Baptisms, 1787 to 1869
Extracted From
The Two Hundredth Anniversary
of the
First Congregational Church
Of Haddam, Connecticut

[Transcribed by Coralynn Brown]

October 14th and 17th, 1900.

A carefully prepared copy of the baptisms, marriages and deaths till about 1850, taken from the existing records of the church, is given in the following pages. No attempt is made to preserve the form of the records or their arrangement on the page.

For convenience of reference the dates are uniformly arranged, present abbreviations and punctuation being used. Special care is given to making the names a literal transcript of the original entries.

Brackets [....] inclose information not found in the records and, occasionally, corrections of manifest errors. A few baptisms of persons from Haddam previous to 1756, copied from the records of neighboring churches, are prefixed to the list.


Zeruiah Daughter of Danll BRAINERD.
Oliver son of Cap. John SMITH.
Dimmis daughter of Thomas HUBBARD Jr.

William son of Samll SCOVIL.
Mary daughter of Phineas BRAINERD.
Deborah, Olive, Martha, Isaack, Sarah & Joshua, the children of Evan THOMAS Jr.

Rebeckah the wife of Arunah HUBBARD and her Daughter Betsey.
Shebae, Rosemond, William & Henry, children of Heman BRAINERD's wife.
Clarissa, John, Huldah, Hannah, Anne, children of John BRAINERD.

Elisha the Son of Stephen CLARKE.
Sylvester, Rhoda and Susannah, children of Oliver BRAINERD.
James son of Ensn. Jonathan SMITH.

Polly Daughter of Zacheriah BRAINERD.
at Chester John son of Jared CLARKE.
at Haddam Sally Daughter of Heman BRAINERD.

Isaah the son of Charles SEARS.
Elderkin, Ruey & Jonathan, the children of Jona. BORDMAN.
a Child of Arunah HUBBARD Name forgot.

Sophia, Hannah & Dolly children of Cap David BRAINERD.
Martha & Elizabeth Children of James PELTON.
Dolly Daughter of John DICKINSON.
Davis son of Prosper BRAINERD.

three children of Joseph SCOVIL Names forgotten.

Drusilla, Abraham, Sarah, Rebeckah & Prudence, children of Abraham SPENCER Disceast.


Jason son of Jonathn BORDMAN.

John KELLEY an Adult.

Mary daughter of Eber TIBBALDS.

Moses Feeman and a Daughter of Widdow Martha BAILEY.

Drusilla daughter of August LEWIS.


Jeremiah Son of Elihu SMITH disceased.

James & Mary children of Wid. TREADWELL.
Dolly daughter of John SCOVIL.


Sylvester son of Eleazer BATES.
David Son of Cap David BRAINERD.
Lebeus son of Joseph AUGUR.

Justus Hanson & Laura, children of Joseph ARNOLD Jr. [Justus and Hanson could be two diff. children].
Abigail Daughter of James KNOWLES.

Mary, Sibbil, Clarissa, Anne Fuller, Edward the children of Edward SELDEN.
Polly Daughter of Charles SEARS.


Wealthy Daughter of John SCOVIL.


Daniel and Esther, children of Chipman CLARKE.


Hezekiah son of John BRAINERD.
Rufus son of Gideon BAILEY.

Charlotte Child of Edward SELDEN.

Sarilla daughter of Eleazr BATES.


the wife of Robert Smith, adult.
three Children of Widdow Esther TYLER.
Nathanel son of Nathaniel BURR.


Elisabeth THOMAS adult.
5 Children of Shailor HUBBARD.

Linus son of Capt BURR.
Talcot the Child of Charles SEARS.
Joseph, Carrier and Rebeckah, children of Giles HUBBARD.

RECORD kept by the Rev. David D. Field


June 3
Abigail Brainard & Elisha Strong, children of James CHASE.
June 17
Hannah CONE (widow), and Clarissa, Comfort & John, children of Hannah CONE.
Susannah, Hannah, Mary, Arnold, Martha, Electa, and Levi, children of Susannah RAY (widow).
James, Joseph and Reuben, children of Naomi CHAMBERS, also Naomi Chambers.
June 24
Esther, wife of Cornelius HIGGINS.

July 8
Benjamin, son of Gideon BRAINERD.
July 17
Phebe, Stephen, Lucretia, Densy, Esther, Jemima and Cynthia, children of Stephen & Martha TIBBILS.
July 22
James and Elizabeth, children of Eber TIBBILS.
Irena Spenser, daughter of James & ____ [Lydia] WALKLEY.
July 29
Rebecca, Catharine Shaylor, Wakeman, Jemima, Joseph, Mary & David Hubbard, children of Joseph BROOKS.
Benjamin PARMALEE.

Aug. 5
Benjamin, Fanna, Polly, Anna, Hepzebah & John, children of John & Anne SMITH.
Aug. 28
Olive SMITH & Susannah BROOKS.

Sept. 2
Elizabeth Mary, a dau. of Levi & Mehitibal WARD.
Edwin Smith, a son of Simon & Drusilla WALKLEY.
Sept 9
Prudy, Dolly, Phebe, Enos and Ansyl, children of Curtis & Asenath SMITH.
Sept. 23
Dolly CLARKE, wife of Sylvanus.
Sept. 30
Lucy BRAINARD (wife of Eliakim).

Oct. 14
George Smith, Cephas, Ursula, Austin & Eliakim Selden, children of Eliakim & Lucy BRAINARD.
Oct. 28
David, Asahel, Anson, Lydia, Matilda, Horris, Lucinda, Clarinda & Benanuel, children of Concurrence BONFI.


Mar. 17
(per Mr. Andrews) Chauncey, a child of Joseph BROOK's.

Apr. 7
David Dudley, my own son. [This has to be the entry of David Dudley Field, a name we've come across before, yes?]

May 19
Erastus, a son of Giles BRAINARD's.

June 2
____, a child of ___ BRAINARD's.

Aug. 25
Mary Gratrax (wife of ____ GRATRAX).
Hannah, Mary, John & Wm. JOHNSON, her children.
Sally Moriah, a child of James & Anna CHASE.

Dec. 1
Lucy, John [that's all it says].


Jan. 5
Elizabeth Hannah, dau. of William CLARKE.

Mar. 23
Selden Spenser, son of James WALKLEY [bapt.] by Mr. Vail.
Mar. 30
Nancy Cone, dau. of ____ CHAMBERS.

June 1
Richard, son of Benanuel BONFI.
June 15
Mehitabel Eunice, dau. of Levi WARD.

