimore, Md.
Jan 1888 RAWSON, Grace [DUSTAN] (J. S.) 27 St. Paul's Road, Ardmore, Pa.
Jun 1898 REYNOLDS, Charles R. Nassau, Albany, N. Y.
Jun 1898 REYNOLDS, Anna D. [KARBAUM] (C. R.) Nassau, Albany, N. Y.
Jun 1881 RICHARDSON, Ernest C. [Prof. Ph. D.] Princeton, N. J.
Oct 1889
RILEY, Lottie [DELAHANTY] (Charles S.) 22 Laselle Ave., Northampton, Mass.
Apr 1888
ROBB, William L. 113 1st St., Troy, N.Y.
Jan 1893 ROBB, Winifred [MATTHEWS] (Prof. W. L.) 113 1st St., Troy, N.Y.
Oct 1896 ROCKWELL, Elizabeth [SPRAGUE] (w. W. S.) 8 Tiffany Park, Forest Hill, N. J.
Jun 1900
SADOIAN, Martin K. 27 Beach St., Boston, Mass.
Feb 1877 SANDERS, Charles S. [Rev.] Aintab, Turkey
Apr 1901
SELLEW, Merle E.
dismissed 6 Feb 1905
42 Parkwood St., Springfield, Mass.
May 1841
SHELDON, Elizabeth R. 165 S. Portland St., Brooklyn, N.Y.
Jun 1884
SMEAD, Geo. H. 189 Grand Ave., Providence, R. I.
Jun 1872
SMITH, Helen S. [FOSTER] (F. W.) St. Albans, Vt.
Apr 1887
SMITH, Knighton "The Holmes", Minneapolis, Minn.
Jun 1873
SMITH, William M. 804 Tremont Building, Boston, Mass
Jun 1890
STEARNS, Charlotte [SHEPHERD] (Marshall) New Canaan, Conn.
Apr 1885
STEARNS, Charles S. Newburgh, N. Y.
Oct 1896 TALCOTT, Helen [ROCKWELL] (A. R.) 8 Tiffany Park, Forest Hill, N. J.
Jun 1888 THOMPSON, Mary N. 7 Broad St., New London, Conn.
Dec 1887 THORP, Adella [HUNTER] (G. E.) Thompsonville, Conn
Apr 1887
TODD, Henrietta E. [STONE] (R. E.) Chicago, Ill
Oct 1891
TOLLES, Emma M. [PEARL] (Albert I.) Windsor, Conn.
Feb 1889
TRUMBULL, Hattie [SPERRY] (E. Payson) East Windsor Hill, Conn
Apr 1884
UMBENHOUR, Elizabeth [MASTERSON] (F. M.) 200 W. 106th St., New York City
Feb 1902
VanOVERSTREATEN, Adolphin 176 Prospect St., Willimantic, Conn
Dec 1866 Vermilye, Mary M. 400 William St., E. Oarnge, N. J.
Oct 1890
WALDRON, Amelia [RADER] (H. E.) 30 So9uth Grove St., Meriden , Conn.
Feb 1899 WARNER, Jessica Evelyn [KNAPP] (Louis R.) Woburn, Mass
Apr 1893 WHITING, Katharine [SEDGWICK] (w. G. S.) Middletown, Conn.
Feb 1888
WILLARD, Eugene R. 565 E. 45th St., Chicago, Ill.
Jun 1878
WOODRUFF, Frank D. #4 Gramercy Park, New York City

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