Extracts from Parson HALL's Book
Extracted from
History of Cheshire, Connecticut
from 1694 to 1840
Joseph Perkins BEACH

The form of a Last Will
In the name of God

1st and principally I commend my soul into the hands of Almighty God as a faitful Creator which I humbly beseech him mercifully to accept through ye merits of Jesus Christ my Redeemer.

2d My body to be decently buried and all my debts to be paid

3d I do give bequeath &c.

Items &c.

Account with Uncle Benjn LYMAN December 29th 1751 for a horse I sould him and due to me 13.00.00

From 1724 to May 1758 addmitted to communion 534 persons.
Baptised in that time 1,505
Persons dyed in ye time 453

1759 -- Bapt. 1,622, Adm. 543, died 464

From 1724 to 1767 I have baptized 1966 souls
                Sam'l HALL Pastor

From 1724 to 1767 I have admitted to communion 670
                Sam'l HALL Pastor

From 1724 to 1767 buried in New Cheshire 626
                S. H. Pastor

May 1760 admitted to communion my son BEACH & dau'r Mary
My grand childe Mary Ann August 1760
from Sept. 1734 to Decr 1737 dyed 37 whites 2 blacks
1726 to Decr 1737 hath dyed in New Cheshire 101 whites & 6 blacks

Apr 1766
Mr Samuel BEACH was chosen Deacon & the same day Mr. Benj. HOTCHKISS was chosen deacon
                Test     Sam'l HALL Pastor

Samuel HALL had 79 votes against 31 - Hotchkiss 75 against 40

In 1724 ye chuch of New Cheshire was gathered on ye fast previous to my ordination by ye Rev'd Mr. CHAUNCEY and Mr. WHITTLESEY and declared to be according to ye establishment of ye Gov't.
                Test     Sam'l HALL Pastor

Dec'r 27, 1724 - Joseph IVES was chosen deacon
December 27th 1724 in New Cheshire ye same day was chosen then deacon Stephen HOTCHKISS
9 Dec. 1724
Samuel HALL was ordained Pastor of ye church of New Cheshire ye 9th day of December 1724 - Being then 28 years of age.
July 1st, 1736. At a church meeting in New Cheshire Voted yt ye Holy Scriptures should be publickly read on ye Sabbath in God's house as part of ye publick worship. But 5 dissenting votes.
                Test     Sam'l HALL Pastor

Aug 19th 1739 Joseph IVES having laid down his office Timothy TUTTELL was chosen deacon
Anno 1755 April 25th. Edward PARKER & Stephen HOTCHKISS were chosen dea'ns of this church in New Cheshire.
Feb 5, 1756. The ye ch'h voated to sing Wats translation of ye Psalms.
                Test     Sam'l HALL Pastor

June 30th 1756. Then ye above vote reconsidered and 79 in ye affirmative for singing Wat's translations of ye Psalms, and 37 in ye negative.
                Test     Sam'l HALL Pastor

Aug. 14th 1743 ye ch'h voted that ye Pastor might invited preachers to preach as he saw fit for three months.
                Test     Sam'l HALL Pastor

Nov'r 20th 1743. Ye ch'h voted three months more as above
                Test     Sam'l HALL Pastor

May 1744. Liberty as above 6 months. Test S. H. Pastor

Mar 10th 1744-5. Voted six months.
                Test     Sam'l HALL Pastor


June 13th 1733 - Then married Joseph IVES, Jr. to Mamre MUNSON
                Test     Sam'l HALL Pastor

Jany 23d 1733-4 - Then Sam'l HALL clerk married Matthew BELLAMY Jr. to Rachel CLARK

Feby 27h 1734-5. Then I joyned Abraham BARNS & Mary HOTCHKISS in marriage

July 1735 - then joyned Joseph BENHAM & Mary BUNNIL

May 1740. Elnathan ANDRUS & Hannah HITCHCOCK

A. D. 1733 married --

Jany 16th 1733-4 Mr. Ephraim TUTTLE to his wife Hannah
Oct 31st 1734 married Joseph BEACH to Experienc BEACHER
                Test     Sam'l HALL Pastor

Marriages July 19, 1744. Zebulon DOOLITTLE

Aug 23d Elward PARKER & Sarah BURROUGHS


        Samuel -- son of Sam'll HALL of New Cheshire in Walling'd clerk born ye 23d July 1727 of his wife Ann, daughter of Mr. LAW of Milford, by his wife Ann, daughter of Mr. ELIOT of Gilford, by his wife Sarah, daughter of Mr. William BRENTON of Rhode Island.

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