Aug. 31
Mary Rebecca, a child of Simon WALKLEY (by Mr. Lyman).

Oct. 19
Elijah, a child of Ezra BRAINARD's.

Nov. 2
John, a child of Elisha STEVENS.


Feb. 5
Cyrus Hambleton, a child of ____ HIGGINS.

Apr. 6
David, a child of David BONFOEY.
April 12
Emilia Hancy-Anne, my own daughter. [David D. Field speaking].

May 31
Worthy, a child of Dan CARTER.

June 7
Timothy GLADDEN.
June 25
Nancy & Eliza, children of T. GLADDEN, deceased.

Dec. 13
Hezekiah Edwards, child of Wm. CLARKE.


Jan. 3
Dudley, child of Dan CARTER.

June 26
Per Mr. Andrews, Esther Maria & Harvey Edward, children of Gideon BRAINARD.

July 21
Susannah, wife of Henry SMITH, & Sarah, Barna Bonfoey & Henry, her children.
July 31
Ansel, Clarissa, Samuel & Halsey, children of Ebenezer THOMAS.

Oct. 30
Daniel Clarke, Arza & Charles Tyler, children of David DICKINSON.

Dec. 25
Achsah Manerva, infant of Job HUBBARD (by Mr. Smith).


Apr. 30
Lanson Porter, son of Ezra BRAINARD.

May 7
Edwin Brainard, child of David BONFI.

June 5

July 2
Timothy Beals, an infant of mine. [D.D. Field].
July 16
Ezra Kelsey.
Esther Irena, an infant of James WALKLEY's.

Aug. 6
Sally, wife of Nathaniel HULL, & Hannah, Lorinda & Florilla, his & her children.

Sept. 3
Esther Brainard.
William Augustus, infant of Clark SELDEN.
Sept. 10

Oct. 8
Chauncey ANDREWS; Benjamin Hart, Erasmus Darwin & Chauncey Walter, his children.
Oct. 22
Larassy RAY.
Mary-Ann, Dennison Arnold, James Hazelton, & Collings Clark, children of James SPENSER.
Ursula, Almah Eliza, Alvah Whittlesey, Delia Ann & Gilbert, children of Eli HUBBARD.
Oct. 29
Submit ARNOLD, wife of Seth Arnold, and James Clark & Mary Higgins, their children.
Simeon, William, Philow, Martha, Joseph Dana, and Susannah, children of Joseph SPENSER.

Nov. 19
(By Mr. Vail) Samuel Richardson, Clarissa, Heber, Tiras & David Smith, children of Heber BRAINARD.

[1810?] Hancy HUBBARD & Esther SPENSER.
Florilla and Edwin Almon, children of Asahel SMITH.
Jonathan, child of Jonathan HUNTINGTON.


Apr. 25
David Brooks, a grandchild of Richard KNOWLES.
____(date), Josiah Curtis, a child of Ww. Prudah ARNOLD's.

June 3
____ (date) Joseph Brooks, an infant of Job HUBBARD's.

Aug. 5
Richard SKINNER, and Martha, wife of R. Skinner.
Jennet, John, Jenry Edwin, Alexander & Catharine Pond, children of Margaret MAY.
Aug. 19
Sylvester, Richard, Selden, Martha, Orrin, Dolly, Sybbel, Darius & Nelson, children of Richard SKINNER.
Philatta Russel & Sally Maria, children of Willard GLADDEN.
Aug. 23
Lewis, Zebed & Pruella, children of Reuben BAILEY.
Aug. 26
by Mr Rich, Unice a child of Joseph SPENSER Jr.
____ (date), John Edwin, Mirta Monimia, & Frederick Edway, children of Linus PARMALEE.
Sept. 30
Desire SPENSER, wife of Elizur Spenser; & David, Desire, Elizur, and Alanson his children.
Susan, Davis, Electa, Esther Smith & Julia, children of George KELSEY.

Oct. 28
Abigail THOMAS 2d.

Nov. 4
Hannah VENTRES, wife of John Ventres.
Anna Shayler, wife of Ira SHAYLER; & Alvah, Livah, Fisk, Henry Lyman, Mary Ann & Ira Wells [her children].
Nancy, dau. of Ww. Candice CLARKE.
Nov 18
Lydia Brooks, wife of James BROOKS.

Dec. 2
Charlotte Griffin, dau. of Betsey CLARKE.
Dec 3
Hannah, Hezekiah, Fanny, Stephen, David, Smith, James, Elisha King, Calvin Usher & Heman, children of James BROOKS.


Feb. 3
Mary Rebekah, an infant of James BROOK's.
Nathan Willcox, an infant of Clark SELDEN's.

Apr. 5
Emery, a child of Reuben BAILEY.
April 28
Marietta, an infant of Nathaniel HULL's.

May 5
Elijah, an infant of Ezra BRAINARD's.
May 19
Parmenas, an infant of Richard SKINNER's.

July 5
Orren Griffin, a child of Betsey CLARK's.
July 14
Martha Eugenia, a child of Heber BRAINARD's (by Dr. Lyman).

Aug. 25
Matthew Dickinson, my own child. [D.D.FIELD].

Sept. 22
James, a child of James KELSEY's.

Oct. 27
Mary Anne, a child of David WALKLEY's.
Thomas Hubbard, a child of Elisha CLARKE's.

Nov. 17
Reuben, a childof Ira SHAYLER's.
Nov. 24
by Mr. Hovey, Henry Leander, infant of Thomas CHURCH's.


Feb. 2
Albert Picket, a child of Jehiel HULL's.

Mar. 22
Sarah, a child of Jonathan HUNTINGTON's.

May 24
Elizabeth Tamssin, a child of George BURR's.

June 14
Davis Brainard, a child of David BONFOEY.

Aug. 9
Thomas, a child of James BROOK's Jun.

Sept. 13
by Mr. D. Selden, Cinthia, a child of James KELSEY's.

Oct. 1
Aaron Bushnell, a child of Aaron DICKINSON's on account of its grandmother BUSHNELL.
Oct. 18
Irena, an infant of Job HUBBARD's.


Jan. 3
Edmund Clarke, a child of Clarke SELDENS.

May 23
Theron Hart, infant of Chauncey ANDREWS.

July 25
Juliana, infant of Joseph SPENSER's [Rev. Mr.] (Mills).

Aug. 8
Sally Parthena, a child of Elijah BRAINARD's (by Mr. Selden).
Aug. 15
Charlotte, an infant of Seth ARNOLD's.

