Connecticut Newspapers - 1876
Listed in the Centennial News Paper Exhibition
Compiled by Geo. P. Rowell, & Co., New York. p. 25 - 26

[Population figures from 1870 census or estimates from Post Master
[the later marked with *];
c.h. stands for court house, county seat;
r. for river & Rd. for railroad.]

ANSONIA, New Haven Co., 5,500* p, on Naugatok Rd. and r., 2 m. N. of Derby and 16 N. of Bridgeport. Engaged in manufactures.

BIRMINGHAM, New Haven Co., 2,103 p., in Derby township, at junction of naugatuck & Housatonic rs., 10 m. W. of New Haven.

BRIDGEPORT, Fairfield Co., 25, 000 p, on Long Island Sound & New York & New Haven Rd., 59 m. from New York City and at the junction of Housatonic and Naugatuck Rds. Engaged in sewing machine, carriage, furniture, fire-arms and other manufactures and coast trade.

BRISTOL, Hartford Co.

CHESTER, Middlesex Co.

DANBURY, c. h., Fairfield Co., 10,000* p., at terminus of Danbury & Norwalk rd., 68 m. from New York; a branch railroad also connects with Housatonic at Brookfield. Engaged in manufactures, the pricipal of which is hats.

DANIELSONVILLE, Windham Co., 3,500 p., in Killingly township, on Quinnebang r. and Norwich & Worchester Rd., 30 m. from Norwich. Engaged in cotton and woolen manufacture.

EAST HARTFORD, Hartford Co.,

HARTFORD, c. h., Hartford Co., State capitol, 40,000* p., on Connecticut r. and on New Haven & Hartford Rd. Engaged in commerce and manufactures.

LITCHFIELD, c. h., Litchfield Co., 3,850 p., on the Shepaug branch of Danbury & Norwalk Rd., and about 4 m. W. of the line of the naugatuck Rd. Engaged in manufactures and centre of considerable trade.

MANCHESTER, Hartford Co.,

MIDDLETOWN, c. h. Middlesex Co., 11,143 p., on Connecticut r. and New Haven, Middletown & Willmantle Rd., at an equal distance from New York and Boston, and 35 m. from Long Island Sound. Engaged in various manufactures. Centre of a large trade.

MILFORD, New Haven Co.,

MOODUS, Middlesex Co., in East Haddam township, on Moodus r. near its entrance into the Connecticut and about 12 m. S.E. of Middletown.

MYSTIC RIVER, New London Co.,

NEW BRITAIN, Hartford Co., 11,000* p., 10 m. from Hartford, on Hartford, Providence & Fishkill RD., Engaged in manufacturing hardware, jewelry and other articles.

NEW HAVEN, New Haven Co., 55,000* p., at head of New Haven Bay, 4 m. from Long Island Sound. Several railroads centre here. Seat of Yale College. Engaged in commerce, and in carriage and other manufactures.

NEW LONDON, c.h., New London Co., 11,000* p., on Thames r., having a good harbor. Engaged in commerce and manufacturing.

NEW MILFORD, Litchield Co., 3,700* p., on Housatonic r., and Rd., 35 m. from Bridgeport. Engaged in manufactures.

NORWALK, Fairfield Co., 15,000* p., on Norwalk r., and New York & New Haven Rd., 45 m. from New York and a junction of Norwalk & Danbury Rd., Engaged in manufactures.

NORWICH, c.h., New London Co., 16,653 p., at head of navigation on Thames r., 13 m. from New London, and midway between New York and Boston, on Norwich & Worchester and New London Northern Rd. A line of steamers make daily trips betwee here and New York. Engaged in commerce and manufactures.

PLAINVILLE, Hartford Co.,

PUTHAM, Windham Co., 6,000* p., on Quinnebaug r. and Boston, Hartford & Erie Rd., at intersecton of Norwich & Worchestr Rd., 26 m. from Worchester and 34 from Norwich. Engaged in the manufacture of cotton, boots and shoes.

ROCKVILLE, Tolland Co., 6,000* p., in Vernon township, 17 m. from Hartford, on Rockville branch of Hartford, Providence & Fishkill Rd. Principally engaged in manufacture of woolen and silk goods.

SALISBURY, Litchfield Co., 1,320 p., on Connecticut Western Rd., 71 m. from Bridgeport. Engaged in manufacturing and iron mining.

SEYMOUR, New Haven Co.,

SOUTH COVENTRY, Tolland Co., 4,000* p., on Willimanic r. and New London Northern Rd., 35 m. from New London. Engaged in manufactures.

SOUTHINGTON, Hartford Co.,

SOUTH NORWALK, Fairfield Co.,

SOUTH WILTON, Fairfield Co.,

STAFFORD SPRINGS, Tolland Co., 3,500 p., in Stafford township, on Willimantic r. and New London Northern Rd., 50 m. from New London. Engaged in woolen, cotton and iron manufactures. Mineral springs located here.

STAMFORD, Fairfield Co., 9,714 p., on Long Island Sound and New York & New Haven Rd., 37 miles from New York. Engaged in manfacturers and coast trade, and is a summer resort.

STONINGTON, New London Co., 6,313 p., and port of entry on the sea-coast at eastern extremity of Long Island Sound, 12 m. E. of New London, with which it is connected by the Stonington & Providence Rd.; New York & Stonington Steamboat line connects with New York city daily. Has a good harbor, and is engaged in coast trade and manufactures.


WATERBURY, New Haven Co., 15,000* p., on Naugatuck Rd., 32 m. from New Haven and 33 from Hartford, at intersection of Hartford, Providence & Fishkill Rd. Engaged in manufacturing brass, German silver, buttons and various other articles.

WEST HAVEN, New Haven Co.

WEST MERIDEN, New Haven Co., 10,495 p., on Hartford & New Haven Rd., 18 m. from New Haven and same distance from Hartford. Engaged in manufacture of hardware in all its branches. Several manufacturing establishments are located here.

WEST WINSTED, Litchfield Co.

WILLIMANTIC, Windham Co., 5,000 p., in Windham township, on Willimantic r. and New London Northern Rd., at intersection of Hartford, Providence & Fiskill Rd., 30 m. from Hartford and 50 from Providence. Engaged in silk, cotton and other manufactures.

WINSTED, Litchfield Co., 6,500 p. at terminus of Nangatuck Rd., 26 m. from Hartford and 62 from Bridgport. Extensively engaged in manufacturing. Centre of trade.

WOLCOTTVILLE, Litchfield Co.