Oct. 3
Jonathan Edwards, my own child [D.D. FIELD].
Oct. 31
Clarissa, an infant of Richard SKINNER's.

Nov. 7
William, an infant of Ezra KELSEY's.
Nov. 30
Rufus, a child of Rufus TYLER, on account of its grandfather HIGGINS.


Mar. 6
Calvin Edward, an infant of Nathl. HULL's.
Mar. 27
Epaphras, infant of Aaron DICKINSON's (Huntington).

Apr. 17
David Brainerd, an infant of James KELSEY's.

June 12
Florilla, an infant of David BONFOEY's.

July 10
Mary Ann, an infant of Asahel SMITH's.
July 31
David Clark, an infant of James BROOKS'.

Aug. 14
Charles Parmalee, an infant of Thomas CHURCH's (by Dr. Lyman).

Sept. 4
Cynthia Spencer, an infant of George BURR's.
Sept. 25
Harriet & Hannah Mariah, children of William SCRANTON.

Nov. 6
Hezekiah Brainerd, Harriot Higgins, Jonathan Wells, Erwin White, Lucy Ann, children of Ww. Sybbyl SMITH.
Nov. 13
Lydia Maria, an infant of Jeremiah GATES'.


May 14
Stephen, infant of Elisha CLARK's.

Sept. 17
Stephen Johnson, my own son. [D.D. FIELD].

Oct. 15
Henry, infant of Ezra KELSEY's.

Jan. 6 [1816?]
Aaron, infant of the widow of Aaron DICKINSON.


Mar. 17
Williams, infant of Job HUBBARD's.

Apr. 21
Elizabeth, infant of Dea. HUNTINGTON (by Mr. King).

May 19
Harriet Moriah, an infant of Seth ARNOLD's (by Mr. Parsons).

June 16
Parmela, an infant of Ezra BRAINERD's.
June 30
Russel, infant of Jeremiah GATES.
Russell Stevens, infant of Thomas CHURCH Junr.

July 9
Elizabeth Ann, Albert Merwin, James, Harriet, George, Martha Smith, Chauncey, Nancy & Hezekiah, children of James CLARK.

Aug. 18
Amelia, an infant of Willard GLADDING's.

Sept. 1
George Watson, infant of George BURR.
Sept. 29
Andrew Galor, infant of Joseph SPENCER's.

Oct. 6
Jason, an infant of James KELSEY's.

Nov. 24
Stephen Johnson, my own son. [D.D. FIELD].


May 25
Sally Mariah, infant of Nathl. HULL's.
Chauncey, infant of Ezra KELSEY's.

June 1
Mary Anna SMITH.
June 8
Ann, infant of Elisha CLARK's (by Mr. Selden).

July 6
Louisa Delia, Orpah Irena, Bulah, Clarissa, Lucy Ann, Claudias Lysias, Caroline, Jonathan & Jared, children of Eliab SMITH's.
James Clark, infant of James WALKLEY's.
Amelia, infant of David BONFOEY's.
July 27
Lydia Ann, infant of Wm. SCRANTON's.

Sept. 7

Oct. 19
Davis, infant of Asahel SMITH's.

Nov. 2
William KNOWLES.

Record kept by the Rev. John Marsh


Jan. 17
David Clarke HUBBARD & Temperance his wife.
Fanny, wife of Daniel BRAINARD.
Stephen BROOKS.
Dorothy, wife of Phinehas BRAINARD.
Sally, wife of Heman CHILDS.
Daniel THOMAS.
Joseph SHALER.
Orpha, wife of George BRAINARD.
Alice, wife of Simon ARNOLD.
Martha, wife of Heber BRAINARD.
Arnold Hazelton HAYDEN.
Watson Luther BOARDMAN.
Samuel BERRY.
Benjamin KELSEY.
George Gilbert CHILDS.
Daniel MORGAN.
Oliver P. SMITH.
Marquis De La Fayette Thomas.
Martha BROOKS.
Wealthy Ann BROOKS.
Roxana HAYDEN.
Clariss BUTTON.
Harriet CLARKE.
Elizabeth DICKINSON.
Philanda BRAINARD.
[All Adults received into the Church].
Maria & David, children of Archelaus TYLER.
Harriet & Charlotte Cordelia, children of widow Sally RAY.
Sally Maria, dau. of Charles SMITH, bapt. on the mother's account.
Martha Maria, Mary Smith, Jenette May, Simon, Susan Clarke, children of Simon ARNOLD, bapt. on the mother's account.
Chauncey Hazelton & George Roberts, children of George R. BAILY.

Jan. 24
Fanny, Daniel, Emma, Hezekiah Smith & Nancy Smith, children of Daniel BRAINARD.
Armenia Maritta, John Ogden, children of David C. HUBBARD.
George Alanson, Heman, Alexander, Mary Ann & Hannah, children of Heman CHILDS, bap. on the mothers account.
William Wheeler & Sally Maria, children of Saml. SMITH.
Jan. 31
Sally Maria, Oliver, David Hubbard, Solomon, children of Solomon WALKLEY Jr.

Feb. 21
William Ogden, Nancy Minerva, Gilbert, George Baily, Daniel Comstock, Lydia & Samuel, children of Daniel THOMAS.

Mar. 7
Nathan TYLER.
Dolly SMITH.
Esther TYLER.
(Adults received into the church).

Apr. 4
Winslow HIGGINS.
Adults rec. into the church.

Apr. 26
Catharine, dau. of Henry SMITH.

May 2
Selden TYLER.
Willard GLADWIN.
Adults rec. into the church.
Edward Higgins, son of Widow Esther TYLER.
May 9
Hepzibah, daughter of Joseph SPENCER, bap. on Mother's acc't.
May 16
Orpha Matilda, dau. of Selden GLADWIN.
Jerusha, d. of James KELSY, bap. on Mother's acc't.
May 23
Lucinda, Stephen, Elijah, Susannah, George Brainard, Leander, children of Orin SMITH.
Almyrine, Martha Annah, Mary, Laura Brainard, Fanny & Harriet, children of Asa YOUNG.
Fanny, Witney, Daniel & Betsy, children of Hezekiah SCOVIL bap. on Mother's account: baptised by Rev. Mr. Vail of Hadlyme.

June 6
Heman CHILDS, adult rec. into the ch.
Ursula, John Brainard, Lavinia, Emily, Elisabeth, children of Wid. Huldah SMITH.
Sally Ann, Alpheus Wells, & Tamzin Hart, children of Wells KNOWLES.

Aug. 1
Edward RUTTY.
Hannah, wife of James BROOKS 2d.
Anna wife of Wm. ELY.
Adults received into the church.
Ruth Elisabeth, d. of Thomas THOMAS.
Sarah, d. of Ezra KELSY.
Temperance Lauretta, d. of David C. HUBBARD.
John Smith & Hepzibah Ann, children of Amzi LEE.
Jared Huntington, Joseph Niles, Electa Maroa, children of Joseph SHALER.
Enos Brainard, Jemima, Halsey, Mary Ann, Heman Atwood, children of Israel THOMAS, bapt. on Mother account.
Aug. 8
Andrew Wheeler, Emaline, Hezekiah Clark, Mary Jerusha, James William, Children of James BROOKS 2d.
Nehemiah, son of Calvin BRAINARD.
Aug. 29
Alfred Denton, son of Alfred SKINNER.
Carlos Bola, son of Moses TYLER.

Sept. 5
George Washington, Rachel & Samuel Evelyn, ch. of Daniel DICKINSON Jr.
Margaret, dau. of Daniel BRAINARD.
Seth Shaler, son of Seth ARNOLD.
Selden Henry & Elisabeth Randel, ch. of Selden TYLER.

Oct. 10
Mary Ann, d. of Aaron BRAINARD. Bap. by Mr. Hotchkiss.

Nov. 7
Asa, Philester, Phinehas, Diodate, Rebekah Brooks & Sarah Ann, children of Phineas BRAINARD, Bap. on mothers acct.
Rebekah Spencer, d. of Orin SMITH.


Feb. 5
John, Son of Heman CHILDS, bap. in private.

Apr. 30
Angeline Maria, d. of Amzi LEE.
George Smith, son of George S. BRAINARD.
Abigail Griswold, d. of Davis SMITH, bap. on their mother's account.

May 6
Zillah KELSEY, adult received into the Church.

June 18
Hezekiah son of Hez. SCOVIL.
June 25
Leander Austin, son of George R. BAILY.

July 2
James, Russel, Erasmus, Sophia, Orlando, Henry Starkey, Malantha, William Jones & Julian, children of James GLADWIN.
Anah Maria, d. of David GRANNIS.
July 23
Ezra, son of Ezra BRAINARD, bap. by Rev. Mr. Hotchkiss.

Aug. 6
Gilbert Selden, son of Seldon GLADWIN.
Aug. 27
Job Edwards, son of James BROOKS 2d.

Sept. 10
Dolly Clarke, d. of David WALKLY.
Samuel Davis, son of Phinehas BRAINARD, bap. by Mr. Field.

Oct. 1
Jerusha, Maxamilla, Nathan, William Smith, Elizabeth, Tamzin & Chauncey Stephens, children of NathanTYLER.
Oct. 11
Esther Maria & Susan Brainard, children of George BURR.
Jared, son of Elisha CLARK, bap. in private.

Nov. 16
John ELY, bap. & admitted into the church in private, having the consumption.
Whitmore, Hannah, Charlotte Brooks, Harriet & William, children of John ELY, bap. in private.

Dec. 3
Harris, Esther, Wilson, Titus, John & David Warner, children of the Widow of Harris BAILY.


Feb. 3
Wealthy, Wife of Mathew HUBBARD.
Eliza BURR.
Adults received into the Church.
Jared, Joseph, Owen Brainard, children of Jared ARNOLD baptized on the mothers account.
Mary Johnson & Henry Edwin, ch. of Linus PARMELE Jr., bap. on Mothers account.

Mar. 3
Thomas Clarke SMITH & Harriet SMITH, adults.
Worthington Chauncey, Maria Lyman & Mary Elisabeth, chil. of John BUTLER, bap. on Mother's acct.

Apr. 1
Cynthia CHILD, adults rec. into the Church.
Apr. 15
Emily, Talcot, Dolly, Lucy Ann, Nelson & Martha Maria, children of the Widow Lucy WHEELER.
Apr. 22
Mary Rebekah, Timothy Brooks, Julian, Elisabeth & Katharine, children of Matthew HUBBARD, bap. on Mothers account by Mr. Smith of Durham.

May 12
Joseph Selden, son of Selden HUNTINGTON.
Lucy Southmaid, d. of Widow Elizth. CLARKE, bap. by Mr. Beardslee.
May 20
Andrew, son of Doctor A. F. WARNER, bap. on Mothers acct.

June 3
Sidney Smith HAZELTON.
Mary, wife of Asa HIGGINS. Adults.
Timothy Oskar, son of James GLADWIN.

July 8
Horace ARNOLD and Sylva his Wife.
Brittqnia Amelia, d. of Simon HAZELTON.
July 22
Joseph & Benjamin, Twin children of Ezra KELSY.
Sylvanus Smith, Abigail Higgins, Oliver & Ezra Brainard, children of Oliver WEST, baptized by Mr. Robbins of Kensington.

Aug. 26
Susan, Ezra & Marinda Ann, children of Asa HIGGINS.
____ Amelia, & Jerusha Abigail, children of Horace ARNOLD.

Sept. 2
Ezekiel CLARKE, adult.
Sept. 9
Abigail Elisabeth & Esther Maranda, children of Saml. TYLER, bap. by S. P. Williams.
Sept. 30
Charles Smith, s. of Aaron BRAINARD, bap. by Mr. Tenny.


Feb. 11
Julia Brooks, d. of Asa YOUNG, bap. by Mr. Hotchkiss.

Apr. 21
Rebekah Maria & Mary Florilla, children of Thomas C. SMITH.

May 5
Huldah SMITH, adult.
May 12
David, son of Jonathan HUNTINGTON.
Elisabeth, dau. of Daniel BRAINARD, bap. by Mr. Whittemore.
May 19
Abigail Buckley, dau. of Davis SMITH.
Ursula, dau. of George BRAINARD.
Mariet, ag. 12, d. of Susan DICKINSON.
Chauncey Martin, son of David GRANNIS.
Edmund Porter, s. of Samuel SMITH.
Anna Maria, d. of Simon HAZELTON.
Elisbeth Mary, d. of Moses TYLER.
May 26
Edwin son of Heman CHILD.

June 30
Tamzin Elisabeth, d. of Selden GLADWIN.
____ son of Widow Jemima BAILY.

July 7
Solomon Everitt, s. of George R. BAILY.
July 21
Matthew, s. of Matthew HUBBARD, bap. in private.

Aug. 11
Daniel Ransom, s. of Joseph SHAILER.

Sept. 1
Ezra, Samuel, Esther, Persa & Titus, children of Jacob BRAINARD, cap on his Wifes account.
Sept. 20
Elisabeth d. of Edward RUTTY.
Martha Jane, d. of James BROOKS 3d, bap. by Mr. Crane.

Nov. 10
Lydia Maria, d. of Henry SMITH.


May 4
Christopher son of Selden TYLER.
May 18
Susan White, d. of Thomas SKINNER.
May 25
Lucinthia Cone, d. of Dr. Andrew WARNER, m. acc.

June 1
Elisha Bardwell, son of James GLADWIN.
____ d. of Oliver WEST.
June 22
Sylva, d. of Horace ARNOLD.
Sabra Denison, d. of Saml. TYPER, m. acc.

July 3
Nancy Clark, d. of Hurlburt SWAN, m. acc.
Amelia, d. of ___ BONFIE, m. acc.

Aug. 17
Charlotte, d. of Jonathan SPENCER, m. acc.
Aug. 31
Amos Gilbert HUBBARD, grandchild of Jemima BAILY offered by her.

Sept. 7
Jerusha, wife of Cornelius BRAINARD.
Nancy Maria, d. of Seth ARNOLD.
Sept. 20
Jonathan Smith, son of Samuel KELSY, on mother's account.
Jenette May, dau. of Linus PARMELE, m. acc.

Nov. 9
Drusilla Ann, d. of Comfort CONE.
Lois, d. of Ezra BRAINARD.


Feb. 28
Sarah Waterman, d. of Hezekiah BRAINARD, bap. in private.

Mar. 14
Jared, s. of Ezra KELSY, bap. by Mr. Talcott, on m. ac.

Apr. 18
Martha Griswold & Mary Johnson, twin children of Davis SMITH on m. acc.

May 2
James Kelly CHILD.
Timothy TYLER & Harriet, his wife.
Dudley CLARKE.
Susannah, wife of Stephen DICKINSON.
Mary, wife of John DICKINSON.
Beulah CHILD.
Larissa SHAILER.
Fanny TYLER.
Dorothy TYLER.
Sally Maria DICKINSON.
Adults received into the Church.
May 23
Darius Leander, Warren Williams, Alfred Shailer & Aaron Ogden, children of Darius DICKINSON.
Sarah, daughter of Ansel SMITH.
May 30
Sarah, d. of Asa YOUNGS.

June 6
George CLARKE & Emily his wife.
Samuel TYLER.
George Edgar BAILY.
Chauncey Allen DICKINSON.
Wd. Lydia SHERMAN.
Orpah Ann CARTER.
Mary Ann CLARKE.
Adults recieved into the church.
June 13
Charles, Jennet & Timothy, three children of Timothy TYLER.
Cynthia, d. of ____, bap. by Mr. King.
June 27
Samuel, son of Deac Jonathan HUNTINGTON.
Edwin, s. of Heman CHILD.
Newell Judson, s. of George R. BAILY.
Maria ___, d. of Elisha CLARKE.
William Ely, s. of William MATHER.
Julia Emely, Orpha Lois, Barsheba & David Ogden, 4 children of David DICKINSON.
June 28
Joseph Spencer, s. of Saml. SMITH bap. in private.
June 27
Cynthia, d. of Hezekiah SCOVIL.

July 4
Lucy, wife of Arron BRAINARD.
Mehitable, w. of Elijah WILLAMS.
July 11
____, son of Linus PARMELE, m. ac.
July 18
____, _ of Sylvester BRAINARD.
July 25
____ Southworth, _ of Daniel DICKINSON.
John Andrew, Nancy, Sophia & Samuel, 4 children of John DICKINSON.

Aug. 1
Alvan BRAINARD & Elisabeth his wife.
Aug. 15
Luther Augustus, Esther Cordelia & Temperance Rebeckah, three children of Luther FREEMAN.
Aug. 29
Hezekiah Smith, Israel Shailer & John, three children of George CLARK.
Caroline, Hancey Maria & Betsy Ann, three children of ___ ____.

Sept. 5
Julian, d. of Daniel THOMAS.

Nov. 7
Margaret Julian, d. of James GLADWIN.
Chatfield, s. of Elizur SPENCER, m. acc.
Nov. 12
Elisabeth Amanda, d. of ___ SKINNER.


Feb. 20
Sarah Ann, d. of Simon HAZELTON.

Apr. 24
Orpah Clark, d. of George BRAINARD, m. acc.

May 15
Clarissa Cone, d. of Ansel SMITH.
May 22
Ann Lord, d. of Arnold H. HAYDEN.
May 29
Sylvester, s. of Darius DICKINSON.
Wells, s. of Timothy TYLER.
Henry Bulkely, s. of Revitio CHAPMAN, mother's account.
____, ____, children of Alva BRAINARD.

Aug. 28
Persia Maria, d. of Jacob BRAINARD, m. ac.

Sept. 3
____, __ of Howell BOWERS.

Sept 18
John Brainard, s. of Jonathan ARNOLD, m. acc.
Ursula, d. of Samuel TYLER.

Oct. 2
William Henry, son of Dr. Andrew F. WARNER, deceased.
Lucinda, daughter of Horace ARNOLD.
Ellen, d. of Selden TYLER.
Sarah Elizabeth, d. of Russel GLADWIN, mothers account.

Nov. 6
Esther Brainard, d. of Edward RUTTY.
Samuel Church s. of Samuel SMITH.
DeWitt Clinton, s. of George BURR, m. acc.


Feb. 5
John Tallmadge, son of John MARSH, born Dec. 17, 1825.
Feb. 19
Joseph ___, son of Asa YOUNG, bap. in private by Mr. Case.
Catharine, & ____, Twin children of Ezra KELSY.

June 11
James Hurlburt & Albert Oscar, children of Hurlburt SWAN, m. acc.
Harriet Frances, d. of Abraham HUBBARD. m. acc.
Sarah Jane, d. of Davis SMITH, m. acc.
June 16
Joseph, s. of Hezekiah SCOVIL.

Aug. 6
Henry Smith, s. of Benjamin KELSY.
Pamela, d. of ____ SKINNER, m. acc.
Aug. 10
James Curtiss, s. of Simon HAZELTON, bap in private.

Sept. 3
Urban Eldrige son of George R. BAILY.
Sept. 17
Catharine, d. of Deacon Jonathan HUNTINGTON.

Oct. 8
Amelia Melissa, d. of Benanuel BONFIE, m. acc.
Oct. 15
Jared Smith, son of Seth ARNOLD deceased.
Sally Elizabeth, d. of Gideon GLADWIN.


Apr. 15
Ansel Davis, s. of Ansel GOFF, m. acc.
Apr. 22
Andrew Hosmer son of Selden GLADWIN.

June 24
Arnold Hazelton s. of Arnold H. HAYDEN.
Joseph Albers s. of Deacon Asa YOUNG.
Mary Brainard, d. of William MATHER.

July _
[Henry] Austin, s. of Smith VENTRESS, m. acc.
July 15
July 22
Louisa, d. of Jonathan ARNOLD, m. acc.
July 29
Maroah, d. of David DICKINSON.

Aug. 6
Samuel son of Howel BOWERS.
Aug. 20
Octavia Ceilia, d. of David C. HUBBARD.
Emily, d. of Abrham HUBBARD, mothers account.
Aug. 27
Ann, d. of Edward RUTTY.

Nov. 25
Lura d. of Timothy TYLER.
Ursula d. of Alvan BRAINARD.


Feb. 4
Frances Ann daughter of John MARSH.
Feb. 17
Henry Davis, son of Davis SMITH.

Mar. _
Laura Wife of Alva SHAILER.

May 4
George KELSY.
Davis SMITH.
Bela BURR.
Nathan Tyler DICKINSON.
Nathaniel MATTHEW.
Chauncey BONFIE.
James RAY & Hancy his wife.
Jemima CONE aged 60.
Esther, w. of Simeon HUBBARD.
Esther Maria HUBBARD.
Mary, w. of Sylvester SKINNER.
Dimmis RAY.
Hope Randall LORD.
Caroline Mehitable USHER.
Mary Elisabeth DICKINSON.
Harriet HUBBARD.
Electa BURR.
Hannah BURR.
Roana Porter SMITH.
Merinda Ann SMITH.
Elisabeth Ann CLARKE.
Hannah BROOKS.
Margery Maria DICKINSON.
Adults received into the church.
May 11
Philo Ives, son of Ansel WARNER, mothers acc.
Elisabeth Jemima, d. of Smith HAZELTON.
May 25
Charles Alla Tyler DICKINSON.
Achsah Ann, Elisabeth Amelia, Jared, Sidney Griswold, & Oswin Smith, six children of Arza DICKINSON.
James Smith & Hannah, children of James RAY.

June 1
De Antheum Hubbard BRAINARD.
Simeon Hamilton HUBBARD.
Sylvia wife of George R. BAILY.
Sylva ___, daughter of G. R. BAILY.
June 8
Miriam Wells, d. of Ruel KNOWLES.
June 15
John Austin, s. of George BRAINARD.
June 22
Susan Clarke, d. of Benanuel BONFOEY, mothers acc.

July 6
Joshua BRAINARD & Lucinda Ann CLARK, Adults.
____, ____, Children of Widow Fanny CHILD.
July 19
John, Mary, Samuel Maverick & George Edward, children of George KELSY.
July 20
Maria, Martha, Harriet, Sylvester & Nelson, children of Sylvester SKINNER, bap. on Mother's account.
July 27
Alva, Mary Lavinia, Addison, Ira Shailer & Liva, children of Ansel BRAINARD Jr.

Aug. 3
William WHITE & Laura his wife, Adults.
Heman & George, children of Widow Hannah BROOKS.
Aug. 17
Ezra, Shaler, Asahel Wheeler & Jared, children of Simeon HUBBARD, m. acc.
Simon Adison, s. of Simon HAZELTON.
Aug. 28
Leander David & Florella Ann, children of Edwin SMITH.

Sept. 7
Benjamin Willard, Linus Burr, James Denison, Lusina Johnson & Jonathan Edwards, children of Benjamin SMITH.
Sept. 21
Olivia, d. of Alva SHAILER.
Sept. 27
Fanny Lovina, Horace Watson, Cynthia Sophrona, Clarissa Matilda, Maria Shailer, Jerusha Thomas, Richard & Martha Ann, children of Asahel BONFIE.
David Boardman Phelps, adopted son, & mary Frances, daughter of Watson BOARDMAN.

Oct. 12
Samuel Hobart, son of Hurlburt SWAN.
Oct. 26
Lydia Manilla, d. of Samuel TYLER.

Nov. 3
Sydney, s. of Jacob BRAINARD.


Apr. 7
Leveret, s. of Dr. Ira HUTCHINSON.
____ ___ EMMONS, m. acc.

June 24
Huldah Ann, d. of Davis KELSY, m. acc.

July 12
____ ____ of Ruel KNOWLES.

Aug. 16
____ Eliza, d. of Howell BOWERS.
Aug. 23
James ____, s. of Smith HAZELTON.
Jerusha Ann, Cynthia Maria, Ada Eliza, Benjamin Franklin & Dwight Clinton, chldren of Asa MITCHELL.

Sept. 13
Louisa Elisabeth, d. of Samuel SMITH.
Sept. 20
Josephine, d. of Hez. SCOVIL.
Sept 27
George Burr, s. of Benjamin SMITH.
Joseph, s. of Ansel SMITH.
Esther Tyler, d. of Arza DICKINSON.

Oct. 7
Mary Brimmer, d. of Rev. John MARSH, bap. by Mr. Hotchkiss.

Nov. 15
Randolph, s. of Arnold H. HAYDEN.
David Tyler, s. of Horace ARNOLD.
____ __ of Edward RUTTY.
Henry, __ of Davis SMITH.


May 2
__, [George O. son] of Ansel WARNER, m. acc.
May 9
Harrison, son of Ansel BRAINARD.
May 23
S. Matilda, _ of Chauncey SKINNER.
May 30
Maria Jane, d. of Watson BOARDMAN.

July 5
Leander, s. of Eber BRAINARD 2d., mother's account.

Aug. 1
Theodore Frelinghousen, s. Hurlburt SWAN.
Asahel Carlos, s. of Asahel BONFIE.
Aug. 22
Orret Lodisha d of Edwin SMITH.


Apr. 25
Stephen Nelson, s. of Russel GLADWIN.

May 23
Francis Louisa, d. of Asahel BONFIE mothers account.
Eveline, d. of Dr. Ira HUTCHINSON.
Mary Emma, d. of George S. BRAINARD.

June 12
Laura Louisa, d. of Rev. John MARSH.
Clarissa Cone, d. of Clarissa LOVELAND deceased.
June 26
Julian, Hezekiah, John Spencer & Miriam Maria, children of Alfred BRAINARD, mother's account.

July 3
Wealthy wife of George W. SMITH & Frrances, Prudence Cornelia & George Child, their children.
Betsy Wife of Chauncey CHILD & Charles Chauncey & Cortez Clark, their children.
Ezra s. of Ezra KELSY.

Sept. 2
George Eliphalet & Robert, children of Eliphalet SMITH, bap. in private, m. acc.
Sept. 3
Cyprian Strong BRAINARD, adult, & Cyprian Strong, his son.
Willard COOK and Abigail his wife, & Ansel Brainard & Abby Florilla, their children.
Delia Elisabeth, d. of Alanson BRAINARD.
Edwin SMITH.
The above 2 adults.
Sept. 10
John son of Jonathan ARNOLD, mothers acc.
Sept. 21
Sarah Philanda, d. of Asa BRAINAD, bap. in private.
Sept. 25
Hepzibah Lavinia, d. of Gideon BRAINARD.

Oct. 2
Emily Sophia, d. of Darius DICKINSON.
Ezra Watrous, s. David TYLER.
Elisabeth Hannah & Harriet Newell, ch. of Daniel DICKINSON.
Oct. 23
____, son of Chapman EMMONS, mothers acc.
Sept. 30
Orlow Wells, s. of Comfort CONE.
Hannah Florilla, d. of Alva SHAILER.

Nov. 6
Alexander Whittlesy HALL.
Charlotte, wife of Chauncey SKINNER.
Andrew Curtis, s. of A. W. HALL.
Helen Fordham, d. of Watson BOARDMAN.
Nov. 20
Ursula Lucinda, d. of Smith HAZELTON.
_____ of Eliphalet SMITH.


Feb. 28
Jared Shailer, s. of Simon HAZELTON, bap. in private.

June 3
____, s. of Irwin SMITH.
June 17
Cyrus Willson, s. of De Antheum BRAINARD.
Nathan Porter, s. of Bela BURR.

July 1
Ansel Gardner, s. of Ansel WARNER.
Orville Wheeler, s. of Hezekiah BROOKS.
Elisabeth, d. of Horace ARNOLD.
July 22
____ of Ruel KNOWLES.
July 29
____ d. of Deacon YOUNGS.
____ d. of Ansel BRAINARD.
____ d. of Jacob BRAINARD.

Aug. 26
Olive Alvira, d. of Edwin SMITH.
Thomas Edward, s. of Saml. SMITH.
Catharine Rebekah, d. of Benjamin KELSY.
____ Sophia d. of Alvan BRAINARD.

Sept. 23
Ellen Harmonia, d. of Benj. SMITH.

Oct. 11
Eugene Burtis, s. of Cyprian BRAINARD.


Mar. 10
____ son of Howell BOWERS in private.
Mar. 24
John Ira, s. of Dr. Ira HUTCHINSON.
Mar. 31
Theodore, s. of Russel GLADWIN.
Julian & Gamaliel Pratt, ch. of Daniel THOMAS.

Oct. 31
Cornelia Jane, d. of Mr. REED, mothers account.
Rovira Judson, d. [s,] of Selden GLADWIN.
Mary Jane, d. of ____ BONFIE.

Record kept by the Rev. Tertius S. Clarke


___ ___ ____ B. BONFOI.
Aug. 25
____ ____ J. C. ARNOLD.
Aug. 31
Mary Elizabeth, d. of Hoel BOWERS.

Sept. 21
Benja. Wilson, son of Benj. KELSY.

Oct. 11
Susan Palmer, daughter of Mr. SMITH, Burr District.

Nov. 20
Sarah Ann, d. of Dr. HUTCHINSON.
Nov. 23
Hezekiah Clark, son of D. C. DICKINSON.


Apr. 20
Almanza Murella, d. of D. C. HUBBARD.

May 3
Mary Marshall, d. of Rev. T. S. CLARKE.
Susan, d. of Mrs. Gorge FLAGG.
Eliphalet SMITH (adult).
May 24
Aristarchus, son of Deacon J. HUNTINGTON.
Emily Silence, d. of S. HUNTINGTON.
Adrian Morrison, son of C. S. BRAINARD.
May 31
Francis Ginett, son [dau.] of Darius DICKINSON.
William Wilson, son of Willard KNOWLES.

June 7
John, son of George S. BRAINARD.

July 11
Franklin, son of Russell GLADWIN.
July 18
Abba Maria, d. of Mr. REED.

Aug. 23
Sidney Smith, son of S. HAZLETON.

Sept. 6
____ ____, children of Wd. Mary Ann CONE.
Sept. 13
____ ____, Ansel BRAINARD.
____ ____, Samuel SMITH.
Sept. 27
John Whittlesey & Anna Maria, children of De Anthem BRAINARD.

Oct. 18
Catharine Whittlesey, d. of A. W. HALL.
Harriet, d. of Alva SHAILER.

Nov. _
Cornelia Ann, d. of Ansel BRAINARD Jr.


May _
Jane Ornelia, d. of Joseph BURR 3d.

July _
Laura Louisa, d. of H. SCOVIL.
Lynde Elliot, son of John MAY.

Sept. _
Edgar Ezerkiel, son of Ezekiel S. CLARK (by Mr. Mead).

Oct. 23
Oliver Smith son of Alfred BRAINARD 2d.
Mary Emily d. of Hezekiah CHILD (by Mr. Crosby).

Nov. 6
Ezra Leander, son of Heber BRAINARD Jr. (bu Mr. Crosby).


Jan. 1
Augustus Cone son of Ira HUTCHINSON (by Mr. Crosby).

Mar. 19
Catharine, d. of Rev. Tertius S. CLARKE, by Mr. Field.
Mar. 21
Stephen, s. of Enos SMITH, and Harriet his wife. Do.

Apr. 2
James Tully, s. of George KELSEY, Do.

Record kept by the Rev. David D. Field

May 14
Nathaniel COOK.

June 11
Clarinda Almanza, infant of Sylvester BRAINERD.
June 18
John Watson, infant of Watson L. BOARDMAN.

July 30
Joseph Brooks, infant of Gilbert CROOK.

Aug. 6
Sarah Ellen, infant of Erwin White SMITH, by Rev. Stephen A. Loper.
Aug. 27
Frances Jedidah, infant of Smith HAZELTON.

Sept. 24
Cynthia Sophia, Catharine Cordelia, Caroline Cordelia & John Edwin, children of Nathaniel COOKE.

Oct. 1
Caroline Ann, child of Benanuel BONFOEY.
Oct. 8
Elizabeth Ann, infant of James C. ARNOLD.
Emeline, infant of Roswell REED, by Rev. Mr. Shepard.


Apr. 15
Benjamin Spencer, chld of Dr. CATLIN.
Apr. 30
Lucena Ann, child of George BRAINERD.

May 6
Mary, wife of Nathaniel COOK.
May 17
John Austin, child of Ansel WARNER.
May 20
Theodore Franklin, child of Russel GLADWIN.

June 10
Annah Colton, child of Ansel BRAINERD.
Thomas Hubbard, child of Chauncey Deming SKINNER.
Whitney Tyler, child of Widow Elizabeth SCOVIL.
June 17
Charles Wells, child of Hiram BROOKS.

Aug. 26
Frances Amelia, infant of Oliver P. SMITH (by Mr. Parsons).

Sept. 30
Susan Parmer, child of Enos SMITH.
George Bacon, child of Gould CAMPBELL.
Mary Philindia, child of Milton BROOKS.

Oct. 14
Sylvester Erzy, child of De Anthon BRAINERD.

Dec. 23
Alexander Curtis, infant of Alexander C. HALL.
Dec. 25
Chauncey, child of Chauncey DICKINSON.


Feb. 26
Aurelia Isdore, child of Arza DICKINSON.

Mar. 24
John Elbert & Philo Franklin, children of Arza DICKINSON.

June 30
Nancy Clarke, adopted child of Hurlbert SWAN.
Henry Edwin, child of John MAY.
Susan Louisa, child of Ebenezer COOKE.

July 28
Clarissa May, infant of Davis KELSEY.
Nehemiah Brainerd, infant of David B. VENTRES.
Benjamin, infant of Daniel SMITH.

Aug. 18
Frances Marsh, infant of Dr. Ira HUTCHINSON.

Sept. 15
Caroline Mahitable, infant of Roswel REED.

Oct. 6
Ursula Brainerd, infant of Arnold H. HAYDEN.
Simon Albert, infant of Sidney S. HAZELTON, by Rev. Mr. Loper.
Oct. 13<.br> Ann Eliza, Lamira & Alnora, children of Chauncey DICKINSON.


May 31
Ellen Calista, infant of Selden GLADWIN.

June 14
Edwin Marwin, infant of De Anthon BRAINERD.

Aug. 30
Francis Winslow, infant of Bela BURR.


May 16
Watson Eugene, infant of Benanuel & Eliza BONFOEY.
May 23
Gustavus, child of Russel GLADWIN.

June 20
Ellen Sophia, infant of Willard COOKE.

July 4
Michael HUBBARD.

Sept. 5
Martha ELY.
Emily Ann SPENCER.
Nancy TYLER.
Sept. 12
David Brainerd, Sarah Amelia & Jennet Tyler, children of David B. VENTRES.

Oct. 31
Henry Strong, infant of Hiram BROOKS.

Nov. 1
Mary Jane, daughter of Cyrus W. FIELD of New York, upon the faith of his wife, Mary B. Field.


July 1
Maria Hill, infant of Sydney S. HAZELTON.
July 24
Charles Newell, infant of De Anthon BRAINERD.

Aug. 14
Franklin Shaler, infant of Milton BROOKS.

Sept. 25
Mary Catharine, infant of Caroline Usher, wife of Roswell REED.
George Hervey & Egbert Frisbie, children of Freelove BEERS, wife of Josiah Beers, by Rev. Mr. Loper.
Sept. 30
Oliver & Prudence Cornelia, children of Oliver P. SMITH.

Oct. 10
Statira Emma, child of John MAY.


Jan. 17
Gideon & Lavinia Elizabeth, children of Gideon BRAINERD.

Apr. 29
Wyllys, Hubart & Nancy Maria, children of Aaron L. & Nancy AYRES.

July 9
Oliver Brainerd, infant of Enos SMITH.
July 16
Richard Edwards, infant of John MAY.

Sept. 3
Amelia Sophronia BARRY.
Antoinette Maria HUBBARD.

Nov. 19
Gilbert Harrison, child of Ww. Emma HUBBARD.

Dec. 19
Daniel Benjamin, child of Mrs. Daniel SMITH.


Feb. 9
Esther Maranda, infant of Warren W. DICKINSON.
Feb. 25
James Cornelius, Louisa Martha, & Frederic Augustus, children of Joseph O. RICH, on the faith of his wife Harriet Clark Rich.

Mar. 8
Frederic Winchel, infant of Atwood THOMAS, on the faith of his wife.

Record kept by Dea. George S. Brainerd, Clerk.

Dec. 6
Rosabella, a child of Deantheum BRAINERD.


Aug. _
Joseph Warren Bracket, Child of Joseph W. BRACKET & Ann Lord Bracket, by Rev. E. W. Cooke.


July _
Harriet W. COOKE, Child of Rev. E. W. Cooke & Martha Cooke.

Aug. 31
Huldah Ursula SMITH, child of O. P. Smith & Phebe H. C. Smith.


June 1
Marvin Norton BRAINERD; & William Belden BRAINERD, children of Deanthean & Mary Ann [Sally Maria] Brainerd.


July 17
George Albert DICKINSON, Cynthia Orphelia Dickinson, Carrile Annahbille Dickinson & Erastus Colton Dickinson, Children of Erastus & M. Dickinson.
Almira Louisa ROGERS, Child of Elihu & Cornelia Rogers.
Alice Ventres, child of David B. & Jedidah VENTRES.

Sept. 4
Harriet DICKINSON & Chauncey Dickinson, Children of Chauncey & Eliza Dickinson.


July 5
Edward Maveric KELSEY, child of S M & Clarissa Kelsey.
Daniel BRAINERD & George Austin Brainerd, children of Hubert & Cynthia Virginia Brainerd.
Elizabeth Duella DICKINSON & Edward Shailer Dickinson, Children of Erastus S. & Esther Dickinson.
George BRAINERD, child of John A. & Ellen V. Brainerd.


May 6
Everet Ogden TYLER, Walter G. Tyler & Carlton Eldrige Tyler, children of Nathl. & Frances Dickinson TYLER..
Eva Augusta BRAINERD, chld of Sylvester Brainerd.


Oct. 4
Charles Child VENTRES, son of Tyrus Ventres & Frances Smith [Ventres].
Ellen [Clara] Jedidah BRAINERD, child of J. A. Brainerd & Ellen Brainerd.
James Hayden WRIGHT, son of James N. Wright & Ursula Hayden Wright.
Maria SMITH, child of Osmer & Hannah Smith.

Sept. 19
[1869, probably] Henry Owen BRAINERD & Martha Virginia Brainerd, children of Henry Hubert & [Cynthia] Virginia Brainerd.

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